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    Richy was a proud man and now he’s a mad man~THEY SHOULD LOOK 4 A WAY TO CURE HIM

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    Lilian right

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    Lilian is the person you are going to see

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    Episode 30
    I saw Vincent standing abrutedly close to the gate with a bright smile emanating from his lips.
    “what is wrong with this one?, why will he be smiling when I am Angry with him?”I asked in my mind walking Ernestly toward him with the sole objective of walking by when I get there.i tried to pass him when he hold my hand famely still with his cheerful smile.
    “guy chill,oya I am sorry “he apologized.
    “you are now sorry Right?,I trusted you to do better than what you did yesterday even if adeaze refuse to tell me what happened you were suppose to cos I know you understand everything that happen yesterday”i pour out to him with Fury feigning to release my hand from him.
    “is that all? “.he asked provoking me more. Seriously this guy is getting on my nerves,am still trying to tell him why am vexed with him and all he could do is to ask more silly questions. I made to drag my hand hand from his hold but he tighten it more with is second hand and the strong urge to punch his nose grow more inside me.
    “let’s go to the sport ground I will explain everything to you”he said and my boiling hanger calm down a little as we walk in pair and silence to the spectators seat and we sat down in two of the numerous seats available.
    “I am sorry for yesterday wisdom,i felt am not suppose to tell you what is not my business,i felt adeaze should be in the right place to explain to you”.
    “you have said the word sorry twice already now start explaining”.i elucidated with command and boiling anger.
    “OK where should I start from?”
    “Start by telling me who Lilian is”i retorted.
    “Lilian is the reigning swimming champion of the school she collected it from adeaze who was the champion 2 years ago”.he explained and I became confused.
    “how does winning a swimming contest affect the scenario that took place yesterday”.i asked.
    “prestigious swimming contest have a guideline that has been in place since it was introduced into this school,the new contestant will swim Ernestly and the winner who is to challenge the reigning champion is entitle to make a wish for herself which the school authority will look into and grant it for her if she win the race.or a bet between the champion and the person she is to race with,the bet can be done publicly or privately between the two swimmers”.he explained confusing me more and I became totally confused.
    “I still don’t understand dude please emphasise more on it” I pleaded with a serious expression.
    “adaeze was dating a boy called Desmond last year and Lilian love the boy so much but was unable to get him,so she laid a bet which adeaze accepted cos she thought she will win the contest again after being the champion since jss1”.he explained further.
    “what was the bet? “I asked filled with curiosity.
    “adaeze boyfriend Desmond”he replied.
    “what!!”,adaeze set her boyfriend as a bet?”I asked in shock.
    “yes and she lost to lilian”he replied.
    “only a few people knows about this cos it was a private bet,desmond was so angry with adaeze,he felt she never loved him,he felt adaeze was just playing him which was the reason why she could set their 2 years relationship as a bet. Adaeze could have rejected the bet since it was not genuine but she took it cos of her over confidence that she willl win the contest was so much on her.desmond left the country in anger and that was when we understand that Lilian never wanted Desmond for her self all she planned was to terminate adaeze relationship which adaeze fell into cos of her zeal for fame and Lilian was very happy for terminating their relationship”he elucidated.
    “I have always said it that money,fame and stupidity walk hand in hand together I thank God your father didn’t have too much money like the other students in this school”i retorted smiling sheepishly.
    “which kind talk be that one na, what do you mean by that?”he asked feigning anger.
    “because you for no get this little sense you have now,you would have been useless to me”.
    “mteew,idiot”he hissed smiling.
    “where is adaeze and Anabel? “I asked.
    “they are scared to approach you, they felt you won’t forgive them “he retorted.
    “idiot where are they?,I did not ask if they are scared or not”i ask again.
    “they are not in school yet”he replied.
    “ not angry with them anymore, all I wanted to know is the truth which you have told me already.have you seen Isabella today? “I asked changing the topic and he started smiling again.
    “thay remind’s me why were you smiling this morning when you know am angry with you?”I asked again not allowing him to answer the First question.
    “Isabella talk to me for the first time today,she ask me of you”he explained still smiling.
    “so you actually came to apologize to me so you can keep talking to Isabella as my friend right? “I asked amidst smile.
    “but what? “I asin interrupted him.
    “it is…..”
    “part of it”i concluded and he started smiling again which I did too.
    “you will never Change “I enunciated.Just then the bell for assembly jingled drifting us from our happy moments and we ran down the staircase heading to the assembly.i was very happy for having my friend back,he is actually right what happen is supposed to be explained to me by adeaze not him and it is even not my,there is no genuine reason to be angry with them.
    The assembly was conducted by the prefects and the principal climp the high stairs to make the announcement for the day and we listen attentively for his announcement.
    “good morning students”he greeted smiling cheerfully.
    “good morning sir “we replied.
    “finally we are in another week,a week that is going to be more stressful more than the week before.first term is always a term for fun in this school,the prestigious kings quiz was successfully done with this Year being the best ever in the history of this school and the nation as a whole.congratulation to Isabella okenwa and wisdom wealth who made it the best”he explained and applause took over the environment at the mention of our names.i took a quick glance at Isabella who was at the front of the female line and I caught her staring at me too which trigger a bright smile in our lips.
    “I am glad to announce it to you all that the prestigious kings football start today!”he exclaimed and another round of shout took over the air once again.
    “unlike before Where we played to have the best sport class in the school,this year we are playing for another different cause which is to select the best students to represent us in the upcoming governor’s cup so put on your here (pointing to a man who stood close to the staff waving his hand at the mention of his name) will be the couch incharge of the selection and fifteen best students will be selected from all the students in the school,only the best students and two best keepers will represent us in the League of 16 schools.lets see if the ss1 can do it again just like they did in the quiz”.he added.
    “sir they can’t do it this time”a boy from the ss3 line shouted and the principal smiled.
    “that is what you said and they won the quiz”he replied.
    “sir quiz is far different from the field”.an ss3 girl retorted.
    “only time will tell”.the principal replied and made to come down from the announcement hall when it seem he had remembered something again and he climbed it again.
    “I know you all want me to come down,well am not through with my announcement yet”he added and set steadily in a bid to continue his speech and we listen with rapt attention.
    “the swimming sport will start by next tomorrow so beautiful girls of this great school get ready for it,lets see if there is any one that can defeat Lilian James our current swimming champion.also Richard Clinton is finally ok now, it was diagnosed by the doctor that his brain malfunction due to a shock.he won’t be able to continue his education here with us again so from now on his assistant Derrick idem is the new head boy of the school”he concluded and shout of joy took over the assembly.i don’t know why the others were happy but as for me, my joy knows no bound.i am fully happy cos I won’t see that promiscuous idiot as Vincent use to called him ever again,he said I should better stop coming to school if I don’t help him in wooing Isabella but now, as fate will have it he was the one that left the school for me, isn’t God wonderful?.i took a quick glance at the whole female line and but could not find adaeze and anabel which got me Curious and scared at the same time.this is unlike them,they have never miss school before.
    “Vincent,where is anabel and adaeze have you seen them?”I asked Vincent in a whisper.
    “are they not in school?”he replied with me with another question.
    “this is what I don’t like in you,always answering questions with question.if I see them why will I be asking you?,do you see any of them in the line? “I asked and he glance at the line again.
    “this is unlike them,i can sense something is not right,they have never miss school before “.he retorted.
    To be continue………

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    Great work,keep moving

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    No doubt,d next swimming competition is for ISABELLA… dem no sabi water pass fish

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    SWEET next

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    Bilha Gates
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    Isabella in the swimming pool. ..wisdom in the field

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