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    🚢🏽 🚢🏽

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    Jay logo I like d name

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    episode 2

    Episode 2
    He as done for me
    He as done for me
    What my papa can not do
    He as done me
    Was the song my friend was singing when I was coming back from market ,hey boda what does he do this time o
    I have a girlfriend now
    You know what you have tosin and now I have pelumi(he ans)
    Ok oo
    What happened in her house
    Favour:as I got to their junction I called her that I’ve reach junction she said she as send someone to pick me up
    Me:then what’s happenbed
    Favour:ogbeni o je farabale(Mr Man just be patient)
    Me: anyway ve you cooked
    Favour:so you don’t trust me
    Me: what did you prepared don’t forget we are going to vigil o
    Favour:it’s amala and egusi
    Me:how many mangi(Maggi) did you use
    Favour:three na ,infact you’ll like it
    Me:you have killed me o three Maggi in one seat soup temibami
    Because she accepted your proposal does that mean you should killed me
    Me: how did it go with ur date
    Favour:(with an excited face)after ve wait like century like almost 2hours
    Me:then what’s happened or should need to call shade b4 u will talk
    Favour:so as reach there I say hi and she replied hello dear .
    I was like is this one stupid
    So as I dey talk to her she just dey use me press phone
    So I also picked my phone up
    Me:en eh
    Favour: farabale o you know I have a girlfriend now ,am learning how to be talked without shouting
    Me:peeele omo to ni girlfriend (sorry for who have girlfriend)
    Favour:so she said I will just bore you with my actions ,are you on Facebook , yeah I replied with my British voice
    So we add our self on Facebook and I start the chat
    Favour:hello to the one who rescue mosquito and arrested a king for attempting to killed a mosquito
    Pelumi:hi handsome (yes it is true that my friend is really handsome more than me self)
    He blushed in front of me as he explained
    Favour: pls baby can you be my girlfriend
    Favour: thank you
    Pelumi:you are welcome
    Me:then what’s happened after that
    Favour:she ask if I was leaving alone ,I replied her no
    And she said can we both come next week Tuesday
    Ve promise her that we are both coming
    Me:are you sick or something
    Me: did you think that one is real
    Favour:is real joor .she saw handsome boy liked me shey lo foor Sara (she was blushing after seeing fine boy like me)
    Me: almost forgotten,why did you go with textbook and with my mathset
    Favour:so that she can see me as A serious guy
    Me:I don’t think your mentality is from this world
    Favour: what did you mean
    Me: because you are too foolish just to think that she can like you because you go with your textbook and you said she see you as handsome guy that’s why she accepted your fastfast
    My brother is a big lie if you think that way ,you didn’t go with you bicycle talkless of going with your car and here you were saying she is now your girlfriend
    Yeye boyfriend
    Favour:yes that was the song she was playing when I was about to come home
    Me:see your life .you are too novice
    Not to notice
    That she’s playing you
    Me: anyway come serve me o
    He dish the soup to my plate(I must confess it smelled nicer) I take three rapper of amala
    As I deep my hand βœ‹ inside amala it was like I deep my hand inside sand at the seaside ,I tasted the soup it tasted terrible
    That’s is how I went to church with empty stomach for night vigil
    All through the vigil I wasn’t praying nor sleeping also
    The next week Tuesday we went to her place
    Do you know what happened there this time around stay stune for the next episode

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    @henrymary @thecomely @danieledem @everyone and @everybody new episodes is out and another one very soon

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    Nice start.

    But you can always do better

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    Yeye boyfriend indeed,mugu man dey carry textbook

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    Yeye boyfriend indeed

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    Next pls

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