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    Next update oh Wizzy boy should be compensated for all the beatings

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    Episodes 38.
    There is a point in life where you will feel some pity for someone who you always wish hell to fall upon,that is the point I came face to face with that day. Seeing someone that just ran out few seconds ago laying on the floor lifeless with a shattered heard which could possibly be done by a car wheel melt my heart slowly.but something does not seem right and this thing that happen cannot be framed as ordinary coincidence, prestigious kings academy parking garage consists of straight road which lead to an urban forestry few miles away,people are hardly seen passing that route to the forestry they usually follow another road leading from umuetiti which is a neighbouring community to ezenite.i have never for once see a bicycle passing this route to the forestry before since I know that route not to mention a van why will it be today of all day,today that someone offended me?. First it was an accident that was mysteriously stopped by an unknown force and I teleported out of the scene then Richard who ran mad some days after messing with I and Isabella now uncle Nicholas who died immediately after punishing me unjustly,i think there is a kind of Power which I don’t know anything about and I really need to find out about it.i was still thinking very hard staring at uncle nick lifeless body when the principal brought me into reality with his discussion with the gateman which I listen to with rapt attention.
    “james what really happen here?”.he asked the gateman and the gateman took some few walk toward where he was standing before answering him.
    “sir!,if I said I understand what really happen here I will be a great liar,i don’t understand the swiftness and the way it happen,it seem like a movie to me”.the gateman explained in a cracked vioce.
    “you mean he just had an accident like that,what kill him?”.the principal asked.
    “I saw a van coming toward this route in speed while the teacher tried to cross the road in haste.sir it seems like the teacher was oblivious of the van likewise the van because the van kicked him and also moved on like nothing happen and I think that is when the wheel rode pass his head”.
    “you mean they didn’t see themselves?”.the principal asked in a surprise tune.
    “sir I don’t think so,am still trying to figure out how possible it could be,i don’t think the driver saw him or knows what he did and I also dont think the teacher saw the van too it was something like a shut down Memory of both parties”.the gateman elucidated with a serious expression.
    “hmmm this is really mysterious”.
    “very mysterious sir”.
    “well maybe that is the punishment he had to pay for punishing an innocent boy unjustly some kids have over protective guardian angel who are easily be provoked with injustice”.the principal concluded then the sound of an ambulance was been heard from a distance. I left the scene heading to the school with the thought of the principal last speech and I made up my mind to ask my mom that day when I get home.
    I saw Isabella standing at the pathway to the class when I enter the school compound and all my anger and pity flew out of my mind and they were replaced with joy.i ran in haste to met up with her and I could see her blue eyes still very vibrant and I know without any doubt that she is still very angry,but the big unanswered question is ‘with who?.
    “where have you been,i have been looking for you since at the line and the gathering outside”.i poured out staring at her eyes with the fear that she won’t answer me.
    “why should I go to the gathering?”.she fired back at Me with a question in a voice which procure anger. Though I am still angry with her but joy surge through me when she she spoke to me.
    “uncle nick is dead, he was brushed down with a van”.i explained expecting atleast an atom of pity from her.
    “he deserve what he got no one slap you and go scot free”.she explained and I became surprised,so she cares,she actually cares.
    “that idiot has lost the position she use in threatening me,lets see how far the other idiot will last has the swimming champion”.she retorted referring to Lilian and I smiled. To me there is no hope of defeating lilian,how does she even want to defeat lilian when she said she is not good with water?,adaeze cannot do it so who will?,I asked in my mind and I stare at her angry Face in silence.
    “why didn’t you came to defend me in the principal office,is that what friends does?,abandoning themselves in the mist of trouble.i asked changing the discussion.
    “what is the essence of defending you when the principal is sending all your defendant out?”.she asked back and for the first time my eyes calmed down. She is actually right and she have a very good point with that.
    “OK, please calm down”.i elicudated bluntly.
    “for me”. I added slowly with a smile and she stare at me leaving all her focus on me and I stare at her eyes which were brighten up slowly.
    “wisdom!”.she called bluntly.
    “yes princess”.
    “kiss me”.she retorted sharply.
    “what!!!, another mariam in the building!”.i exclaimed slowly and her face went pale which she cover up with a forced smile.
    “wait you were joking right?”.i asked.
    “ofcourse I was joking,what were you expecting before?”she elicudated and i exhale,though I really do wish she was not joking,a part of me wanted to grab it at once but I thought about it,what if she is joking and I end up disgracing myself?.
    “how Will you kiss me when you were crying for the past two hours ago,you lips will be fully filled with dry salty tears,and beside you have not wash your self in the river like I have told you”.she said smiling sheepishly which trigger my smile too.the sound of ambulance which was already packed few minutes ago started fading out and students started trouping in,i saw my mum and the principal approaching though they were at the back with other staffs while my friends started running in haste toward us and they bumped into me hugging me at once with a cheerful smile.
    “welcome back bro”.Vincent said when we have dessengaged the hug and we all smile including Isabella.
    “where did he went to before?”.Isabella asked with a cheerful grin.
    “aunty Bella na you ask this question just now?”.adaeze retorted.
    “before nko”.isabella replied.
    “jesus!!!”.we All exclaimed laughing so hard as people started staring at us wondering why we shouted so loud including isabela who seem lost.
    “what?,why are you guys shouting like that?”.she asked staring at us serially.
