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    ***clears throat***Clap! Clap!! Clap!!! This is brilliant, f-----g brilliant!! I am greatly impressed! While reading about the “futuristic sim cards”, my thoughts went to the 5G internet connections about to be launched and the hidden dangers that might come with it, then again no great invention comes easy even the legendary DA Vinci, one of the greatest inventors of all time faced so much challenges before bringing his inventions to reality, its because of him we are enjoying televisions and aeroplances.. Ride on our writer, following and learning a lot.. “Dufus Dominic got me laughing in episode 6 and patrick was the one who unintentionally created a monster destroying the town, i am afraid he would have to give up his life to defeat the monster Aeternae

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    @hormortiyor but but what o?

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    june is super intelligent
    Dr thomas am suspecting you o <3

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    June the detective

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    Doris walked up the stairs to June’s room and twisted the door knob, she paused after several futile attempts to open the door.

    “Baby, Please open the door”
    “Your dinner is getting cold” She said but got no response.

    “June honey, please open up and let’s talk.”
    “I know you’re mad at your dad and I but please open the door and we’ll sort this out” Doris said and still got no response from June.

    June sat on her bed flicking through pages of her modern physics textbook, completely ignoring her mother’s plea. She decided to starve herself as a means of protest to the restriction imposed by her father.

    Doris sighed and made a walk back to the dinning room.
    “She isn’t answering Pat” She said to Patrick and shrugged as Patrick cut through a fried chicken with his knife. He dig in his fork into the piece of chicken and chewed the meat enthusiastically and followed with a sip of red wine.
    He shifted his chair back and stood up.

    “Where are you going?” Doris asked.

    “To have a word with her of course” Patrick responded and head for June’s room.

    “Honey, it’s me” Patrick said to the door
    “Open up, your dinner is cold already”
    “I promise I’ll lift the ban if you come out and eat your food” He said as June turned her head to the door.

    “I’ll never ground you again, okay?”
    “Just open up and come eat your dinner”
    “Do we have a deal?” He said to the door as it suddenly opened up taking him aback.

    “My goodness!” Patrick said placing his hand on his chest

    “Hey dad” June muttered keeping a straight face. She knew her plan had worked but she was able to keep her excitement to herself.

    “Sweetheart, I’m sorry for all the troubles I’ve caused you.”

    “It’s fine dad”

    “Will you join us for dinner? I’ll have your food warm again” Patrick said

    “You like it warm, don’t you?” He said smiling as June’s straight face ended with a twitch of her lips revealing a brief smile.

    “Sure” She said as Patrick went back to the dinning room.
    Shortly June joined in and her food had already been made warm again.

    “Honey. I feel jealous, you know?” Doris said taking a glance at June and Patrick

    “What?” June asked

    “You often listen to your dad than you listen to me. I feel jealous” Doris said taking a bite at the sandwich she was holding.

    “Mom it’s… ” June was saying as Patrick cut in

    “It’s simple, I tell her what she wants to hear” Patrick said and raised up his glass of wine.

    “Oh really?” Doris said in a higher pitch tone mimicking Patrick’s voice as June let out a brief laugh.

    “Not funny” He said as the dining room went into a brief silence as everyone focused on their meal.

    “The mayor has invited us to his inauguration party” Patrick said ending the minute long silence

    “It’s happening tomorrow and i want you to bring a couple of your friends over” he said turning to June.

    “Really?” June asked excitingly

    “Yes honey.” Patrick responded.
    “7PM. Your friends should be here before then.”

    “Sure thing dad. Thanks” June said all smiles.


    Grenville Central High School.

    “I sat on my bed flicking through my textbook when mom came knocking.”

    “She said all sort of sweet words and at that moment i felt really special, but i wouldn’t give in so cheap. Then dad came and promised to never ground me anymore and also said a lot of blah blah blah” June narrated the happenings of the previous evening to Rose as they both burst into laughter.

    “You need to see my dad’s face when i opened the door. He look scared” June said further as Rose couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

    “You’re one hell of an actress June” Rose said in between laughs

    “You’re everything to them.” Dominic said smiling as the trio took a walk down the school hallway.

    “Oh, Dad asked me to invite a couple of my friends to the mayor’s inauguration party tonight. You both are my best friends” June said as Rose’s cheek tinted red.

    “You can’t have two best friends” Dominic said and furrowed his eyebrows

    “Says who?” June replied raising a brow

    “Says Logic!”

