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    Isabella…when we were having a conversation u told me how u love wisdom wealth from your heart…THIS IS LOVE

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    Wisdom wealth…u just have to play that game in the best way to win…even rakitic played against king Messi.

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    Wisdom wealth…remember to try your best in that game…even king Messi stopped rakitic in the midfield

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    ¤Episode 47
    Standing close to me is Gabriel Johnson fully alright with no sign of pain in him neither any sign of a injured head and I thank God In my mind with my concience and guilt staying at bay as I smiled slowly tapping his shoulder too.
    “Good morning wisdom,the sport master”.he greeted in a silly manner which I have no choice than to smile to.
    “Good morning best keeper in the world”.i replied too releasing my hand from his hold as we but smile together.
    “to be sincere guy you are good”.
    “and you are also good too”.i replied smiling cheerfully Like long lost friends and we shake our hands together.
    “thank you for the medal,i really appreciate”.
    “oh,that is nothing you deserve it of all my years in the field I have not seen anyone has good like you before”.i replied and he smiled.
    “thanks man,i like your personality i hope we win this trophy for the helpless orphans in the street”.
    “I hope that too,but only time shall tell”.i elucidated and we shake hands again amidst smile and he walk out heading to his class.with Gabriel up to his feet again prestigious kings academy stand a great Chance in winning the trophy but ofcourse only time will tell cos we only know about ourselfs and not the other schools out there participating in the competition.i sighted the football management entering the principal office from where I stood and I knew at that instant that the match will start in no distance time but I don’t know when cos I came to School late. I wanted to take my View of the field and possibly go to the class as when I sighted uchenna and ekenna moving and discussing lively to the back of the laboratory and I knew at that instant That they are going to the shady tree I and Vincent sat the First day we became friends but that is not even my worry here, I can’t believe ekenna is in this school and he did not bother to look for Me rather he is busy walking around with my arch enemy, how did they even meet self?, did they know themselves before?,our parting the last time I saw him was not good but that is not a good reason for him not to bother searching for me?,what will they even be discussing under the tree now?. So many thought were going through my mind at that instant,i was bragging to send ekenna to deal with uchenna before if he venturedly mess with me I never knew the two idiot were already friends.well,maybe is not what am thinking though”i concluded shifting the urge to go and eavesdrop on their discussion to the back of my mind and I went into the class.
    Vincent later join I and Isabella in the class and we create a space for him to seat down I decided to use that opportunity to ask him about the governor’s cup setting cos I don’t seem to know anything about it and I knew he must have been told already.
    “that remind me, how is did they set the competition and how many schools are going to participate?”.i asked him and he adjusted his seating position.
    “32,schools are contesting in the competition grouped into eight and we are the group C”.he explained as we all listen attentively to his explanation.
    “which other schools are in our group?”.i asked again.
    “almond secondary school,Royal comprehensive high school,glamour high school and we the prestigious kings academy”.he explained further and I listen with rapt attention. All the Schools he mentioned are great schools especially the Royal comprehensive high school.i have hawk things on the on the school vicinity and I was wowed at the school building,compound and facilities.just like prestigious kings academy,the School also have a great sport field and facilities though prestigious kings academy facilities are still the best in everything ranging from fields,facilities and ofcourse beauty but I must say royal comprehensive high school really tried too. Adaeze and Anabel walked into the scanty class with few students inside as they were all out getting themselves familiarise with almond students,they bought many snacks including eggroll which they shared to us and we sat down enjoying and discussing with the free period we have before the match.i am really happy that they didn’t buy fish pie too cos I don’t want anything that will spoil Isabella mood now even though I don’t know why she dislike aquatic animals so much to the extent of making me promise never to mention it where ever she is.i need her sound now cos am about to go out there and kick a School that is furthering my scholarship out of the contest,even though we will play a second leg I know the First will be like the second cos I know that School very well,am just like a familiar spirit to them they knows me and I know them too.
    We were later called out of the class by the teacher’s as Mr. Godfrey the couch offer the fifteen student’s selected to represent the contest including me and we were offer the governor’s cup football vest offer to us by the government with the name of our school written on it.our vest colours is yellow with our school name written in pink on it and He gave us some tactics and the formation we are to use then the principal poured his SUG manifesto on us again which lifted our Spirit high Ready to conquer the contest for the love of the orphanage in the street and we were giving 10 minutes to quickly go and change and be back vibrantly on the field like the prestigious students we are.
    We walk back to the field with Isabella,adaeze and Anabel close to us as almond students Stare at Isabella with lust fully in their eyes but who cares?,they can only look but cannot touch or so I thought.
    “don’t be too hard on them”.Isabella said patting my shoulder.