    “you have finally murder pidgin English”.adaeze retorted and we started laughing again.
    “please don’t speak that language again o,the thing no just fit you at all”.anabel spoke out for the first time and we busted into a huge laughter again.
    “please,the two of you should just stick to the English language and leave the local one alone,stop murdering our God giving Sweet language”.i elucidated and anabel Face went pale while Isabella started smiling.
    “but at least I try pass her sha”.anabel spoke out referring to Isabella.
    “You say??”.Vincent asked shifting his right ear closer to anabel.
    “I said I try pass her”.anabel retorted again.
    “funke!!!”.Vincent exclaimed.
    “lol,what concern the name with this one now”.adeaze enunciated.
    “her word struck me Like lightening,look Isabella tried more than you hearing her voice alone is enough not the fluentness language”.vincent explained and anabel hissed.
    “if na that one no just go there,how can you be comparing a c--k to a magnificent bird?,the comparism of Isabella vioce to Anabel’s own is like comparing real Madrid football club to warri wolf”.adaeze elucidated sharply taking us into a cloud of laughter while Anabel face went pale staring at us with a deadly look.
    “wetting that one come mean now, I don’t understand o”.she asked with her voice that always spoiled the sweet beautiful Street language.
    “oya you talk true now, is there any vioce as sweet like Isabella’s own?”.adaeze asked Anabel.
    “if na that one,the answer is no sha”.
    “oh oh”.we exclaimed and busted into laugh again.i and Isabella Just stood in their mist contributing a little to the discussion as we laugh out so loud,my friends are the best ever no moment of boredom with them if they really want to talk. For noise making they are really talented in it.we are here laughing so loud forgotten that someone just died few minutes ago and I was almost killed some minutes ago too,that is not our business though, if any query arises that is for the principal to solve and since he is not worried then definitely it is not our own palaver.
    “and the queen of pidgin English is My one and only love,the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh”.Vincent elicudated and we became curious wondering who he is referring to.
    “and who is could that be?”.Isabella asked him while he stood smiling and staring at the cloud tapping his feet on the floor too.
    “tell us na”.i added.
    “ada-eze!!!”.he. shouted dragging The name and started running.
    “huh!, what!!!.adaeze exclaimed and he started running after Vincent in the field while we continue laughing so hard.i took a quick glance at my back and I saw my mum staring at us standing close to the principal and she motioned to me to come with her hand.
    “am coming please my mom is calling for me”.i elucidated and Isabella smiled staring at my mom.
    “OK!!, should I come with you?”.she asked bluntly and I became confuse,a part of me wanted to say yes but with what my mom have against her which she as refuses to tell. Me, I end up shaking my head negatively which she never complain about rather she nodded in affirmative.
    “wisdom is that really your mom?”.anabel asked and I stare at her surprised.
    “yes,why asking?”.
    “hmmmm, no wonder”.she exclaimed.
    “no wonder what?”
    “nothing”.she replied.
    “tell me now o”.i said urging her to speak.
    “I will tell you later”.she replied and i gave up. I walked out of them heading to Where my mum and the principal were standing while Anabel and. Vincent were still running around the field, new love bird in town”.i muttered coherently.
    The principal took US to his office and my mum sat down while I stood abrutedly like the teen I am even though another chair is present I still decided to stand and non of them were able to say wisdom seat down,wicked elders.
    “well we have discuss so many irrelevant things let’s discuss about your son please, where did you get a super Child Like this from?, please tell me I need To get one”.the principal elucidated and my mum. Started laughing.
    “that is funny, where do they get kids from?”.my mum replied with a question. It seem everyone in this country are used to the tradition of answering questions with question cos everyone is actually doing it now.
    “I don’t know,there are kids but this one is an excellent kid”.the principal retorted and we smiled.
    “well MA am sorry for calling you here even though I knew the truth,i just want to accolade you for being the mother of a great student like wisdom,i also want to tell you that the school will pay for all his treatment till he is fully alright”.he explained with a serious expression.
    “but he is alright, I can take care of him don’t worry about us”.my mum elucidated.
    “nope, we still insist to pay, we need him in this school Just like we need our staffs”.the principal added and he took out an envelope from his drawer handing it to my mom which she exitated a little but she later collected it though.
    “that is the sum of thirty thousand naira,you can call the school hotline of that is not enough for his treatment”.he added with a bright smile.
    “thank you so much william”.my mom said referring to my principal with his firstname.
    “you are welcome Juliet, you are a great mother keep it up”.the principal enunciated with a bright smile while I stood there contributing nothing to their discussion and I wonder why she called me to join them in the first place.
    I walk my mom out of the gate after we left the office and bade the principal goodbye and we discuss continuesly along the way.
    “mum you harsh o”.i later said and she smiled.
    “no one slap my son and go scot free weather he is right or wrong”.she elucidated repeating almost the same statement with Isabella and I smiled too.
    “is that her?”.she asked drifting me of my thought.
    “who mom?”I asked.
    “the daughter of okenwa”.she replied and I nodded in affirmative and sad countenance.
    “she is super beautiful”.my mom elucidated with a bright smile emanating from her lip’s and she patted me on my shoulder slowly and she started going home while I stood abrutedly smiling cheerfully at her last word watching her as she walk out majestically.
    To be continue……..

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    Soft work from Isabella

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    Loving the story bit by bit

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    Nice one,next please

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    Your mum don approve b dat

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    like your mom is liking her already

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