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    Oh Richard, u don bite more than u can chew

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    This is very bad like really really bad
    I feel sorry for the headboy in advance

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    this is too bad

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    hmmm,next episode please!

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    Richard you are dead

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    cant wait to see richard i a serious mess……………..nxt plzzzz

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    Episode 22.
    We waited patiently for Richard to exit scene which he finally did,walking and soliloquies in fury and we came out of our hideout heading straight to the class.i saw Isabella Seating down in the scanty class with a book in her hand and I sat down too while Vincent went to his seat staring steadily at me.i became confused when I noticed that she was not really angry,she seem happy a little,why will she be happy when she supposed to be angry?,I keep repeating the question in my mind trying to draft a reasonable explanation to it which was to no avail.
    “bella”.i called slowly with a cracked less coherent voice and she raised her head up from the book staring at me and I became confused wallowing in her extremely Beauty.
    “can’t you talk?, am listening”she pronounced when it seems I won’t be able to pronounce anyword.I realise my stupidity and I became shy.
    “sorry about the, about the…..”
    “the slap? “she retorted interrupting me and I nodded in affirmative.
    “that is nothing, after all it was not your fault”she replied returning her attention back to her book.look at the way she is replying as if she knows I was there well that is not my business for now.
    “you actually smiled today,it was so amazing “I said amidst smile which she never reciprocated and I became confuse and shy as she ended the conversation that was giving me joy and happiness abrutedly.
    The jingled of the bell which signify the end of the break was heard and students started trouping in numbers into the classroom and I remember that we were asked to meet the principal for the Quiz timetable and schedule. I felt like discussing it with Isabella,my assistance but I decided against it.what if she refused to answer me again disgracing the hell out of me in this whole class.i quietly left the class heading for the principal office alone .
    “good afternoon sir “I greeted the principal who was seating down in his office working on something with a compass,a divider and a ruler in his hand and he became drifted by my greetings.
    “oh wisdom,the bare footed brain box “he exclaimed amidst Smile and I became uneasy.
    “you came for the Quiz timetable and schedule right “he asked staring vitally at me.
    “yes sir “I retorted and he brought it out from the mist of others arranged,handing it to me and I collected it from him.
    “the ss3 won the quiz last year,i Hope there will be a change this year”he said amidst Smile.
    “we will try sir”i replied with mixed confidence.
    “the shoes in this school are not for the government neither the school but for the parent teacher Association so they cannot be giving out for award.i will personally give you the money for the school shoe if the ss1 win this year quiz”he explained and I became extremely Happy.
    “don’t be too happy boy,remember I said if they win,now go and write down the schedule for your class so they can get prepaid”he commanded.
    “thank you sir “I elucidated with joy and I zoomed out of the office smiling sheepishly like a child that score first position in school for the first time.
    Prestigious kings quiz is a two days interval quiz which the first day is been reffer to as the knockout stage where all the class compete in pairs,tagging two class together for Challenge and the Final two Class that are able to kick two classes out made it to the final stage which usually hold the second day and the question will be be split according to the two classes scheme.
    I enter the class with the time table schedule and I picked a marker from the hangee which was placed close to the board as they all stare at me and I started writing the list of people who were chosen to represent the class. The names written on the schedule are Isabella okenwa,wisdom wealth,jerry loveth, Samuel chukwuma and adamma Adams. Five of us were selected which I wrote on the board as they all echoed at the mention of each name.different time were schedule for each class and the jss1 and 3 were schedule for early in the morning while we were paired with the ss2 and the ss3 were paired with the jss3.the questions are to be asked via the two classes scheme which automatically means that the Junior’s selected will have to read their scheme of work and also some scheme they are yet to be taught by reading futher ahead of their class while the seniors especially those who have forgotten what they were taught during their Junior section will have to read their Note’s all over is going to be a survival quiz which I have never participated before but I believe we can make it especially when Isabella is also selected.i completed the schedule and I went back to my seat while those Who are interested in writing it down started doing their thing and the rest were making a hell of noise in pairs. I sighted adaeze throwing some few glances at me which Vincent noticed and he started smiling saying some incoherent words that I was unable to procure a meaning to and I started reading my note just to avoid adeaze’s gaze
    The bell for closing was later jingled and we all started trouping out in numbers,i yearned to speak with Isabella which was just a mere wish that never came to pass as she marched out of the class majestically drawing attention to her as eyes could be seen in pairs on her.
    “hi handsome “.i heard from my back then I turned back to see the head girl standing close to me with a cheerful smile and I became surprised wondering why the almighty head girl who seems mischievous the day before will be smiling at me.
    “good,good afternoon senior”i greeted stammering a little.
    “afternoon boy,i will love to have a few word with you, I hope you don’t mind? “she retorted.
    “wisdom the principal is calling for you “I heard from my back then I turned back to see Vincent, anabel and adaeze coming from the direction of the principal office.i knew Vincent was lieing cos it is written bodly in his smile but I play along with it cos am not ready to have a little chit chat with the head girl either.
    “am sorry senior,i think we have to converse later”i said amidst smile and which she reciprocated.
    “I understand see you another time handsome “she said perking me seductively.
    “the name is Mariam not senior “she added and she walked out swaying her medium size ass with the direction of her walking posture.
    “what are you doing,smiling cheerfully with that promiscuous b---h “adaeze retorted in fury when Mariam was out of sight,drifting me off my thought and I stare at her eyes which procure full rage and I became scared not knowing the exact word to say to calm her down coz I could visibly see jealousy combined with anger in her eyes.
    “answer me wisdom”she shouted.
    “what are you doing with her?,am I not good enough for you?,am I not beautiful enough to entice you?,is it a crime to fall deeply in love with you,tell me Wisdom,is it because of her you shunned me in the class?,why do you hate and dislike me so much wisdom,tell me Wisdom?. “she added pouring her full anger on me with tears forming in her beautiful eyes and I became stunned to the core likewise Vincent and anabel who were standing some meters away from mind and brain became blank as hot sweat started steaming on my body watching tears flowing down from adaeze’s eyes and the only thing that came into my head was to explain and apologize to her.come to think of it,do I really owe her any explanation on whom I stand with or what I discus and do with anyone?.
    To be continue…….

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    i wonder what your problem is, not that wisdom asked u out and u are jealous of whom he goes with

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