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    Wisdom, u gat to be earnestly careful becos alot of ambush are waiting for u.

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    Dungz Yiltu jr
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    boi wiz u be baba ooh wey go cause commotion

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    congrats u just got urself a pair of shoes and bag

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Ur shoes and bag is here

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    Shoes and Bag

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    Hmmmm Maybe School Bag N Shoes,

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    Episode 24.
    Right inside the nylon Are a blue pair of prestigious kings academy shoe and a blue prestigious king academy bag.i stare at the content filled with an uneasy mind,and hot sweat started steaming on my face.prestigious kings academy shoes and bag are of different colour,with the school badge and logo which consist of a man holding the sun in his right hand and a book in his left.all the colours of the shoes are made to fit into the blue school trousers and a line of blue is folded round all the shoe irrespective of the colour of the shoe,except ofcourse,the blue ones .the shoes and bags are made with a crystalline material,embounded and adore with silvers which make the bag to shine bright reflecting the sun during the day and at night the reflecting emboundment and design can be use to see clearly just like the ones in reflective bangles.names of every students are always bounded with the bag which make it easy for each students to easily recognise his or her bag.
    Right in my hands is a pair of reflecting shoe and bag with the name “wisdom wealth”boldly written on it.i became extremely shy to the core as all eyes where on me and murmurs of incoherent words could be heard in every side of the raise my head become a huge task for me as i face all my gaze in the content scared of the protruding gaze and incoherent exclamation of the students.
    “no,no!,i can’t take this,i am sorry”.i exclaimed when I finally caught hold of my voice with tears rushing down my eyes .
    “i can’t collect things worth 27 thousand naira from you”i added and Isabella stop what she was writing abrutedly and she stare at me like someone who has lost his senses.i could see the rage gathering in her beautiful eyes as she stare at me opening her mouth with no word preceding from it.
    “you what!!”she finally exclaimed with shock and my fear multiplied.
    “i bought things with your name already embounded on it and you are rejecting them?”she retorted slowly trying to suppress her anger.
    “i am sorry,i just can’t take this from you”i elucidated with fear.
    “who cares about your d--n sorry,or if you walk bare footed to school for centuries?,i dont seem to care a are not walking along with me to the school hall bare footed and neither are you participating with me in that quiz bare footed.if you dont collect this from me, you better forget about the quiz!!”she shouted and lock her desk heading straight out of the class to god knows where.i sat with the nylon in my hand with tears and miss feelings ravaging in my mind and the class went uproar the moment Isabella walked out of the class.i could see adaeze crying in her seat while Anabel rest her head down in a sober mood.
    “this class has finally turn to something else”a boy exclaimed from the third role.
    “this boy has finally succeeded in releasing the beast in Isabella!,the ever silent bella is angry”.another boy exclaimed in shock which trigger a hell of laughter in the class.
    “you dey here like this and this wretched Boy came out from no where and win the heart of a girl you have always yearned to have,you see your life?.”another boy motioned to uchenna who rested his head in a chair throwing some deadly glances at me.
    “why you no go meet her,i thought you said you love her too ?”a boy who i later discover to be Matt exclaimed,attacking the other boy who stated the earlier word and he became mute instantly.
    “this is really too shocking to take in,after so many attempt by top calibre of people in this school to date Isabella,it is this bare footed boy that succeeded in winning her heart”Amanda,a girl seating at the front seat in the third role exclaimed with an amazing gesture.
    “they are not dating na,we know what Isabella is capable off i think that is not what is in her mind”.another girl replied.
    “am not stupid,neither am i blind,i have been in the game for long and i can tell you vividly that this thing will lead to a relationship soon”she added which procure a giggle from the Front role.
    I sat down eavesdropping on their conversation with miss feelings and broken heart when I felt someone hand on my shoulder and i raised my head up to see Vincent standing close to me with a forceful smile.
    “it is ok bro,calm down everything will be alright”.he said and his words kinda suit my soul and I held his palm famely like a true friend he is.
    “what you did is wrong,go and look for Isabella and apologize to her “he added in a less coherent voice which I knodded in affirmative and I stood up heading out of the class with the nylon bag holded famely in a bid to Search for Isabella.
    I sight Isabella at the swimming sport ground staring at the Blue water and I quickly ran to her with tears in my eyes.her full gaze was on the water and I could see she is still d--n angry though she was not crying unlike me.i became scared not knowing the exact words to calm her down,i have always been a Sweet words master,but right here in the presence of Isabella,my retentive memory and thinking faculty became blank like when the world was created and everything was dark which made the spirit of God to move in the surface of the water.
    “I,i am sorry “.i managed to say stammering a little which she never reciprocated and a drop of tears escape my eye brows once again. I find my self kneeling down on the floor in a bid to apologise to her which kinda moved her as she removed her gaze from the water and she rested it on me.
    “I am sorry Isabella, please forgive me I beg of you. I Will collect them,wear them with you to the hall please just forgive me I am pleading”i added with a crack and sober voice.
    “I have forgiven you,stand up”she elucidated staring at me with Her beautiful eyes.
    “I won’t stand up till you smile for me”i retorted slowly and she smiled again for the second time,and this time she smiled for a good cause. I could swear that the time freezed and the sun giggled,the moon shone brightly in broad daylight just to accolade her beautiful smile,the fishes Dance and the water seized,the wind stopped blowing and the Bird sing just because of her smile. She used her handkerchief to wipe the tears in my eyes and I quickly wore the shoe which fit perfectly in my foot and the bag with my name embounded on it.she gave me her hand and I rested my palm on it once again walking step by step into the classroom with her Pink prestigious kings shoe and my Blue prestigious King’s shoe.
    The class went in total uproar the moment we enter,as cheers were echoing all around the class,i could see Vincent smiling cheerfully at me and Ofcus,anabel and adeaze were still in sober and fury mood likewise uchenna but who cares.we sat down and i started reading my Books in anticipation for the Quiz including the three other students selected except Isabella who was staring outside through the window.
    The quiz for that day started and ended in good fate,the first set of pairs Just like it was written in the schedule is the jss 1 and 3 which the jss 3 won and we were paired with the ss2 which we won.all the questions were very hard but we managed to scale through answering all our question correctly,all thanks to Isabella and Ofcus me.the other students with us did little or nothing cos they were too slow compare To I and Isabella speed in answering questions. The ss3 were later paired with the jss3 which they won sending the jss3 out of the quiz and we were paired with the jss2 which we won again signifying the end of the knockouts stage.the ss1 and ss3 were tagged for the Final which was to hold the next day.i went straight to my class after the quiz even though the break was yet to be over while Isabella went to the cafeteria and I rested my head in my desk in a bid to relaxed after the crucial quiz, Thankgod we scale through.i was kinda Sleeping off when Vincent rushed into the classroom shouting my name and I drifted up with shock.
    “celebrity!!! “he shouted smiling his ass out and I became surprised wondering what could procure this sudden craziness.
    “I told you it will happen,didnt I?”He added shocking me more.
    “what happened Vincent?, talk to me please “I pleaded with my heart beating like a drum.
    “adaeze and Isabella are fighting outside because of you “.he pronounced still laughing hard.
    “what!!!,Isabella!,fighting with adaeze?”.i exclaimed with shock.
    To be continue……..

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    hehehehehe,,,,, _i laffed_

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