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    I think June*s dad know what is happening

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    super exciting

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    This story is intriguing…next

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    Sinclair Pharmaceutical HQ – 12th, September, 1989.

    “Sir, the representatives from Octagon are here” Dylan said to Patrick as he stood up and followed Dylan to the conference room to meet with the representatives. Shortly, they all gathered round a table.

    “Mr Sinclair, we received your offer to purchase an arm of Octagon telecommunications based in Grenville, Tennessee. Our evaluation of Octagon Grenville stands at $100 million. However, your offer falls short of this evaluation.” a representative said reading out from a document he was holding.

    “This meeting was arranged because your representatives made it known to us that your offer can be further increased if a roundtable discussion is made” The representative added.

    “Excuse me sirs, a minute please” Dylan said and touched Patrick on the shoulder.
    “A minute” Patrick said and stood up to follow Dylan to a private section of the room.

    “You got something?” Patrick asked

    “Yes sir, I did my findings on Octagon’s operations in Grenville. The company launched in ’85 and ever since they’ve gone downhill, they haven’t been able to deliver the futuristic sim cards” Dylan said as Patrick paid attention
    “They’re going bankrupt and not selling at this time would be a stupid move from them. I suggest we negotiate for $60 million” Dylan said

    “Really? and what if we go bankrupt as well and there’s no one to buy?” Patrick said

    “We can’t sir, we have the resources and funds to make a research on the chips that will be used in creating the cards, and those cards will be compatible with cellphones in the near future. That is something they haven’t figured out yet” Dylan said as Patrick nodded in agreement.

    “You’re right. We’ll buy this thing and introduce Grenville to the future of communications” Patrick said tapping Dylan’s shoulder. Shortly, they returned to the room.

    “I’m sorry about that gentlemen, so where were we?”
    “The price, right!” Patrick said answering his own question.

    “Yes my representatives were right, the offer will be further increased if a meeting was done in person. So I’ve decided to buyout Octagon for $60 million, no more!” He added sipping a glass of water.

    “I’m afraid sir, Octagon is worth much more than that” A representative of Octagon replied.

    “Very well then, if you’ll excuse me, i have other things to attend to” Patrick said and stood up to exit the conference room.

    “Wait Mr Sinclair!” an Octagon representative said as Patrick smiled and turned back.



    Jacob Griffith barged into Scott’s room furiously

    “What did we talk about?” Jacob growled and grabbed Scott by the neck pulling him up.
    “I’ve always told you, Dominic is family and he is your brother. Get that into your thick skull” Jacob said choking Scott’s neck as he struggled to breathe.

    “He’s not my brother” Scott muttered.

    “What did you just say?” Jacob barked.

    “Nothing dad” Scott replied.

    “I’ve had enough of your nonsense! you will treat him as family, you will be the responsible older brother you ought to be to him” Jacob said still holding Scott’s neck.
    “Have i made myself clear!” Jacob barked.

    “Yes sir” Scott replied as Jacob let go off him and stormed out leaving Scott breathing heavily.


    June barged into her room and slam the door shut, she narrowly escaped being caught by her father in his private room. She signed in relief and pick up her cellphone, she pulled out the antenna, flipped open the keypad cover and punched in Rose’s digits.

    “Hey Rose”

    “Hi! It’s so good to hear your voice again, it felt like i haven’t heard from you in a year” Rose responded over the phone.

    “I’m sorry Rose, I should have called but I’ve been busy. I was at Bran’s earlier” June said

    “What?! You went to see Brandon Clark? That son of a b---h!”

    “Relax Rose, Scarlett told me he had the same nightmare you did and he has been having those episodes too. So i figured, something isn’t right. He shouldn’t be seeing those things because he wasn’t at the cinema.” June said

    “Okay?” Rose responded

    “I came to the discovery that the movie at the cinema wasn’t the cause of the infections but rather an infected signal being transmitted all around Grenville” June said

    “Really?? How can that be possible?” Rose enquired

    “I also have other things I’d like to tell you at school tomorrow. and it is pretty much possible Rose, it’s weird i know but that’s what is happening now and i told Dom to call Scarlett and inform her not to access the Internet as well” June said

    “What? Dominic didn’t call. Scarlett did Dominic call?” Rose asked Scarlett who sat next to her as Scarlett whispered no in the background.

