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    where is episode 53 abeg I no like to dey jump story

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    Almighty mark
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    abeg no 53

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    Pls don’t end ur career because I know u cannot die because isabella is there with you

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    What is wrong with Wisdom’s mother nd who is chief Desmond

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    You’re doing a great and Nice job

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    waiting for the next episode

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    He has updated now

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    ¤Episode 55 (semi final)
    ____AS NARRATED BY MR.OKENWA________________
    Wisdom just like his name inscribed is a super talented kid which I do wonder where his parent got him from, unlike Isabella whom I know her origin very well and I understand deeply that she is not a human which is the main reason why she is super good in everything, wisdom own is unknown to me and I believe strongly that wealth and Juliet had a secret which they are keeping from the World just like me.dont take my word’s to heart it is under maybe, am not a religious man,i know where I and my wife got our daughter from but wisdom genealogy is what I wish I could find out but how?, when Juliet is always acting holy everyday?. The first time I heard a kid score the same score with Isabella, I was in my office taking a cup of coffee when the principal told me and the cup fell down flat from my hand crashing on the can a human challenge a mermaid with intelligent,which human can be so super in the field that everyone fate is always rested on his shoulder who does that?.
    Wisdom scream continuesly in pain as they place him on a stretcher taking him to the stadium sick bay as his mom and friends and my daughter excluding those in the field followed behind in a sober mood.just like his friend Vincent exclaimed before, that the hope of winning the match is lost,i too have lost hope but like the principal said, it is either prestigious kings academy win,or they draw or they die there, I decided to do what I knew will be best for the situation at hand as I quickly told my wife to take Juliet who was already crying away from her son to a cool place which she did though Juliet was reluctant to follow but she later did after so much persistent pleading and I did what my son wisdom was doing before he got injured which is, acting as the team captain and coach.
    “tell the team to send themselves to the post, everyone must defend no striking, midfielding and side playing again while we do our best to calm wisdom pain’s down”.i motioned to the principal and the coach who became surprised at my words.
    “with due respect sir,we have lost this match already.i think the best thing to do is to substitute wisdom out and accept our defeat cos the injury that boy got just now will take months if not years to be fully whole”.the coach replied.
    “Mr. Godfrey”.i called.
    “who is wisdom wealth to me?”.
    “your late friend son sir”.
    “which made him partially,my son so when I said my son his coming to this field he will surely come to this field. Tell them to defend the game with everything they have inside them, we can’t come this far to loose, it is not an option here so let them defend and buy us Time”.i explain further and they were left with no option than to do as I have commanded and I left their mist heading straight to the sick bay to meet the doctor’s and my daughter.
    “who is a relative to this boy”.
    “I am his father”.i quickly replied the moment I step my feet inside the hospital to see wisdom still screaming on the top of his voice as Isabella stood soberly while his two other female friends were already crying at the pitch of their voices.
    “this boy cannot return to the field, we need to inject him with CLINDAMYCIN to make him unconscious so we could start full treatment on him”.the doctor elucidated staring at me like he needed my permission because it obvious he knows what will happen if wisdom don’t return to the field. I stood there for the first time in my business life totally confused, wisdom is like a son to me I can’t let him injure himself more just because of a trophy so I decided to give them the go ahead.
    “I think you…..”.
    “dad don’t”.a voice echoed in my ear and I look around pausing my statement. My eyes caught hold of everyone and it was obvious no one heard it which only means one thing it was Isabella communicating with me through the mind.i know my daughter, I know who she is and am not surprised or scared a bit as I stare at her confirming my thought with her expression. Oh yes it was her.
    “sir you were saying something”.the doctor said reminding me.
    “yes. Oh yes,please can you spare I and my daughter, his sister a little seconds to talk about this?”.
    “sure sir but please be fast”.
    “we will”.i assure them as I and Isabella walked to the extreme of the big building to discuss.
    “dad if wisdom don’t continue this match we will loose to them”.isabella elucidated with concern and I concured.
    “I know but there is nothing we can do”.
    “actually there is something I can do but the risk is too high we might be caught”.
    “what is that?”.i asked my daughter getting filled with curiosity.
    “I can heal wisdom wound and he will be up to his feet again but they will still loose if this game lead to penalty”.
    “so what should we do now?”
    “I can channel some of my mermaid strength into him for the period the match will be on and they will return back to me when the match is over but I will become weak as the human strength and marmaid strength are strength will s--k out the remaining little human strength he had in scared he will find out Who i am,he will be curious to know why I fainted on the floor,he might not love me again unless I teleport out of this area till the match end’s”.she explained and I nodded in affirmative even though I did not understand what she meant fully but d--n it,since wisdom will be heal and will be back on the field then it is a goal for me. I always know Isabella is in love and am happy about it especially when it is with wisdom the best guy for her.
    “ok!,let’s do it”.i elucidated filled with happiness.
    “what about the people inside?”.she asked.
    “I will take care of them,trust me”.i replied and we walk back to them like the best father and child we are.
    “doctor am sorry I cant allow that to happen we need him back on the field now”.i said the moment we got to where they stood. I stare at wisdom who was shouting so loud on a bed a little far from us and some tears fell of my eyes.
