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    Wisdom u are still small for relation oh. U just 16. Girls are distraction, opposition,hindrance and opstruction.

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    episode 20
    “do you think I wont won’t find out? “he added and I became extremely shocked and confused at the whole scenario.what is this man talking about, I never turned my head a bit to discus with Isabella while the test was going on and I can vouch she never did likewise,what then is going on?,I asked rhetorically in my mind while Isabella was just staring at the teacher with her ever angry bird expression.
    “I ask again,do you think I wont find out?”he asked the same question once again.
    “what is going on here?”we heard from outside and all our gaze Focus on the intruder and we discover it was the principal.
    “Good morning sir ” Mr. Victor greeted cheerfully amidst Smile.
    “morning Victor,what is going on here? “He greeted and asked a question at the same time.
    “sir you won’t believe this two students copied from themselves in a test I conducted in their class “he explained and the principal became surprised.
    “wait!, Who did you say copied from the other?. The principal asked still at his surprised state.
    “I don’t know sir,they all got the same score coupled with the fact that they are seating together in a pair. So it is either wisdom wealth copied from Isabella okenwa or Isabella okenwa copied from wisdom wealth”he explained serially and the principal burst into a hell of laughter right there in the teacher office and we became surprised.
    “did you just say Isabella okenwa copied from wisdom wealth?”the principal asked bluntly staring from Isabella to the teacher.
    “that is the only reasonable explanation to this sir “the teacher elucidated.
    “are the calculations exactly the same? “the principal ask again.
    “no sir,but you know they might have decide to do it that way so they could confuse me to believing that they did not copy from themselves”the teacher explained trying to be convincive.
    “set a new questions for the both of them and let’s supervise them thoroughly together “the teacher stated with a serious note of finality.
    “OK sir “.
    “go to your class and get ready to rewrite this test again in the next 30 minutes from now”he added and we marched out of the office without uttering any word.
    So many thought ravaged my mind as i matched bare footed with Isabella to our class,it seems people have gotten use to the fact that am bare footed and I like it that can I get the same exact score with Isabella?,what really happened?,I asked in my mind taking a few glances at Isabella with the side of my eyes .we enter the noisy class and the noise died down immediately we stepped in and we went straight to our seat as all eyes fall on us but no one dare to come close to us cos of the look on our faces especially Isabella’s.i can vouch that this girl has Never had a smiled on her face or she is just framing it up?,well that I don’t know but whichever way it is I hate it when a girl squiz her face always like dread and am gonna make sure she stop that nonsense. I took my calculus notebook out and I started solving the less i could while Isabella stare outside the window kingly with rapt attention like she was expecting a visitor.
    Few minutes later,the principal and the teacher came into the classroom and they separated us just like they said,another seat role was cleared for me and the students were told to exit the seat for the time been which they did and new question paper were distributed to I and Isabella and we started writing again.the thought of being the class prefect never cross my mind,all I thought of was how to prove my intelligent,i hate it when am accused of copying what I used my head and strength to calculate. Though the new question’s were more difficult than the latter,i tried my best to scale through.i finished my work and i raised my head only to see isabella paper on the desk this girl through already or she just left it there empty without writing anything?, I asked in my mind. The teacher collected the questions paper marged with the answer booklet and was set to mark them right there in the class while the principal stood abrutedly smiling sheepishly as he took a glance around the glass monitoring the whole students.
    “sir please take a look at this “.the teacher pronounced calling for the attention of the principal with shock on his face and the principal went close to him glancing through our papers as we all sat down wondering what it could be.
    “I told you “.the principal enunciated with a grin tapping the teacher playfully on his shoulder who stood transfixed at the spot with confusion and surprise written boldly on his face and espression.
    “they are the two super brain box I was talking about yesterday,isabella cannot copy likewise wisdom.”he added with a smile and he left the Class slowly while the teacher came out standing at the front of the class with our papers in his hands.
    “Isabella okenwa and wisdom wealth score excellently in the test”he pronounced and all eyes were directed on us and Mumuring words could be heard coherently from the students and I quickly bend my head down to the floor in total shyness.
    “all classes are having just a captain,i guess this class will be of you will be the Captain and the other will assist “he retorted and I became shocked beyond words.did I just hear this teacher well?,first it was the history teacher that made me to seat down with Isabella,offering me the best punishment in the world which is seating together with an angry bird,now this teacher want to do his own again.
    “let him captain,i will assist”i heard bluntly from my seat role and I quickly raised my head up to view the was no other person than Isabella.
    “Jesus?”I exclaimed in my mind but I never knew it was coherent to everyone hearing as they all stare at me and I became extremely shy and embarrassed.isabella just pronounced her first word since the day school started and it was no other thing than a bad word,why can’t this girl just shut up?,I motioned in my can I be a captain with an assistant that hate me with passion who does that?.
    “well so it will be then”the teacher retorted.
    “one of you should meet with the principal for the quiz timetable and schedule and also,report any misbehaviour and unconsent attitude to your captians “he added and bade us goodbye exiting the class and I gently left the seat too for mine before students will be trouping to disturb my head. Seating with Isabella is not that bad afterall it protects me from bullies and disturbers cos almost all the class are scared of her.
    The jingled bell for break rang the moment I got to my seat,i took a quick glance outside and I saw the headboy standing at the pathway to my class and I knew he is waiting for me.i look at Isabella facial expression as she focused her gaze in a book she was reading without blinking an eye or taking her gaze off the book.
    “go and meet him”she retorted and I became did she know that he is standing outside when she has not raised her head up a bit?.i ask rhetorically in my mind but there is no time or need to ask her,not when I am seventy-five percent sure that she will not reply me.i stood up and I went to meet the headboy outside who was standing close to a pillar with his hand stuff in his pocket.
    “good morning Sir”i greeted when I got to where he was standing.
    “save the greetings for your miserable self”he sparked with his ever over zealous behavior.
    “how was it yesterday,did she collect them? “he asked in a less coherent voice that could not be heard by any passerby.
    “yes she did “.i replied.
    “she said she is gonna meet you today at the cafeteria so she can thank you personally”i lied and a bright smile appeared on his face.
    “I knew she cannot resist me no one can resist me”he retorted with confidence.
    “I have said it countless time that this boy is an idiot well let’s wait and see what Isabella will do to you”.i retorted disdainfully in my mind staring at his stupid confidence and my hatred for him multiply a thousand fold.i will prove to him that I might be poor walking bare footed to school but am not stupid,all I have to do is look for a way to convince Isabella I know she won’t tolerate this his stupidity for anything in the world.
    To be continue…..

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    next pls and thank for mention

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    Whaley Crown
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    Nice 1 there

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    Hahaha wisdom and Issabella the brain boxes

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