    “No he didn’t” Rose said to June

    “I knew it! He’s so unreliable”
    “Just stay off your computer for now okay?” June said

    “Okay. This is so unreal! I’ll see you at school tomorrow” Rose replied

    “Goodnight.” June said and end the call.


    Dominic sat on his bed thinking about his fight with Scott, he felt miserable for using his powers against him. He promised himself never to use his powers against his family but that promise had been broken now. He cut out another piece of tissue and cleaned up his nosebleed. His nose has been dripping blood for hours and it’s starting to become a concern for him.
    He cut out another piece of tissue and cleaned up the blood, he dumped the soaked tissue to a pile of already used tissues and retired to bed.


    Grenville Central High School

    “Have you seen Dominic?” June asked Rose who was busy ransacking her locker for something unknown to anyone but herself.

    “Not since the second period ended” Rose replied

    “That’s weird. Come on, let’s go find him” June said walking away expecting Rose to follow behind, but she didn’t. Rose kept ransacking her locker in search of something

    “What are you looking for? You’ve been at it for minutes now” June asked.

    “Have you seen my scrunchie? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I’m very sure i brought it to school today” Rose said turning to June.

    “Rose, our friend is missing and all you care about is your missing scrunchie?” June said shaking her head.
    “We’ll get another one easily, let’s go find Dom now!” she said again and dragged Rose away as they head towards the school cafeteria.

    “There he is, i knew he couldn’t have gone far” Rose said pointing at Dom who stood over the counter to receive his order from Hugo. The duo walked up to him..

    “Hey Dom, What’s up Hugo?” June greeted.

    “Hey June, looking great today.” Hugo complimented.

    “Thanks” She responded and followed Dominic to an available table. The trio sat round with only Dominic’s food on the table.

    “We were worried sick about you. You look totally off today, are you okay?” Rose asked as June took a glance at her and Rose smiled in guilt knowing her words were mere exaggeration.

    “I’m fine, had a rough night” Dom said.

    “How? You promised to inform Scarlett about our discovery but you didn’t”
    “You never called, why?” June asked.

    “I forgot, I’m sorry” Dom said as Rose took a worried glance at June.

    “Dominic what is going on with you?” June asked.

    “I said I’m fine!” Dominic snapped.

    “Okay! Fine! We were just worried about you, okay?” June said as Dominic cleaned up the blood dripping from his nose with his soaked handkerchief.

    “What the hell is that?” Rose said leaning her head forward to have a closer look at the handkerchief Dominic was trying to hide in his palm.

    “That’s blood! Bloody hell Dominic!” Rose cringed on the sight of the soaked handkerchief.

    “Dominic talk to me, what is going on?” June said and stood up to sit next to him, she placed her hand on his shoulder as Dominic took a glance at her hand. Just then, Luke came in.

    “Rose! Sweetheart come to daddy” Luke said opening his arms for an embrace but Rose never stood up.

    “Oh come on, you mad at me babe? I know I’ve been a total a-----e okay?” Luke said and leaned to peck Rose but she turned away.

    “Well, June what’s up?” Luke said to June who feigned a smile. she was never in support of Luke and Rose’s relationship and a part of her was enjoying the little drama between them.

    “I’m not sure we’ve met, I’m Luke Evans, the beautiful Roseline McCarthy’s boyfriend” He said boastfully as he exchanged handshakes with Dominic who cleaned his hands quickly on his Jean pants.

    “Nice to meet you Luke”
    “You seem to be a popular figure around here” Dominic said as he noticed the girls passing by winking at Luke and Luke himself couldn’t take his eyes off their ass.

    “Get the f--k out of here!” Rose groaned standing up to face Luke like she was about to begin a heavyweight boxing match.

    “When you’re settled down, I’ll be at the usual spot.” Luke said aiming to touch Rose’s face as she tilted her head right to avoid his touch.

    “We’re done! I don’t wanna ever see you around me ever again or else I’ll press charges” Rose threatened as Luke smiled chewing his bubble gum.

    “I’ll be around when you need me love” Luke said winking at Rose who grew more furious.

    “Hi Luke!” A couple of girls greeted as they passed by, Luke left the table immediately and followed the girls behind.

    “He’s such a dog!” Rose said.

    “Oh is he? Luke Evans, the big bad boy of Grenville High” June said mockingly as Rose shot her a mean glance.

    “Dom, tell us what happened” June said changing the topic back to Dom’s issue.

    “I-I had a fight with my brother” Dom muttered.

