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    Johnson Jr ?, Season 1

    Written ✍ by Marvel infinity

    (The Johnsons family, a family that’s loves sex and sleep with white women,Black men with huge d---s and stamina and endurance like that of a horse! Ladies and girl are soon to be sex hunted by this family………)
    The Johnsons
    My name’s Johnson, yes Jack Johnson but just call me Johnson, I come from well a nice but crazy ass family, let me explain, every male born in our house is a sex craze person believe its a genetic inheritance passed from our great ancestor, who slept with every Sexy lady he could, it was told he was a slave in the slavery era, the wife of his master(white men) called him every time to satisfy her lust because her husband is what you may call, a guy with disability ? and not only did our great g satisfy her, he also had a big d--k, and when I say big I mean very Biiiiiiiigggggggg d--k.
    So that’s the story, to be precise I like girls myself and I f--k their brains out truly, I inherited my ggs big d--k, yes! Every year, there was an initiation ceremony in our family, for u to be a complete Johnson you must sleep with a lady and not just any lady a Sexy lady and if you f--k a white lady or fair lady you get more respect in the family, So when I had my initiation, I had no one to f--k with and all was at stake, I don’t sleep with a lady and soon, I’ll be f----d!

    It so happens that before the time of my initiation ran out,it was 10 in the night, I was walking on the street when I saw this beautiful fair lady (Jackpot) walking on the road absent minded, well she was Sexy and all but she was in her mid 30s and she was looking all shaged up, I followed her to wherever she was going till she reached a house, she walked into the house and just stay close at her door to see what she was doing, a little while she started complaining about some thing…..

    Woman ➡ What a day, no one look care for me and I’m all alone, no kids, no friends nobody and my husband! What a waste.
    D--n! This lady is married, and what kind of husband would leave his wife alone in the house.
    Suddenly, a car parked near the house, and I quickly ducked out of the way, and a man emerged from it, Seriously the guy looks beats, maybe he’s a banker, he walked straight into the house and forget to close the door.

    Man- ➡Vivian am home, sugar.

    Vivian -➡ohhh? hi darling! How’s work?

    Man-➡ Its tiring!

    Vivian ➡So are you..


    Vivian➡Nothing… (P---k)

    Man➡Baby let’s go to bed and make some love.

    Vivian ➡if you say so.

    They went in their room to f--k and luckily the house was not a storey building so, I went to where their bedroom window was located and it was even better cause I could see the action. They started their love making or love disaster cause, the guy just pushed the lady on the bed and pulled his trousers and started pounding his wife, the lady was just there on the bed not enjoying the moment, and the stupid fool was just asking stupid questions and pounding away….

    Man➡You like it huh?


    Man➡how do you like my big d--k?

    Vivian ➡?

    Man➡I’m gonna f--k ur brains out.


    Man➡I’m gonnnnnnnnna c-c-c-c-ummmmmmm!



    Believe me it was disastrous, the fool only lasted 2mins and he thinks he got a big d--k, Honest it was like a small pencil, how could he make her pregnant with that!
    He slept off and his wife stood up went to the toilet and took a bath, she was obviously h---y but there was nothing she could do, so she want to close the door but seeing this as an opportunity to satisfy her and myself and get my respect in the house, I had to take action.
    She came close to the door to close it, then I came in, shut the door then kissed her, she didn’t fight back and it gave me the green light to go on.
    I kissed her neck and played with her p---y, I inserted my fingers in it, D--n she was wet, I s----d her boobs and played with them, I tore her night gown, pushed her on the sofa, and removed my clothes, she was my d--k and was amazed, no talking just working, she grabbed it and started s-----g it, ? ? Wow she was good, my head was light and I wasn’t feeling myself, she s----d it good but she wasn’t going deep enough, I pushed her head deeper and she swallowed my d--k whole, she did something I’ve never seen, she licked my ass, Boy it was sensational, after 5mins I came in her mouth and I spread her legs, D--n she was wet, I went inside her slowly cause her p---y was tight, so after I went in her, I stroked inside her p---y little by little, she was moaning now and after she adjusted to my d--k, I increased my tempo, I t----t in her fast and hard, I pounded her p---y like life depended on it, she was moaning and screaming louder now, she held my ass encouraging me to go deep, I opened her legs wider and fired deep, her boons we’re shaking up and down, I s----d them both, I pulled her hair and pounded her good,.

