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    nxt plzz

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    ¤Episode 18.
    It was no other thing than a love letter from adaeze.
    “oh God! “I exclaimed smiling sheepishly,i really love today,this is one of the best day in my life even though countless things also go wrong is still the best day ever .first Isabella talk to me,i made a friend whom I later discover is just getting acquainted with me cos of the same reason the headboy is threatening my life.i hate Vincent,i will never talk to him ever again,i thought I made a friend, a friend who will smile and frown with me, talk with me,laugh with me and be happy with me,i never knew he was just following me for his own selfish interest,i hate that boy with passion and it is better he just stay away from me or I will be forced to break the no fighting promise I made to my mom.i sat down smiling sheepishly remembering the part adaeze contributed the day before trying to embarrass she want me as a lover, Lolz well she will remain on the long queue just like Every other girl especially from my alma mater. Come to think of this, am I really hilucinating or what?, what really happened at that accident scene?, even though I tried shifting it to the back of my mind I really need to know what happen cos this is not just funny.or maybe I was not even close to the car and the car was not running. But it actually stop where I stood before and Vincent was still in the same gutter where he dived into,i remember exchanging Angry words with Vincent,i remember not answering his calling and his pleading,i remember seeing the car running in high speed toward me and the voice in the car which seems surprised just like me,i even remember vividly the surprise look on Vincent Face when he made his way out of the gutter,what then could have happened?.i really need someone to explain to me but who will I ask?, well maybe am really hilucinating,non of that really happened it’s just my membrane that was sending wrong signal into my head. I thought of the free food and chicken I ate in school that day and I smiled.well I don’t know what Isabella meant by dealing with him and I don’t seems to care a bit.she can do whatever she like to that idiot.
    I glance through the letter smiling at her vocal use of English in making sentences Just to entice me and I smiled then I quickly thorn the letter along with the envelope and I throw them out of the window,love ko,love ni Who love help?.
    I solve some few calculation and some theory and basic aspect of calculus for that day all thanks to the teacher Who made it possible with his teaching.
    I got to school early the next day unlike the day before where I was very late which probited the head boy to be threatening Fire and brim stones. I got to the gate that day and I saw Vincent resting his back on the wall and I knew he was waiting for me.he quickly knelt down on the floor the moment he saw me approaching the gate surprising the hell out of me and drawing attention on us and he didn’t seems to care. ThankGod the people present at that moment were not much.seeing him at that position all my anger for him cool down,even though he is after me for his own selfish interest which he will never achieve,i think i still need a friend.
    “wisdom I am sorry,am very sorry please find a place in Your heart to forgive me,yeah I approached you for Friendship because of her but I Change that intone when I saw the good person you are I am very sorry”he said in sober mood and i became remorseful.
    “o boy forgive this guy abeg you no be girl wey he go kneel down dey beg,though I don’t know what he did but I think he deserve to be forgiven cos it is not easy for a guy to kneel down and beg his follow boy”.the gateman enunciated with mixed Street language and English and I smiled.
    “stand up,i have forgiven you friend”i said and he quickly stood up and he put me in a tight hug.who will believe that a bronze born boy is kneeling down for a child Born with a silver spoon and later loose it due to nature death call?.
    We greeted the gateman and we enter the school compound together.
    _______________________________,students were trouping around in numbers though it was not yet time for the assembly,we went toward the sport field and we sat down at the spectators seats staring at the beautiful field.
    “do you like football?”.i asked starting a conversation between us.
    “yeah,i do Play always but the ss 3 team are really good,they do win us always”he retorted.
    “what about you?”he asked.
    “I love football,though it has been long I played “I replied and he exhaled then Silent took over the atmosphere again.
    “Vincent! “.i called swiftly and he focused is full gaze on me with out replying and I knew at that instant that he was curious and scared on why I called his name.
    “what happen yesterday at the accident scene? “I asked.
    “I have been looking for a way to ask you too, one seconds you were close to a rapid speed car and the next you are under a tree,i just don’t understand”.he replied and I stare at him with confusion written all over me.
    “I thought I was hilucinating,but how could I when I was still inside the gutter where I dived into? “he asked bluntly.
    Just then we sighted adaeze and anabel coming toward us,they have been in the school already even before us.
    “you wives are coming “Vincent enunciated jokingly and I gave him a friendly punch.
    “na you marry them for me ba? I asked.
    “hi guys”adeaze greeted when they were climping the stair case which were close to where we were seating.
    “Good morning adaeze”i greeted.
    “morning wisdom”she answer shaking hands with Vincent while Anabel also did same smiling sheepishly and they came toward me and they hug me one after the other.
    Vincent was just smiling at the little drama the two girls were enunciating giving me some few glances with his eyes.
    “wisdom did you see my Message that I kept in your calculus notebook yesterday? “she asked and i could swear anabel was not happy with that statement cos it could be visibly seen in her fair skin that she is boiling with anger while Vincent is just smiling sheepishly and I felt like punching his nose with that his irritating smile.
    “a message!, I did not see any message”i lied.
    “did you check the note?”
    “yeah I did,i study calculus yesterday but I did not see any message in it”i elucidated trying to be convici’ve and it work cos she actually believed it and anabel expression brighten up.
    “what is the content of the message? “I asked staring at her like a naive child.
    “don’t worry I will tell you later with words “she replied smiling and she perk me then they left heading back to the class.
    “Celebrity!! “Vincent exclaimed when anabel and adaeze were beyond hearing.i smiled so loud for the first time,am really loving this school Like mad.
    “I knew you are lieing wisdom tell me the content of the message “He asked scanning through my face.
    “you are the suger in my tea,the only one I need even though everyone want me,i fell in love with you from the first time I set my eyes on you and I want you to be mine alone “I said repeating the line in the letter that entice me most mimicking it in adaeze Voice.
    “mogbe!!,a love letter!”he exclaimed.
    “yes na,come Who teach you Yoruba?”I asked bluntly cos i was kinda surprise.
    “my mum is from the western part so I understand a little “he explained.
    “why you no come agree na adaeze is a beautiful rich girl o”he said and I frowned.
    “oh I get it, why will you agree for adaeze when the queen of beauty and wealth is crushing on you “he added.
    “who is that?”I enunciated with a surprise grin.
    “Isabella na, you think say I no no?,I am your eyes in this school while you are the brain. “he said and I give him a friendly punch again.
    “see,talk wetting you know o”i exclaimed smiling though I could not just fathom why I started smiling happily Just at the mention of Isabella.
    “let’s forget this topic joor,who love help!”I exclaimed trying to cover up my happiness so he will not notice it.
    “abi o,love no help anyone joor “.he enunciated with a grin.
    “but be careful not to cause fight between Anabel and adaeze o, I can see Anabel really want you for herself too and if care is not taking they will exchange blows soon”.he added and i became mute with so many thoughts ravaging in my mind.
    To be continue……

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    love on the air

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    wisdom u need to use your head

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    next episode

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    Next episode plzzz…

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    Next please

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    Beware of this two friends Adaeze and co.

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