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    Mark The Sugarboy
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    This is a wonderful story with its setting as Uganda.
    The main character in this story is shilla a young lady who always wanted to marry a rich man with high professional status.What happens to her…
    let’s wait and see

    coming up is episode 1
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    Episode 1
    ” Hey…hello sir ! Put your bicycle this side, that parking space is strictly for vehicles ” Joshua said.
    ” what are you telling me? Do you want to tell me that this supermarket is only for people who drive?, all am seeing is ..PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK, and don’t you security officer think its easy to own a bicycle” the angry customer yelled.
    5 mins later, a nice car comes and parks as usual.
    After parking, she stood a little, turned when she felt a tap on her shoulders in the supermarket parking yard she was shopping.
    Things running in her mind, the fact that Shilla had lost her relationship two weeks ago.
    Standing with a broad smile across his cheeks was a gentleman of about Twenty nine years (29yrs).
    Joshua was five point five feet tall, Seventy two kilogram in weight, dark in complexion, a chocolate guy, he had a very handsome look.
    Joshua was on a navy blue shirt, cap, and trouser, printed SECUREX SECURITY SERVICES.
    Joshua had all the confidence, as he saw a very beautiful call gal ” Shilla” leaning on her black Mercedes Benz.
    He got courage with his morale… ” we came to earth with nothing, and its certain we will go with nothing ” he thought to himself.
    ” Hi madam…You are beautiful” Joshua said with a confident face.
    Shilla scanned him from head to toe.
    ” Thank you Askari” Shilla replied.
    ” I am Joshua but my friends usually call me Josh” Josh the gentleman said and as he extended his hands to shake Shilla.
    The young lady reluctantly gave out her hand for a shake.
    “I see you often here. I can see this is your best super market” Joshua said to Shilla still grinning.
    “yeah, you are right. This is where I always do my shopping. How may help you if I may ask? ” Shilla asked him. There was no emotion on her face at this time.
    “I will like to know a little about you and be your friend” Joshua replied as his friend Ocaya was busy cracking his ribs inside with laughter.
    ” A friend? Hmmm you…? Jesus Christ of Nazareth” Shilla said.
    ” Amen..! Ooh I didn’t know you are even a Christian, let’s Thank Jesus Christ of Nazareth for bringing us together ” Joshua replied.
    “oh I see. I am Shilla. A paediatrician at Family Hospital in Nakasero. What about you. I mean what do you do?” Shilla grinned this time around
    ” Ooh thank you, my name is Joshua Lubangkene I am a security personnel at SECUREX and I always work here ” Joshua replied
    “security personnel?” Shilla almost screamed in shock.
    “by the way, why did you come to me if I may ask?” Shilla asked
    “well , You are a human being and too a human being, why would I fear, I believe in myself and situation in life is permanent…. Anyway as I said earlier, I have been seeing you around and I must confess that you are a beautiful lady, this I say from my heart, Aside that, you are cool too and would like us to be friends which can lead to something good in the future” Joshua replied looking serious.
    Shilla understood what he meant. She scanned him again from hea d to toe.
    ” Thats enough…you! A security man wants a relationship with me a doctor? A professional one? and working in the heart of the city, oooh what a dream! Mr Josh or whatever Mr man, Can you listen to yourself?” Joshua became impatient.
    “please calm down. Love has got nothing to do with profession. The most important thing is the love, happiness and understanding. I promise you won’t regret if you give me a chance in your life” Joshua said displaying emotions on his face.
    ” what you see here is a true version of me, I won’t fake anything in life, I live the life am destined to, but I can’t tell what tomorrow will bring, since am also chasing for my dreams to come true” Joshua added.
    ” just F--k off here! You are a dog, time waster, shit hole, Why are I even giving you a minute of my time, look at yoself, are we bird’s of the same feathers ” Shilla blurted out angrily.
    Joshua didn’t say anything, he remained standing, to witness all the insults and at last he responded…
    ” Thank you for all the additional names, but madam Shilla, I must let you know, we are all created equal,
    its just the World that’s unfair ” Joshua replied at last.
    Shilla entered in her car, started it. The car responded with ease. She drove out of the super market without shopping. She was very angry with herself for choosing a low class super market.
    She decided not to return to that the shop again,
    She thought she had got enough embarrassment.
    He just didn’t get it.
    Shilla intentionally told the young man about her profession to put him off but it seemed to her that the young man had deaf ears.
    ” How can a security officer get all the guts to utter all his nonsense and even go a head to propose to me, a professional doctor. A pediatrician. A doctor that takes care of children. He just didn’t get it. This must be a joke of centuries ” Shilla thought to her self.
    She hit the breaks hard when some young tried to cross the at the Zebra Crossing and almost hit him.
    Shilla became frustrated, she started imagining like people were seeing her like a person of a lower class.
    The young man made the sign “are you mad” that was directed at her. Though she was angry, she felt the young man was right.
    She was on a high speed. Just minutes after she hit one of the two kids crossing the road, this time she screamed …Oooh Jesus… as she applied all the breaks to ensure the vehicle stops…
    and she abruptly woke up.
    Shilla realised the event was actually a deep and scary dream.
    She checked her clock. It read fifteen minutes past three ( 3:15 am) in the morning.
    Just a minute after as she sat on her bed wondering, her phone rang with all the volume up, she was terrified like never before,
    She checked the caller ID and it was a call from the hospital, where she was working.
    “hello good morning Doctor Shilla” There is an emergency in the hospital right now that needs your attention. We need you here this minute” a male voice said through the phone and without waiting to hear what she had to say, the call ended.
