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    See you better post the story now cause am already dying oo and it only this story that can heal me because it is the reason am not feeling well. AS IN AM YEARNING TO READ.

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    Pls continue this thing

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    ¤Episode 46
    We drove hastily on a free and conducive atmosphere conversing and laughing happily including Vincent who waste no time in jumping into Isabella’s car after we explained all that happen the previous day to them and they were very happy for really happy with what Isabella did for adaeze, I never thought she can ever do that she gain my respect fully with that single benevolent act of hers.i was made to understand that there is more to the titled of the prestigious Queen than I was told before, a prestigious queen always seat on the assembly with her crown while others conduct the assembly, a prestigious queen also participate in the meetings of the board pertaining to the school or so I was made to believe by adaeze and a prestigious queen is free to represent the school with her crown on every sports,quiz,debates just to mention a few. I Also discover that Lilian was stripped from some of the features of a prestigious queen cos she resume the academy section very late which is not suppose to be done as the queen of the school. Well, all that is in the past now, Lilian is a past tense that can never be brought back to the it wickedness or hatred the truth is am really happy for her rustication but come to think of this Mariam challenged Isabella with Her position as the head girl of the school and she lost it likewise Lilian who challenged her as the prestigious queen and she also lost it too, am beginning to think Isabella has a clue on what happen to Mariam,i don’t know How but I doubt it she seem so innocent coupled with the fact that there was a blood shared in the cause of the event, my Isabella cannot take someone life. Lol, what am I even saying?, how will she have a clue on something we all know that it was an accident?,well i don’t know only God knows and it will be better if I stop cracking my brain on mere myth.
    I,vincent and Isabella got to my place and we saw my mom handing the house key to the landlord and I became surprised.
    “Good afternoon sir”.i greeted the landlord.
    “good afternoon my son,how was School today?”.
    “fine sir”.i replied and he smiled carefully.
    “good,keep it up You are a child of greatness”.
    “thank you sir”.
    We later greeted my mom and she break the sweet news to us about our relocation to another house bought for us by Isabella’s dad, I was so happy to the blinks as I screamed in joy which trigger laughter from them as I quickly scrutinise the environment for my bag without seeing any glimpse of them anywhere.
    “mom,what about my cloths and books?”.i asked staring at her with a serious expression. One thing I can’t joke with is the textbook I won in the prestigious quiz, seeing them at times give me hope, I can’t exchange any of them for anything in the world.
    “the guards had already take them to the new house, I was actually waiting for you and Isabella so she can take us there”.
    “wait,isabella knew about this?”.i asked bluntly.
    “yes ofcourse”.my Mom replied and I quickly throw the look of why didn’t you tell me at Isabella who smiled and started running To the backyard and I followed her likewise Vincent.
    “is that the daughter of chief okenwa?”.i heard the landlord said slowly,trying to be meekly coherent but you trust me na,i slow down a little to hear them.
    “yes o, that is his only daughter”.
    “what a beauty,i don’t think this Girl is a human”.the landlord elucidated filled with so much enthusiasm.
    “lolz, you saw someone with two legs like yours, two hands,eyes and everything just Like you and you are saying she is not a human what then is she,a ghost? “.my Mom asked bluntly with a funny smirk.
    “I don’t know,i just know she is not Human, humans cannot be beautiful like this”.
    “na you come know that one o”.she concluded ending The topic and I speed up my walk with the word of the landlord recatulating in my head with one thing in my mind which is to meet Isabella and question her on why she didn’t tell me her father plan even when she knows.
    The new house is a very beautiful bungalow situated in a government reserve area in ezenite,the outer view can be mistaken for a story building as it could be seen very high from the land which it is situated upon and it has a large packing space surrounded by a high fence and barbed wire.we stare amazingly at the magnify beautiful house with our mouth agape and joy surging through us, people were still busy working in the house,as they could be seen loading and ofloading things from the a van packed outside the house and I could say Isabella dad provide every thing we sort to need in the house.
    We ran into the house greeted by every d--k and Harry working at every corner especially the rooms which they are cleaning up thoroughly as the setting room could be seen completely arranged already and we jumped on the couch while my mom went to check on the rooms.
    “omo,na play station be this o”.Vincent shouted referring to the PlayStation 2 mounted close to a 45 inches plasma TV on the seating room,he is not making any plans to go home and it is almost two hours since we closed from School.
    “let’s play abeg”.he added as I and Isabella made to seat in another couch opposite the one he sat.
    “no!,we are not playing any game”.Isabella bluntly retorted without a single traced of smile on her face.
    “you have heard her, she said no so we are not playing”.i elucidated and Vincent face went pale.
    “first time am coming to your house you are depriving me of the only thing I asked”.
    “not that you can even play anything,i just want to save you from the disgrace of being defeated”.Isabella replied and he started laughing so loud.
    “are you laughing at me? “.she added pointing a finger at herself in demonstration.
    “yes ofcourse, I have been playing this game ever since am a kid and non of you can defeat me”.
    “Hmmmmm, wisdom he is challenging us to a duel”.
    “I can see that too,but I don’t think I can play with him, it has been very long I did this”.i replied with a double mindsets and Isabella smiled tapping me on my shoulder.
    “you are sport, sport is in you go and play with him while I go out to get us something to eat”.she elucidated With a bright smile. Truth be told am actually good in games but hearing Vincent bragged that He has been playing right when he was a kid put some atom of fear in me combine with the fact that It has been long I played but Isabella word give me some courage and I end up switching the game on while Isabella went out to get some launch as promised.
