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    finally, i thought she won’t come….

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    Isa-baby has finally known ur house

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    Born to win Wizzy boy accolades to u

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    Next update

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    Have u forgotten who she is.

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    Episodes 42
    At times what you are always scared of is what will keep coming to you leaving you totally helpless to face or apprehend it.i stood their watching Isabella as she came down from the car with so many unanswered rhetorical questions in my mind. How did she get here?, who told her my area, street and house?,if I could remember vividly I never for once discuss about my area with her but now,here she is stopping abrutedly like she had known this place like forever Just like the back of her hands.all this is not even my main problem, what are we going to offer Isabella, where will she seat for the main time while interacting with her?.ofcourse inside The house is a no go area, the last thing I will ever allow is Isabella steeping her feet inside that parlour not sitting room. I stood abrutedly like a dried wood staring at them with my mind very far from me as I watch her laying down some commands for the guards not to come inside and I watch her cat walking majestically just like she had always walk with her pink gown,shoe,jewelries and hair Bon,approaching the house slowly from the outside.
    “oh no,i can’t take this anymore”.i exclaimed coherently a little and I quickly dashed straight into the house without the Water neither the bucket.
    “wisdom,what happen?, why are you running like someone been chased by wild animals?”.that was the first series of questions my mom poured out to me as I ran inside to meet her breaking some melons with a tray on her laps.
    “talk to me, what is chasing you and where is the water I sent you to fetch?”.she poured out again when it seem I wasn’t ready to answer her as I stare at her totally dumbfounded pointing my finger outside,filled with a fearfull conscience.
    “who is outside and why are you scared of whoever the person is?”.she asked further but suddenly stopped when she saw her standing at the pathway and I quickly dived into the room leaving her and my mom in the parlour to their fate.
    “OK!, now am in a big mess what will I do,who will save me from this trouble?”.i soliloquies aloud walking all over the room. I stare at the semi empty room took a quick glance at the weird of bed,the ‘Ghana must go’ which contain all my cloths,the table in the Middle of the room and the sowed cement bag which act as my bed and I became shy of everything around me.what will happen to my friendship with Isabella if she find out the wisdom wealth who is been reffer to as conqueror is sleeping in sack bag?. I know it is wrong to compare your self to others,i also know there is nothing wrong in wishing for a good life, don’t I deserve to have what everyother kids of my age are enjoying?, am I not good enough to live a life filled with wealth, happiness and harmony?.how I wish my father is alive, how I wish he is here to see his son, his only eye,his breath and shadow just like he usually call me before he met with the cold hands of death. I thought so loud with tears gathering in my eyes threatening to break loose,i could here Isabella and my Mom discussing coherently which I was unable to place my ear own.i tried to divert my thought on them, concentrate on them and hear what they are discussing about but Ofcus I was unable to hear them.i heard footsteps approaching the close door and my mind flew out of my body, what if it is Isabella?, what if my mom told her to meet me inside?, my mind is totally filled with trouble and curiosity, the fear of the unknown which I was unable to understand half of it.the door open slowly and my mind calm down a little when I saw my mom walk into the room with an expression which am unable to fathom if it is of good or evil and I quickly wipe the tears of my eyes trying to maintain a happy mindset.
    “your friend is here to see you and you are running away?”.my mum asked holding the door knob and she came into the room.
    “mom!!,I can’t…. “.
    “shiiiiiiii, I understand son,just calm down everything will be alright,i know you wish to be like other kids out there but remember that some of your mates are in prison,hospital and some are even dead, so no matter where you find yourself always give Glory to God, he knows the best and also remember that am always here for you”.she added interrupting my statement which really help me positively In great deal cos I would have burst into uncontrollable tears.
    “take this money get some fried meat from mama chubuzor and six bottle of malt”.she added handing the sum of two thousand naira to me which I collected cheerfully amidst was then I realise whatever they discuss is perfectly in a good fate, though I don’t know if my Mom is doing all this to make me happy but I must say she is Doing a perfect job in putting smile on my face.
    “thanks mom”.i pronounced sharply with a cheerful smile.
