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    You’re doing a very nice work, you’re not like others who will post once in a blue moon

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    Episodes 32.
    I became extremely scared when i saw particles of tears forming in Isabella eyes gland and i regretted ever asking the question.i can vouch she has never cried before yes,and i won’t be her reason to cry for the first time.
    “please stop”i motioned to her and she became surprised.
    “why the sudden change of mind?,i thought you want to know about me?”she asked and i became scared focusing my gaze in her eye glands.the tears that were forming in her eyes have suddenly vanish i could not find anything related to traces of tears in her eyes,what could have happen to them?,maybe they dried out afterall they were not too many before or so i thought.
    “yes but not anymore”i replied.
    “nothing”i retorted.
    “Thanks wisdom”she said and i became surprised cos i could not fathom why she is acolading me but i accepted it that way in other to stop the discussion cos I could see vividly that it is having some series of negative impact on her.i really felt like reading her mind but is just a mere wish which can never come through,the thought of what she wanted to say kept on ravaging on my mind as so many thoughts started flowing inside me.the bell rang which signify the end of the break and she paid a waiter for the food we ate and we started matching out of the cafeteria likewise the other students present with us as expected tongues were already wagging every where but who cares?.the thought of Anabel and adaeze never crossed my mind when i am with Isabella,bad friend right?,well you dont have to say that is just that the fear of a shark is the beginning of wisdom for the other little fishes in the river.
    “wisdom!”.isabella called drifting the silent walk away from us.
    “yes princess”i replied and she giggled.
    “thank you for being my friend and for changing me to what am suppose to be”.she elucidated bluntly.
    “you have said that already thrice,next time you will say it i will kiss you”i threatened and she laughed so hard.
    “naughty boy.thank you for being my friend”.she repeated again and i faced her in a bid to scare her.
    “are you daring me?”i asked her in a serious tune.
    “nope!,but i know you cannot do it”she elucidated with a grin.
    “lolzzz,crazy”.i retorted in an incoherent tune which seems just like a whisper.
    “i heard that”she retorted with a spike and we both giggled.
    I still find it difficult to believe that am chatting steadily and happily with a girl who i always presumed to be full of mischief,a girl i nicknamed to be angry joy knows no bound walking along with Isabella i felt like am on top of the world and i have achieve all my goals in,my major goal is to make it real big and take a good care of my mum which i will surely do.talking of my mum,why is she against me making friend with Isabella?,i see nothing wrong with being her friend,she is cool,intelligen
    t,amazing,good,cheerful,kindhearted and above all beautiful,not just beautiful but extremely beautiful.
    the match has ended already when we entered the class,i went straight to Vincent seat who was smiling sheepishly seeing i and Isabella walk into the class while Isabella went to our seat.
    “how is the date?”he elucidated with a grin and i stare at him with a lost expression.
    “which date?”i replied with a question just like he always did.
    “the date between you and Isabella na” he retorted and i felt like giving him a punch.
    “mteeeew.tell me about the match joor”i enunciated changing the topic and he smiled cos he knows what i was trying to do.
    “the jss1 loosed the match”he replied with a frustrating grin.
    “what is the score?”
    “4 to nothing,those jss1 are really lazy”he retorted flinging his hands sideways in demonstration.
    “you dont have to blame them,afterall they are playing with their seniors”i said trying to be a bit convincive.
    “seniors my foot,when we were in jss1,the jss2,jss3 and ss1 were always scared of us when it comes to sport.this their sect is too lazy joor”he explained with full ego.
    “you mean like the lazy,nigerian youth?”i elucidated with a grin and he hissed aloud punching me a school is actually the best for me ever,well if you dont believe me you can go and argue with your i see reasons why i should be in the school,all i ever wanted and wish to have are in prestigious kings academy,a school that i was meant to be ever since i was a kindergarten.
    “we are to play with the jss3 tomorrow”.Vincent inform me.
    “am always ready”i replied smiling sheepishly. this is my destiny and i will grab it famely with my both hands.
    Teachers started trouping in and out as expected keeping us busy with different subjects and we listened with rapt attention.the bell for closing jingle and the teacher who was in the class called it off for the day giving us a breathing space.i and Isabella walked out out of the class and Vincent quickly joined us on the way.
    “aunty bella,good evening oh sorry afternoon”he greeted smiling sheepishly as he stretched is hands forward for a hand shake which Isabella reciprocated .vincent hold Isabella hand for some minute refusing to let it go as he was busy saying some trashed that dont seem to make any sense in my cerebrum.
    “oya that is enough”i retorted becoming impatient and they disengaged smiling sheepishly.
    “you for cut the hand go house,idiot”.i added.
    “i have always known you are my E,P”he retorted.
    “what is that?”i asked becoming confused.
