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    Isabella’s Soft Work Is Taking It’s Toll On Richard

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    if Richard’s madness is Isabella’s handiwork den she is a wicked girl,,, how can u make Ur school mate run mad bcos he slapped u,, Dats wickedness,,, I won’t go with such revenge

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    Episode 27
    To be sincere I really felt some atom of pity for him as I watch along the crowd watching him display his insanity.different statements were been heard from the students present at the hall but the one that touched me most which I kinda agreed to partially was when a boy said,
    “the shock of the ss1 students winning the quiz drive him mad “.yes he have a good point there.I think he is right,he is shock because he won’t be able to punish us again especially me. I took a quick glance at my back and I saw Isabella smiling brightly as she made her way out of the partway to the hall heading straight to the class and curiosity took the better part of me. Why will she be smiling when her fellow human is suffering?,I know Richard slapping her his wrong but she should have pitty the proud brat a little.i sight Vincent,adaeze and anabel standing in pair watching the drama and they motioned to me to join them which I did.
    “wisdom,are you seeing what I am seeing? “Vincent retorted amidst smile and the Two witches close to him join the uproar.
    “am not blind am just feeling some pity for him”i replied.
    “mteew,am so happy for this”adaeze elucidated amidst laugh.
    “do you know,he actually came to woo me before and he was like ‘I have the huge anaconda to satisfy you in bed,just accept me and all your days will be full of fun'”adaeze added trying to mi-mirk Richard proud voice and they busted into laughter which left me with no option than to join them too.
    “as if huge d--k na food”anabel retorted.
    “is this what you call huge d--k,this thing that look like a stick of cigarette,come and see mine and you will be shock”vincent elucidated with a bright smile on his face as he praised himself for his stupidity.
    “oya show us”anabel commanded.
    “it’s only adeaze that can see it joor”he elucidated and adeaze hissed.
    Few minutes later,some cars drove hastily into the compound and a man and his wife who I presume to be Richard parents rushed down from the car along with some doctors and nurses,the mother cried so hard with tears flowing down from her eyes while the man stood trying to deviate Richard attention which he did and the doctor quickly inject him with an injection and he fell asleep immediately.they quickly took him into One of the car and the man motioned to them to Drive off while he stood amicably discussing with the principal on what I don’t care to know.
    “now the girls can rest in this school,everyday sex,sex,sex”a senior female student retorted chewing a gum as she walked down the hall shaking her ass which panties line can be easily seen from the tight skirt.
    “adaeze are you really sure you have not tasted that his thing?”Anabel asked and adaeze became shocked.
    “tasted which thing,i should be the One asking you that,what were you both doing at the back of the laboratory that day? “she said and anabel became mute.
    “you see, you are guilty”she added waving her hands to the air in demonstration.
    “just leave me joor “Anabel pronounced with her eastern accent which did not seem to rhyme well with the Street English and she end up talking like a fowl that is swallowing corn.
    “alright this people are becoming crazy with their words”i elucidated in my mind.
    “a reverend father is in the building!!!”I exclaimed and they all stare at me at once busting into profound laughter.
    “who is the reverend father?,you!”anabel retorted pointing her finger at me in the process.
    “just dey there like that o, they gave you free food you no fit Chop”vincent said in in a mocking tune.
    “abi o”adaeze enunciated and they burst into severe laughter.
    “if you like don’t have sex in this world you no go still smell heaven,reverend father ni, impotent ko”he said and I made to punch him and he quickly ran and hide behind adeaze.
    “hello guys,good day loser”a girl greeted and I became surprise,who is she referring to as loser? “I ask myself rhetorically staring at her from head to toe.
    “hi Lilian “Vincent reciprocate the greeting.
    “mteew,keep your filthy greeting to yourself am not here for you,am here for this stupid loser”she said pointing at adaeze.i took a glance at adeaze and I saw tears mixed with fury in her eyes as she bend Her head to the floor and I wonder why she is scared to look at Lilian.
    “I just resume the school today and I have been searching for you since morning to tell you am back again,who are you placing as bet this time?, is it this guy?”she said pointing at Vincent.
    “where did this idiot came out from again,why is this school filled with fools?.i ask myself in my mind staring at the new idiot standing close to me.
    “you cant date Vincent,i know your taste of guys.or this handsome guy here?”she said glancing at me.
    “who is this girl and why is everyone silent,this is very unusual of my friends”i asked in my mind again staring at Lilian display of stupidity.
    “just get prepared bae, see you in the water”she added smiling sheepishly as she made her way out of the hall throwing some few kisses at me.
    “am I the only one in the Dark here?,For God sake someone should talk to me,who is that girl?”I asked amidst that time the hall was already partially empty and we were the only students left in it.i waited for reply from them but no one answered me and my fear trippled when adaeze Broke down in tears and she ran out of the hall crying provously into the class and Anabel ran after her calling her name at interval.
    “Vincent!!”.i called slowly and he look at me.
    “what is happening? “I asked slowly and he tap me slowly on my shoulder.
    “I don’t know bro”he added stepping out of the hall. I could tell he is hiding something,he knows something but he just does not want to tell me.
    “Vincent!!!,I called again and he turn back staring at me.
    “I am sorry.”he bluntly elucidated Walking down the staircase.
    I have never been confuse in my whole life they way I was that day, I stood abrutedly staring at the field and the class wishing someone could just come to me and tell me what is happening to my friends,who Lilian is.but who will I ask?,nobody.
    I entered the class and I saw adaeze head rested on the desk and anabel hand rested on her shoulder trying to comfort her while Vincent was scared of maintaining a straight gaze at me and I decided right there at that spot to do as if I don’t know them either,since they feel to big to tell me what is happening and who Lilian really is. I walked sluggishly to my seat and I sat down with Isabella,my mind is not stable not because of adaeze,vincent and anabel this time but because of Isabella who was busy reading another novel written by etz sky prince again titled ‘son of Thunder”i don’t know why she like reading story written by that author,first it was ‘against the nation’ now this one. I sat down comfortably staring at her wishing to hear her voice,i was very close to her in reality but far from her in my mind,my mum said I should stay away from her,a command I tried to keep but was unable to rather I am now the one yearning to talk to her. What kind of a day is this?,first we won a quiz which is suppose to spice up our happiness only for Richard to cut it short by going friends shunned me because of a new idiot in the school and now Isabella who I have been yearning to talk to since morning up till now that the school has almost closed for the day,refused to talk to me.when will this stop?, am I going to keep yearning for Isabella forever without being free with her?.this nonsense must stop, if she want to be my friend she should be my friend and if she want to be my enemy then she better be my enemy,she can’t come and be confusing my thunder all the time.i pulled the shoe she gave to me and I removed my books from the bag slotting them into my locker and I summon all my anger together then i face her.
    “take your pair of shoe and your bag I don’t need them anymore”.i shouted drawing attention toward us and she removed her attention from the book staring at me with a surprise expression.
    “what!!! “she exclaimed.
    To be continue………..

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    that’s stupid, even if you want her attention…. u’ve already used the items, what do you expect her to do with them? am sure She is reading your mind and is laughing inwardly at your stupidity

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    Whaley Crown
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    No she wil feel guilty because of her character

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    Whaley Crown
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    I really love this story, kudos wrighter

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    Joshua John
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    What are you up to wisdom?

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