    “You both are my best friends” She insisted

    “Yeah right!” Dominic said and let out a dry laugh

    “Yea right!” June said in a higher pitched tone mimicking Dominic’s deep voice as Rose chuckled.

    “would you come?” June asked facing Rose

    “Count me in!” Rose responded as June smiled and turned to Dominic for his answer

    “Sure thing. It’s not everyday a billionaire invites me to a mayor’s party?” Dominic said grinning as June rolled her eyes.

    “Settled then. The party is 7PM but dad wants you both to be at the house before then”
    “It’s strictly by invitation, so you both have to be with us before we leave for the venue” June said as Rose and Dominic both nodded

    “Wear something nice” June said taking a glance at Dominic

    “You know i always do!”

    “Yeah right!” Rose said and laughed as they walked to class.


    Sinclair Pharmaceutical Special Facility.

    Patrick opened the serum’s storage as smoke came out of the ice cold storage facility.

    “How many do we have now?” He asked Vivian who quickly had a look at the book she was holding for the previous records.

    “Fifty-eight sir, as at yesterday.”

    “and how many do we have now?” Patrick enquired further inspecting the serum

    “Forty-five” Vivian said as Patrick closed the storage door and turned to her.

    “Vivian, someone has been stealing from us under your watch. You control this part of the facility, I believe you have an explanation for this?”

    “Yes sir, the security cameras can provide us footage from last night” Vivian said and lead the way to the security camera room as Patrick followed behind.
    They got into the security room filled with computer monitor screens placed on multiple tables.
    Vivian sat on a chair and clacked her fingers on the keyboard.

    She opened a footage from the previous night showing a man passing the security doors with a card. Patrick clenched his jaw and leaned forward to have a closer look.

    “Zoom in” Patrick said as Vivian zoomed the footage, the footage barely got past the first zoom attempt as the video began to loose its details revealing nothing but blurry visible pixels.

    Vivian zoomed out and returned the footage back to its original aspect ratio and tapped her fingers on the table..

    “Wait..” Patrick said as the masked man in the footage turned to the camera and walked away.

    “He’s aware a camera was watching him” Patrick said

    “Yes sir” Vivian replied and closed the footage which has lost track of the man.

    “How the hell does he have a security pass card?? He got through the doors like he wasn’t breaking in!” Patrick growled frightening Vivian.

    “Someone under this roof is behind this and we’ll find out! Tell Dylan to meet me at my office right away” Patrick said and stormed out of the room leaving Vivian scratching her head in frustration.

    Patrick sat in his office playing chess, he moved the white pawn in two squares forward and countered his move with a move from the black d2 pawn two steps forward. He plays chess to think strategically.

    “Sir, you called for me?” Dylan said approaching Patrick’s table.

    “Yes, Dylan” Patrick said as he continued making his chess moves.

    “Someone is using a security card meant to be owned by specific officials of this facility to walk in and walk out of this place whenever he wants.” Patrick said giving Dylan a straight look as he rested his back on the office chair.

    “Vivian Bridge revealed a footage from last night. A man broke into the facility using one of the security cards, just like the one you possess” Patrick said

    “W-What do you mean sir?” Dylan stuttered.

    “Are you that man?” Patrick asked

    “No sir, I will never do that.”
    “I will never steal from you or the facility. The serum is of no use to me sir”

    “We’ll find out soon enough. I want every authorised holders of the cards submitted to me first thing tomorrow morning.” Patrick said as Dylan nodded and walked away.


    Dominic stood right in front of his mirror fully dressed in a black tuxedo, he brushed his hair to reveal his waves pattern and followed with the spray of a perfume.

    “Looking good son” Jacob Griffith complimented startling Dominic.

    “Thanks dad”

    “You know i haven’t spoken to you about Scott” Jacob said as Dominic tied his bowtie

    “It’s fine dad. I don’t wanna talk about it” Dominic said trying not to sound rude.

    “I understand.” Jacob said as the room was thrown into an awkward silence

    “Patrick Sinclair’s daughter is the girl you’re seeing?” Jacob enquired breaking the silence

    “Seeing? What do you mean?” Dominic asked pretending not to get the point Jacob was trying to make.

    “Your girlfriend is Patrick Sinclair’s daughter. She invited you to the mayor’s inauguration party right?” Jacob asked as Dominic stayed silent paying attention to his bow tie.

    “Now i see why you’re getting all dressed up, to impress her right?” Jacob said as Dominic swallowed hard.

