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    Grenville, Tennessee – 26th September, 1990.

    A day after a doctor was murdered by the failed subject at the Sinclair Pharmaceutical special facility, Patrick and his team had just noticed the disaster that happened at the morgue the night before.

    “Sir its George” Dylan said squatting to the remains of the deceased on the floor. He checked for his name tag on the piece of PPE uniform left, the name was George McCarthy.

    “This is some real shit!” Patrick cursed and ran his finger through his hair in frustration.

    “George’s family will be absolutely devastated.” Dr Thomas said.

    “Yes they will”
    “I really don’t know how to break this to them.” Patrick said and closed his eyes in sorrow.

    “I’ll suggest we burn down the morgue sir, we burn his remains and the rest of the corpse to make it seem like a fire incident” Thomas suggested.
    “That’s the only way” he added.

    “fire?” Patrick whispered.

    “Yes sir. A fire outbreak at the morgue is a more better news than being eaten by an unknown monster on the loose”
    “Not only will this affect the McCarthy’s greatly, it will also affect the reputation of the company.”
    “The media will ruin us, the people won’t trust us anymore. It has to be an accident, but not an accident as a result of a failed experiment” Thomas said as Patrick nodded in agreement to Thomas’s suggestion.

    “Dylan, get the gas, lit the whole of this place on fire and leave immediately”
    “No one must know of this” Patrick said as Dylan nodded and left to get the gas like Patrick had instructed.

    An hour later, the morgue was on fire and thick fumes filled the sky, it could be seen from far away. This attracted the press immediately as they all gathered outside the Sinclair Headquarters waiting to throw their questions.

    Patrick stood at the parking lot and took a glance at the reporters waiting outside the gate, Dylan opened the car door as Patrick hopped in.

    “Where to sir?” Dylan enquired as he took the driver’s seat.

    “To George’s House” Patrick responded as Dylan kicked the engine to life and drove out. They approached the gate as the reporters blocked Patrick’s car from exiting.

    “Is the facility on fire?
    “are there any casualties?”
    “Is this a cover up for a failed experiment?”
    “Sir please give me a minute of your time” Patrick could hear the chattering from the reporters, Dylan slowed down as Patrick rolled down the car window to answer a few questions.

    “A fire broke out at the morgue section of the facility, as at now we can’t say how many casualties but it is inevitable because its a morgue, and we have a couple of subjects stored in there”

    “We will provide further details when the fire has been put out” Patrick said and rolled up the window as Dylan sped out, the press chased his car to throw more questions but couldn’t keep up with the speed of his car.”

    Patrick arrived at the McCarthy’s home and knocked.
    Nicole opened the door all smiles.

    “Hello Nicole” Patrick greeted.

    “Mr Sinclair, please come in” She said and ushered him in.

    “Hello Rose, Scarlett” Patrick greeted Rose and Scarlett who were busy arguing about something before he came in.

    “Hello sir” they both said grinning.

    “I heard what happened at the facility, I hope it isn’t too much?” Nicole enquired as she took her seat, seated alongside Scarlett and Rose.

    “Please sit” She said gesturing her hand to a couch behind where Patrick stood.

    “No, thank you. I’ve been seating all day” Patrick said.

    “Actually I’m here concerning the incident”

    “What? Is George okay? He hasn’t returned home since yesterday” Nicole enquired as her knees began to shake. Patrick looked away for a second and shot Nicole an Apologetic glance.

    “George-George was at the Morgue when the fire broke out” Patrick stuttered.

    “Oh my God!” Rose exclaimed burying her face in her palm.

    “Is he alright??” Nicole enquired worryingly as she stood up. Patrick kept mute for a minute as Nicole grabbed his coat.

    “Talk to me!” she screamed as tears trickled down her cheek.

    “He didn’t make it” Patrick whispered as Nicole fell to the ground and burst into tears. Scarlett and Rose froze in shock to the news they just heard.

    “It was late, no one knew he hadn’t left the morgue. He could have been saved” Patrick added as he squat to comfort Nicole who wept bitterly on the floor.

    “It saddens me more than you would ever imagine, he was my best friend and he meant a great deal to me and to the company” Patrick said and dragged Nicole up.

    “I promise to take care of every financial needs of the family, George’s family is the same as mine.” Patrick said and dip his hands into his pocket and brought out a cheque.

    “This is a cheque of $500,000 for the funeral expenses” He said handing over the cheque to a crying Nicole. Scarlett burst into tears and ran upstairs while Rose froze in shock.

    “No! Take back your money!” Nicole screamed throwing the cheque back to Patrick. He sighed and picked the cheque from the floor.

