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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    u don’t know d power of dat mere girl sitting beside u class wisdom

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    ¤Episode 16.
    the noise in the class can be mistaken for sport ground the moment I opened the food which was well arranged in plastic container.the container consist of fried rice and a chicken lap and I slowly started munching on them slowly .students were Mumuring loud and I wonder why the uproar,difinately is not because of the food I am munching on cos am not the only students eating in the class,i can View some pair of students doing likewise. I smile hard while eating the food remembering what the head boy utter out of his mouth Just because I made a move for his food,my generation can never price the food and here I am eating the the food he bluntly elucidated that my generation cannot price . I don’t have a girlfriend does not mean am a novice in the aspect of wooing a girl,i do woo girls for people in the street and they will pay some money in return,am always outspoken in terms of that aspect, am a product of the Street,the street knows me and I knows the street. i Just could not fathom why am shy of Isabella and everything related to her.
    I finished the food and the chicken and I package the container and the nylon together and I deposited them in the class refuse dump outside the class,i sighted uchenna with a Bloody look on his eyes staring at me and I became scared cuz I couldn’t picture what I did again.
    I slowly head toward Vincent seat in a bid to collect and update my note,he is seating at the Middle hedge along with two other girls.
    “I just dont understand anything in this calculus”adeaze bluntly enunciated when I got to her seat,she is seating at the middle role in the same seat with Vincent.
    “lets ask wisdom to explain it for us “Vincent replied.
    “yeah wisdom please help us out”he elucidated.
    They create way for me and I sat down in the Middle of adaeze and the other girl whom I later discover to be Anabel . I started explaining the little I can on the basic of calculus and I noticed they were really catching up cos i can see vividly that they were enjoying my explanation.i tried my best to explain all the aspects involving basics of calculus all thanks to the teacher teaching.
    I started feeling uneasy when I noticed adaeze moving her palm slowly in my lap,i was so scared and hot sweat started steaming on my body which Vincent noticed instantly though he did not have a clue of the cause.
    “is it the subject that is making you sweat Like this even though the A. C is on? ”
    He asked and I stare at him with curiosity and fear all over me.yes he is right,the air condition mounted on the classes are really doing a good job in cooling the classes, but that Did stop the sudden sweat on my body feeling adaeze hand rubbing slowly on my lap. “is not like that dude,am having fever “I lied.
    “oh sorry,have you taken any medication?”anabel said using his palm to rub my neck seductively,i stop my explanation abrutedly with so many thought overing in my mind.
    “what are this girls trying to do? “I asked rhetorically in my mind.i took a quick glance at my seat and I saw Isabella staring at me with an Expression That couldn’t be explained probably because she is always angry,i could not understand if this sudden anger was based on me or it’s her everyday dues.I find my self standing up abrutedly from the mist of the girl’s and they became surprise.
    “I need to go now “I elucidated bluntly.
    “or you want to run away?”I heard Vincent who was listening kingly to my explanation elucidated.
    “no, I just want to update my note before we close for the day”I replied.
    “oh your note,bring them I will help You out “adaeze bluntly suggested.
    “I will too”anabel added and I became surprised while Vincent Was just busy smiling skeptically.
    “oh thanks,but don’t bother,i can do it myself”i replied trying to put an end to the discussion.
    “I just need the note then I will write them myself”i added.
    “we insist on helping you ” Anabel said and I stood transfixed with surprise.
    “if you don’t bring them we will make sure no one offer you any of their Note in this class”.adaeze threatening with a bright smile on her Face with her gaze directed in contact with my eyes in an elevation.
    “ok,i Will bring them”i said and they smile,i quickly left the seat and I heard to mine,i took all my note and I made to walk out of the seat when Isabella drifted my attention with her Voice.
    “why didn’t you ask me? ”
    “huh!! “I exclaimed with my mouth open wide and I stare at her wondering if she was the person that said it.i maintain my glance with her for minutes while she focused on her book this time,trying to maintain a static gaze with it which she was unable to do.i could see she is ashamed of what she said as she was unable to cover it up fully,isabella is a kind of girl that whose reactions can be easily detected,that is what I have been made to understand within the two days I have sat with her, except ofcourse the Angry bird side of her which no one is able to procure and scrutinise the reason’s behind the weird character. I stood transfixed for minutes then I left the seat heading to Vincent role cos i was also short of words and I knew she might not reply if I made an impact to discus with her and I might end up drifting attention to me.
    “is this all the notes? ”
    Adaeze asked,flipping through the pages in my books likewise anabel.
    “Ofcus,yes or where you expecting more?”.i replied.
    “love nwantiti “Vincent exclaimed aloud and the class went in total uproar and I became ashamed of myself.i quickly drop the note and I heard back to my seat without taking a single glance with Isabella as I watched them updating my note for me with a bright smile on my face,surely God really work in mysterious ways.
