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    Ayo Ade
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    Nice story

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    Isabella right?

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    ¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid)

    ¤Written by
    ¤Etz sky prince
    Episode 1 3.
    It was no other person than the principal.he was at the pathway to our class all this while listening to my explanation and he started joining is hands together in applause the moment I noticed is presence and another round applause started in the class once again.
    “come here wealth”
    He motioned to me with my surname.l slowly opened the lock in the seat and I went to him. He deep his hand into his side pocket and brought out a bunch of naira note and he handed them to me.i Was so happy and I knelt down close to him In appreciation.
    “thank you so much sir!”I thanked him amidst tears which were forming already in my eyes.
    “stand up boy, you deserve it,you are really a brain box filled with wisdom and knowledge just like your name implies.this Class is the best class in this school with two excellent brain box in the same class “he motioned and raised me up from the ground.
    Wait a minute,did he just say two excellent students?,who could he be referring to as the second?,I asked within me.i slowly turn my back heading toward my seat.
    “come here wisdom “.i heard the teacher motioned and I slowly went to him and he also dip his hand into his pocket and brought out two a thousand naira note making the money I Collected ten thousand naira.
    “thank you so much sir”.i said kneeling down in the process and he quickly held me up.
    “don’t kneel down for me wisdom,you deserve it, I never knew there is a professor in this class”he said and I smiled. I was going back to my seat when another round of applause started among my classmates and I smiled again. I noticed Isabella was not even moved with the scene,she did not even seems to care a dime she just sat down writing something that I could not procure an itch to. “What kind of a girl is this?,is it that she dont have a heart or she is possessed with the spirit of silence? “I asked within my self and I sat down slowly while the teacher started his teaching.
    Is not that I know the subject that much, I was Walking on the high way after a tedious hawking when I came across a book with the word “fundamental of calculus”bodly written on it and I picked it up.i got home that day and I tried all my best to study it but only a little adapt in my head so I tried all my best to know the intro,basics,meaning and the Idea of a derivative.I succeeded in drafting a little more about the topic with the help of the teacher teaching.He finished his teaching and gathered his textbooks from the table at the extreme end of the manuscript board.
    “who is the captain of this class?”he asked but no one replied then adaeze stood up to speak.
    “no captain has been assigned for this class yet sir “.she retorted.
    “good,as the teacher assign for this class a test will be conducted in this subject tomorrow,and the highest score bearer will be the Captain of this class”he said and all the eyes fall on me.
    “I hope you will do it again tomorrow brain box”.
    He added and he walked out of the class.teachers were storming in and out of the class as usual and in no distance time the bell was jingled,which signify the break period and every one started trouping out again sooner than expected it remains Just i and Isabella in the class. She motioned to a Junior student that was passing by our corridor and she sent him for some snacks with a full one thousand naira note.i stood up and decided to go out Just like the day before cos i can’t just seat down in the class with a girl possessed with the spirit of silence and arrogance.
    I stood outside just like the day before viewing the environment and the people playing around in pairs,the urge to join them was so great on me but I decided against it cos i was bare footed,i don’t want any embarrassment on this hot crunching sun now that my day is going smoothly and I am ten thousand naira richer. I stood abrutedly on the class partway viewing all the activities at the perk,I was so lost in the marvelous and beautiful sight with my mouth open ajar oblivious of what I was doing,and I was brought back to reality by a Voice from my back.
    “hello friend “.i Heard from my back and I turned back to see the person.i was shocked when I glance at the person standing before me, referring to me as friend,it was no other person than…………
    To be continue…
    Guess the person??

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    King D
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    the head boy… move on

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    senator daniel
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    I think is Vincent ur classmate

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    senator daniel
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    everyone want to be ur friend

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    senator daniel
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    next episode pls

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