    “Was that it?”
    “I fight with my sister like all the time. That’s what siblings do, no big deal” Rose said and shrugged.

    “No, you don’t understand. I used my powers against him and i almost killed him” Dom said coldly.

    “I’m sure you never meant for it to happen Dom, it was all the anger inside and people do terrible things when they’re angry” June said.

    “I don’t know why he hates me so much, he despises me more than anything else and I’ve tried to prove myself to him on countless occasions. I can be the brother he wants me to be” Dom said
    “He always pointed out to the fact we’re not blood and that shit hurts so much” Dominic said closing his eyes.

    “Your brother is just an a-----e! He’s just jealous you have something he can never have. Your powers!”
    “Who wouldn’t be? You’re special Dom and don’t allow some d--k let you think otherwise” Rose said as Dominic forced a smile.

    “He punched your nose right? The bleeding” June enquired pointing at the soaked handkerchief

    “No he didn’t. I got extremely angry and almost destroyed our house. I sort of caused an earthquake” Dom replied.

    “is that why you’re bleeding?” June enquired further.

    “Not exactly, I sort of went beyond the limit of my powers, there is only little my body can take and too much can kill me. I kinda went over the line, I was really angry”
    “Ever since, my nose won’t stop bleeding. I’ve experienced this before but none has been this serious. It stops bleeding immediately i settle down but this has been going on since yesterday” Dominic said as Rose shot a worrying glance at June.

    “Dom, I know you wouldn’t wanna visit the school clinic to avoid all sorta explanations but, i think i know what’s wrong with you” June said smiling, this time she held Dominic’s hands firmly as Rose raised an eyebrow.

    “You feel hurt, you can’t get over what happened yesterday. You feel guilty and that feeling makes you feel overwhelmed inside.”
    “You have to free your mind, breathe out and say it within yourself, everything will be alright” June assured as Dominic let out a wide smile and nodded.

    “Thanks a lot guys. I don’t know what I’ll do without you both.”
    “I’m really grateful” Dominic said truthfully.

    “We gat you anytime” Rose said and smiled.

    “Guys, we have a problem.”
    “We can’t talk here, there are too many eyes and ears around us” June said scanning her environment.

    “So where do we go?” Dominic asked

    “Come, Hugo has a private room behind the counter.” June said and stood up as they walked towards Hugo.

    “Hey Hugo, uhm i know this sounds kinda weird but can we borrow your room for a second?” June said grinning

    “Why?” Hugo questioned

    “We have something really top secret to discuss, too many people around”

    “Okay. Come on in” Hugo said as they walked past the counter and walked through a narrow path leading to a room.

    “Good luck with whatever you guys wanna do” Hugo said giving a thumbs up.

    June slammed the door shut as they all gathered round a table putting heads together.

    “Rose, Dom, i think i know what happened at the cinema”

    “It wasn’t the movie like we all thought and it’s definitely not electrocution like the Greenville Times is spreading around in the papers” June said

    “Really?” Rose asked.

    “Yes. I think an infected connection is being transmitted around Grenville, it’s just a matter of time before it infects everyone”

    “How’s that possible? I mean, an infection and a connection? Doesn’t make sense” Dom said

    “I know it doesn’t, but what other explanation do you have?”

    “Look guys, Bran had the same episodes Rose had and he almost severed his sister’s arm, he wasn’t at the cinema but he got down with the infection just like Rose. Its got to be something”
    “Bran’s computer Internet connection is from Octagon telecommunications, he revealed to me the cinema shares the same connection from Octagon” June said as Rose and Dominic both look confused.

    “Okay, let’s say you’re right. How is everyone else not infected? Octagon has thousands of subscribers across Grenville” Rose said

    “True!” Dominic agreed as he noticed the dripping blood from his nose had stopped.

    “Rose, The signals being transmitted comes from multiple satellites. What if just a satellite is infected and the others aren’t” June said

    “Makes sense” Rose said nodding her head.

    “I still don’t understand how a signal is transmitting infections, is that even possible” Dominic said as June went to the edge of the room and took a blank piece of paper from an old dusty shelf, she took out a pen from her Jean pants and placed the paper on a table.

    “What is radiation?” June asked not waiting for an answer
    “A radiation is transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium”
    “There are various types of radiation but the main focus here is electromagnetic radiation which is responsible for the transmission of signals from Octagon”

    “Brilliant!” Dom said

    “As the electromagnetic radiation frequency goes up, the depth of penetration into body’s tissues goes up. This radiation can cause a change in the body’s cells and tissues, the higher the frequency the more penetrating it becomes and goes all the way to damage the skin or the brain cells” June said as Rose and Dominic paid attention to every detail she explained.

