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    Na dat ghost lady way u never tell us her name.

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    episode 6

    Episode 6

    I reach hostel by 7pm ,I meet my friend singing one akon song title break down
    You found a soldier
    Am a men of peace
    I fight for your love
    They train to take it from me
    Me:have you buy extra life
    Favour: what did you mean
    Me:I heard you want to fight soldier because of love
    Favour:bro I really love her
    Me:go tell her ,and make sure you fight soldier first before you tell her
    Favour:that one is na just a joke
    We laugh it out ,and I make dinner that night to avoid not eat that night,after that we went to bed to sleep then everything that happened during the day just flash to my head
    Me: you again
    The lady:yes is me oo cup na
    Me: thanks for the other day
    Lady: forget jooor,but jaylogo you are funny o
    Me:no na, that joke is tooo expensive na
    Lady:I never knew the powerful name jaylogo the owner is a h….m
    Let me not talk o
    Me:is what ,is better you keep shut now before I kill you
    You were wondering who is she she is the girl that I thought she wanted to kiss me but things go out of hand
    I suppose to be shy Infront of her but the population in the taxi make me use my brain
    As we dey inside taxi she asked me why I didn’t ask for her name
    And I told her I expect her to tell me by yourself
    She said I should ask for her name and her number I told her
    If she really wants to give me ,she should give me
    She told me am not romantic
    Me:when am not raja and Rani(Indians film lover should have known both of them)
    The lady :hahahahahah… anyway you called them ,.my name is ewa from slt department
    Me: what are you doing here in South campus , because I learnt that they received lecture from North Campus
    Ewa:I came to receive my king by myself
    Me:oh I see , have you now see him or he as left
    Ewa:is here with me in this taxi
    Me: really
    I quickly cover my face and turn around to scan every one maybe I can know him,if is a Christian like me or a hooligan
    Ewa: what are you looking for
    Me: nothing. Ok
    I just want to guess who is he and tell he is lucky to have you all by himself
    Ewa:be decieving yourself,do you think those rough guy can be him. Never
    Me:then who is. He
    I ask myself again who is he again
    Can you please tell me who is he

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    It could be you or maybe the taxi driver

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    is U
    mumu boy

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    Episode 7
    There is nothing without something
    Maybe she is just joking Sha
    I forget about the issue not like i care anyway
    Since that day we haven’t meet nor see
    After some week on Monday my guy told me he saw pelumi with one guy at the school boys hostel
    I told him maybe she followed one of her friends
    Me:if you really love this girl go and ask her abi you still dey expect me
    On Monday my all my class end by 2:00pm so his own start by 3pm that is why i meet him at home
    After he left for lecture i call my girlfriend maybe she will pick up today and to know why she see my calls and didn’t flash nor call call back. (Phone ring)
    Me:hello bae why did you neglected me,i have been calling you you didn’t pick up ,what have i done to you pls bae na
    Tosin:the reason why i pick up your call is to let you know that am done with this relationship
    Me: what (my face dry up quickly) ,in my life have never know how to toast a girl even this one is just like gift to me when ever anybody want to know if i have a girlfriend or not
    Me: have i done anything wrong bae
    Tosin: have you ever in your life tell me with your mouth that you love me , have you ever try to meet me after we have started dating , have you ever let anyone see you with me which means you are shy of seeing me beside you so i have determined and have already moved on with my life may God help you to see a boring girlfriend like you
    Me:baby pls don’t do this to me ,pls pls tosin
    Tosin:it is over,read my leaps it is over between us
    I was like am i dreaming,is that finally the end, i call her once in a month ,is that not enough?i sent her 500naira card anytime she text me
    Oh blood of Judas why , i don’t know am already cry until i heard someone saying na who dey cooked this kind of food wey wan evaporated and transported in to the tiny air wey one blow my knows, that was when i realized am cooking
    I bring out plate dish out food into d plate ,i started eating then i started calculate the how many times i have send her credit card
    I abandoned the food to calculate it
    On calculating it the total amount was the amount i need for integrated fee #10 500 i was like maybe i should just call her to send me my card better still send it to my account
    Or should i do now

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    Scram!!! Childish behaviour

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    Funny. just move on too

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