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    Shey na only you dey school that girl dey disturb you like this

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    Fire on

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    Hmmmm who love hep,,,

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    Episode 19
    The jingled bell drifted me out of my thought and I quickly tap Vincent shoulder playfully and we started heading to the gathering Assembly. I saw Isabella coming out from the class,it is obvious she had been in the class already even before I got to the school. I was so lost with different thought in my mind while staring at her with my full gaze and mind as she walked majestically into female line.
    Vincent shouted and I became shocked drifting me off my thought and stare.
    “why are you shouting like that even when am closed to you?”
    I asked.instead of him to answer me he took his gaze straight to what I was staring at.
    “oh!,Isabella right? “.he exclaimed and busted into severe laughter.
    “so na because of Isabella you dey do like someone that is looking for something in the dark?”.he added still laughing continuesly.
    “you see why I hate Nigerian?, the person that makes it a tradition that we must answer questions with question is the major problem of this country “I said amidst anger cos I couldn’t diceffect his reasons for shouting at me.
    “why did you shout at me? “I elucidated repeating the question.
    “why won’t I shout at you? “.he asked me bluntly.
    “you see what I am talking about?, even after correcting you,you are still answering my question with question “I enunciated with boiling anger.
    “I called you up to five times and you did not hear me just because of Isabella “.he replied with a serious expression.
    “mteew”i exhaled.
    “sorry about that joor I was just thinking about something”.
    “when you said something you mean Isabella right? “he said smiling sheepishly while we walk slowly toward the assembly ground.
    “see guy find a way and tell her about your feelings”he adviced slowly.
    “I should go and tell a angry bird about my feelings? “I asked back and he started smiling once again.
    “I noticed this Girl likes you,you are super handsome and super intelligent just try and talk to her”.he elucidated bluntly still smiling continuesly provoking me more.
    “a boy matching bare footed in school and you call that handsomeness ?”I replied bluntly with a serious expression.
    “na money be fine bobo”i added and he started laughing so hard drawing attention to us as they stare at him wondering why he was laughing.
    We enter the line and stood close to each other,the assembly was been conducted slowly and I participate the little I can cos my mind was actually not in the assembly ground.
    “what is wrong with me?, am I really falling for Isabella?”.i asked my self in my mind.if what I am thinking is True then I better find a way to eliminate the thought from my mind.i cannot be thinking of buying a car when I don’t even have a bicycle.
    The assembly Was conducted skeptically and the principal climbed the structured ground made for announcement and we all listen with rapt attention for his announcement.
    “good morning students”he said amidst smile.
    “good morning sir “.we echoed reciprocating his greetings.
    “which term is this? “he asked and we became surprised with his question.
    “first term sir “a Junior boy answered from the Junior line.
    “what do we usually do after sport weeks during the first term?”He asked again and we all listen attentively wondering were his questions is heading to.
    “the annual kings academy quiz “a girl replied and I stare at the direction of the Voice only to discover it was from Mariam the head girl.
    “good,this term is gonna be really hot for us because of the upcoming governor’s cup which we are to participate in and it is gonna start by next two weeks.the board of the school has decided that the kings academy annual quiz should be done first before the Sports because students will be busy and tired after the sport.i hereby announce to you now that the school quiz will be started tomorrow”.he said and echoes of joy started rumbling in all the lines as students were jubilating happily.
    “the class prefects should come to my office today for the timetable and schedule of the quiz after break so they can write it down on the board for students to write down and take notice of well and dont allow the ss3 Student that are planning to leave the school already to win this year quiz again just like they did last year “he added smiling skeptically.
    “sir they can’t win this year “a Girl shouted from our class female line.
    “hmm,ss1 challenging the ss3 to a duel,we shall see about that “he said and he came down from the hall smiling skeptically.
    The assembly was rounded up by the prefect and we matched into our various classes singing a lullaby song.the discussion partaning to the quiz took over the whole class as students were seen in pairs discussing about it while I and Isabella sat down in silence and nervousness.fear gripped the better part of me as I took a quick glance at her occasionally wondering if she was still angry the way she left the school the day before.soon enough a biology teacher entered the class and teaching for the day commence. Teachers were storming out of the class in numbers using the assign time giving to them in the school timetable and finally the calculus teacher entered the Class.
    “good morning student”he greeted.
    “good morning sir”we all stood up reciprocating in respect and we sat down after the greetings.
    “I said it here yesterday that we are to write a test in this class in other to choose who The Captain will be didn’t I? “he asked aloud staring at the whole class from eye to eye.
    “yes you did sir “Vincent elucidated sharply.
    “good,are you all ready? “.
    “yes sir “we echoed aloud and the teacher quickly distributed the printed question paper all around us with the instructions bodly embalmed on them and we all set down solving the best we could while he stood erect supervising us. Few minutes later when the schedule Given time has elapsed he ordered the whole class to stop writing and we did,by then i have already finished mine. He collected them and he went out in other to mark them and has fate will have it the next period we had is free.i sat down with Isabella doing nothing as the fear of starting a conversation with her was still fully inside me. Vincent called me from his seat and I find that as a relieved to be free from Isabella cos adaeze and anabel were also not in their seat as they were busy discussing in group with some other girl’s in another role. I sat down with Vincent and I stare at Isabella who was reading a novel and I shake my head in pitifully. Why cant she just get aquinted with friends rather than being lonely and angry all the times?,I asked my self in my mind.
    “guy won’t you prepare for the quiz?”.Vincent ask drifting me from my thought.
    “I don’t know how it is done”.i replied slowly.
    “representatives of various classes in pairs will be set in a duel by the school authority and losers will be kicked out until it will remain two groups who will make it to the Final”he explained and I listen with rapt attention.
    “which class won it last year ?”I bluntly asked.
    “the ss3 won it,they kicked us out as Third position and they met the ss2 in final which they also kicked out”he explained further.
    Just then a prefect enter the class and demand for silence which we did and we listen attentively for his message.
    “who are Isabella obinwa and wisdom wealth? “he asked and I stare at Isabella whos hand was already raised up and I did too.
    “mr. Victor summon for your presence now in his office “.he said and we stood up following him kingly. Mumurs could be heard coherently in the class wondering why we were summon as we left the class. I started wondering and thinking hard on why I will be summoned to the teacher office along with not stubborn neither am I silence or rude like her so what could I have done that will warrant me been summon in the teacher office.
    “sir!,this are the student’s”the prefect motioned to Mr. Victor who sat down with the markings script bundle together while two were arranged separately on his table.
    “wisdom wealth and Isabella okenwa right?”he asked raising up his head to stare at us.
    “yes sir “the prefect replied in affirmative.
    “so you are the two students that copied each other work in my test just because you are seating together?”he shouted amidst anger.
    “do you think I wont find out? “he added and I became extremely shocked.
    To be continue…….

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    copied ke?

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    I guess they wrote d same thing

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    The two of you scored the same mark in the test, guessed you guys are going to retake the test. Nice going Wisdom.

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