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    It is finist indeed

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    Episodes 36.
    Have you ever been in a situation where you felt there is no hope for continuity?,where you wish the ground will just open and swallow you inorder to save you from the cruel embarrassment that will follow?,where you wish you were Dreaming and you prayed to wake up and find out that everything was a dream,and then watch everything Return back to normal in a twinkle of an eye?, that is what happen to me. I thought Isabella will let hell loose,she stare at Lilian to mariam who were forming in anger saying some insulti’ve words with all attentions drawn to us then she suddenly started smiling which irritated them more.
    “are you sure this girl is alright?,it seems she is loosing her sanity”.Lilian ask Mariam while Isabella kept on smiling.i could see she is fully calmed, no traces of tears could be found in her eyes which I Thankgod Ernestly for in my mind. But a angry person eyes usually turn brown why will Isabella eyes turn blue when she is always angry?, that was the question I wish I have an answer to.
    Mariam stood transfixed boiling in anger as Isabella kept on smiling and they stare at her with missed feelings,i Was also surprised too,this is not the first time Isabella is doing this,smiling brightly when everyone will think she will react.
    “so upon all this beauty this girl no well?”.mariam answered Lilian with another question after staring at Isabella for some minutes.girls can be very funny so she agrees that Isabella is more beautiful than her and she still want to fight her because of a boy?.
    “waiter,please come to this table”.Isabella finally said for the first time and a waiter came in a Jiffy while Lilian and Mariam stare at her in awe wondering what she is up to.
    “ma,you sent for me”.the young girl said signifying her presence.
    “please get I and my handsome friend two plates of noodles and chicken”.she elucidated and I could feel some butterfly in my stomach singing and flying happily. Am not happy cos of the food though,have you ever felt a beautiful girl whom you are crushing on call you seductively in public with a sweet name and a bright smile?, shunning everyone there without any atom of fear?, that is the kind of joy I felt when Isabella said that as people started Mumuring incoherently while Mariam and lilian started fighting with their emotions and I stood up with Joy to talk into their head while Isabella sat down still maintaining her bright smile that can make you slip and fall into a gutter on a bright afternoon as she await her order.
    “look mariam,you are not my girl,neither of you are,I can’t even date a girl like you.the last time I checked you have no right whatsoever on any of us again,you lost that title as my head girl when you couldn’t even defend your class in the prestigious quiz, you are the head girl to other students but to us you are not we are independent now so get your stupid self out of my sight”.i shouted to the hearing of everyone Who became shocked at my outburst but who cares,they call for this themselves.
    “you dare call your headgirl stupid?,are you out of your senses?”.Lilian retorted harshly while mariam stood with her anger multiplying every seconds.
    “the last time I checked,you are just a swimming champion which only appeal to the girls,do I look like a girl to you?,does this place seem like a river to you?,where were you when the ss3 loose their right against us?,why didn’t you come and defend them in the quiz? “.i asked her and her protruding fair skin turned pale with anger.
    “we shall see in this school”.mariam threatened dragging Lilian hand as they went out of the cafeteria shaking their ass along.i sat down slowly shifting my plate of noodles closer to myself while Isabella was munching on a chicken in a fork I stare at her and our gaze met and she smiled dropping the rest of the chicken on the plate.
    “that was cool,keep it up”she accolade me and I smiled.
    “thanks Princess”.i replied opening the cover plate of the sweet delicious yummy. Tongues were already wagging,some were accolading me while others were saying otherwise but who cares?, when my Isabella say it is cool then it is cool indeed they can argue with their plate of food.
    I took a fork full of noodles into my mouth and I smiled which Isabella also reciprocated,saying that the food is good is just an understatement you can use any other words that is far better than good as far as it is synonymous with it but good, that is an awkward word to classify it.
    “why did you suddenly started smiling when you were suppose to be Angry”.i asked her and she smile brightly.
    “because at times silence is the best answer and action speak louder than vioce”.she replied and I knodded my head in affirmative even though I could not fathom what she meant by action speak louder than vioce,if she wanted to take action that should have been done when they were close to her not now that they had gone already.