    “Nicole, I know how you feel trust me i really do. It hurts me so much but there is nothing we can do now.”
    “Please take it, give him a befitting funeral.” Patrick said as Nicole shaky hands collected the cheque. Tear drops soaked the cheque instantly.

    “Please whenever you guys need anything, don’t ever hesitate to call me.” Patrick said.
    “And, George’s salary will also be paid monthly to his next of kin. This is unlimited as far as the company remains in existence” Patrick said as Nicole knelt and held his legs.

    “Thank you so much” Nicole said in a shaky voice as more tears rolled down her cheek.

    “Please stand up”
    “If i could give up everything i have to bring back George, I will” Patrick said and helped Nicole up.

    “You’ll have to excuse me, I’ll be back with Doris and June later.” Patrick said as Nicole nodded, mucus dripped down her nose and her eyes were swollen.

    “Everything will be alright” he assured and opened the door. He got back into his car and buried his face in his palm.

    “How did they take it sir?” Dylan asked turning to Patrick who looked absolutely devastated.

    “Very bad Dylan.”
    “Very bad!” He repeated and sighed

    “They’ll get over it with time” Dylan said feeling remorseful as he started the engine and sped off.


    Grenville Central High school

    June and Rose sat alongside others at the basketball stands watching the men’s team train for the upcoming game against the Grenville University team.

    The basketball coach blew his whistle as the team gathered round.

    “We’ll be having a new addition to the team” Coach Franklin said as some players could be heard murmuring.

    “Here’s Dominic Griffith and i think he looks just like the perfect point guard eh?” Coach Franklin said shooting a slender boy yawning a wicked glance.

    “Sir, i don’t mean to be rude but we haven’t seen this dude in action” A guy said pointing at Dominic as the rest of the team nodded in agreement to his statement.

    “It doesn’t matter, what matters is, he’s a part of the team now and he might give you a run for your money” Coach Franklin said glancing at the boy who had just spoken. He appears to be the current point guard of the team.

    Dominic was kitted in a matching red basketball top and shorts, with Grenville’s boar logo and shirt number 25 at the front of his shirt. He completed his look with a pair of white sneakers.

    The coach split the team into two, they are to face each other before the final team selection will be made. He blew his whistle as both teams fell into position.

    “You think he’ll do well?” Rose asked turning to June.

    “Well, Yeah.”
    “I think so” June responded and shrugged.

    “You hesitated” Rose said raising a brow.

    “No i did not! I think he’ll do pretty well” June insisted.

    “Fine, let’s watch”



    “I have something to discuss with you” June said shooting Rose a mischievous smile.

    “What’s that for?” Rose said scanning the expression on June’s face.

    “It’s about Bran. I know what he did was totally wrong but there’s no need for bad blood between you both” June said as Rose scowled at the mention of Bran’s name.

    “You can’t be serious?”

    “For real i am. Let it slide okay? I’m sure he never meant for that to happen” June said.

    “That’s a shit load of codswallop you just uttered June”
    “Can we please not talk about that a-----e right now? He’s a piece of shit” Rose said in disgust as June sighed.

    “Okay!” she muttered and took her gaze back to the court. the little crowd watching the training cheered at the slam dunk Dominic had just did.

    “He’s good” Rose said as she was taken by surprise at Dominic’s skills.

    “Told ya” June said and chuckled as they watched Dominic dribble his way past the team seamlessly and slammed the ball into the net again.

    “Go Dom!” June screamed in support as Dominic took a glance at her and smiled.

    “Do you think he’s using his powers?” Rose asked.

    “Why would he?”

    “Those lot are falling too easily, he’s too good to be true” Rose said clenching her jaw.

    “I think that’s brilliant!” June said.

    “It’s cheating!” Rose protested.

    “No it’s not. Dominic is bringing glory to our school Rose, you should be happy”

    “But its-”

    “Shush!” June said shutting Rose’s further comment as they watched on.

    The day had come to an end quickly as June and Rose stood at the hallway waiting for Dominic. He finally came still kitted in his basketball wears. His biceps were a sight to behold as sweat trickled down his smooth brown skin.

    “Oh I’ve never seen this part of him” Rose said to June as they both laughed.

    “I’m sorry for keeping you guys waiting.”
    “It’s just coach Franklin. He is a bit heavy on advises” Dom said apologetically.

    “Hey Dom, you were totally awesome!” A girl said complimenting Dominic.

    “Oh thank you”

    “I can’t wait to see you next in action, you’re so f-----g hot!” She added and jumped away excitingly.

    “and the fame begins” Rose said and rolled her eyes as Dominic smirked.

