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    next pls

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    Episode 23.
    I stood transfixed at the spot for minute’s with my mouth open ajar but no word proceed out of it. Saying that I am confused will be a complete understatement as I watched adeaze pouring down her tears continuously and I became remorseful .i don’t just seem to understand,i thought feelings always take some times to generate fully ,what could I possibly say about this one’s which adaeze claimed to have for me?. As far as I hate to admit it,i think it is too early for her feelings to graduate into the kind of stuff she is doing here.i took a quick glance at Vincent and anabel who’s eyes has turned Brown due to the ravaging anger in her mind and I saw Vincent with a more confused look on his face.
    “adeaze!”.i called slowly and she raised her head slowly using the handkerchief in her hand to wipe the tears off her face.
    “do you really love me? “I asked slowly.
    “yes wisdom,i love you with the whole of my body,life and soul.i yearned for you day and night all my thoughts are always of you,my life is taken another turn ever since you came to this school “she confessed shocking me more.i took a quick glance at the environment and i saw that only a few students are left in the compound doing one thing or the other and I exhaled in relieve.
    “please let’s just be friends for now,am not ready for any relationship now please try to understand “.i explained in a convincing tune.
    “understand? “she asked blinking her eye brows.
    “did you just say understand?,I should wait and let That b---h take you away from me?, is that what you want me to understand?.she poured out in outburst and I became stunned not knowing the exact word to say.i was opening and closing my mouth at interval with no word proceeding out of it when Vincent finally came to my rescue.
    “adaeze,is not what you are thinking.we all know who Mariam is in this school,how bitchy and promiscuoutied she is.please give him time to get aquinted with the school first before he will jumped into a know he is a new student among us and he have so many things to learn,he Just need some times to sort the mystery of the school out which you and I are already aquinted with fully”.Vincent explained and I could fathom positive result of the explanation as her face brighten up a little.
    “I love you wisdom”she retorted.
    “I will wait for you till when you will be ready”she added with a bright smile which I returned and I stare at Vincent who was also smiling sheepishly.vincent really deserve an accolades for what he did, he saved me from beyond the grave which my mind was already drifting into.
    Adeaze motioned to anabel and they started going home after perking and promising to wait for me as if I care and they started heading to a black Camry car at the extreme of the packing garage while I and Vincent stood close to the gate watching as the car moved slowly out of the premises.
    “celebrity!! “.Vincent shouted demonstrating with some moves and I became angry.
    “you help me out there does not mean I still can’t break your head”i threatened as we started Walking out of the premises.
    “break my head na and you will see who will save you next time “he elucidated with a wicked grin.
    “give adeaze a chance small na,that girl love you o,and she fine too “he added.
    “how do you want your thunder,fried or boiled? “I asked rhetorically.
    “congratulations,you just won the award of the most stupid person of the year”he exclaimed and I felt the urge to kill him at the spot.
    “did you see the look on anabel Face when Ada was pouring her heart to you?”he asked tapping me slowly and i busted into a hell of laughter.
    “her face turned pale and squized Iike lucky dube dread “i said and we busted into a profound laughter.
    “I can see a great war comingsoon in this school “.he added and I punched him playfully.
    “adeaze is beautiful,is she as beautiful As Isabella? “I asked. “is there anyone as beautiful as Isabella?”he replied and I smiled. we continue our journey discussing and talking happily in the road and I became extremely happy for having a cool Friend like Vincent Who will back me up any day.
    I packed my books out that evening and I started reading very hard in preparation and anticipation for the quiz.the principal promised me a pair of shoe if my class could win the quiz,a promised which I started working very well in other to do the terms And condition of the hawking in the street anymore which I kinda Love now cos it give me more room to face the other side of life,i have my mum, am seating close to an angel and I have the most craziest friend in the world what more do I need?.
    I sat down thinking about adaeze drama at school,as far as I Am concern it’s still too early for her to develop such feelings for me, she must be playing with me or she is after something but who cares. Adaeze is a beauty to behold no doubt but I don’t like her not because I can’t start developing feelings for her but because I don’t want to like her. Who love help Self Lolz.
    I got to school the next day a little bit late cos I actually slept off late the day before.i quickly matched into the school compound and my worsed fear came running with the speed of lightning to me, standing at the pathway leading to the assembly ground is Richard, Mariam and the other prefects.guess what!, they were pardoning late comers all thanks to Richard. I wanted to join the pairs of people going to the line when I heard his voice from my back.
