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    Wisdom what is wrong with you

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    Wisdom u would make her feel guilty oh

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    Who be this Lillian wey ur friends de fear to talk about

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    This is not the right way to make Isabella talk to u Wisdom

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    Aishat Bint Sanusi
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    Wisdom why are u behaving like a kid nah. Isabella wat you did to Richard is not fair at all ooo,u have really gone to the extreme

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    love this story so much.

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    Why this childish act boy

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    Episode 28.
    “what”she exclaimed drifting people’s attention to us which I did not seem to care about .my anger supersede everyother thing close to me, I know it is not right but I gat to do it.
    “you heard me well, take your gift I dont need them anymore.we can’t keep seating together and you will be shunning me everytime only to come out and give me gift as if I look like a begger to you”i shouted in fury.
    “but why, I mean why this now when we are suppose to be celebrating?”she asked again with surprise and pain visibly seen in her beautiful eyes.
    “so you know we are suppose to be celebrating when you are acting like I am Your enemy?,well as for your question when you get to heaven you can ask God”.i fired at her.
    “take your damned gift “I added throwing the pair of shoe and bag to her and I stormed out of the class leaving her speechless and filled with pain.
    “what just happen now”i heard someone pronounced from the class.
    “somebody should pinch me abeg,it seems like I am dreaming”i heard again.I didn’t seem to care a bit as I moved faster than my shadow heading straight to the swimming sport pool. I can’t Just fathom why I choose that place that day to calm my nerves and anger down,it just came into my mind and my mind directed my full body to follow which it gladly did.
    I sat down at the edge of the blue water swinging my bare foot in the seems so cool and it serve as the best place for me at that period. Good moment of Isabella and I which came flowing through my mind.this was the same place where I apologize to Isabella,the same place Isabella came when she was Angry with me.i smiled steadily when I remember all that,as I tried to view my fair beautiful legs in the water.
    “Mermaid are really loosing some aspect of fun by not having legs”i thought in my mind.what is happening to me?, why did I fall inlove with Isabella of all people?,why her?,why must it be her?,why did my heart choose someone that always hurt me?, I came to the school to be a better person in future,to be counted among the leaders of tomorrow,why did my heart choose the part of love instead?.i sat down reminencing around with so many thought and unanswered questions oblivious of what Is happening around me when I heard a voice pronounced my name at my back.
    “wisdom”i heard slowly in a cool sweet voice and i know without a doubt That it was Isabella vioce.the voice suit my soul and my heart giggled but I feigned anger without replying her nor turning back to see her.she sat down at the edge of the river holding the bag which my books are already packed inside and the shoes.she pulled off her pair of shoes and she dip her legs into the water staring at my face.her presence stir up my joy and seeing her beautiful perfect fair legs in the blue water melt my soul.
    “I am sorry”she said staring at my eye brows and with her perfect pink lips pronouncing the words like an angel.
    “am not too good in terms of apologies,this is my first time am apologizing to someone.i know I really hurt you please forgive me”she added and at that moment I felt like placing my savor lips on hers in a mind blowing kiss but Ofcus is just a wish that can never come through.
    “I am sorry too Isabella”i find my mouth pronouncing it while my mind was busy savoring her beauty.
    “no, no you have nothing to be sorry about. Is all my fault I am sorry”she retorted.
    “yes there is something to be sorry about”i elucidated interrupting her.
    “I acted harshly,am really sorry “I added.
    “thanks wisdom,i don’t have any friend to call my own,my manner always make people to be scared of me which I kinda love so much but all That change when I met you”.she explained in a sober mood.
    “it is ok Bella. Can I ask you a question? “.
    “sure,am all hears”.
    “why are you doing this?”I asked staring at her Crystal beautiful eyes.
    “you won’t understand,but I promise from now on I will change for you”she enunciated and I smiled which trigger a bright smile on her beautiful face.
    “o. M. G, this girl is super beautiful “.i exclaimed in my mind staring at her breath taking beautiful Face.
    We kept on staring at ourselves for minutes not knowing what to say when the bell jingled which signify the closing period spoiling the best moment of my life.