    Vivian ➡Y-yessssssss, yeses, yes f--k me up, f--k! Yes, destroy me, oohhh pls make me c-m, I’m yours, I’m ur birch pls f--k me yes, yes, yes, ohhhh, I’m c-cummming.
    She came hard, this was obviously her first orgasms, she looked tired and she wanted to rest but I didn’t c-m so, I pulled one of the sofas pillow and I adjusted her ass for the doggy.

    Vivian ➡what a-a-re you doing?

    I ploughed her from behind and I dug deep, i pushed in her balls deep and she was moaning and screaming, I spanked her ass, pulled her hair and kissed her neck(this feeling is great 4 ladies).
    Puck! Puck! Puck! The sound of our coliding flesh was music to my ears, I f----d her to my fill and when I was about to c-m, i quickly adjusted her missionary style and sank deep into her, I pounded good and deep and. After a minute, I released my c-m into her womb.
    Wow that felt good

    How do you like it?
    Hope it will be entertaining

    It’s a amazing story of fun, betrayal and danger.
    Read this till the end of the season

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    Johnson Jr ?, Season 1
    Episode (2)

    Written ✍ by Marvel infinity

    So that’s how I completed my initiation, after that night, Vivian and I became friends but we didn’t have sex, she wanted it, but I did it with her to complete my, initiation.
    So that’s my story, Though despite being a complete Johnson, I wasn’t like the rest of the family, I like other stuffs like hanging out with friends, having fun and all that, but it seems that fate had something in store for me.
    One day, I was in class, minding my business, when all of a sudden, Our principal Mr gesinde came into our class, (God the guy is a real pain in the ass, what a d--k, he’s so annoying and boring, his problem is he likes women too much and the bastard is married and he doesn’t like seeing the boys hanging out with the girls) .He came into our class to introduce our next literature teacher, Mrs Felicia Eze! D--n this lady is packed! I mean double package! She’s fair, curvy and attractive, her ass is like that of Mercy Johnson the famous nollywood actress, her boobs are straight and big as Casaba melons and her hips Wow! Any guy that sees this lady will definitely have a boner! And boy, I’m going to bang her to hell.
    After she was introduced, she each asked us our names and she told us a little more about herself, we thought she was the nice going lady, everything was going to be fyn, then she disarmed the bomb!

    Mrs Felicia➡Listen to me, all of you, I don’t tolerate nonsense cause if anyone of you messes with me, I will personally deal with you! Do you understand?

    Class➡Yes ma!!

    D--n this lady is ruthless, well let’s see what she’s made of! So after her class, I went straight to the toilet to take a piss, So as I entered the toilet, I noticed the toilet cleaner was inside. Her name is Bisi, but we boys call her BigBam! Yeah she got a really big fat ass! Oh la la! Even Mrs Felicia is no match!( It was rumored that she, BigBam services our principal, well no one could prove a thing so, it all came to pass)

    TBC ??

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    Johnson Jr ?, Season 1
    Episode (3)

    Written ✍ by Marvel infinity

    So BigBam apologized saying she didn’t know I was in tgw toilet, D--n she lady is too much, if not because of life’s condition, she would have been a beautiful, Sexy lady, and the clothes she wore was so tight and my d--k was already begging to pound her good.
    Well, a wise man once said opportunity comes but once, I wasn’t going to let her go till I gave her my mark, I close the door and bolted it, I grabbed her and started working on her killer body, she was trying to resist but She is in no position to do that.

    BigBam ➡Johnson stop now, wetin be this?

    Johnson ➡Shut up, you’re the one that tempted me, can’t you see I have a boner, you have to take responsiblity.

    BigBam ➡Ahhh, take am easy! I go do you.

    She bent down and loosened my belt and pulled down my trouser, when she saw my Mandingo she was alarmed and surprised!

    BigBam ➡Ahhhhh, johnny this ur thing ee too big oo, ahhh I no go fit allow you enter cause you go split me into two, but I go fit s--k you!

    Johnson ➡No problem do it.

