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    I think Isabella save u

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    u would have listening to vincent

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    senator daniel
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    next episode pls
    am waitimg

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    Wetin you see

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    ¤Episode 17.
    I mysteriously saw myself under a tree planted at the roadside and I became extremely surprised.i looked around and I picture that I am not the only one that felt that way.
    “what just happened?”
    I heard from the car though I don’t seem to know who the person is but I could picture from the voice that it’s a she and the person was surprised just like me. The car is still at the spot where I stood before.
    “how can a car which was moving in a fast rate suddenly stop and I suddenly find my self under a tree when I was standing close to the car few seconds ago?”I asked aloud in a high pitch of voice while standing with my Books hold famely to my chest.
    “wisdom please wait for me”
    I heard from my side at the direction of the car and I took a quick glance at the side and I saw Vincent trying to come out from the gutter where he dived into. I quickly took to my heel running as fast as my legs could carry me. I don’t even know why I am running or who am running from,i was just moving and running at a fast rate with Just one objective in my mind “to leave that area with immediate effect”.i could hear Vincent calling to me but I did not even turn back or take a glance at him as I ran with my might, legs and mind,running skeptically from the mysterious area .
    I got home that day sweating and breathing hard and I saw my mum in her kiosk as Normal Breaking melon seeds as there was no costumer at the instant.
    “mum am back”.i shouted walking toward where she is seating on a long bench close to the table which her goods were shaded to be patronised.
    “welcome my eyes”she replied with a bright Smile on her face.
    “why are you sweating like this?”she asked staring at me as she sat down breaking the melon seeds in her hands.
    “have you been running?”she added not waiting for the answer to the first.
    “yes mum,something happen today and I decided to run home and give you the great news “I lied to her,how best could I explain to her that her son mysteriously escaped a deadly accident with no clue on how he was saved?,I lied to her forming a smile on my face which makes it really hard for her to detect or procure my reaction.
    “what is that son? “she asked dropping the melon seed in her hand focusing her full gaze on me with curiosity written all over her.
    “ok guess what! “.i said smiling sheepishly.
    “you have fallen in love with a girl in your school “she replied amidst smile.
    i exclaimed surprised expression .
    she retorted.
    “look am not against you fallen in love,afterall so many boys of your age are doing nasty things already but remember to carry your brain along and not just your heart. The Heart is good but it work better when combine with the brain”she adviced while I listen with rapt attention and focus.
    “I met your dad in secondary school jss3 to be precise, he was the school head boy while i was the jss3 head girl and we fell in love with each other but we carried our brain along not allowing it to tramped on our education and it has been the best decision in our lives “.she said happily with a bright smile on her face and I smiled too,i really enjoyed the love stat of my parents it sounds really cool and I started imagining how they play along the Young lovers affair.
    “now tell me the surprise”she said drifting me off my beautiful thought.
    “it’s a show not a tell”.i replied amidst Smile.
    “OK, sorry for that show me the surprise”.she said and
    I dip my hand into my left Side pocket and I brought out the money smiling skeptically and she become shocked.
    “my son,i know you have never steal from any one,and I know you can never steal just because we are poor.i also hate the fact that you are Walking bare footed to school which is Embarrassing and I know I am not the kind of mom you deserve”.she said and become sober.
    “stop mum!,Just stop it please stop it “.i shouted with rage and I quickly realise my self.
    “am sorry for shouting please forgive me ”
    I quickly apologized and she nodded in affirmative wiping the gathering tears in her eyes with the back of her hand.
    “you are the sweetest mom in the world,you are all I ever wish for,i need you in life more than I need water, even if you are a Twin I will still choose you as my mom,if I reincarnate a million time I will still choose you as my mom,i love you mom”.
    i said crying at the spot I was standing and she quickly rushed and put me in a tight hug crying also .
    “I love you too my son “she retorted and she clean the tears in my eyes with her top.
    “now let’s talk about the money” she said and I sat down on the bench along side with her.
    “mum,even though we are poor that does not mean Good things cannot come to principal and my teacher gave me the money when I explained a new subject in the class and I am giving it to you mum”i explained and she smiled once again revealing her extraordinary Beauty.she collected the money and she counted it then she hand it back to me.
    “no son,my prayer everyday and night is how to raise money for your school shoes and bag,i ThankGod for He as answered my prayer,keep the money I will look for a way to raise five thousand naira more so you can buy the school shoe and stop walking bare footed to school”she retorted with a bright smile.
    “but mom you need the money I can manage,i dont mind treking to school bare footed everyday”i replied.
    “no but in this son”she commanded bluntly.
    “now go in and eat your food” she added and I smiled then I stood up heading to the house.
    “mum!”I called standing at the entrance to the fence.
    “I don’t want to Hawk in the Street today,i have a challenge tomorrow and I need to read my book”i quickly elucidated holding my books famely to my chest.
    “it is ok son,you are not hawking again,we dont need it anymore afterall am no more paying your school fees unlike before”she enunciated staring at me in a serious expression.
    “but mum I can’t be idle everyday,i need to do something to keep my self busy”i enunciated.
    “keep yourself busy with your Books which is your paramount duty as a student”she bluntly replied on a Final note.
    I took my calculus textbook and notebook out that evening in preparation for the test which the calculus teacher promised to conduct the next day,though I was not really enticed with being a captain of the class,i just want to study a little bit in other to defend my intelligence. The teacher made it clear that another super intelligent unknown student is in the class and I am sure he or she will be verbally rich and only the rich can captain the rich,a bare footed student cannot come out of know where and started giving those born with silver,golden and diamond spoon instructions to follow.
    I flip through the pages in my notebook and I saw an envelope well arranged at the Middle of the book and I became surprised,i can’t remember putting an envelope in my book a been sent on an errand with an envelope.
    I quickly thorn it open and I was extremely shocked at the content write-up encrypt in a piece of paper inside the envelope and the person whom it is from,it was no other thing than…….
    To be continue……..

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    Isabella has begun her mission in the realm of humanity

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    Ishola Kareem
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    wetin you see this time

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