    “anything for you son”.she replied and I dash out from the room heading to the parlour.
    Isabella is seen seating comfortably on a wooden bench on the parlour when I got there and a bright smile never seized from her lips as she stare at me Like though she wanted to read my mind and I dashed out unable to maintain a good eye contact with her due to my uneasiness and shyness.
    I saw the car still packed outside with the guards inside waiting for Isabella and I quickly dashed out heading to mama chubuzor shop to purchase the things that my mom sent me. I walk sceptically with so many things on my mind and the thought of what will happen to our friendship after today, overing on my mind. I was fully lost, control by my thought not realizing that am already in the middle of the road when I heard shrink of a car tire followed by a loud trumpet immediately and I heard :
    “wisdom what are you doing?, do you want to kill yourself?”.the person shouted in my back and I quickly ran out of the road to the left side.
    “thunder go fire you o, no be me you go put for trouble idiot”.the driver shouted from the car.
    “sorry sir “.i apologised bluntly.
    “sorry for your self”.he added and drove out. I look at the side where I heard the first Voice before and I saw ekenna coming today me with a singlet and a short and I waited for him.
    “why you wan kill yourself na”.he asked when he as got to where I was standing.
    “You won’t understand”.
    “then explain to me and make me understand”.he retorted bluntly.
    “no need for that, I know you, I know you Will start laughing when I tell you”.
    “OK,tell me I won’t laugh”.he said and I shaked my head negatively. I know ekenna very well he have the habit of laughing stupidly when you are telling him serious things,a habit which am not ready to listen to this time around.
    “is it about the Range Rover sport packed close to your house?”.he added and I became surprised.
    “how did you know?”.
    “I just pass there now,is it because of it?”.he asked again.there are some category of people that It is far better to announce something in the market than telling them and i am glad to announce it bluntly that ekenna is one of them. but at this point I really needed someone to talk to,my mind is fully occupied, I wish Vincent is Here with me I wish I could call him and talk to him.
    “yes, it is”.i elucidated facing my gaze on the floor and guess what!,the idiot started laughing so loud which trigger my anger.
    “you are just useless like the EA in tea,the letter ‘t’in listen and the double ‘ee’in gee pee tank”.i bluntly elucidated Walking out of him when he grabbed my hand.
    “I am sorry, I just cant help it than to laugh”.he apologized and I hissed.
    “keep on laughing just leave me alone”.i shouted and I made to remove his hand from my hand when I saw a mark that look familiar on his elbow. It look like a rounded viper with the number ‘7’ attached to it and it seems I have seen it before somewhere,in someone hand at prestigious kings academy but I don’t seem to remember anything about it again, he quickly remove my hand and took the hand backward when he noticed my eyes on the mark and I walk out in anger feeling the piercing of his eyes on me but I never care or look back at him as I head straight to mama chubuzor shop thinking so hard on where I have seen the tatoo before but was unable to, so I give up and relent it to fate.
    I marched majestically with the meat well cooked and fried placed on a plate and the six bottles of malt holded famely in my hand as I marched toward our house humming a song when suddenly, I sight from a distance a black jeep stopping abrutedly close to the Range Rover then he came down and I know instantly that they are Isabella parents.what are they doing here?,how did they find her?”.i ask aloud walking faster this time,a Sunday shouldn’t be this bad.
    “where is my daughter?”.i heard the man asking the guards in a baritone voice and the wife step down from the car too.
    “are you suddenly dumb?,I said where is my daughter?”.he asked again and I quickly ran inside in speed drawing their attentions to me as the guard tried to speak pointing at me but I never wait to hear what their reply will be.
    I dash into the house jamming the door which got my mom totally perplexed as she stood up suddenly from the bench she sat with Isabella who was busy staring at the floor Like She already knows why which I doubt.
    “wisdom what is it again”.my mom ask bluntly and I pointed my finger out unable to speak due to fatigue.
    “they,they are outside”.i managed to say.
    “her parents”.i replied and my mom expression change to exactly the same on the day she attacked uncle nick, a full bloody expression filled with anger.
    “you mean okenwa and Victoria are outside? “.she asked again in a loud voice which procure anger and I nodded in affirmative.
    “Isabella,go out and tell your parents to leave my house “.she shouted at Isabella with sparkling rage.
    To be continue…………

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    Next please

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    Henry Sanctus
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    till tomoro

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