    “enemy of progress”he added and i smiled.all this while Isabella was busy laughing so hard to our little display of fun and i became proud of myself for being the reason for a her joy and laughter .we continue our chit chat till we got outside the gate,as usual the pink lamboghini was already packed outside already.
    “you still insist on walking home?”she asked amidst smile.vincent wanted to say something and i quickly step on his shoe making him to scream aloud bouncing up in the process.
    “yes,we will trek today,thanks”i quickly said and she smiled.
    “crazy friends,ok then.see you tomorrow and thanks for making my day,i can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow”she elucidated referring to i and Vincent who was still busy massaging his feet cos i really marched it real hard.
    “how i wish you have a mobile phone,i would have loved to call you”.she added and she walked majestically toward the car who’s driver is already inside waiting for her.
    “why did you march my feet like that ?”Vincent pour out in outburst drifting me off my stare at Isabella walking posture and i faced him.
    “cos i know you must surely say something bad”.i retorted bluntly as we watch the car moving out of the premises slowly.
    “mteeeew.but wait self why do you like treking alot??”he asked in a surprise expression.
    “because my great grand father trek and treaking will i trek (Gabriel akilozi i Hail o)”i enunciated and we started walking home.the thought of uchenna threat flew into my mind and i became somehow cold which Vincent noticed at once cos i started contributing a little or nothing to the conversation.
    “what are you thinking about dude?”he asked and i stare at him forcing out a smile on my lips.
    “who is uchenna?”i asked him slowly in an incoherent voice.
    “you mean uchenna Adams?”he replied with a question and i became provoked.
    “no.uchenna goatmeat”.i replied rhetorically.
    “how many uchenna do we have in our class?”i added with a grin.
    “well,i heard a rumour before from one of the ss3 boy that uchenna belong to a deadly secret cult group known as “seven vipers”.but is just a rumour though it might be wrong”he pronounced and i became scared.i felt like telling him of his threat but i changed my will i even tell him,what can he even do about it.
    “why are you asking about him?”.he asked drifting me off my thought.
    “nothing,never mind”.i retorted with a grin.
    We continue our walk discussing steadfastly on the way and we got to the bus stop where Vincent enter a bus home and i continue treking home slowly on the hot cruching sun with the thought of uchenna and is threat flowing in my mind.
    ¤i got to school very late the next day cos i actually slept very late the day before helping my mum in separating some leaves she bought from the market.i remember her prayer and joy when i gave her the money the principal gave to me the day before though she tried to reject it but i succeeded in convincing her to collect it which she later did.the prefect were as usual punishing the late comers that day as i marched into the school compound and they allow me to go not that they still have any right to punish me though couple with the fact that i was wearing the quiz handles mufty that day.i enter the class and as expected we were on a free period as everyone were talking and discussing about the match that is to hold between us and the jss3.adaeze and anabel were in school and they became remorseful the moment they saw me while Vincent was busy smiling his provocative smile again,i decided to act like i am still angry with them waiting for them to approach me and i walked to my seat to meet my ever beautiful and gorgeous Isabella who welcomed me with a bright smile which i reciprocated.
    “why are you late today?”she asked with a grin.
    “am sorry,i slept off late last night princess”i apologize and she smiled.
    “ok.i hope you are ready for the match?,your name is out among the selected students to represent the class”she retorted sharply.
    “look at the list in the board”.she added and i stare at the name is written in the second batch which means am to play in the second half.the writeup in the board procure Isabella writing,it is really good to have an assistance who will always cover up your flows.
    “thanks my assistance,am always ready”.i replied with confidence and she smiled.
    “you are welcome handsome”.she elucidated with a grin stretching a nylon bag toward me with the word “prestigious kings academy boutique”boldly written on it just like the former one.
    “what is inside?”.i asked filled with curiosity.
    “it is in your hand,and it is yours so open it and see for yourself”she enunciated and i smiled.
    I open the nylon and i saw something that i never believe i could have,something i needed so much as a student of prestigious kings academy but i never thought about having it.right inside the nylon bag are………………
    To be continue…………

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    she got u a phone

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    hope am right..

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    Laptop or phone funny gal
    poster i read this story with great anticipation pls post often and if possible combine the chapters

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    mobile phone….and stop all this suspenres

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    nxt pls

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    you saw a phone you have not seen before

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