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    ¤Episode 51
    We enter the principal office and met him
    seating on his chair while some teachers
    stood erect watching us like we are bunch
    of criminals which increases my heartbeat
    ten times higher.
    “wealth what happened yesterday why
    were you not in School and also refused to
    answer my call? “.the principal poured out
    questions on me the moment we step in
    and I became scared not sure of where to
    start my explanation from.
    “sir!,I…. “.
    “did you purposely did it?”.he asked again
    interrupting my words.
    “yes sir, I purposely did it,i could not just
    take what tochukwu said to me two days
    ago”.i explained staring at the floor out of
    “wisdom wealth!”.he called with a high pitch
    of voice.
    “it seems the love I have bestowed on you
    since you came to this school has gotten
    into your left your responsibility
    just because of what a boy said. Do you
    know what you have cost with that stupid
    act of yours?, what if we had lost to them
    being kicked out of the round just because
    of that silly behavior of yours?”.he shouted
    and I listen attentively without uttering any they didn’t lost the match?,that is
    cool though.
    “the activities in this school should be your
    number one priority, I ask again what if we
    had……… “.
    “He insulted my mom”.i shouted interrupting
    his explanation.
    “is that enough reason to leave the school
    when we need you most?.did you report to
    me?, you were willing to throw away all we
    have work for since this term started is that
    pride you are emanating now or what?. You
    were angry with what he told you and you
    took the most dangerous punishment on
    the whole School not just him alone, a
    punishment that put your best friend In the
    hospital now”.
    “yes hospital,vincent is in the hospital he
    had a fracture on his leg yesterday just
    because he cherish the good sweat you
    both have work together. He tried to play
    your wing and also his own too as the
    replacement made on you was unable to do
    anything and he broke his leg in the process
    just because of your stupid excuse.what if
    Gabriel did the same thing you did
    yesterday?,what if he abandoned us too the
    way you did? What would have happen, tell
    me wisdom”.hearing all the principal said
    weaken me completely as Isabella suddenly
    left her hold on me resting her back on the
    wall. I don’t blame her though I really
    messed up big time, I let my anger to cloud
    my judgement and now everyone is been
    punished for it including my best friend,
    how will I apologize to Vincent,will he ever
    forgive me?.
    “Isabella okenwa go to the visitors toilet and
    call tochukwu Desmond for me, tell him to
    abandon the punishment for now he will
    continue later”.
    “OK sir”.isabella responded and she left
    while I stood fighting with my emotions.
    Tochukwu walked in sweating profusely
    unable to look at my face as he walk pass
    me while Isabella rested her back on the
    wall again like before.
    “tochukwu Desmond”.the principal called
    and tochukwu raised his head slowly in
    “I have just one question for you and it goes
    like this,upon all the opportunities you have
    in the match were you able to score
    anyone?”.he asked again and tochukwu
    shake his head negatively.
    “have you ever ask your self why we placed
    you as a midfielder instead of a striker?”.
    “no sir”.he replied.
    “because we discover that is Your best
    position,that is what you are good at so we
    placed you there. I would have told you to
    start Your punishment yesterday but I
    decided you should play the game First and
    you end up playing nonsense “.the principal
    shouted in an excruciating angry voice
    Which trigger fear in me as I stood
    motionless in a spot watching The scenario.
    “am sorry sir!”.tochukwu retorted slowly.
    “am i the person you offended?”.
    “no sir!”.
    “then apologize to him not me”.
    “am sorry senior wisdom”.tochukwu said
    and I stare at him with my gaze directly
    fixed on him not knowing the best answer
    to reply him.
    “tochukwu,all this started last week,we were
    in good shape before and you started
    hating on me from last week.tell Me, where
    did i wrong you?”.i ask and He raised up his
    head slowly and stare at my face then he
    returned it to the floor.
    “you didn’t offend me in anyway,it was my
    father that poison my mind against you, he
    said I am always the best and I played more
    than anyone else in the field, he said
    Isabella’s dad gave you a car as award for
    your performances in the field whereas I
    should be the one receiving the glory. In my
    formal school I was the best I never knew a
    day is coming where I will meet someone
    that is more than me,it was my father that
    told me you are taking our glory,i am sorry”.i
    listen to tochukwu explanation and I find
    out he really meant all his word.according to
    him he thought he was the best until he
    came to this school and meet me, will I really
    meet my match one day?, well only time will
    “I have forgiven you tochukwu”.i finally said
    with a bright smile.
    “thank you so much senior”.he replied
    smiling too.
    “you mean Chief Desmond Jonah told you all
    this? “.the principal asked an tochukwu
    nodded in affirmative.
    “Hmmm Desmond will never stop poisoning
    peoples mind with Evil just for his selfish
    interest”.he said again though it was less
    coherent but we heard it clearly but we dare
