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    What na?

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    Phone, sebi she asked u if u have phn she fr call u. Pls nxt possible combine episodes

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    Next pls!

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    Episodes 33.
    Right inside the nylon bag are blue prestigious kings academy sport vest,a pair of blue soccer and shinguards.a bright smile emanated from my lips the moment I saw them,how Isabella came to know that blue is my favourite color still remain a mystery to me which I will try to unravel later. Come to think of it, am preparing for a match without sport vest and no shoes was I expecting to use my school uniform and my fifteen thousand naira worth of prestigious shoes?, Lolz. It seems this Love of a thing is really making me to loose part of my thinking faculty cos since I fell in love I now think less with joy and happiness streaming through me on daily basis. School have become the best place for me all because of my crazy friends and Ofcus Isabella.what if I had remember?,what could I have done about this?.oh well maybe the money I gave to my mum will have been able to purchase them but I know myself,i wouldn’t have spend that amount of money on me stupid but to me, it is call ibo sense,no unreasonable spending joor.
    I kept smiling with so many crazy thought ravaging in my mind while Isabella was staring at me like she is reading my mind which I know it’s not possible,or so I thought.
    “how much did you buy them? “I asked her and her reaction became pale.
    “seriously,is that a way to say thank you in your village?”she replied amidst smile with a funny grin.
    “well not that I want you to thank me before,if you thank i Me I will just collect them back from you”she added smiling steadily.
    “thank you”i elucidated.
    “why do you like daring me wisdom? “she asked placing a Palm on her cheeks.
    “cos I know you cannot do it “I retorted.
    “how sure are you that I cannot do it”.
    “one hundred and one percent how much did you buy the vest,soccer and shinguards?”I asked again.
    “bad mathematician,am not telling you and am serious about it”she enunciated with a serious expression.
    “OK just tell me the cost for the sport vest then”i retorted trying to force her to speak.
    “I said am not telling you”.she replied.
    “but why? “.i asked becoming fed up with her negative response.
    “because I know what is in your mind”.she replied.
    “how?,what do you think is in my mind?”.
    “I didn’t think,i know and I am not telling you “.
    “maybe I will just ask Vincent about the Price for the vest later”.i said trying to put an abruted end to the discussion.
    “Vincent will not tell you”she retorted and I became shocked.
    “seriously!!,Vincent cannot do that he will tell me anything I wish to know “.i defended with a serious grin.
    “let’s bet then with a price “.she enunciated bluntly with a grin.
    “OK,i will kiss you if Vincent told me the price”.i retorted with a bright smile emanating from my lips.
    “nah nah, you can’t kiss me cos you are dirty, you will have to take your bath in river Mississippi for two hundred years then you can come and kiss me”she elucidated bluntly smiling sheepishly.
    “Lolz.just kidding please I really got you on that “.she explained calming my already angry self down.
    “OK princess,but I will still ask Vincent. That reminds me how far about your preparation for the swimming contest? “.k asked drifting her attention into another topic.
    “swimming!!,am not gonna contest”she replied with an exclamation.
    “but why?”.
    “cos I don’t know how to swim,i hate swimming alot”she elucidated sharply.
    “hmmm,you hate swimming but you like dipping your feet in the water”i retorted with a funny grin staring at the nylon like I was looking for something.
    “mteew,idiot”.she said smiling cheerfully.
    “angry bird”.i retorted and she gave me a friendly punch.
    “thanks for the Gift Bella “I added and she smiled giving me joy with her unlimited beauty.
    Everyone in the class were busy talking which I did not seem to care about after all am also making noise too. I actually did not like the idea of Isabella not contesting in the swimming contest but what could I do when she said she is not good in swimming?. The thought of Lilian winning the quiz again came running through my mind I don’t know if there is anyone capable of stopping her though,i just pray she won’t demand for my head this time Lolz. Who is she going to bet me with?, adaeze!,nope afterall am not dating her neither do I look like Desmond,isabella!?,also not possible afterall am not dating her either and I don’t know if she will even accept me if I pull that string she might even stop talking to me besides I don’t think I am ready for a relationship yet.
    A teacher enter the class which signify that the free period is over and we started teaching for the day.other various teachers came too and soon enough the bell jingled for break period and I stood up heading to the rest room in the school to change my wears while Isabella kept smiling at me like she knows where I was heading to.
    I put on my blue vest,the socks,shinguard and soccer and my handsomeness protruded out like mirror which I accolade myself for and I matched into the class to meet other boys who were also preparing for the match including Vincent with their spot vest fully on.
    “are you ready to Show them what you got? “.isabella asked amidst Smile.
    “fully ready princess”i retorted reciprocating the smile. Just then Vincent join the club chit chat staring at me like he was lost. His blue spot vex did a great job on him too and he has putting on pairs of red soccer but no shinguards.
    “wisdom is this you?”.he asked rhetorically with a mermaid suprise grin.
    “no o, is your Grand father shrine”.i replied rhetorically too.some people can be really annoying asking stupid questions from their stupid mindset,what kind of question is this one now?.
    “mteew, where did you get this vest from? “.he asked again.
    “I saw them on my way to School this morning”.i replied with a serious countenance.
    “tell me the truth joor,am serious”.
    “or aunty Isabella where you the one that gave them to him?”he added directing it to Isabella who was busy laughing so hard.
    “me!!”.Isabella exclaimed pointing at her self with a funny grin.
    “I don’t know o, I was even asking him the same question too which he refused to answer”.Isabella added and Vincent became confused. I wink at Isabella giving her a thumbs up oblivious to Vincent. Just then Uncle Victor walked into the class and order us to the field with his baritone voice which we obey and we all exit the class including the female who went straight to the spectators seat in a bid to watch the match.
    “make me proud wealth “.Isabella pronounced,call
    ing me with my surname for the first time and she quickly went away smiling sheepishly which I reciprocated then I went to the benched and I sat down comfortably along with some other students whose names were written in the second batched waiting for the second half.
    The match started with the jss3 passing for the first time and they started locking horn.vincent was really trying his best in striking and he actually scored a goal few minutes to the end of the first half making the feed roudy with expected,the first half ended and they went for a break and I went there to congratulate him as people were shouting his name all over the spectators seat.uncle Victor gave us a few tactics and in a short time we were on the field for the Second half. I sighted Isabella smiling cheerfully at me and at that moment I made up my mind to impress her and show the whole field what football is all about,and also show them why I am called the god of football, I am wealth.
    To be continue……..

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    Can’t wait for de next episode….

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    next please!

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    Hmmm for ur mind u b wealth

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