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    oya next episode oo

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    Time don reach for the next episode oooo.

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    Abeg no delay thi

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    You are still owing us episodes ooo

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    two storey buildings?

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    i don’t know why you are always afraid where there’s no fear

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    Deborah Arewa
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    Hmmm what an interesting story so far. Pls enough with the suspense oh.

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    ¤Episode 49
    A few step away from me stood giganticly two range rover say that am extremely happy will be an understatement,in short I am tired of hearing that word happy it has gotten too frequent in everyones lips,you can use any word synonymous to it if possible use a word far greater than it but not the word ‘happy’ cos what I felt at that instant is far mightier than happy. I screamed on the top of my voice in joy and I quickly dived from where I stood to Isabella dad’s place putting him in a very tight hug while they continue there sceptical laughing in the joyful atmosphere.
    “thank you so much sir,thank you,thank you,i don’t just know how to thank you for all you have been doing for me”.i coerced very fast with tears gathering in my eyes gland which he cleaned with his handkerchief.
    “you don’t know how to thank me?,don’t thank me just call Me daddy”.he said still in his nonstop jovial and lovable smile.
    “Isabella has placed an embargo on me not to say that again sir!”.i replied holding him famely.
    “Isabella??”.he asked and I nodded in affirmative.
    “is it true?”.he ask again directing it this time to Isabella.
    “yes daddy”.
    “oh oh, I see this is turning into something else but is actually the best though”.
    “okenwa and wealth joining together in a matrimony”.
    “wisdom marry Isabella”
    “mom!!!… “.i and Isabella shouted at the same time referring to both our parents who were making some funny statement in Reply to what Isabella dad said while Vincent stood abruptly laughing his ass out.
    “what???”.they both replied.
    “did we say anything wrong?”.Isabella mom added.
    “no mom”.Isabella replied.
    “better”.my mom added.
    “who is this boy with you?”Isabella’s dad asked referring to Vincent.
    “he is our friend dad”.
    “oh,is he the boy you were talking about?”he asked further and Isabella nodded in affirmative and he smile which actually means they really have talk about Vincent before.isabella dad went to his car and brought out something rapped in carton heading toward us,it was when he is a bit closer to us we discover it was a new play station.he handed it to Vincent and also added a bunch of money on it too as Vincent held them in his hand with his legs shaking on the ground.
    “thank you so much sir”.he managed to say after some seconds of silence stare at the things to Isabella dad.
    “I should be the one thanking you,thank you for being my daughter and son in-law friend”.he said and they busted into a huge laughter again.look at what this people are saying when I and Isabella are not even dating yet,when am still scared of her without knowing where to state from,when I dont even know the best way to ask her out cos she deserve The best and she is the best.
    We sat in the seating room in our new house excluding Vincent who we ask one of the driver to take home cos he complain as expected that his parents were really mad at him the previous day.actually it was Isabella dad that summon us to the seating room for what he called a confession which I was really curious to hear about including my mom.
    “I hope you both Will not be angry with me when am done revealing this little secret of mine?”.he asked and my mom gave him the assurance that we won’t then he proceed.
    “after wealth death my wife and returned to the country to see everything messed up,you were no where to be find including my lovely boy wisdom and I was unable to find you anywhere near. Wealth trusted me so much that he handed his two companies document to me,the one here in this state and the one in Lagos State.after the search which yielded no good,i decided to use the document to take care of the companies so the government will not take over them”.he explained and my mom eyes widen out in shock while I stood watching like everyone else as I have no clues to what they were saying all I know is my dad have two companies,wealth global enterprises.
    “what??,I have been seeing some adverts in the market and radio’s and I thought it was one of my husband Family that claimed it”.
    “no one had the document and files except me,i am the one running them and I combine them with my own company which is the reason am this wealthy”.isabella dad replied again searching our eyes for any possible negative reaction.
    “what about the advert am seeing outside the country,is there another person using my husband company name?”.my mom asked again.
    “no,i succeeded in setting branches of the company in four countries which make the company branches six in the World at large,there is now wealth global Enterprises Inc in Italy,spain,u.s.a,california and ofcourse Nigerian”.
    “that is good news”.i shouted from where I sat with Isabella’s mom while Isabella sat with my Mom.
    “good news?,that is a great news not good news”.my mom replied sharply.
    “is it?”.Isabella dad asked searching our reaction.
    “ofcourse, you are a great friend indeed”.my mom replied.
    “I thought I won’t be forgiven,i thought you will ask me what I would have done to them if I didn’t find you and your son”.Isabella dad said in a sober voice.
    “I know,but what ever need to be done gat to be done.what if the government or any of wealth family claims them?”.my mom asked.
    “Hmmm,you are right though. I have already placed wisdom name as the next of kin in the company document he will have access to all the branches in the countries when he is through with his education”.he added and I shouted in joy embracing him once again as we played and have fun filling The fatherly love Space I was deprived from having at a very tender age.