    “I will be easy on you”.i assured him as we select our players,i took real Madrid The champion of UCL a team that can only be defeated out of UCL by the shaolin soccer team cos as far as I am concern,no real Madrid, no UCL if you wanna argue,argue with Your ancestors,and he selected the Bayern Munich.
    “lolz,you think this is a field,i should be the one going easy on you”.he replied filled with over confidence,the same virtue that sent Lilian out of the school and I smiled starting the match.i trowed The first pass in a game and we started controlling the players with the game controller in our hands as we dedicated our full time, energy and strength in it oblivious of the happening at the environment and I put my first goal 5 minutes after the thorough lock horn which trigger a bright smile on my face while he focus more in the game like his life depends on it squizing his face like Lucky dube dread and I knew without a single doubt that it is all because of Isabella words.
    Isabella returned with two of her guards after we played seven matches which were all won by me.they were carrying two big coolers and plates with forks and spoons and we became extremely shocked as it could be seen visibly written in our faces.
    “Isabella…!!”.we both coerce at the same time staring at her to the Two guards who went to drop the coolers on the table at the center of the sitting room.
    “what??”.she replied flinging her hands in the air like a bird flapping it wings.
    “who did you bring all this food for? “I asked maintaining a direct gaze at her.
    “let’s just say we are doing a opening party for this house so both the workers and the guards are invited”.she said smiling cheerfully as her perfect white teeth showcase like a close up advertiser.
    “oh!!,I have a very sweet sister who knows everything I love doing”.
    “which sister is that?”.she retorted with a pale expression.
    “you ofcourse!”.i exclaimed sharply trying hard to maintain a straight expression in other not to provoke her more.
    “wisdom,next time you will repeat that again I will be mad at you and you will not see me again”.she bluntly elucidated filled with am honest expression that is threatening fire storm.
    “yes MA!,I promise never to do that again”.i replied with a bright smile on my face. I actually did that on purpose to see how she will react, I fully understand now that Isabella loved me so much but am still very vibrantly afraid,afriad of what I could not place my hand on,afraid of the unknown.I stare at Vincent who trow me the ‘when will you ask this girl out’ look and I smiled slowly which he shake his head to the soft sound of the Echoed voice to stay on his lane as he understood fully what I meant.
    “aunty bella,so what did you bring for the celebration?”.Vincent said after some minute’s of partial silence as Isabella Guards where busy setting the table up.
    “one of the cooler contain jolliof rice and the other beef Pepper soup”.she explain pointing at the coolers and Vincent quickly dropped his pad on the floor heading back to the couch and I started laughing .
    “what??? “.he asked fully confused on why am laughing as Isabella joined me on the laughing race too.
    “you are leaving because you loose right?”.Isabella asked and I busted into another sound laughter .
    “is not like that, He actually win me cos am not in my right frame of mind to play game. Is not that he won me much Is just seven games we played”.he explained trying to be convinc’ive in other to cover up the Shame.
    “and how many times did you win in the seven games?”.i asked trying to mi-mirk his voice.
    “yes, tell me how many times you won in the seven match”.Isabella pressured him placing her hand akimbo.
    “non though,and like I said before it is because am not in my right frame of mind”.
    “did he even score a single goal? “.Isabella asked directing the question to Me and I nodded negatively which trigger a loud thud of laughter from us including the guard who was setting up the table while the other went out to bring the drinks.
    “over confidence!!”.Isabella exclaimed slowly.
    “what have over confidence got to do with this now?”.Vincent bashed in with a vigor rude expression.
    “nothing o,just feel like saying it”.Isabella retorted and she went out probably to call the workers inside cos I could hear her voice speaking with them outside for the opening celebration.
    We arrived the school very late the next day to see almond secondary school students,my alma matter,teachers an friends already in the school for the match and the feeling of guilt returned inside me as Vincent,anabel and adaeze were seen already busy catching up with the students just like some other almond and prestigious kings students were doing. I know they were bound to loose the match and the feeling of I playing against a school funding my scholarship was so great on me.the celebration or should I say, the Party was a huge success as we all eat and drinks To the blinks each of all the participants gave a vote of thanks to Isabella who made it a success. You won’t believe Vincent actually took a cab from his place to mine just to follow I and Isabella to school and also to ride in a classic Lamborghini again we actually begged him home the other day as he insist on going late in the night with the impression that he will explain to his parents when he get home,an impression which I and Isabella bluntly refused to adhere to as we plead with him to let Isabella driver take him home which he later agreed to after my mom bashed Into the matter. I don’t blame him though,who will receive drop of honey for mouth and will spit it out?.Isabella had already gone to the class as I stood facing the field with so many thought in my mind staring at the students who were making out in pairs including Vincent and the two twin friends who were making out happily with the prestigious queen crown on adaeze head with her sparkling beauty deceiving almond students. I stare at them smiling a bit at their display when suddenly someone tapped me from my back scarring the hell out of me and I turn to see the dreaded Face that almost took my breath from me. Standing close to me is…………..
    To be continue……..

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    Oya, already told you oo. Not gud at guessing. Will be waiting to find out

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    D guy with tatoo,can’t remember his name

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    Pls dont let d update seize again

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    Ekechukwu ur friend . pls seize not dis story again and I bliv we need a make up episode cos it ve b four days u posted last

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