    The trio walked out to the school parking lot as they could see a crowd comprising of mostly girls gather and speaking indistinctly.

    “What is going on?” Rose asked as June scanned the environment for answers.

    “I think that’s what” Dom said pointing at Alex. Alex stood beside his Purple coloured Chrysler TC Maserati car.

    “He’s having all the girls swoon at him” Rose said as Dominic shot her a glance.

    “What?” She asked.

    “Nothing!” Dominic responded.

    “June, I’m not gonna lie, Alex is a bit of a dish really, isn’t he?” Rose said as she scanned Alex from head to toe. Alex stood 6 feet 1 wearing a brown jacket and a black Jean pants. He wore a pair of dark sunglasses as his signature blonde quiff hairstyle shined under the reflection of the sun.

    “Let’s go!” Dominic said feeling irritated as he lead June and Rose to his car. Alex spotted them and ran towards their direction.

    “Hey!” He greeted all smiles.

    “Hi!” June greeted back

    “Hey, you must be Rose? I’m sorry about the other night” He said to Rose as he noticed she didn’t respond to his greeting.

    “No qualms” She responded.

    “June, I’m sorry if i upset you the previous night in anyway” Alex apologised.

    “No you didn’t” June responded.

    “that’s really great to hear”

    “Why are you here? You came to pick someone?” June asked.

    “Actually, no. I came to see you.”
    “I know this may seem over the line but i was thinking if we could grab dinner tonight?” Alex said as June’s eyes widened at his question.

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea”


    “I don’t know” June said looking down as Rose nudged her shoulder.

    “June, it’s just dinner. Please” Alex said and got on his knees to the surprise of everyone watching. It’s not everyday you get to see the mayor’s son on his knees asking a high school girl out.

    “I-I don’t-” June stuttered as Rose cut in.

    “I think she will!”
    “What time?” Rose asked.

    “7 O’clock will be perfect” Alex responded

    “She’ll be there” Rose assured as Alex stood up.

    “What are you doing?” June whispered


    “I don’t think that’s a good idea” Dominic said as Alex shot him a glance.

    “I think i recognise you from the party, you must be?” Alex enquired.


    “Oh cool Dominic, I’m Alex”

    “Yeah i know!” Dominic snapped.

    “June, 7 O’clock, I’ll come pick you up” Alex said as June nodded.

    “It’s not safe June, you can’t” Dominic protested.

    “What’s with you man?” Alex asked feeling irritated at Dominic’s protests.

    “She’s my-”
    “She’s my best friend!” Dominic said.

    “So? You don’t tell her what to do!” Alex fired back.
    Dominic scoffed and shot Alex a horrifying glance.

    “Dominic calm down, its gonna be fine” June said trying to calm the tension between both of them.

    “I’ll come pick you up at home” Alex said smiling.

    “Okay” June said softly.

    “Rose, thank you so much.” Alex said to Rose who said nothing but smile.

    “I should get going, 7 o’clock” Alex said and jumped away in excitement.

    Dominic took the driver’s seat as Rose sat at the front seat, June sat behind as they hit the road. There was a moment of silence in the air and Dominic’s facial expression had changed.

    “Rose why did you?”
    “I mean, tell him yes for me?” June asked breaking the silence in the car.

    “I know you like him okay?” Rose said.

    “But don’t you?-”

    “I do, but he clearly fancies you more.”
    “Its totally fine” Rose said.

    “Thanks” June said feeling shy.
    Dominic swerved the car to the far right as June and Rose screamed in fear.

    “Bloody hell! What the hell was that?” Rose asked as her hair covered her face.

    “Sorry, it was a mistake”

    “Keep your eyes on the road or you’re gonna get us killed” Rose said placing her hair back to its normal state as Dominic sped off.


    “Mom, Alex asked me out today. After school.” June said to Doris as they sat side by side on the couch.

    “Alex Clinton?”


    “Oh really? And what did you say?” Doris enquired as June let out a wide smile.

    “I’ll take that as a yes?” Doris said and pulled June into a hug.

    “I’m so happy for you” Doris whispered to June’s ear.

    “Thanks mom”

    “So have you gotten something special to wear?”

    “Not exactly.” June said looking away. “I’m nervous” she added.

    “It’s always like that for the first time sweetheart, come on let’s go get you ready for the night” Doris said and dragged June by the hand as they head upstairs.


    Sinclair Pharmaceutical HQ

    “8 Security cards sir” Dylan said presenting each member’s security card to Patrick as Vivian and Thomas stood watching.

    “One of these is being used for illicit activities on the company grounds” Patrick said.