    _________ONE WEEK LATER________________________________
    today make it one week after Isabella dad bought I and my mom the range rovers sport and also told us the great news of how secured my future is and I must say he is really a great friend to my is another Monday again and guess what!, today is the first day we are taking the new cars to school cos the plate numbers were not Ready then and they are not just ordinary plate numbers but customise gold plate numbers with our names written boldly in it.i and Isabella planned it very well as we had decided to feed the whole school with food,drinks and anything eatable any student or staff will need just to celebrate our joyful moment with us.the three cars,yes three cars,isabella pink Range Rover,my blue Range Rover and my mom black Range Rover too which we offered to Vincent to ride on for the day unto big boy level.that is what he get for staying with me truthfully right from when I was a nobody,embarrased at every corner and places in the school but he choosed to stand with me without shame,fear and anguish.he choose to be the brother I never had, staying with me on the crunching sun and the heavy rainfall of my life and I have decided to take him as a brother I never had too, he might be Vincent Matthew with another father entirely but to me he is Vincent wealth the Twin brother of Wisdom wealth.
    We actually played our second leg match with almond secondary school on friday of the former week and we won with two goals. Funny right?, yes it is funny and I know some people will ask how?.well the truth is I don’t even know either,i didn’t purposely do that neither did anyone or maybe there is which I never knew about though but I do know we played perfectly but was unable to score as all the ball attempt were spoiled by tochukwu and I don’t know why he never made any attempt to pass to me neither Vincent and he will end up spoiling the opportunity. Well we won the match which is the most important aspect there now we need to kick royal comprehensive high school out to qualify for the governor’s cup a match which I know is not gonna be easy but we will scale through.
    Everyone class and staffs gather in the hall as we eat and drink in merriment especially my team mate,principal and couch who sat with I, Isabella,vincent adaeze and Anabel but tochukwu was no where to be found and I Wonder why cos I actually saw him that morning in School.i took excuse from my follow teammate and staffs so I could go out and look for him a decision which I later solemnly regretted.
    “tochi please wait,i have been searching for you since”.i called out to him as I saw him going to his class and he stopped stare at me and hissed then he walked into the class.
    “what is wrong with this one again? “.i asked myself rhetorically walking toward him and I entered the class with my inquisitive mind just to find out what I did wrong to him cos I have been noticing is awful stare at me since last week which I never read any meaning to,if only I knew on time I would have turn back but how will I know?,am just a random kid with an inquisitive Spirit trying to solve the mystery of the world with my inquisitive mindset.
    I enter the class and I saw him looking out of the window and I touched him on his shoulder which drifted his attention into the class and he knock my hands off his shoulder.
    “can’t you just leave me alone?”.he shouted at me which make me Wonder what I have done to him.
    “what have I done to you?,why are you behaving like this?, what is your problem?”.i asked three questions at once battling with my mind.
    “you are My problem,stay away from me wisdom!”.
    “but why?, what have I done wrong?”.i asked again.
    “you think you have made it right?, you think you are the best,you have won the Heart of the teachers with your stupidity and blur mind which you call skills whereas you cant even work and score a ball for yourself and score with it”.
    “so this is all about the match?”.i asked staring at him coz I already know where he is going to with his words and everything started making sense to me slowly.
    “you actually refused to let any ball got to me, Matt and Vincent last week as the midfielder just so I will not score? “.i added staring at him with anger building up inside me.
    “yes,i did and what can you do about it?, all you do everytime is tapping on our glory,we played and you took the Glory if they cant see your flows am not stupid I see it clearly you are a gold digger just like you have dig into Isabella’s dad money just because you are dating his think I don’t know you are following Isabella around like a fly because of her father money?”.
    “tochukwu stop!!!,just stop please!,stop now”.i shouted with rage and my head filled already with his words.
    “and what Will you do if I don’t?”.
    “I will be forced to give you a sound slap that will erased your past,change your present and corrupt your future”.i shouted so loud and I meant everything I said because I know what my Angry state can do.
    “you can’t do anything to me, you are tapping from Isabella Glory doesn’t make you one of us,you are poor wealth who’s stupid mother is a pepper seller in the street and you will always be poor”.
    “what did you just call my mom? “.
    “your stupid pepper seller mother”.he replied.
    “if them born you well repeat that statement again”i said challenging him cos I could feel my Angry mind turning into violence mind.
    “I repeat,your stupid pepper seller mother”.and that did it as I loose my mind completely breaking my no fighting rule of my mom as I combine all my anger into strength vested them into one hand and landed it his cheeks.the force of the slap moved him from his standing Point and hit him so hard on the front chair which break instantly and I still made more move to injure him as I picked a part of the damage chair to break his head when I was restricted by a shout at my back.
    “wisdom stop!!!!……..”.i heard the voice echoed Into my ear and I saw Isabella walking into the class with her blue eyes which signify fury.
    To be continue………..

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