    She grabbed my d--k and started giving me a bj, first, she rubbed it with her hands softly and slowly, D--n she’s good, Secondly, she started kissing and licking the tip, my precum was already coming out, I felt like I was going to blow, (this butch is good) then finally, she swallowed my thing whole, she s----d every inch, length and breadth of my d--k, the feeling was too much, she even grabbed my ass and pulled me forward, her tongue was amazing cause if she had s----d a bit harder she would had definitely ripped my d--k off! So after she was done s-----g my staff, her tongue was findfinding its way to my ass! (? What! I’m clean) she didn’t insert her tongue in my ass but she played with her tongue around the doorway of my ass, I was soon going to blow any minute, then she s----d my balls and at the same time my ass(the feelings too d--n good) soon enough I came hard on the toilet wall.
    ? Whew! This lady is a professional but I wasn’t done with her yet cause my stallion was still standing.

    BigBam ➡Ehen we don’t finish, make I come dey go.

    Johnson ➡What!? Am not satisfied.

    BigBam ➡Ehen? Na my problem?

    Johnson ➡We’ll see!

    I quickly grabbed her from behind and used my belt to tie her hands around the shower and used my Handkerchief to gag her mouth so that she wouldn’t scream. After that I pulled her pants down, D--n her V place smelled nice like ? Roses and I saw something, there was a writing on her ass that says
    “My property, keep off”
    I asked her who gave her that writing butshe refused, so I decided to make spill the beans, the hard way!

    ➡First of all, I f----d her using my hands, I played with her p---y till she was wet and whimpering like a puppy

    ➡Secondly, I played with her breasts (p. S If you want a woman to submit to you during sex play with the milk factory) I pinched her nipples till it became hard, she was shedding tears now

    ➡Thirdly, I spanked her ass, nice and hard, she was feeling pain but at the same time feeling pleasure! She started moaning and screaming.

    Johnson ➡Now answer my question, who wrote that on you?

    BigBam ➡Abeg no kill me, na oga principal poo pls no tell anybody.

    I knew it, that pig was having a good time, well Mr PC our property is now officially mine. I’m going to make sure I f--k her brains out that she wont enjoy anyone else but me! So I positioned my stallion to enter BigBams wonderland!


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    Johnson Jr ? 4

    ✍ by Marvel infinity


    I positioned her ass and plunged in deep into her p---y, Man, it was warm inside and tight, whoever that was f-----g her had a small ? d--k, I went slow so her p---y could adjust to the size of my d--k, she was moaning sweetly, and enjoying what was inside her, her p---y held my d--k tight inside and while I was f-----g her slow, she came! ?

    BigBam ➡Oboy, u fit f--k oo, ahhhh oya pull out so make I go continue work.

    Johnson ➡(what!?) Wetin u say?

    BigBam ➡Ah, ah, I say remove am now! I wan continue work.

    Johnson ➡You’re not okay! ?

    I grabbed her hips and pounded fast and hard into her p---y, she was moaning loudly now, so I covered her mouth ? so she won’t attract attention to us. I pounded her so hard that she started to cry begging me to stop! I paid no attention to her, I f----d her deep, her p---y walls were clinging to my d--k, the sound of our coliding flesh and her moans filled the toilet after some minutes of intense f-----g, we both came hard!
    D--n, her p---y was heaven ? and it sure was a good f--k but a Johnson never fucks one hole. So I grabbed her ass and inserted my ball into it, to my amazement, my d--k went in straight and smooth, so I decided to know who did her back there.

    Johnson ➡Who f--k ur bottom?

    BigBam ➡Na my neighbor oo.

    Johnson➡Who him be?

    BigBam ➡The guy na bricklayer, he name na Jonah!

    Johnson ➡Jonah? ? Him do good job oo

    I plunged into her p---y and f----d her hard, d--n! (This Jonah guy definitely broke bigbam’s ass to the core) I twisted my waist and pushed in deep, BigBam wasn’t moaning like she did when I f----d her p---y so I decided to go all out, I pushed in harder and deeper, and I grabbed her melons playing with them, I gently bit her earlobes and pulled her hair!
    BigBam began to moan louder than ever, it seems I broke jonahs record, she was busy saying yes, yes encouraging me to go deep, I spanked her ass and kept f-----g her ass harder and faster.