    “She’s not my girlfriend dad.” Dominic mumbled


    “Yes. We’re just really good friends. That’s all” Dominic said as Jacob chuckled.

    “Well, son enjoy your night” Jacob said and left the room.


    “No you’re not taking my heels!” Scarlett said blocking the entrance to her room as Rose tried to sneak in under her open arms.

    “Scarlett please, I really need those heels for tonight” Rose pleaded

    “No way! It took me days to save for it.”
    “I haven’t even used it yet”
    “No way!” Scarlett said adamantly

    “Just for tonight please” Rose pleaded

    “Fine!” Scarlett finally gave in and rolled her eyes as she gave way for Rose to enter. Rose picked up the heels from the shoe rack and ran back to her room.

    “I swear to God if anything happens to it I’ll kill you!” Scarlett screamed as Rose slammed the door shut to her warning.

    Rose got dressed in a metallic silver linen gown, she threw her hair in a high ponytail style and wore a matching silver colour scrunchie to give her hair the perfect high ponytail look.
    She applied red lipstick to her already naturally pink lips and brushed her face using a makeup brush. While trying to get the best possible look for the evening, her cellphone rang. She picked it up from the side stool and pulled out the antenna, she flipped open the lower cover covering the keypads and hit the answer button.


    “Hey Rose” Dominic’s voice greeted from the phone.

    “Hey Dom what’s up?”

    “I’m cool. I was thinking if i should come pick you up so we head to June’s place together? If that’s okay?”

    “That’ll be great!” Rose said.

    “Okay. I’ll be there in a jiffy” Dominic said and hung up.


    “The door is open” June said from her room as Patrick stopped knocking and came in holding a box covered in a gift wrap.

    “You’re not dressed yet?” Patrick asked scanning the room


    “Okay. Anyway, I got something for you”
    “May I?” Patrick asked as June nodded and gestured to the bed for him to sit.

    “I wanna have a quick word with you as well” he said trying to figure out the best possible way to begin his speech without upsetting her. June sat alongside her dad on the bed as Patrick gathered his words.

    “I-I didn’t mean to upset you, many people out there think of me as role model, the famous Patrick Sinclair has no weakness, but i do have a weakness, a big one” Patrick said as June shot him a glance and turned immediately.

    “You’re my weakness June. I will never forgive myself if anything ever happens to you.”
    “Everything i do is for your protection”
    “You have to trust me, i will never let any harm come near you” Patrick assured.

    “Dad.. Why are you telling me this?” June asked out of curiosity

    “I know you broke into my room.” Patrick said

    “I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry” June said and shot him an apologetic glance.

    “Oh don’t be sweetheart. I’m not mad at all, in fact I’m astonished at how my 16 year old daughter got past my security system like it was a piece of cake” He said and let out a brief laugh.

    “You bypassed a multimillion dollar security system, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that. It just shows how weak the systems are to you” Patrick said holding June’s hands.

    “You looked into classified information, I’m well aware of that as well”
    “June, there are some things you shouldn’t be messing with. For your safety and your mother’s, I beg you to please stop whatever it is you’re doing.” He said as June nodded.

    “Grenville is not safe at this moment and i want you to have absolutely nothing to do with it. Promise me that?” Patrick said as June nodded in affirmation. Patrick hugged her and gave her a light kiss on the forehead.

    Patrick tore open the gift wrap to reveal a black Versace box. The gold colour Versace logo on the box was a sight to behold.

    “I want you to get dressed in this”
    “I bought this for you, i figured you might like it?” Patrick said

    “Is that Ver-” June was saying as Patrick cut in

    “Versace, yes. I hope you like it?” he asked as June opened the box revealing a blue Versace Jean Couture Denim Wrap Dress

    “I love it!” She exclaimed and pulled him into a hug.

    “Thanks dad”

    “Anything for you honey.”
    “Now let me leave so you get dressed quickly” He said and stood up to leave the room. He held the door knob and turned to June who was all smiles, he smiled back and left.

    June took out the dress from its pack and placed it on the bed. She plugged in her hair smoothing iron and part a clump of her light brown hair. She run the smoothing iron through her hair to create a straight smooth silky curls.

    She glanced at her bedside clock and began to hasten the process. She finished straightening her hair and parked it in a ponytail style, she rolled the parked ponytail hair to form a donut style leaving out pieces around her face form an added style. She run the smoothing iron once again on the straight pieces of hair she had left around her face, she separated the front facing her to make it stand sideways. She looked at the mirror tilting her head to the beauty of her donut styled hair and the frontal sideways hair.

