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    Surest J
    You chop ur oga p food too

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    hey see mata

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    she will surely agree nah…when her reputation is at stake

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    Johnson Jr ? 6️⃣

    Written ✍ by Marvel infinity


    Fecilia➡ ? what???

    Johnson ➡yeah

    Felicia➡ you’re mad

    Johnson ➡ yeah so do you agree or not

    Felicia➡Dont think……..

    Johnson ➡ you have now till Monday to give my an answer else ur video goes viral!

    I walked out on her leaving her standing! Poor lady, I really wasn’t going to release it because its cruel but I had to use the video to deal with her, ladies like her need to be taught a lesson! So as I was about to go out of the club, I spotted Vivian!
    Vivian as you all know is the lady that I first had sex with at her house, so I decided to go and say ? hi.
    D--n! Vivian was looking ravishing and hot, she wore a tight black gown, her boobs were full to the brim, looking as if they were going to burst out and her ass D--n! This lady has transformed overnight! I later learn her husband got a nice well paying job and life was quite good for them.

    Johnson ➡hey Vivian remember me?

    Vivian ➡ hmmmmm, ur face looks familiar! Where did we meet?

    Johnson ➡Ohh, I came to ur house, some years back and fixed a troublesome pipe.

    Vivian ➡ ohhhh, I remember ?! Johnson right?

    Johnson ➡ yes

    Vivian ➡ ohh Johnson how r you? Its been a while
    Johnson ➡ yeah,, how’s things?

    Vivian ➡ Everything is fyn! My husband got a new job and life is good but…… ?

    Johnson ➡But what???

    Vivian ➡ the bastard is still the same, he never satisfy me and he cheats on me, his family and my family are worried about us! No kids and I don’t have kids soon, who knows what will happen.

    Johnson ➡Dont worry! Everything is going to be okay so where is ur hubby?

    Vivian ➡ oh, he’s here!

    Johnson ➡ in the club?

    Vivian ➡ yes! Ohhh here he comes

    (God! The Vivians husband is a fool, I mean his wife is crazy hot but he messing things up, this kind of women need attention,if she were my wife, I wouldn’t look at any other lady, this lady is the real deal, correct package) Her husband came straight to us, he was obviously drunk ? because he was walking funny and he’s the type of guy that you can never depend on!

    Fred➡ v v v Vivian! Darrrrlllling whooooos thisssss maaaaaaan?

    Vivian ➡ Fred this is Johnson! He’s a friend

    Johnson ➡ Nice to meet you sir(? whew this guy stinks)

    Fred➡ I hoooopppee you areeee nnnnnnnooottt playyyying with my wwwwiffe?

    Vivian ➡ Fred, what is wrong with you? He’s just a boy!

    Johnson ➡ No sir, she’s like my aunt sir

    Fred➡Goooood! Darrrrling let’s go home.

    Vivian ➡ okay but who’s going to drive?

    Johnson ➡ I’ll drive you guys home!

    So I helped Vivian carry her husband all the way to the car, Can you believe this fool was farting on me? Gross, so I dropped him in the back of the car and I entered the car and drove them home! While I was driving, my eyes ? were glimpsing at Vivians body! God this lady has changed over night I need to do something, I can’t go back home empty handed, I was busy looking at her when she saw me!

    Vivian ➡What are you looking at Johnson ??


    Vivian➡ Really? Don’t tell me you don’t miss our last f--k?.

    Johnson ➡(shit, this lady is trying to make me h---y and its working cause my ? is rising) ooh I do but…..

    Vivian➡ but what?