    “I don’t understand sir,what do you mean?”.
    “what am trying to say is you should look for a way to bring him to his feet now we need him in the field”.
    “but that is not possible sir,how can you…… “.
    “ofcourse it is possible,there is no sign of open injury on the leg it is just a fracture,if you can’t do it I urge you and your nurses to leave this place now while I treat my son by myself or don’t you know am a doctor too?”.i retorted with a loud voice echoing with anger and the doctor exhaled.yeah I read medicine back then in higher institution but I have abandon that years back, who will be treating patient when billions can be made everyday through business?.The doctor stood for seconds without saying anything and he later give up,called the nurse and they left.i told his friends who were watching The scene to give me privacy which they obey without thinking twice.
    “sir what are you doing? “.wisdom asked in pain and I smiled.
    “trust me son,we need you back on the field”.i have not even completed the word when he slept off on the bed I wonder how Isabella did it.isabella touch the leg and a pink light emanated from her body to wisdom body and right then in my presence wisdom leg return back to normal and Isabella fell down and fainted then she disappeared.
    Few minutes later wisdom woke up stare at the sorounding his leg and everywhere.
    “where is Isabella?”.he asked as I acted like I was jotting down something in a book.
    “Thankgod you are awake, I sent Isabella on an errand to get me a pain relief”.
    “but am fine now sir”.
    “ do?”.i asked feigning ignorance and oblivious.
    “yes sir.i feel super strong”.
    “then go out there and teach the rule,show them how it is done, tell them it is either we win or we draw or we die there “.i retorted and he smiled stepping down from the bed.
    ____________CONTINUE FROM WISDOM NARRATION___________
    The moment I step into the field spotted by some people who were pointing at me calling others to see me, the field went roudy with shout all over the fate will have it it was a throw in to us as I quickly went back to my position after some questions from the ref.concerning my health which I assured him that am fully alright and Vincent came to hug me very tight including some of my other teammates.
    “what is the score?”.i ask Vincent as we prepared for one of our defender who went to throw in the ball.
    “we succeeded in defending with them is still no goal yet.
    “Thankgod, what happen to the penalty? “.
    “that beast caught it”.he replied pointing to glorious land goal keeper.
    “oh so they have even named him, that is good let’s see how long he will remain standing”.i retorted in my mind.
    “Vincent this game is not going to penalty, the others should remain in the post defending as for the two of us, let’s work for a goal”.
    One of our player throw the ball in which one of the twins got hold off and shot it directly to our goal post but tochukwu shoot it out directly to matt and Matt pass it to Vincent who started running up as I instructed. The two twins with another player were after him with full force and I motioned to him to pass it to me which he did and I grabed it, ran a little bit and I passed it back to him this time we were at the center of the field. I just enjoy how the two of us were playing them like kids as it was obvious they are already tired of,shey na ball dem wan play! We die work is really good.vincent did what he knows how to do best kicking the ball up above us to my side just like the first one that sent me to the sick bay but this time instead of heading it I did something unimaginable something I don’t even know how i did it, I jumped up very high from the ground up to 8ft if not more than and I did a back flip from the air kicking the ball so hard with my left leg, I don’t know how it happen, all I heard was the shout of a goal the moment I landed on the floor but this time,not on my kneel but like a bird from the sky.the outburst of shout that echoed that day was like war zone people were jumping up and down but to be sincere I don’t know what happened,i took a quick glance at the goal post and I saw their keeper laying flat on the floor as some of his teammate ran to assist him up.the goodnews is,he is still alive and it is a goal. My teammate came jumping on me with so much happiness and I forced my way out from their hold dragging Vincent with me.
    “Vincent, what happen just now?”.i ask rhetorically.
    “I should be the one asking you that,do you know the height you went up from the ground just to kick that ball?,what if you had injured yourself again?,you are behaving strange wisdom”.he explained.I stare at their post again wondering what actually happened, how I wish I could go back to the past and replay it again am totally confused. The moment they passed the ball the referee blow his Final whistle signifying the end of the match.students cheer continuesly on the top of their voices,embracing and congratulating us especially myself who they refused to give a breathing suppose to be happy for the outcome of the match rather I feel weak every seconds that passby,it seem like my strength were been s----d out from my body and my vision became blury.someone tap me from my back and I turn back to see Isabella standing abruptly at my mind was playing plank on me which I don’t understand, few minutes ago I was filled with strength, so much strength that drove me to do something crazy in the sky but now am weak I cant even stand well again as my legs started shaking on the floor which I tried to hide from Isabella.
    “my sunshine, where did you went to?, you shouldn’t have abandoned me alone here”.i retorted in a worn out voice.
    “I never abandoned you I want to protect you “.
    “protect me,how???”.
    “you need to rest wisdom,you seriously need to rest now please”.she said and I nodded in approval as my eyes became blury holding on to her famely. I heard a someone cry from the gathering where my teammate and classmates were and I quickly head there followed by Isabella kingly.
    “what could have happen again? “.i ask rhetorically if only I knew I would have done as Isabella adviced me to do.
    “what happened here, why is tochukwu crying ?”.i asked no one in particular directing the question to all of them.
    “a call just came from ezenite now that is father was involved in an accident,his father is dead,chief Desmond is dead”.that was the last thing I heard from an anonymous person whom I could not see clearly due to my blury vision which is turning darker every passing seconds and I passed out.
    To be continue……….

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