    That was Doctor Arnold. He was Shilla’s assistant at Family hospital. Because they love the profession so much, they worked with their hearts. They were as well best friends. Mr Arnold was a married man though Shilla wasn’t.
    Shilla jumped out of bed with urgency. She rushed to the washroom, cleaned herself and rushed to her dressing room.
    In less than five minutes, she dressed and went to the garage. She entered one of her cars.
    The security guard opened the gate without asking questions because he knew his madam was a doctor and could always be called anytime when there was an emergency.
    She drove to the hospital to meet a man and his wife crying at the waiting room. She went straight to Doctor Arnold’s office to find out from him what the problem was.
    The male doctor without wasting time, led her to the ward that the new patient was.
    The patience was a little girl by the name of ” Gift” of about eight years old.
    Gift was lying peacefully and helplessly on the bed with two nurses with her.
    Shilla examined Gift and realised her heart wasn’t beating the normal way.
    She did a scan on Gift and realised the young girl had a “hole in heart” which was at its critical stage.
    The survival of the little girl Gift was about forty percent. Shilla shook her head in shock.
    Shilla ordered the nurse to tell Gift’s parents to see her in the office.
    She left the ward and entered her office.
    In less than a minute, the couple she saw earlier in the waiting room entered the office.
    ” take a seat” Shilla ordered.
    ” my name is Dr. Shilla, am a specialist in children cases” she said.
    ” there are some few things i needed to know.” Shilla said as she asked them.
    Shilla didn’t understand why they had to wait that long before taking the child to the hospital
    After a few interaction with them, she realised that the child showed no sign of ailment. The disease actually hid itself in the child’s system and sprung up all of a sudden.
    Shilla told them what Gift was suffering from and disclosed that if surgery wasn’t done to correct the heart, Gift would lose her life.
    Shilla told them the surgery would be costly and also because Gift was in a critical stage, the percentage of her survival after the surgery was very low.
    Shilla was frank with them. Doctor Arnold joined them in the office
    Shilla disclosed the cost of the surgery to them and the man told her not to worry about money.
    All they needed was the survival of their child beloved daughter gift.
    ” Gift is our only child.” The couple disclosed to the two doctors that the child was a miracle child to them because they were married for ten years and that was the only child they had.
    ” Gift’s mum is a doctor too,she’s gynecologist and am a security officer ” Gift’s dad narrated.
    The man knelt down and pleaded with the doctors to save their child. His wife kept sobbing
    “as I told you earlier, this hospital has got everything needed to save your daughter but since she is now in a critical stage, she has only forty percent chance of survival after the surgery. For now, I will advise you to pray for the child. It’s only prayer that can save her” Doctor Shilla advised.
    Doctor Arnold led them to the cashier to do the necessary payment.
    Shilla sat in the swivel chair in the office with her laptop switched on.
    She went through some diagrams. She was poised to do whatever she could for the child to be healed.
    Just then, the dream played back on her mind.
    Shilla felt very angry though it was a dream.
    To make it worse the scenario Gift’s patent shared was almost 50% of her dream.
    To Shilla, she always expected that a professional doctor is supposed to hook up or marry with an engineer, A journalist, A lawyer, A politician who is in power or a business tycoon who is doing well in business.
    How dare a common security man to stand in front of her to ask her out.
    She wish she could enter her dream and discipline that young man for wasting her precious time and disturbing her sleep.
    One day Shilla sat down and tried to analyze her dream, she recalled of an Askari who always guided and guarded a parking yard in one of her best shopping supermarket.
    Her phone beeped immediately. She picked it and checked. It was a message from Anrew, one of her friends.
    Andrew was a journalist that worked with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation. One of the finest journalist so far in the country.
    “Hi Shilla.. my best girl friend, try and make time this weekend so we can meet at Auto Spa at Munyonyo, guess what? . there is this young engineer that I want you to meet, he’s some tight buddy of mine, am sure he can be Mr Perfect, You will love to hook up with this one. He is my friend and I know he is strictly single. He is an engineer in the oil industry. I guess you know what that means. Hope to hear from you girl”…. That was the text message from Andrew.
    ” OMG thank you, soon my long time dream will be achieved ” Shilla grinned as she put her down.
    At least, it was was exactly what she wanted to hear, this was enough to relax and calm her nerves.
    She put on a smile she never imagined in life.
    It was now a confirmed deal for the weekend, Shilla had to make time with friends to clear her mind and also hook up with an engineer.
    The thought made her shiver with ecstasy, she couldn’t imagine that beautiful day.
    Shilla dialed Andrew’s number and assured him that they would surely meet.
    She went back to her laptop after talking to her friend Andrew, It was a great relief to her…………………………
    ……………………………to be continued.
    Coming up.. Episode 2

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    Henry Sanctus
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    this story ve b posted here due wit different heading and characters involve.
    Link to Available Episodes

    Episode 2-4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6-14

    Episode 15-20

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    senator daniel
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    i think this story have posted here before

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    Nice story

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    Interesting story.. Continue pls
    I haven’t seen d story here oo

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    nice 1 continue

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    This story has been posted here before

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