    Isabella paid for the food and she also gave some money to the other waiter that she scared away with her anger and everything settled amicably and in good shape.we left the cafeteria discussing like nothing happen heading toward the class.i noticed Isabella uneasiness as she suddenly started contributing a little to our discussion and I started wondering what is going on in her mind.
    “princess,you are getting me scared,i know something is bothering you please share it with me”.i pleaded standing abrutedly and she also stopped too forcing a smile on her face.
    “I want to beg you for something”.she said in a Meek tune which melted my soul and sent shiver down my spine.
    “you don’t have to beg me,you know I will do anything for you,your words are laws to me”.i poured out my heart and she smiled brightly reflecting her skin with the bright sun.
    “Promise me that you will never mentioned anything fish or any aquatic being when ever we are together not to talk of ordering for it to be eaten”.she elucidated bluntly.
    “I promise princess”.i retorted immediately without thinking twice even though I couldn’t fathom why she said that and I did ask either cos I dont want to spoil a happy mood that I work so hard to put in her mind as she was seen smiling happily which trigger my joy.
    ________The next day__________
    School the day before was so much fun to me,all my friends tried so much in putting smile on my face throughout the day. I arrived the school vecinity very late that day and I walked majestically passed the prefects at the gate who were unable to do anything to me. It is really good to be independent,it should be something Every human should fight to gain.the match which was played the day before by the ss3 and ss2 was on every lips in the school as the ss2 defeated the ss3 out of the League with Just one goal To nothing, it was that day that I discover nothing pain most in football than sending a team out with Just one goal. The ss2 are qualified for the final while the ss1 and jss2 are to play their qualification match that day and the winner will meet up with the ss2 for the Final which is to hold the next day also the same day the swimming contest will start.we were on a free period when I enter the class and I meet the class in a roudy.some of the boys gathered in the front role close to Vincent seat discussing in a loud tune and I wonder why. I sighted Isabella smiling sheepishly at me also with anabel and adaeze and I became curious not knowing the reason behind the smile, a boy took a quick glance at the back and he saw me and he quickly inform the other boy’s including Vincent.
    “he is finally here o”.the boy said and they quickly glanced to the back hailing me and shouting more.vincent quickly stood up and took me by the hand leading me to the gathering and I followed slowly with my curious mind.
    “what is happening guys?”.i asked when we got to the gathering.
    “we are laying a bet here on you and tochukwu in the jss2 class”.matt elucidated and they supported.
    “I still don’t understand please put more light on it”.i retorted amidst plea.
    “bro,you know tochukwu right?”.Vincent asked.
    “yes,i know him”.i replied.
    “we are betting who will score the highest goals in today match between you and him”.he retorted and I became surprised.
    “wait,are you guys actually taking side with the jss2 that they will win this match instead of looking for a way for us to win it?”.i asked with a surprise tune.
    “there is nothing to look in this wealth,we Don loose say we Don loose,finish.there is no way we can win today match”.another boy elucidated and about six boys agreed with him while the other ones that were four in number including Vincent disagreed which brought about another Echo of uproar.
    “you guys should calm down please,how much did each person bet?”I asked again which kinda leasing the shout in the class.
    “two thousand each”.Vincent replied.
    “the side that win will take the whole twenty thousand and share it within themselves”.he explained further.i have always said it before that money and stupidity walk hand in hand together,why will people bet two thousand naira a whole two thousand naira just for a bet if not stupidity?, and the worst part my own friend is among them.
    “well we shall see on the field”.i enunciated and I left the gathering heading to my seat to meet my Bella while they continue submitting their money.
    Time move faster and Swifter than expected and in no distance time the bell for break was jingled as we went out together for the match. Isabella did a great job in putting my mind at peace and as usual she came to watch me play along with adeaze and Anabel who were seating at her side leaving her in the Middle like the Princess of beauty she is, she can easily be recognized in the seating as no other person can match with half of her beauty. Tochukwu is the jss2 star,he single handedly score all the three goals against the jss1 and he did it absolutely well.i stare at the fair young boy just like my age but he is really built up with abs. I was still staring at him when Vincent tap my shoulder from the back and I turned to face him.