    “Now let’s say these are five satellite dishes transmitting Octagon signals across Grenville” June said drawing 5 big circles on the paper.

    “If Dish A’s radio frequency core has been replaced with a transmitting virus” June said lettering the first satellite dish she drew on the paper “A”.

    “The satellite will transmit the radio frequency signals of the virus in its core to users receiving signals from Dish A” she said circling dish A

    “It’s all making sense now” Rose said rubbing her jaw.

    “Now the thing is, this virus has shown to be capable of replacing the brain cells instead of actually damaging it causing victims to hallucinate and worst of all, kill.” June said dropping her pen on the table.

    “The exposure time depends on how deep the radiations goes which explains why you and Bran only experienced the nightmare and episodes for only a couple of days and other who had more exposure time died” June said.

    “That’s incredible.” Dom said as June shot him a glance.
    “I mean, your analysis are incredible not the virus” he said grinning.

    “I also made a discovery about the ownership of Octagon. My dad purchased Octagon in ’89 and he never made mention of it to anyone. People believe Octagon is operating as Octagon but the truth is, Sinclair Pharmaceuticals owns the satellites at Octagon now and they’re responsible for its operations” June said

    “I eavesdropped on my dad’s conversation a couple of days ago and he made mention of the hole. Remember the gigantic hole we trailed Dominic to?” June asked facing Rose as she nodded in affirmation.

    “What if my dad discovered something at the hole?”
    “What if that discovery is presently at the Pharmaceutical facility and its somehow messing up with the satellites signals at Octagon? I believe they share the same grounds” June said

    “That means the virus might be coming from the pharmaceutical facility and is transmitted by the Octagon satellites” Rose said as June nodded in agreement.


    “How long before all five satellite begins transmitting this virus?” Dom asked.

    “No one knows, it could be anytime.” June answered.

    “If all five satellites transmit this virus, it means thousands in Grenville will die” Rose said taking a worrying glance at Dom and June.

    “Yes” June said nodding her head.


    Patrick removed his coat and dropped it on the couch and yawned.

    “You look exhausted sweetie” Doris said walking up to him.

    “Yeah. I’ve not had the best of sleep at nights lately” Patrick responded

    “You should take a shower and rest.”
    “Any progress in tracking the missing patients?” Doris enquired.

    “I’m afraid, no.”
    “Something odd has been going on tho.”
    “The serum storage has been depreciating in quantity. Like someone is stealing the serum for heaven knows what” Patrick said

    “Why would anyone do that?” Doris asked unknotting Patrick’s tie

    “I have no idea Doris. Everyone at the facility knows how lethal it is, no one would dare go close to it talk more of stealing it” Patrick said as a manservant approached them.

    “Sir, ma’am, you have a letter from the mayor” He said handing over an envelope to Doris as he bowed slightly and left.
    Doris tore open the envelope revealing an invitation.

    “What’s it?” Patrick asked.

    “It’s an invitation from the mayor.” Doris said reading through the invitation.

    “He’s inviting us to his inauguration party” She added and shot a glance at Patrick.



    Dr Thomas alighted from his car and stood right in front of a gate with a red warning “Danger zone, keep off” sign indicated on it.

    He removed an electronic card from a bag he held and placed it on the gate’s card reader as the card reader let out a green light and a beep sound as the gates opened up. He walked towards the gigantic satellite dishes mounted on the ground and made a turn left to a building opposite the satellite dishes.

    He entered the building using the card as a security pass again and got into a room filled with computer screens and complex wires mounted on the wall..

    He approached a section of the room containing 5 Metal boxes mounted on the wall with labels on each of them. He touched a box with a label “Octagon Sat-02” on it.

    He pulled out a screwdriver from the bag and unscrewed all the screws that tightened the box. He pulled open the box revealing complex wires and a set of electromagnetic tubes, he removed a tube and replaced it with a transparent tube containing green thick liquid, identical to the serum at the Sinclair Pharmaceutical Special Facility.

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    This episod is all about the impact, danger & consequences the installation of 5G network will course to humanity.
    @poster, thanks for the revelation

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    So, Doc Thomas is responsible for what’s going on?

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