    In minutes she was fully dressed in the blue denim Versace gown, a pair of royal blue pin earrings and a black wedge heels sandals.

    “Oh my, you look absolutely stunning” Patrick complimented as June walked down the stairs smiling.

    “Thanks” she said smiling

    “You’re gonna steal the night from the mayor June” Doris said and chuckled as Dominic and Rose were escorted into the living room by a security guard. Patrick gestured to the security and he took his leave immediately.

    “Roseline, good to see you. You look so beautiful” Doris said rubbing Rose’s cheek.

    “Thanks” Rose said

    “Dad, Mom, This is Dominic Griffith my classmate” June said introducing Dominic to her parents.

    “You’re welcome Dominic.” Doris said all smiles

    “Thanks ma’am” Dominic said and bow his head slightly

    “You must be the guy who picked her up the other day?” Patrick asked

    “Y-Yes sir” Dominic stuttered.

    “Hmm i see”
    “So you’re like her boyfriend?” Patrick enquired

    “Boyfriend? What? Absolutely not sir” Dominic protested
    “We’re really good friends and that’s just it” June’s smile went blank immediately Dominic concluded his words.

    “It better be it” Patrick sneered.

    “Now, let’s go” Patrick said as they stepped outside the building to where a Cadillac Limousine was parked. A chauffeur opened the door as they all hopped in one after another.

    “Wow” Dominic said in undertone as he took a seat in the limo.

    “What?” Rose asked

    “Nothing” He said shaking his head and scanning the limo’s interior.
    The drive to the mayor’s house was a silent one, no one spoke a word and that was exactly how Patrick liked it.

    They arrived at a gated mansion, the chauffeur wind down the driver’s window and present an Invitation to the security as the gates opened.

    They highlighted at the parking lot as Rose scanned the mansion’s surroundings. There was a water fountain in the center of the compound as blue lights illuminated the waters creating a very beautiful scenery. The compound was surrounded with well decorated flowers and the building itself had a high quality reflective white painting.

    “Mr Sinclair, its good to have you with us tonight” The mayor said approaching Patrick as they shook hands.

    “The pleasure is all mine sir”
    “This is my wife, Doris and that’s my daughter June” Patrick introduced pointing at them as he called their names.
    “And those are family friends” He said gesturing at Dominic and Rose.

    “You all are welcome, please come in and join the party” The mayor said leading them into the large mansion as a couple of butlers opened the twin sized doors.
    They got into the mansion as Rose stared in awe, a gigantic chandelier hung from the ceiling. The party wasn’t overcrowded, it was very much obvious the guests were all A-listers

    “Have fun” Patrick said to June as he held Doris’ hands and went to a separate section of the party.

    “OH MY GOD!!” Rose exclaimed as soon as Patrick and Doris had left them, her silence all along were due to their presence.

    “This is probably the best night of my life” Dominic said scanning the magnificent interior decor of the mansion.

    “How?” June asked

    “I met your father, its not everyday i get to meet Mr Patrick Sinclair!”
    “I was driven in a limo, a f-----g limo!”
    “I am at the mayor’s residence celebrating. This is overwhelming!” Dominic said as June laughed briefly.

    “These guests, they’re all very important people” Dominic said

    “Yep” June nodded.

    “June, you look really great tonight” Dominic complimented all smiles


    “Champagne?” A manservant asked holding a tray of champagne filled glasses.

    “No, I’m underage” June rejected politely as Rose took a cup for herself and Dominic took one for himself too.

    “Rose! You do realise that’s alcohol?” June said frowning

    “It’s just a drink, Have some fun.” Rose said sipping the champagne slowly, June turned Dominic who was engrossed in gulping down the champagne, she shake her head in dissatisfaction and look away.

    A harp and violin duet was being performed by a team of violinist and harpist, striking their fingers on the strings of the big pedal harp.

    Many couples could be seen holding hands and dancing in slow foxtrot to the music. June was busing discussing with Rose and Dominic as they all laughed to the discussion, June took a glance at some group of guys at a corner of the large hall who had been staring.

    “I think those guys at the far corner are watching us” June whispered
    “Don’t look!” She said as Rose turned to their direction, the guys caught her glance and that annoyed June.

    “Rose, I told you not to look!” June yelled in frustration

    “June, do you know who that is” Rose said ignoring June’s dissatisfaction, she pointed at a guy in black fitted suit as June scowled at her defiantly.

    “No!” she snapped looking at the guy.

