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    ekenna must be a fighter ready to fight 4 u~going to school again and saw another surprise

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    senator daniel
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    wisdom why d question

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    ¤Episode 12
    I saw the head boy,head girl And three other prefect standing at the entrance of the gate with canes in their hands. While student’s were kneeling on the floor begging to be pardon for the day. I can’t remember the last time I got flogged in school, coz I don’t use to get to school late and also,am the head boy in my former school a Post I earned at j ss 3 to head the whole school cos of my intelligence. I almost pee on my body as I started shivering and the prefects with some students kneeling down burst into severe laughter when they saw me. I noticed the head boy who I later find out to be richard was not laughing rather he was remorseful.
    “our conqueror is late o”.
    The head girl retorted with laughter rolling in the air.
    “come and kneel down here ”
    Another prefect commanded and I walked gently toward the perfect with my legs shaking vibrantly, then I heard something that surprised me.
    “Mariam,please lets spare this boy today,you know he is still a new student”.
    The head boy pleaded on my behalf and I started praying in my mind to be spared.
    “I am on duty today not you Richard you are just here to assist me so whatever I like is what I will do beside this is not the first time we are punishing a new student”.
    The head girl elucidated bluntly amidst anger.
    “I know but please let pardon him for today “.
    “no Richard”.
    “Please Mariam,am begging you “.
    The head boy stated again pleading earnestly for me as students started Mumuring some incoherent words while I continue praying in my mind.
    “I don’t know why you are so interested in this boy,but I know you have a reason, a bad reason to be precise cos no good thought can ever come out from your membrane,i will do it on one condition”
    She elucidated dragging the last statement seductively and raising a finger up in demonstrations .
    “say it Mariam I Will do anything you want ”
    “you will do that thing you have stop doing to me for long,we both know we missed it”
    She elucidated biting her then,students were already smiling and Mumuring coherently while I kneeled on the floor pleading to be released.
    “shut up you fools ”
    Another prefect ranted and silence return to the environment.
    “OK, Mariam I will do it ”
    The head boy said and a glance smile escaped the head girl lips.
    “you can go “she motioned to me and I stood up thanking them all,while the other students were already revolting.
    “meet me at the eatery by break ”
    The head boy whisper in my ear when I thanked him and made to pass him oblivious to the other students hearing and I quickly nodded my head bouncing to the assembly ground.
    The principal climb the school hall made for the announcers and conducters of assembly the moments I joined the line,though students laughed when I joined the line but it was limited unlike yesterday. The angry bird was standing at the front of the female line still with her ever angry expression unlike yesterday when she was closed to me.
    “good morning students “the principal elucidated with a greeting drawing all attentions to him.
    “good morning sir “we reply in chorus.
    “today is another great day in this school,like we have always done every term in this school, the First two weeks been sport weeks I hereby announced to you that our prestigious sports will begin tomorrow “.he said and exhale of happiness echoed the whole environment.
    “also”.he said and silent return to the assembly as they all wait kingly to hear the principal speech.
    “unlike before,we only partake in inter class sports, this time am glad to announce to you that the government as organise a sport contest between schools,in the whole of this state,the Best players in the school sport will be selected and a team Will be form with them to represent us in the upcoming governor’s cup”.
    He finished his announcement and the whole assembly went roudy,excluding me and Isabella who stood abrutedly without uttering anyword.
    The assembly was rounded in a fantastic manner and we all matched to our class. I sat down comfortably with Isabella and I started reversing what we were taught the day before while Isabella was just seating down like every other person in the class minding their business. The thought of what the head boy said was still ringing in my head,what did he want from me that scrutinised him to spare me I thought within me. Few minute’s later a male Young teacher walked into the class and we all stood up to greet him.
    “Good morning sir “.
    We all echoed at the same time.
    “good morning students,my name is Mr.victor a new class teacher asign for this class “.he elucidated swinging The marker pen in his hand to and fro.
    “welcome sir “we echoed again.
    “seat down “he commanded and we all obeyed .
    “I will be taking you calculus,it is a new subject introduce to this school,the school authority stated that you should be taught a subject that will differentiate you from other students from other schools,so they settled for calculus a higher degree course in higher institution”he retorted while some students started murmuring within themselves.
    “can any one here give me a brief intro to the subject calculus?”he asked and stare at the whole class while the students were staring at themselves, excluding Isabella who sat down resting her back on her chair like nobody’s seems she was not evening listening to what the teacher was saying cos she just focus her gaze on the manuscript board.the teacher stare for some minutes and no one raised up a hand.
    “well that is good,i don’t expect any one at your class to know it either”he said and went to the board drafting down the name of the subject. I raised up my hands slowly a decision I letter regretted cos all eyes fall on me followed by a profound laughter which trigger fear inside me and I drop my hand slowly.
    “why the sudden echoes of noise “.
    The teacher turned back and ask.
    “sir someone raised his hand “uchenna bluntly elucidated with a funny glance.
    “that is good,who is that student? “.he retorted and all eye pointed at me. I stood up slowly with fear and shame written all over me and sweat started steaming on my body.
    “Young man,dont be scared tell us what you know about the subject”he encouraged me.
    “calculus…”I started slowly with a shivering expression.
    “calculus was a little pebble that was used in counting and in gambling by the Roman in the days of the empire,centuries later the verb tense calculae came to mean to compute, to reckon. The English and German mathematicians, respectively,isaac newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz invented calculus in the 17th centuries, but isolated results about it fundamental problems had been Known for thousands of year’s. for example the Egyptians discovered the rule for the volume of a pyramid as well as an approximation of the class area of a circle”. I elucidated and the whole class stare at me in awe while the teacher was left flabbagasted with his mouth left open ajar. I saw that they were all interested in what I was saying so I continued,this time with full courage.
    “calculus,branch of mathematics concerned with the study of such concepts as the rate of change of one variable quantity with respect to another,the slope of a curve at a prescribed Point,the computation of the maximum and minimum values of functions and the calculation of the area bounded by curves,evolved from algebra,arithmetic,and geometry,it is the basis of that part of of mathematics called analysis”.i concluded and applause started echoing from various seat in the class.the teacher look puzzled not knowing the exact words to say as he stare at me in awe.
    “what is your name?”he finally asked,i wanted to answer the question when someone said it before me.
    “wisdom wealth “.
    I glance at the direction of the voice that said it and I discovered that it was no other person than………
    To be continue….
    Guess who the person is.
    What happen next?

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    Whaley Crown
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    Who? because I am not good at guessing oo

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    senator daniel
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    I think the principal

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    senator daniel
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    wisdom wealth
    this was how I use to answer questions when I was still in secondary school

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