    “I guess that is the closing bell”she retorted and I replied with a smile.i quickly collected the bag and pair of shoe from her which I quickly wore.
    “thank you for the gift”i said and she smiled.
    “you are welcome “she replied and we started walking toward the gate that was already filled with students trouping out of the school compound and we joined them. I did not care about Vincent,anabel and adaeze afterall I have finally achieved all I always wanted.since they decided to keep me in the dark,they are also not fit to be my friends.
    We got out and I saw the pink Lamborghini already parked and the driver with two other guys were already outside waiting for her.
    “why don’t you join me in the car let my driver take you home? “she asked smiling steadily. The urge to say yes to her was so great on me but I quickly remember my mom words never to enter a stranger car and I shaked my head negatively.
    “no thanks”i replied.
    “OK then,see you on Monday”she retorted.
    “OK friend “.i replied and she walk majestically heading to the car while I watched her standing abrutedly.
    “wisdom”she turned back and called.
    “thank you for being my friend “she added not allowing me to Answer her call and we both smile. I watched her moved into The car and it moved out slowly and I started going home too.why can’t i just allow her to take me home?, well it is good to learn from people mistake and not allowing people to learn from yours” I concluded in my mind.
    I got home that day and i show my mom the textbooks and shirt which were awarded to us and she was very happy.she accolade and prayed for me which I received in good faith.i noticed she is still not happy,she felt sad but since she don’t want to talk about it,then it is better that way.
    The Weekend was so boring to me and I wish monday could just fly by so I can see Isabella,i missed her so much and I kept yearning for her every Minutes that passby.all I do is to assist my mum,do my chores and read my books and at times I assist my mom in her kiosk which was growing a little bigger cos of the ten thousand naira I gave to my not like other teens that watch movies and enjoy their Weekend’s mine has nothing meaningful to write about.
    I And my mom came back from church on Sunday four square gospel chuch to be precise and she gave me some money to purchase some vegetables in ezenite market for her . I went to the market through the Main road and I decided to passby a short cut through a lonely road close to the field where I and ekenna played football that lead to the fight The other day. There is a weedite that always come to That place to smoke hemp called smokelife,his name is actually chukwudi but due to his persistent smoking, his friends nicknamed him smokelife.reports of him bullying young boys and girls who pass that road were always heard around the town and I know some victims who had fall into his bully list.passing that road is not a good idea but I did it anyway cos it is the quickest road from the market to my house.i prayed in my mind not to see smokelife that day a prayer which God decided not to answer probably because of my sins of falling in Love with Isabella at my tender age. I walked in speed just make sure i pass that lonely road on time and I have already sighted the football field at my front when I heard a huge vioce from my back.
    “stop there! “the voice commanded and I turned back in frightening only to see smokelife with a huge hemp and a box of matches in his. Hand advancing toward me.
    “good afternoon sir!”I greeted slowly.
    “who your greeting help?, wetting you buy for market?”he replied standing an inch from me and the weed smell which was overing from his body was all over the environment.
    “vegetable sir,but my mum sent me sir”i retorted.
    “wetting concern me if your mama send you,na leave I go chop abi I resemble goat for your eyes?”he asked and I became confuse not knowing what to say.
    “you no fit talk?,I said I resemble goat for your eyes? “he asked again. Why will he even be asking this kind of question how did he want me to answer it?. The truth is, he really resemble a goat with his long unshaven bears and red eyes but how can I tell him what my answer is?.the next thing that happen drifted me from my feet,he landed a thunderous slap on my cheeks which force throw me into the nearby bush and my eyes started seeing stars and angels calling me to come home. I saw ekenna running in speed with some other guys from the field and I became Happy for seeing him for the first time in years that I made friend with him.
    “bros why you slap that boy”he asked advancing toward smokelife with the boys while I laid down on the floor with my blury eyes due to the impact of the slap watching the scene kingly.
    “you dey craze,na Me you dey talk follow any how,abi you want me I light You join?”smokefire retorted.
    “bros if you no tell me why you slap that boy today,we die here!!”ekenna elucidated sharply pulling off his shirt in anger likewise the boys.
    To be continue………

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