    not ask what he meant by that even when
    we were really Curious to know.
    “well because of your father word’s am
    adding another punishment to it, from now
    on you will be bench in any of our matches
    and will only play when need be. That is
    your punishment since your father is trying
    to set my students against themselves let me
    see how he will do that if you don’t play
    anymore, now you can go and continue
    your punishment”.the principal elucidated
    and tochukwu left with a sorrowful
    expression. I wish the principal could put an
    end to his punishment cos I could feel his
    “as for you wisdom, I have nothing to tell
    you anymore,go and apologise to Vincent he
    is in St. Theresa general hospital.if he choose
    to forgive you good for you and if he don’t,
    that is also your punishment”.
    “thank you sir”.i replied and I left the office
    followed by Isabella..
    School that day was partially fun as adaeze
    and Lilian really spent time with I and
    Isabella explaining all the crones and Hidden
    fact of the game to us and how tochukwu
    spoiled their game by trying to score which
    yield no positive result. According to her,the
    match was really a strong locked horn, if not
    for the help of Gabriel who dedicated his life
    to the game standing like a rock of ages at
    the post they would have dealt with us
    needlessly and it was all my fault. Now I
    understand why the principal was very mad
    at me, the match actually end in our favour
    with one goal to nothing through a penalty
    which was awarded to us when Vincent
    was injured while trying to score a goal and
    the penalty was later scored by matt.i
    Thankgod for everything,thankgod I was
    given another Chance to make things right,
    at times anger is not the best solution to
    problems, make decisions when angry and
    you will end up making the best decision
    you will ever regret.
    We drove hastily on the m’baise road in
    ezenite heading to St. Theresa hospital on
    the hot crunching sun which could be seen
    shinning brightly reminding us that we
    were in the dry season.adaeze and Anabel
    were also in my car they actually told their
    driver to take their car home and we use
    mine for the hospital journey which I dislike
    so much.i hate everything about hospitals
    and I never pray to visit anyone again in my
    life time but here I am left with no other
    choice than to go and visit my friend who
    my stupid angry mind placed in the position
    he is now,it is all my fault.
    We got to the hospital and a nurse directed
    us to the ward Vincent was and we saw him
    laying on the bed with his Right foot
    stretched up and it was bandaged all
    around.he was surprise when he saw all of
    us together and my friends hug him one
    after the other while I stood taking a step at
    a time moving toward him on the bed
    slowly with guilt written all over me while he
    stare at me without saying anything maybe
    wondering what am up to. I got closer to
    him and he stretched his hand to place me
    in a hug but I did the opposite,i bend down
    and knelt down taking his right hand and i
    busted into tears of pains which I was
    trying to hold from falling since I step my
    feet inside the hospital.
    “am sorry Vincent,this is all my fault am very
    sorry”.i said amidst tears crying in his hand
    and He manage to stand up patting me on
    my back.
    “don’t be too hard on yourself brother,you
    did what need to be done I would have
    done more if I was in Your shoe”.
    “really!,you are not angry with me?”.i asked
    staring at his eyeballs.
    “for leaving tochukwu,yes I am Angry with
    you even though I know it was Isabella’s
    fault but for taking the drastic decision of
    leaving us to our fate with the royal
    comprehensive high school, am not angry
    with you but promise me something”.he
    said and I smiled brushing off my tears with
    the back of my palm.
    “anything.tell me I will do it”.i elucidated
    happily and he smiled while including
    Anabel and adaeze the two friends greater
    than twins.
    “promise me you will never allow your anger
    to make decisions for you ever again”.
    “I promise,i promise Vincent.i will never
    allow it to take decisions for me again”.i said
    and we hug eachother happily.
    “friends for life”.we both coerced together
    then the girls Join us too and we hug
    ourself tightly.
    “friends for life!!!”.we shouted together
    hugging for minutes only to hear a cough
    from our back and we dessengaged to see a
    man who looks like Vincent and a woman
    whom I presume to be his wife staring at us
    in a transfixed spot.
    “mom,dad meet my friends from school they
    came to check on me”.Vincent retorted with
    a bright smile filled with happiness.
    “are they the ones you usually talk about at
    home?”.the man asked and he nodded in
    affirmative while we all stood like the good
    friends we are Lolz.
    “oh,that is good,i have always been looking
    forward to meet the friends that always
    make my son super happy “.his Mom said
    with a bright smile.
    “thank you ma”.we all said at the same time
    smiling too.i must accolade Vincent parents
    for their cool behaviors, I thought they are
    gonna start questioning us just like some
    Africans parents or maybe the questioning
    part as not yet arrived.
    “you must be Isabella right?,the only
    daughter of Chief okenwa”.Vincent mom
    asked Isabella.
    “yes ma”.
    “ohh, what a beauty,my son is actually right
    when he said non is as beautiful like you on