    “While an investigation is being conducted, I’ll be forfeiting the use of the cards unless under strict supervision”

    “Supervision by who sir?” Thomas asked.

    “By myself”
    “I’ll keep the cards, and anyone who wish to make use of it has to come to me first.”
    “Of course that will be during the day, not midnight or any ungodly hour” Patrick said as they all nodded in agreement.

    “You all may leave now” Patrick said as they all turned to leave. Dylan and Vivian had left leaving Thomas behind, he turned back to Patrick.

    “He is coming” Thomas said.


    “Nothing sir, it’s a popular saying from a movie i watched last night”
    “Excuse me sir.” Thomas said and left Patrick’s office.


    “You look absolutely gorgeous honey” Doris complimented as she stood behind June facing the mirror.

    June stood facing the mirror dressed up in a Cinderella style elegant red evening gown, complemented with white gloves stretching to her elbow. Her hair was parked in donut style, just as she styled it to the mayor’s inauguration party.

    “Thanks mom” June said turning to Doris and buried her head in her mother’s chest.

    “I’m always here for you honey” Doris said patting her back.
    June glanced at her bedside clock “it’s 7 mom!” She said excitingly.

    “Let’s go wait for him downstairs” Doris said as they left the room and head back to the living room. Patrick came in looking surprised at June’s appearance for the evening.

    “What is going on here?” Patrick asked looking around.

    “June’s got a date” Doris said smiling.

    “Oh really?” Patrick said taking off his coat.

    “Yes” June said shyly.

    “Tell me its not that-”

    “No dad. Its Alex” June said cutting her father off from saying whatever he wanted to say about Dominic.

    “He seem like a sweet boy”
    “I’m happy for you” Patrick said embracing June. Just then, a manservant came in to inform them of Alex’s arrival.

    “Don’t be late honey. If you come across anything, call us quickly, okay?” Patrick said

    “Sure dad.”
    “Bye!” June said waving excitingly as her parents watched on with smiles all over their faces.

    “Wow, You look amazing!” Alex complimented as June stepped out of the house to where he parked his car.

    “Thanks” She said shyly.

    “You even look way more beautiful than i saw you at my father’s party.”
    “You’re incredibly beautiful June” He said as June blushed, she had never received such a compliment from a boy in her entire existence.

    “Thank you” She said as Alex rushed to open the front door for her and held her hand as she hopped into the car gently. Alex rushed to the driver’s seat and got in. He started the car and sped away.


    Dominic sat on the couch staring at the fireplace.
    “You okay?” Alexa asked noticing the sad expression on Dominic’s face.

    “Yeah I’m fine” He muttered.

    “I don’t think so” Alexa insisted.

    “Alexa, I’m fine okay?”

    “If you say so” Alexa said.
    “Congratulations on making the team by the way”

    “Thanks” Dominic replied.

    “I think you need something to cheer you up. Let me get you a cup of hot chocolate” Alexa said and left.

    Dominic brought out a piece of paper from his pocket, he fixed his gaze at the writings. It appears to be a speech he wrote for a girl. He had confessed his feelings in writing. He squeezed the paper in anger and threw it into the fireplace.
    He buried his head in his palms and sighed.


    June sat opposite Alex in a fancy well decorated restaurant. Alex dig into his order and chewed it slowly. June did the same as they focused on their meal and said nothing to themselves.

    “June” Alex said breaking the silence between them.


    “You’ve got something up there” Alex said pointing at June’s upper lip.

    “Oh!” She said and rubbed off the food particle on her lip.
    “That’s embarrassing” she whispered as Alex let out a laugh.

    “No its not, you look really cute”
    “I’ve never seen a more perfect human being in my entire life”
    “Your imperfections are perfect June.” He said intertwining his hands with hers. She took a glance at their hands together as her heart began to race faster.

    “Thanks for everything Alex”
    “I have to get going now” June said taking a glance at her wristwatch.

    “But before that, I’ll like to present just one request” Alex said taking June by surprise.


    “I-I really don’t know how say this but, even in my college I’ve never seen a girl like you”
    “You’re incredibly brilliant, beautiful and polite. You’re perfect June.” He said.


    “I’m deeply in love with you June”
    “Not confessing my feelings will only hurt me further”
    “I know we just met but ever since i saw you, i couldn’t get you off my mind” Alex concluded his statement as June felt overwhelmed.


    “June please” Alex pleaded.

    “I don’t think you’ll believe this” June said as Alex’s facial expression changed, he was on the verge of breaking down.

    “I also have a thing for you” She said shyly to the delight of Alex.

    “For real!?” He said as his eyes widened.

    “Yes, I just didn’t-”

    “June i understand.” Alex said placing a finger on her lips.