    “I won’t sunshine”.i replied smiling.this girl is really something else, she is not even telling me her usual be careful and make me proud speech rather she is asking me not to be hard on them as if she knows how the match will end or she had seen them played before.adaeze took time in wishing all the players a sound Play with the crown on her head,shaking them round but she embrace I and Vincent together which Anabel later joined as the couch,staff and players started laughing making some ills comment’s which we all laugh to and we set out to the field while they went to the spectators seat to join the other students.
    We lined up in the field and we all recite the National anthem and the almond students recite their school anthem too which I am very familiarise with as I sing along with them in my mind.adaeze sat down on her queen throne at the front of the spectators with Anabel seating at her left and Isabella at her right as their beauty were shinning so bright while the both schools staff sat at their back before the students of both schools.almond school governor’s cup vest is blue in colour with green colour used on their name as we stood facing eachother waiting for the referee whistle. Ekenna was busy smiling at me giving me a thumb up which I fake a smile to.This guy is really crazy,he came to my School since and you never bothered to look for me now he is here giving me some stupid remarkable thumbs up and smile,if he think am happy with him then he must be the dumbest person in the World or maybe he now see me as a classless friend as uchenna is now opened for his friendship.nonsense,i don’t like what I hate,a friend to my enemy is my enemy.
    The referee blow the whistle which signify the beginning of the match and they throw the first pass and the match started.they were really trying to hold ground with us as they kept passes between themselves but all their effort always stop abruptly at the goal post as Gabriel stood like an enemy of progress and stumbling block at the goal post catching all their shot with his hands and I must say Gabriel is really good.we on our side were really more than them as exciting expected The only people that match-up with us are ekenna and Kenneth the principal son. They were trying their Best really hard and I must accolade them for that but the truth is,their effort and what they call best is not good enough as Vincent hitted a ball up for me which I gave a head both inside and the shout of goal echoed all around the school premises as my teammate congratulated me earnestly.the passed the ball again and made to try more but I did it again with the help of Vincent,i just love this boy too much He is super good when it comes to working ball for someone I always enjoy staying close to him as our passing is always good and extraordinary.w
    e understand our self’s better and can communicate with almost everything and guess what when we dribbled forget it you won’t be able to get that ball. He is good in dribbling and passing but me, what I know how to do best is dribbling and clearing any attacker out of the way if possible falling them off without touching them and I must say a keeper is always afraid when am moving forward with a ball except ofcourse Gabriel the greatest keeper of all who will still stand his ground even when the defenders are out on the floor. Well,maybe I have not meet my match yet though.
    The second half started with the two to nothing goal still standing unshakable as the two strikers of almond secondary School were trying their best to catch up again.i must say they really tried I never expected ekenna to play Like this, how wish the other 9 players were good like them it would have been a though lock horn for us but like I said before,when it come to football almond secondary school are useless. I shot the third goal in again and this time ekenna did something unimaginable,the idiot join us in celebrating a goal against them as he was busy celebrating and shouting on top of his voice which trigger their principal to substitute him in anger.i mean who does that?,even if he knew there is no hope for them atleast he should still try his best rather than celebrating his opposition victory in the same field when the match is still on, that is the height of disgrace even though it was funny but it is totally wrong. The boy substituted with ekenna is also as useless just like the letter ‘p’in psychology as it weaken Kenneth and I end up throwing two more goals on them then I remember Isabella word to be easy on them and the principal word to play with the prestigious spirit in us and the thought of the orphans in the street and I decided to settle for Isabella’s own in other not to disgrace my Alma mater to the extreme but Vincent later score another goal when it seems I was more interested in gaining echoes of shout by dribbling them to fall which always trigger shout from the spectators and sport official presents rather than scoring more goals and we end up spelling The name is A. L. M. O. N. D on them with six goals and the referee blow his Final whistle.
    The field quickly filled up with our students celebrating while the almond students walked out slowly totally defeated.and I quickly walked out of the field before any of the staffs could find me.unfortunately for me, what I was running from was also looking for me as I heard someone called my names (including my surname) from the back.
    “wisdom wealth….!!”.i heard bluntly only to turn back and are principal Gideon odinaka The principal of almond secondary School,the brain behind my scholarship walking toward me and my memory totally will I even stand and talk to him when I know fully that am the brain behind their knockout from the League, even though there is second leg I know very well that it gonna end like the First.
    “oh my God, am finished”.i exclaimed in my mind filled with undiluted fear.
    To be continue………..

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    Nothing go happen..dem no expect u to do own goal nah

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    One day you’ll play for REAL MADRID

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    one day you will play for Nigeria

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    if the principal is truly helping u then he should be happy about how you played coz that’s your talent and u have to make use of it…. after all he knew your capabilities bt went ahead to sponsor u to another school

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