    the full spherical earth”.she added and
    Isabella smiled.
    “thanks MA,am blushing”.Isabella retorted.
    “oh spare me that am sure you must be
    used to praises of your beauty by now. And
    you, you must be wisdom wealth the new
    student that has succeeded in conquering
    the whole prestigious kings academy in just
    4 weeks”.Vincent dad ask this time and I
    smiled. Alright,i think Vincent as told his
    parent too much about us already which is
    not cool or maybe it is I don’t know though.
    “yes sir,i am”.i replied and he smiled also
    with his wife.
    “ok now the friends that are more than
    twins,you must be Anabel”.Vincent dad
    retorted pointing at adaeze and we smiled.
    “no honey,i think it is adaeze “.
    “I don’t think it is adaeze, she is Anabel”.
    “ok I settled for adaeze”.his mother said.
    “and I settle for Anabel,the winner will cook
    dinner today”.Vincent dad said with so
    much confidence while we all stood at our
    various spot laughing our ass including
    Vincent who was laughing so hard at his
    parents funny behaviour on the bed he was
    seating on.
    “alright,it is a bet so young girl what is your
    name?”.Vincent mom asked adaeze.
    “I am adaeze chukwu and this is my best
    friend or twin sister as people usually refer
    to us her name is anabel Martin’s”.
    “yepeeee!!,yippee yepppee,i won this
    one”.Vincent mom shouted dancing and
    throwing punches in the air while his father
    face went pale like a child catching cold,now
    I know where Vincent got his funny
    behaviors from,a snake can never give birth
    to a rabbit.
    “am going to eat Idi’ka ikong soup and
    grilled chicken With pounded yam today o”.
    “what!!. you know I can’t prepare that
    please you will have to choose another soup
    please”.Vincent dad pleaded with a shocking
    “kikikikik, that is what I want to eat, next
    time you will not argue with your wife
    “please honey,you know am not a Calabar
    man please choose another food”.Vincent
    dad pleaded while we stood laughing so
    hard, this people are really awesome how I
    wish my dad is still alive.
    “you made the bet, beside me that is
    preparing it am I a Calabar woman?”.
    “nope,but maybe…… “.
    “maybe what??”.
    “ better go for online class on
    how to prepare it I don’t want to eat the
    poison you cooked the last time you tried to
    prepare it”.Vincent mom elucidated filled
    with a serious countenance.
    Our stay in the hospital was filled with
    laughter and fun throughout by the two
    funny couple’s and their son who later
    joined giving us the best fun ever to the
    extent that we were reluctant to go when it
    was getting dark but ofcourse we have no
    choice than to go after which Isabella gave
    the man Five bundles money To take care of
    Vincent promising to come back the next
    day which we did with the principal and
    some staffs in the school.
    __________THREE DAYS LATER__________
    It was a bright Saturday afternoon as usual
    the sun was busy doing what it know how
    to do best and why it was created.there was
    nothing to do rather than to read,eat and
    play video games as I had already done all
    the house chores that morning . My mom is
    no longer selling things and she has gone
    out to Visit a friend leaving only me at home
    except ofcourse my driver and
    gateman.isabella dad promised to open a
    supermarket for my mom which he as not
    done yet though I know he is working on it
    but I still don’t like the idea of my mom
    working joor afterall we are not lacking
    anything and the six companies and the
    account will be mine the moment am
    through with my studies so why will my
    mom be working?,Mteew.isabella had called
    me earlier that she is on the way to my
    house and I have been expecting her since
    passing the time with another Etz sky Prince
    collection which he titled the S. T. A. R
    season 2 (Restoration of krypton).i have
    read the first season which was super
    interesting which was the reason why I
    started combing bookshops in ezenite alas I
    got it and just like expected the writer finish
    work on it even more than the season one.
    Isabella walked in through the opened door
    looking super stunning as always in her
    pink leggings and pink top and I became
    lost feeding my eyes with her Beauty
    oblivious of what I was doing as my
    memory became blank and the only thing
    visible for me at that time is her sparkling
    beauty before me.
    “hello!!!”.she shouted which brought me out
    of the beautiful world I was back to reality.
    “oh, sorry welcome”.i managed to say totally
    “mteew,keep on staring at something that
    can never depart from you. Go ln and dress
    up we are going out”.she elucidated seating
    on the same couch with me.
    “going out?”.i asked cos that was the first
    time she is saying that and I Wonder where
    we are going to.
    “yes,or are you not happy with that?”.
    “ofcourse I am but to where?”.
    “we are going to my House”.she bluntly
    elucidated and unknown fear flew out of no
    where and gripped my body totally.
    To be continue………..
    Now the war is about to start,watch out for
    the next episode

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    War with whom

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    When she said her house i hope she meant the one she is staying her a human…

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    war on d road

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    war ke? war against who?

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