    “That is Alex Clinton, Mayor Clinton’s son” Rose said and nudged shoulders with June who grew increasingly frustrated at Rose’s actions. She kept quiet not saying a word. She glanced at the guys directions again and look away quickly.

    “Really?” She said after minutes Rose had spoken.
    “Great! You’ve done it now, he’s coming here!” June said and rolled her eyes as Alex approached them holding a glass of wine.
    Rose rushed to him and obstructed him.

    “Hi” She said excitingly shaking her hand in the air

    “Oh hello” Alex said trying to hide his annoyance at how Rose obstructed his movement.

    “I’m Rose McCarthy, Pleased to meet you” Rose said and shook hands with him.

    “I’m Alex Clin-” He was saying as Rose didn’t allow him finish

    “Mayor Clinton’s son, I know” Rose said as the duo went into an awkward silence. June and Dominic watched from where they were as June shake her head in disappointment at Rose’s actions.

    “I was thinking maybe you’d wanna dance? I see no girl around you” Rose said grinning and scanning his surrounding.

    “Rose, no thank you.”
    “Please, excuse me” Alex said politely

    “Oh” Rose said and left the way for Alex to proceed. She watched on in disappointment as Alex approached June’s position.

    “Hello” Alex said smiling at June who looked away.
    “You must be June right?”

    “Yes” June responded

    “I’ve heard a lot about you” Alex said

    “What? How’s that possible?” June enquired

    “Mrs Harper, she’s an aunt of mine. She talks about you everyday” Alex said

    “Oh really?”

    “Yes. She calls you the big brain” Alex said trying to sound hilarious.
    “Your father has done a lot for the town and i don’t think anyone can ever replicate his works” Alex said further.

    “Anyway, I’m Alexander Clinton or just simply Alex. Whichever you prefer is fine by me” Alex said smiling as Rose walked up to them.

    “Pleased to meet you Alex.” June said finally looking at Alex’s face. His blonde hair was styled in a quiff, he had a pale white skin and wore a black fitted suit and an obviously expensive wristwatch as the lights shimmer on its crystals.

    “You look absolutely ravishing” Alex complimented

    “Thanks” June said shly as her cheeks tinted red. Dominic dropped his empty cup of champagne on an empty tray a manservant was holding. He walked out as June watched on.

    “Dom are you okay?” She asked

    “I’m fine, I need fresh air” He said and forced a smile as he exit the hall.

    “Would you like a dance?” Alex said offering his hand. June took a glance at Rose who was on the verge of tears.

    “No-No, Thanks” June stuttered


    “I’m not a great dancer”

    “You don’t need to be, I’ll walk you through the steps”

    “No, thank you” June said and grabbed Rose’s hands and walked out on Alex. Alex watched on feeling embarrassed and disappointed. June sighed and closed her eyes.

    “Why didn’t you?” Rose mumbled and began slouching. The champagne had began its work on her.

    “Nothing. I don’t-”
    “Never mind, Nothing” June stuttered as Rose placed her head on June’s shoulder as they walked slowly to exit the hall.

    “I like him, he’s so hot” A drunk Rose said stressing her words as she used June for support while walking.

    June turned to Alex’s direction and caught him standing, still staring at her with his hands in his pocket. June turned away and glanced at Rose’s hair on her shoulder and sighed.


    Sinclair Special Facility, Grenville.

    Dr Thomas opened the garage door leading to an underground basement at the far end of the facility grounds.
    He walked into the underground basement as the lights switched on itself revealing hundreds of patients wearing blue hospital gowns as they all lie on hospital beds receiving an Intravenous Fluid containing the serum.

    Thomas walked up to a patient and inspect the dripping green fluid as it went straight into the patient’s blood stream, green varicose grew out of the patient’s body.

    Thomas walked out of the basement, the lights went off and the garage door closed. Inside the dark basement, a patient opened his eyes revealing a bright red eyes as the green veins multiplied.


    Author’s Note: There you have it, the eight chapter and the twists and suspense thickens. Do you have a question from all the chapters you’ve read so far? Is something unclear to you? Please feel free to ask and I’ll answer your questions. Also who has been your favourite character so far? I’d love to know. Cheers

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    I have no question yet. And as to my best character so far, i’ll choose June, no doubting it. Followed by Dom.. If i am permitted to choose two. And i must say, i so much love this.

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    No question yet

    June is my favourite character… inquisitive and smart

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    Danny EdeDanny Ede
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    I see betrayer.
    I see hatred.
    I see trust
    I see love

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