    “bro don’t dissapoint me o, na my badge money I use bet so o”.he said bluntly with a sharp tune.
    “why will you even belt self? “.i asked him with a grin on my face.
    “because I know you cannot let me down,think about the amount I will have if we win this match na”.he explained.
    “OK!, I don hear”.i retorted with a smile.
    The match started slowly with a passing from us,i was put in a full match this time unlike the other time and I was so Happy about it. The jss2 were the first to score and it was no other person than tochukwu who scored it with his head. Echoes of shout could be heard from the crowd as they celebrate the goal,i stare at Vincent Who was already moddy and I felt some atom of pity for him. We passed again and I put in my best this time a successful end was met as I scored my first goal in the match making the count equal. I really felt like performing crazy that day because of Vincent which I did scoring four more goals and matt scored the last one few seconds to the end of the match making the score six to one and the referee blow his final whistle signifying the end of the match.vincent joy knows no bound as he was busy hugging me continuesly with a bright smile on his face and Isabella also came to congratulate me too also with Anabel, adaeze and some other students and classmate of mine.uncle Victor called us to give accolade again like before while the other student’s went inside their various classes cos the break was already over. He finished his speech and dismissed us and I stood abrutedly waiting for Vincent who has gone to meet the other boys to collect his share of the money.
    “senior the principal is calling for you in the agric laboratory”.i heard a boy said from my back and I turned to see a jss1 students referring to me.
    “OK!, thanks”.i replied going straight to the lab and the boy left for his class.i never suspected anything neither did I thought about what the principal Will be discussing with me in a agric lab and not his office.
    I enter the lab which was already opened and I stare at the different kind of grass, animals and implement in the lab which we do use for our experiment. I was looking for the principal whereabout when someone suddenly pinned me to the wall and started unbuttoning her shirt.
    “mariam!!”.i exclaimed with shock trying to free myself from her hold but she gripped my shirt so hard pulling out her boobs from her bra.
    “please make love to me wealth,please i beg of you, I can’t hold it anymore “.she said trying place a kiss on my lips as I started shaking my head trying to free myself from her hold but her grip was so strong on me making it impossible for me to breath properly.
    “please stop this Madness,i can’t do this”.i managed to say gripping her hands which were so famed on me as I tried to free them and she freed one trying to dip it into my trouser.
    “please just this once I need you I can take it anymore,please make love to me I am begging you”.she said with a pleading tune and tickling tears.
    “I can’t,leave me alone,leave me mariam go and find someone else”.i shouted on her with Fury.
    “Jesus christ!!!”.we heard from the window and we saw Uncle nick rushing inside the hall with a shocked expression.i was so happy that someone has finally came to save me from mariam grips and she quickly released her hands from my grips covering her breasts with her palm and she said something that weak my entire body.
    “thank you sir,please sir help me he want to rape me”.Lilian retorted and she busted into tears.
    “sir,is not true please belie…. “.i tried to defend my self when uncle Nick interrupted my words with a thunderous slap landed on my cheeks and I fell down on the floor.
    “you have become so popular in this School,and you now decided to be raping any girl that refused you right?”.he shouted and I became scared holding my cheeks and trying to plead with him but all my pleas and explanation fell on his deaf ear.
    “you will leave this school today you hooligan”.he said dragging me from the floor amidst beating while mariam followed us slowly with tears rushing down from her face as uncle nick drag me along heading to the principal office.
    To be continue………

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    wonderful nxt pls

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    Nawa oo for girls, so you got framed up just like that, I know Bella won’t believe them even principal will doubt it.

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    Some girls wicked sha

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    This Is Surely Setup

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    interesting,next please

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    Nice win for the ss1, Wizzy nice job

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