    After a while, I came deep into her ass, her legs were shaking and we both were sweating profusely, so I quickly clean myself and walked out of the toilet and then, straight to class.
    So while, I was in the class, thinking ? about what happened in the toilet, our stupid principal came into the class and started saying meaningful and stupid things.

    Principal ➡Afternoon class, I’ve heard rumors about student have affairs with the school staffs, let me warn such sinful act won’t be tolerated and if you’re caught, only God can save you. Good day to you all.
    (What an a-----e, pretending to be holy, he thinks I don’t know his fling with BigBam, anyways I have a feeling she won’t be going back to him at all?)

    To be Continued

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    Johnson Jr ? 5️⃣
    episode 5
    Written ✍ by Marvel infinity

    Days went by after my bout with BigBam, life was good and the world seemed okay, So I was staying at home studying since it was weekend and there was nothing for me to do, My cousins, Jimmy and Mike came to visit me at home, They love to party ? and f--k girls! They have this stupid code of nothing having relationship till marriage ? only f--k girls and dump them, they said women can’t be trusted! That I believe, never trust a woman.?
    So they came in, exchanged greetings and started talking about parties well I didn’t pay attention to them when they noticed I was not listening to them, Mike showed a video of the party they went yesterday, saying they met a Sexy lady who was playing had to get each time she comes into the club wearing Sexy clothes, she doesn’t allow guys to flow through, you know what I mean?

    Mike➡ Dude, this B---h is Sexy, she’s so hot bi she doesn’t open them legs, what’s her p?

    Jimmy➡ Yeah right, I checked up on her but she ain’t married that B---h line is soon gonna end.

    Johnson ➡lemme see the video

    When I saw who was in the video I was surprised, Mrs Felicia eze, our teacher in a f-----g club! D--n and she looks so hot and this is one opportunity that I wasn’t going to past up.

    Johnson ➡Mike, are you guys going to the club tonight?

    Mike➡Yeah, I want to pound that B---h honey pot!

    Johnson ➡(Not if I do it first creep) I’m going with you guys and send me the video and pick me up later.

    Mike➡Alright cousin, better prepare urself!

    Johnson ➡Okay see you later.

    D--n, Mrs Felicia is in for trouble, I must definitely f--k her tonight and thank goodness, I have the video for blackmail if she doesn’t open her legs, this video will. So I choose the best outfit for the occasion, ironed them, and did whatever it is I wanted to do before the time of the party.

    Later in the evening
    So I prepared myself and waited for my cousins before long they came in their car and zoomed off to the club.
    The club was a very crowded place but the building was big to contain everybody in it, there were alot of Sexy girls and guys as well, everybody was having a good time, some girl asked me to join them but I was not interested in them, Mrs Felicia was my concern!
    I waited for hours and I got bored and tired, I almost gave up and decided to go home…….. Just then, She came, Mrs Felicia came! D--n this lady is magnificent, she was mind blowing and she got everyones attention so I waited till she found a place to sit after some minutes I sprang into action!
    I went straight into action and strolled towards her, as I was about to reach her place and pretended as if I was about to fall, then I bumped her, when she turned around and saw me she was surprised!

    Felicia ➡ What!? Johnson

    Johnson ➡Ohh, ? Felicia

    Mrs Felicia ➡Stop calling me Felicia, what are you doing here?

    Johnson ➡ I was about to ask the same thing! Felicia

    Mrs Felicia ➡Stop calling me Felicia, I’m ur teacher!

    Johnson ➡No, not right now!

    Mrs Felicia ➡Are you out of ur mind?

    Johnson ➡No, just feeling the vibe, B---h?

    Mrs Felicia ➡What did you just call me?

    Johnson ➡You heard me! B---h?

    Mrs Felicia ➡I’ll deal with you when we go to school.

    Johnson ➡Dont even try it or I’ll show everyone ur video in this club.

    Mrs Felicia ➡What video? You’re bluffing!

    Johnson ➡Try me and see.(I showed her the video in my phone! You should have seen her face)

    Mrs Felicia ➡ Pls Johnson delete the video, I’ll let pass in my subject.

    Johnson ➡(is she 4 real?) ??B---h I don’t need ur pass!

    Mrs Felicia ➡What do you want then?

    Johnson ➡Ur Sexy body for three days

    Mrs Felicia ➡ What????

    To be continued

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    3 days??

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