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    Good start for ur current school

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    it is fish not pounded yam

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    ¤Episode 48
    I stood transfixed at a sport staring at the principal who was advancing closer to me with every second that pass with tears gathering in my blury eyes and a Memory and mind fully blank like an erased computer gadget.
    “going somewhere?”.he asked and I nodded my head positively and negatively at interval unable to utter a single word and he smiled.
    “you are running away from me after you single handedly knock your School,a school that single handedly trained you since you were a kindergarten to the man you are today and you know that this trophy means a lot to us”.
    “well I disagreed with you on that Gideon”.someone blunted out from my back and we turn to see prestigious kings principal already close to us as they smile together while I stood transfixed wishing the ground could just open and swallow me.
    “yeah I know he did what gat to be done and am proud of him,proud that he was once my Student under me”.almond principal retorted as they shake their hands together with a cheerful smile on their lips.
    “yeah, but in that aspect of your School making him who he us,i disagree with that.according to what am seeing is like you sent him out of the school cos he is too good to be human”.prestigi
    ous kings academy poured out still maintaining his bright smile.
    “you are right though, I sent him out purposely but that is to give him what he deserve. I noticed almond secondary school cannot offer him the kind of Great things he deserve,keeping him there is like upstrocting his destiny that is Why I like you said drove him away but now am regretting it,i can’t believe my own student is the one that single handedly knock me out of the League”.ok,maybe this people have forgotten that am here and they are saying all this while am shaking like a dry leave with hot pee adrenaline forcing to burst out because of my fear and unstable mind while they are busy talking about me. I felt like taking excuse from that place but my curiosity won’t just let my mind stay at bay,the same curiosity that killed a cat the swiftest animal but I just hope mine will not end like that though.
    “Lolz,but that is good though cos he was almost the player for the full time,keep it up wisdom,am proud of you”.he said for the first time staring at me and I nodded like an agama lizard.
    “am proud of you too,you are a conqueror and I am glad in assisting you with the activation of your star”.almond principal added and I stood nodding rather than replying.
    “meanwhile,chief okenwa called me this morning and ask that his scholarship should be terminated,he said he want to take his school responsibility and everything he need upon him self and I gave him Your line to speak to you”.
    “yeah,he already did but almond blood still runs in him”.he said and they both laugh so hard and like they were long lost Friends with a little misunderstanding which they finally put at rest,or maybe they are really friends which can only explain why prestigious principal have his contact all along.
    “next time you see me,dont run away again,am not gonna hurt you I just came to congratulate the man you become”.he finally concluded amidst smile which procure his dark skin giving him a sound cuteness in his native wear.
    “thank you sir”.i finally said for the first time and they walk out heading to the principal office while I quickly ran to ease away my fear.
    There was no teaching throughout that morning as everyone was exhausted due to the match which is really cool.i make sure ekenna never set his eyes on me as I went directly to my class after easing my self cos I don’t want his stupidity to follow me around,he should go and meet his new friend my enemy,like I said before a friend to my enemy is my enemy.the students were playing especially adaeze and Anabel who were disturbing the hell out of Vincent not giving him a breathing space to rest after the tiresome match well that is what he get for crushing on a prestigious queen,Isabella on the other hand was busy reading a story as usual giving me a good time to rest my anxiety on the table watching the whole class as they play around while the captain and the assistant never care a bit about them Lolz I like the School though,they know when it is time for noise and time for seriousness which is very cool,is not all school you can find that virtue some schools just like almond secondary school will even make noise more when a teacher Is in their mist.
    The School ended without much fun as teachers never seized to occupy us with teaching the moment we returned back from break,they seized that opportunity to make up for the time they were unable to teach us giving us no breathing Space especially the new agricultural science female teacher that was introduced to us. Her name is miss Sandra a very pretty and jovial lady who could be in her early twenties.i actually enjoy her teaching a lot cos she use so many of the time to tell us stories rather than teaching which is super cool to me, oh sorry super cool to all of us and I believe in the saying that no subject is bad all the student need is a good teacher for it and I must say the subject is beginning to be one of my best because of the jovial beautiful teacher assigned for it.
    Just like the day before,vincent I and Isabella were on our way home in Isabella’s car the Lamborghini to be precise,i Wonder why she has never ride on the Range Rover sport to school before maybe this is The car assign for her school is cool though,i wonder how many cars she will have and I look forward to following her Home one day which I don’t know how best to approach her with the discussion or maybe it is still too early for that,heaven knows I will go there soon but I don’t know how soon.if only I knew going to Isabella’s place will mark the beginning of my doom,i wouldn’t have wish to go but I never knew,how will I know?, am just a normal kid who does not know his left from his right just like everyother human.
    We were still on the ride home when Isabella’s iPhone rang and she pick the call,though I couldn’t place my ear on what the other person at the receiver side was saying including Vincent who was seating at the back like the owner of the car while I and Isabella were on the middle but from the little I heard from the conversation or actually her reply,i knew she was talking to her dad as she quickly drop the phone on the car and she started staring at me smiling sheepishly a smile that wipe off my memory and I started staring at her too filled with curiosity.
    “what???,am I save? “.i asked and she smiled again.
    “promise me whatever I do to you now you will not remove it from you”.she asked an I nodded like an agama lizard without thinking.
    “Hmmmmm, lemme just be watching first”.Vincent said from the back staring at us.
    “as far as is not a knife or gun which am very sure you can’t hurt me then let’s go ahead with it”.i elucidated bluntly filled with confidence and she remove a bandana from her school back and she use it to tie my eyes very well.
    “this???,what are you doing?”I asked as my eyes were fully shot.
    “just watch and see,remember you Promise so you must not remove it”.she said and I relent everything to fate as we drove in silence,how will I talk when my eyes are covered?,I don’t wanna say anything that will make me receive a knock in the car.
    The car later stop abruptly,though I don’t know where it stopped but I knew we have gotten to our destination. A little of my curiosity finally got relieved when I heard my mom voice approaching us as Isabella gently took me out of the car like a blind man,oh yeah am partially blind.
    “wow,this is beautiful”.i heard Vincent voice exclaimed.
    “Vincent,what is that?”.
    “nothing”.he replied.
    “tell me na,you can’t be exclaiming for nothing,tell me please”.i begged and Isabella giggled.
    “you may now remove it from his eyes”.i heard a voice exactly like Isabella dad’s uttered and Isabella remove the bandana from my eyes and I became extremely shocked with what my eyes were opened to see as I quickly move to the back,cleaned my eyes,shot them and opened them,i even slap my self to know if I was dreaming but everything is still the same,a few step away from me stood giganticly two………
    To be continue………

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    thank GOD you have started postin regularly. You saw what.

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    You saw what again?

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    Two cars or building

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    I’m sure it’s a car or phone

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