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    episode 21
    I slowly went back into the classroom while the headboy left for the cafeteria in a bid of waiting for Isabella there.i went into the class and I sat down gently reminencing on how to convince Isabella to meet him at the cafeteria.i was thinking so hard while when she finally dropped the book she was reading on the table and she face me.
    “”what did he said? “.see said staring bluntly at me and I became scared and mesmerised by her beauty.isabella beauty cannot be compare with anything in the word, she is super adoring with super Crystal eyes that are shining bright with no black spot.her skin is so bright just like silver and a mere looking at her,one will have a billion reasons to kill the writer of “the beautiful ones are not yet born”.
    “idiot I ask a question “she elucidated drifting me off my thought.
    “hug!, what is the question? “I replied scratching my head a little with my finger cos I was very lost.
    “what was your discussion with Richard? “he retorted.
    “I told him you collected them from him and he said he will like to meet you today at the cafeteria”i explained twisting the scene a little with a bright smile on my face.
    “and? ”
    “and nothing that is all”i lied.
    “no one can resist him “she said and I became shocked,was this girl hearing our conversation? “.i ask myself rhetorically with my mouth Open ajar.
    “you are not a good liar,I will go and meet him “she said and i became extremely happy. My joy knows no bound when she pronounced her last statement,it is time to teach The headboy a lesson he will never forget. I watched her slowly as she walked majestically outside the class wondering if she was really created like other humans when I was interrupted by a Voice.
    “I see you are finally getting aquinted with my girlfriend “he pronounced and I turned back to see uchenna with an evil grin.
    “watch your back in this school”he added and he walked out of the class.
    Vincent rushed into the classroom straight to me the moment uchenna went out leaving me with no space to ponder on uchenna words.
    “guy,what were you doing with that idiot?”he asked seating close to me.
    “which of the idiot’s? “I replied staring at him.
    “Richard Ofcourse,the head boy what was he asking from you? “.
    “the same reason Why you make friend with me “I replied harshly and he became Silent immediately.
    “I am sorry for that”.i apologized immediate.
    “lets go to a place where we can view the cafeteria without been noticed”i said and he smiled.
    “I know the perfect place for that,lets go “he commanded holding my hand as he raised me up to my feet and we walked out of the class.
    Vincent and I hide on a pillar at the principal office viewing the whole cafeteria. Isabella and Richard sat on a table at the extreme of the cafeteria and Richard could be seen munching on something while talking continuesly and Isabella was silent throughout with a plate of food on the table which she was not eating.
    “what!!, wisdom!. Vincent exclaimed in shocked.
    “you wan start again o, why were you shouting? “I enunciated.
    “you set Richard and Isabella on a date? “he asked.
    “does this seem like a date to you? “I replied amidst the anger.
    “well you are right sha,this is the most boring date I have ever seen”he elucidated using his hands in demonstrations.just then,Isabella and Vincent were seen coming out of the cafeteria together still with the same facial expressions.they walked toward where we were hiding and they stop at a few meter away from us and we hide at the back of the pillar eaves dropping on their conversation.
    “so what about what I ask from you? “richard asked smiling sheepishly and Isabella walked close to him,standing a few inch away from him and she used her finger to touched his chest seductively.i was extremely angry with the sight I was seeing and it could be written all over me and Vincent noticed that laughing his head out.
    “should I tell you the truth “Isabella exclaimed and a bright smile emanated from Richard lips and he nodded in affirmative.
    “I hate you and I can never date you in my dream not to talk of dating u in reality”.Isabella uttered shocking the living daylight out of Richard and a bright smile appear suddenly on my face.
    “oh, I see. So wisdom set me up feeding me with different lies.i will make his life a living hell in this school “.richard elucidated with anger.
    “Wisdom did not do anything,he deliver all your messages this is between me and you not him “Isabella replied and I could see she was unhappy oh sorry for that well she has never been happy before so that is an understatement.
    “if you want to save him from my wrath then you better accept me now “Richard said with an evil grin.
    “you are just a miserable imbecile thinking you are famous,the day you will touch an hair in wisdom head is the day You Will sign a contract with the dead”isabella retorted with boiling anger. The next thing that follows shocked the hell out of me,richard lifted his hand and a hot slap landed in Isabella cheek which she hold famely with her left hand. At that point my anger multiply a thousand fund and I made to dash out from my hide out but was stopped by Vincent.
    “are you mad? “he asked me rhetorically.
    “leave me, someone need to teach this idiot a lesson” I sounded harshly.
    “you just heard what he said,you are in deep soup already,i warned you to becareful with him but you never listen “.i saw a little sense in what Vincent said and I stopped pushing on with him though I was still in Fury.i looked at the spot were they were standing and i saw Isabella palm still placed on the side where she was slapped.
    “the next time you will insult me again,i will make sure I break your head “Richard threatened with Fury and a bright smile escape from Isabella lips for the first time since I knew her which make her more beautiful and she walked out of Richard heading straight to the class.while Richard stood at the spot threatening fire and brimstone and I stood transfixed wondering why Isabella will be smiling for the First time when she was suppose to be angry .
    To be continue…….

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    Mark me…she’s got a plan of her own

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Hmmmm,, Isabella Je bure oooo,,,,, maa binu,,,, Richard is already in hot fire not hot soup

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    Oseni precious
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    u knw when person smile instead of anger it means u are in a big pot of very very hot soup

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    senator daniel
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    this is serious

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    Am sure Richard will be the next person to cry, real hard.

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    senator daniel
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    Richard u are in a big mess

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    Chai,Richard. You are in a serious mess

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