    Before I could finish, we reached their house d--n! The house was fixed and was better than before, last time I came here it was a bungalow but now its a two storey building! So I parked and dropped her husband inside the house I had to take him all the way up! So after I dropped him, I went down and talked with Vivian for some minutes and decided to go home! So I was trying to kiss Vivian but she brushed me off saying she was tired then I walked out.
    As I was walking away that’s when I realized
    No money for transport
    No thank you from Vivian
    My ? was hard
    And I didn’t do anything to complete my day off
    Hell! There is no way I’m going home till I do what I wanted to do so I ran back to Vivian house!
    She better be ready cause she’s about to have part 2
    To be continued

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    Johnson Jr ?. 7️⃣

    Written ✍ Marvel infinity

    I reached her house, knocked at the door, and waited for her to open, I knocked again, but there was no response, so I went to the back of the house and opened the kitchen door, luckily it was open, so I snuck in, I walked quiet around the house to check on Vivian, I checked everywhere but she wasn’t in so as I passed through the toilet, I heard the shower ? running! She was having a bath ? so I quietly opened the door and saw her Sexy body, she didn’t know I was in! D--n, seeing her naked made me hard, then I removed my clothes and decided to join her. As I was removing my shorts that’s when she saw me.

    Vivian ➡ Johnson?! What r you doing here? How did you get in?

    Johnson ➡Through ur kitchen door and I’m here to f--k you!

    Vivian ➡ you can’t be serious!

    I pinned her on the wall and kissed her! She was pretending to be struggling but I know she wants it, I kissed her neck and licked it, sending sensentional vibes through her body, I licked her earlobes and she held me tight, I s----d her boobs and gently bit her nipples, D--n this lady is wet ?, I used my other hand to finger her! She was moaning softly, and was giving herself completely to me! I played with her in the shower for some time and we went to the living room!

    I pushed her on the sofa and bought my ? straight to her face!
    “S--k my d--k, B---h”.
    She grabbed my d--k ? and s----d it good, she had also gotten a whole lot better than the last time, she s----d my entire d--k straight to my ball, I pushed my d--k down into her throat and she gagged but she handled it like a pro! She s----d and s----d and s----d till like she was trying to rip my d--k off.
    After some minutes, I came inside her throat! Wow that felt good, but this wasn’t over, I opened her legs and she adjusted them wide open! I went in slow and eventually went all in! Vivian’s p---y was tight! So I decided to make her p---y look like my d--k.
    I pumped Vivian’s p---y in and out, I f----d her hard and good, I pumped every inch of her p---y with force, I pinned her legs and pushed my d--k into her! She was moaning loudly and held my ass to push my d--k more into her.

    Vivian ➡ F--k me, you bastard! F--k me make me c-m! Yeessss, ohhhhh yessssss! F--k me you son of a B---h, f--k me.

    She was moaning, saying all those things, I f----d her hard and deep during that midnight our the only sounds that was heard was our moans and our flesh coliding with eachother!
    We f----d like there was no tomorrow, while I was f-----g her p---y, she used her hands fingerings my hole (D--n that feeling is good) i kissed her and she returned it warmly, I was about to c-m, so I tried to pull out when she used her legs to hold me.

    Vivian ➡ C-m inside me, I want to be pregnant, I want a baby. Pls release all ur c-m inside me.

    Johnson ➡ What!? But Vivian……..

    Vivian ➡ Pls Johnson just do it.

    Well, I felt sorry for her, I couldn’t blame her, I even I would do the same if my partner is not care or love me.
    So I released my c-m into her.
    After we rested for some minutes, we went to the kitchen to drink water, after that, I f----d on the kitchens table, she sat on the table facing me and f----d her in that position, that F--k was amazing, my d--k seemed to reach every part of her p---y and she was moaning louder, her moans could be heard every where in the house, after some minutes, she came and so I did but in her p---y.
    We went into their laundry room to f--k! There was an iron bar in the room where they hung clothes after wash! She held the iron and I lifted her legs and f----d her in between, that position also allowed me to s--k her boobs, I f----d and s----d, (Double bonanza), Down here, the room was soundproof! I fuvked her harder and faster in this position, Vivian was made with lust, she moaned and scream for more and I gave it to her! (D--n best f--k of my life yet) after a while, I came deep into her p---y.
    (The funny thing was after F-----g the hell out of Vivian, her stupid husband didn’t notice, the fool was busy having a nice good sleep while somebody was f-----g his wife and even impregnating her! ? What a jerk)
    So after we f----d in the laundry room, we decided to try another place.