    The bell for Closing time was jingled and students started trouping out in numbers,isabella bashed out of the class with anger as people were seen moving out from the way, why is this girl so Angry today?, I soliloquies aloud to my hearing staring at her majestic walking posture and steps.
    “wisdom here are your notes”i heard from my back which drifted my attention from Isabella.
    “oh thanks so much,i really appreciate “.i retorted and I collected the books from adaeze who was laughing skeptically advertising her perfect white set of teeth all thanks to close Up.
    “our pleasure,you are one of a kind thank you so much for the explanation today,i Hope we will do it again?”anabel retorted with smile.
    “me do it again with you!, God forbid”i exclaimed in my mind.
    “yeah I will surely come and explain more tomorrow “I lied and they smiled .
    “we will be expecting you tomorrow “adaeze elucidated smiling skeptically and she bounced out followed by her friend.
    Adaeze and anabel are beautifug girls no doubt, they are both fair in completion with static body size that can make a native doctor to be speaking in tongues,but all that has never entice me and it will never do,well am happy they helped me in updating my Note it has Really save me a big stress.
    I saw Vincent smiling at me from the Third role, he has been there all this while and I never noticed probably because the two daughters of Jezebel were confusing my focus with their attention.
    “oh boy you don blow o”he elucidated tapping my shoulder in a friendly gesture while smiling like an hedges Award winner.
    “blow for what,i be transformer? “I replied smiling.
    “let’s go home jaree wetting concern you? “I added slowly and we head out of the class smiling and gisting along on the way.
    Vincent is not born with a silver spoon rather He can be counted among the few with a bronze spoon,we walked skeptically along the way like long time friend though he was not bare footed unlike me,i was really happy and it was visibly seen in my expression. The day is really The Best for happiness was at the blinks as I bounced up and down on the road bare footed. He was walking along with me toward the bus stop off the school in other to take a bus home,his parents are not that rich but atleast he was not going home bare footed unlike me.
    “guy,you are collecting my babe slowly from me right?,is not good o”he retorted in the street Language.
    “see abeg I don’t have anything to do with anabel and adaeze and I don’t intend to have anything to do with them”.i defended”
    “mteew,who is talking about those ones?,see abeg if you no like that girl cos i can see she likes you alot why don’t you help me to talk to her?”he asked and I became surprise.
    “which girl na, and how did you know she likes me? “I elucidated bluntly in a surprise tune .
    “shey na me she buy food give today ba?, he asked. It was then I understand what he was driving at,he actually think Isabella bought those food for me.
    “see, many people in this school are running to make Friend with you because of Isabella,help your guy na if you know you are not interested before other guys do “he enunciated with a serious glance and I became shocked.
    “make friend with me just to get close to Isabella?”.
    “yes ofcourse or you don’t know? “he replied.
    “including you?”I asked pointing a finger at him in demonstration.
    “yes including me but….”
    “Vincent even you too?,you actually made friend with me just to get close to Isabella!”I asked with in a high pitch of voice.
    “look listen to me wisdom,i….”
    “just shut up Vincent,i never knew you are like this,i was Happy that I have find a friend,happy that I will no longer walk lonely in this school,happy that I have finally find someone I could call my friend,so your plan all along is to use me in getting close to Isabella ruggt “.i. shouted at him in rage and Fury.
    “wisdom listen to me, I..”
    “shut up Vincent,dont tell me any trash from that mouth of yours,you planned to use me right? “I interrupted in again in Fury.
    “you know what, from now on just stay away from me,i don’t want to see you anywhere close to me ever again”.i shouted at him with all my strength.i started walking very fast while he tried his best to catch Up with me shouting and pleading for me to hear him out and I put a deaf ear to all his plead.i just can’t accept and believe that the onlyf person whom I have taken with my full Heart,strength and mind seek for my friendship because of my arch enemy “Isabella” Just like every other holigoon in the school. I was so Angry oblivious to everything in the environment even the persistent shout from Vincent when I was brought back by a loud boom follow by a loud scream from my back,i quickly turned back and i saw the most shocking scene in my life,a car is seen running with full and speed toward me while Vincent was screaming on top of his voice in a gutter where he dived into but it was already too late for me as the car came crashing directly on me.i open my eye wide waiting for death when the unbelievable happened,i saw…….
    To be continue…..

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    Abeg when are you going to stop seeing things?

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    Mohamed Aruna Kamara
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    u nor go kill we with suspect oooo

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    u see things again? u be prophet????

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    Again, Aba…

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    then isabella help u

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    when u saw what…

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