    “will you bring your miserable self here”.
    “he thought we will be free Him today come and kneel down here”another prefects Commanded bluntly and I became scared moving slowly toward them as it seems my legs Where In a bid to run out of my body.
    Let me advice you guy’s a little, before you take a decision always think about the future,it is very important.dont do because someone hurt you and you decide you must hurt The person back,every human is entitled to his thought. What make you a man is not the hairs surrounding your pubic region,it is your ability to think and turn some Of Your evil thought into fame. You are not entitle to thinking alone,the other person is doing the same too. Yeah I understand,To control ourselves when angry is not easy so I plead with You all reading my story not to make Any decision when Angry or you will end up making the best decision you will forever is too precious to loose just because of a mere thought•
    Am really in a dip shit today and I know Richard will not forgive me for anything in the World,oh maybe He will when Isabella accept him.i acted in anger not realising that what goes around comes around,i forgot that I will be left under is mercy one day.all the thought of what I did the day before started ravaging my mind as I knelt down slowly in their mist while they kept pardoning other Students Leaving me in there mercy.i saw mariam whispering something to Richard ear and for the first time I wished I am supernatural So I could hear what she said cos I knew they were discussing about me.
    “no!, he will stay here,he is gonna be punished severally till when school close today “.he shouted.
    “but why?,I thought he is your friend and you pardon him before.what is up with this personal beef?”mariam elucidated in Fury.
    “none of your business,i am incharge today so you can Leave when you Are no longer comfortable here”richard retorted and fear gripped my skin,Did he just say till the end of the school period?,when I have a quiz that will get me school shoes.who will save me today?.
    “what Will I do for you To forgive him? “Mariam asked seductively.
    “nothing,i don’t need anything from you anymore you have nothing that can entice me”richard retorted.
    “what about a hot round today,i will give it to you,please just free him please”mariam elucidated in a childish Tune .
    “I don’t need it again,i have taste it for long and it no longer entice me this days”.
    “Richard are you trying to insult me? “she said and the other prefect giggled smiling sheepishly to their stupidity and for the first time I agreed that money and stupidity walk hand in hand.
    “did it seem like an insult to you?”he asked.
    “I offer you my body any time you need it and now all you could do is to insult me? “.she exclaimed with Fury. It seems this girl did not know I am around,i cant believe this is the same girl that wanted to woo me yesterday advertising her sexual life in my Presence .
    “you will pay for this “she threatened swaying her ass away as she walked majestically and in fury toward the line.while the other prefects stood laughing their brain out.
    “you think you can play me and go scot free?, I am Richard clinton the only soon and hair to Clinton Empires all over Africa”he elucidated with proud and I became extremely scared.
    “I am sorry sir “I pleaded with fear visibly in my face As That was the only word I could utter in my confused mind and they all Started laughing hard. Just then,the gate opened Swiftly,to my uttermost surprise,isabella walked in majestically.her Face shone brightly reflecting the sun, giving the sun a thousand reasons to frown and we all stare at her including the other prefect and richard who seem lost in her beauty as he face his gaze lost in His thoughT.
    “let’s go to the class “she said giving me her hand which I Took, holdIng it famely and we walked into the class With our hand entwine together while Richard and Co remain lost savoring her beauty with there eyes till we were out of sight.all eyes were on us as we both sat down in our seat,i could see jealousy bodly written in anabel and adaeze espression while uchenna was throwing a deadly look at me and my crazy friend was busy laughing his ass out Which trigger a bright smile in my face too.
    Just then,a junior students walk into the class and she greeted The class which Withdraw some attentions from us and she walked majestically toward Isabella handing a nylon bag with the inscription “prestigious kings Boutique”boldly written on it.she collected it and thanked the girl which she reciprocated and she walked out of the class.
    “thank you Isabella”i motioned Which never reciprocated or replied to,rather she hand the Nylon bag to me.
    “take this and worry less of Richard I will take care of him”she replied with a stagnant expression.i collected the bag and I took a quick glance at it and for the first time in my life fear gripped me from The ground to above,and I became shocked.Right inside the nylon bag are………….
    To be continue……..

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    I think the bag contain ur school shoes and bag

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    I think Isabella has fallen for u

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    Tnx Isabella for saving my friend..

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    I Wonder Ooo

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    Qoll’me Hprado Ibn Monyashau
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    Next Plssssss

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