    Johnson ➡ so where should we try next?

    Vivian➡ Hmmmm, let’s try my bedroom!

    Johnson ➡ Okay…….. Wait ur bedroom!? But that’s where ur husbands sleeping!

    Vivian ➡So.?

    Johnson ➡ But he’ll hear us!

    Vivian ➡ Trust me! He won’t.

    Johnson ➡ okay if you say so.

    So we went into their bedroom when we entered the fool was already on the floor sleeping and snoring! I came close to him and shouted but to my amazement he didn’t stir! ? Wow!
    So Vivian and I fell on the bed to make some real love, we kissed and played with eachother then we f----d, she did the reverse cowgirl on me and she was good at it, she twerked her hips, grinding my d--k, her p---y walls clamped my d--k tightly as if her p---y was going to tear my d--k.
    “C-m inside me baby, release it all out”

    the sensation was to much after a little while I came inside her!. Then we tried the doggy! I f----d her behind like my life depended on it, I spanked her ass, pulled her hair and bit her earlobes, I pushed my d--k deep inside her! Vivian couldn’t control herself, she moaned and screamed louder than ever.
    “Ahhhhhhhh, yeeeesss siiirrrrr, f--k me, ohhhhh, you’ve finished me ahhhh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yesn!!!!

    To my surprise, this Bastard didn’t stir he was just nodding off happily, with the stupid smile on his face.
    After some minutes of hard ass f--k, we both came, we tried so many positions we know but at the end my c-m went straight into her.
    When we were out of options, I thought of another one! The blindfold sex, it was a good one to try with Vivian, I brought out my handkerchief and covered her eyes then I tied her hands each on the edge of the bed! When this was done! I decided to give Vivian my all.
    I kissed her neck and s----d her nipples, I fingered her p---y using my whole hand! She was wiggling but her hands were tied! After finger f-----g her, she came hard! I adjusted her for the missionary and pushed my d--k ? deep into her, I pounded her deep and hard, I rammed into her like the superman flies through buildings, she was screaming her lungs out begging to stop, the pressure and sensation was too much on her cause we f----d for like hours! I on the other hand was not done, I rammed and pounded her p---y, her p---y now was loose, The bed on which we were f-----g on was creeking, cause the force I used on Vivian was that of the hulk,.
    Time went by, and I was still pounding Vivian, the only sound in the room, was the creaking bed, Vivian’s moans and our coliding flesh! After some minutes of intense f-----g, I came inside her!
    ? Whew! I was really tired and so was she! We slept off on her bed!.
    Three hours later……… The sun was bright and shining in my eyes, I stretched myself thinking I was at home, after a while, I realised I slept in Vivians house and her husband could have seen me, I quickly jerked off, and ran out of the room, then I bumped into Vivian.

    Vivian ➡Morning charming ? how’s ur night?

    Johnson ➡Uh-uh it was f-fine! Vivian..

    Vivian ➡Dont worry he’s still asleep

    Johnson ➡ whew ?

    Vivian ➡Dont worry, he won’t suspect a thing!

    Johnson ➡Ok, I’ll be going now.

    Vivian➡ Wait ain’t you going to shower?

    Johnson ➡Yeah good idea.

    I went in the toilet and showered! D--n! That was close, thank God that fool was sleeping if not……
    After the shower, I dressed and was going to leave when Vivian stopped me.

    Vivian ➡Johnson! Aren’t you eating breakfast?

    Johnson ➡Sorry, Vivian I need to leave now b4 he wakes up.

    Vivian ➡ Come on take something b4 you leave!

    Johnson ➡Okay

    She serve the meal and I ate quickly but my luck had ran out, because her husband was standing right in front of me.

    Fred➡Hey boy, who are you? What are you doing here?

    Johnson ➡ Me? I- am.. I am

    Fred➡Answer the question fool?

    Vivian ➡Morning darling

    Fred ➡Vivian who’s this?

    Vivian ➡ he’s the houseboy I told you about!

    “Houseboy?!? WTF?”

    To be continued

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    Houseboy or fuckboy

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