    “Come, let me take you home” He said offering his hand as June took it and stood up. They stepped outside the restaurant holding hands together.

    “Hey mister!” A waiter barked at them

    “Yes?!” Alex snapped turning back.

    “He is coming!” The waiter said.

    “Who?” Alex asked in confusion and shot June a worrying glance. The waiter stabbed himself in the neck as blood gushed out of his neck and he fell to the ground bleeding profusely.

    “Holy shit! What the hell just happened?!” Alex said placing his hands on his head.

    “Alex, we have to get out of here now!” June said dragging Alex by the hand to where his car was parked. Despite the rush, Alex still opened the front door for June before running back to get into the driver’s seat.

    He started the engine and made a quick reverse before speeding out.

    “What the hell was that?” He asked frightened.

    “I don’t know” June responded as Alex kept his hands on the wheel. Shortly, the fine weather changed to what looks like a heavy downpour.

    “There’s someone there” Alex said keeping his eyes on the road.


    “The motherfucker is standing right in the middle of the road!” Alex said and blared his car horn.

    “Alex slow down” June said as she noticed the car was moving way too fast.

    “I’m trying, it’s not working!” Alex said hitting the brakes harder.

    “Run him over!” June said as the car lights pierced the heavy downpour to reveal the figure standing in the middle of the highway.


    “Run him over Alex! He wants you to swerve, if you do we’ll both die” June screamed as Alex’s car made a loud noise as it peaked its highest speed.

    “Okay!” Alex said and kept the wheel steady and approached the figure. Another car came out of nowhere tumbling down the road as Alex swerved to avoid getting hit by the tumbling car.

    Alex closed his eyes as the car approached the standing figure and run him over.

    “He’s gone!” Alex said turning back to check.

    “Alex, look out!” June screamed as a speeding car approached them again. Alex swerved the steering immediately as the car lost its balance and tumbled down the road multiple times.

    The atmosphere became mute as all Alex could hear was a strange sound on his head due to his unconsciousness.   

    Few minutes later, he regained his consciousness. He crawled out of the broken car with a cut on his face.

    “June! Holy shit!” He screamed and stood up grunting, he rushed to the front door to check up on June.

    “Oh my God! June please open your eyes” He said as he brought June out of the front seat. He placed her on the ground as she muttered Alex’s name.

    “I’m so sorry” Alex said apologetically and helped her up.

    “It wasn’t your fault Alex” She said as blood trickled down her forehead.

    “My leg hurts so bad” She groaned in pain as she stood up.

    “The car is broken, what are we going to do?” June asked as the heavy downpour descended on them.

    “We’re almost at your home. Just a few blocks away” Alex said taking a glance at the empty road.
    He pulled off his coat revealing a perfectly ironed white long sleeve.

    “It’s raining, you’ll be freezing in that dress” He said and helped June into the coat.

    “Thanks” She muttered and stared at him as he tore a part of his sleeve.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Here, Keep this on your head to control the bleeding” he said handing over a piece of his torn white sleeve to June.

    “Alex, that wasn’t necessary!” June protested.

    “It is June” He said as June took the piece and cleaned up the blood on her face. She placed the cloth on the cut to control the bleeding.

    “I need to call my dad” June said as she groaned in pain and struggled to get back into the car. She was able to locate her phone but soon discovered it was broken.

    “Oh shit! That’s it!” She said in disappointment and sighed.

    “We’ll trek home”

    “You can’t be serious? It’s late, there’s not a soul out here.” June said.

    “What other choice do we have?”
    “Come on” He said supporting June as she groaned in pain.

    “You can’t walk like this”
    “Climb on me, I’ll carry you on my back” he said and squat for June to climb on him.

    “No! No! No way!” June protested shaking her head.

    “June please, the car is broken and you can’t walk home with a broken leg”
    “Come on” Alex said with a pitiful face.

    “Okay” June said and dragged her feet on the floor.

    She climbed on Alex and wrapped her hands around his chest as Alex stood up and began trekking home with June on his back as the rain poured down heavier.

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    Mach MahnMach Mahn
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    How romantic..
    Aeternae is coming..

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    Dominic warned you

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    Hmmm Alex!!

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    June! June!! June!!! How many times did i call you? You re safest with Dominic.. You is just attracted to Alex’s looks thats all

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    Been following.. @stan you are the best but the introduction of Alex is ruining my favourite character Dominic. June does not give a shit about Dominic or his feelings, I feel so sorry for my guy.

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    Dominic warned u June… Dominic is in love with June

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    @denzel I’m sorry Alex is bursting your fav’s bubble lol.

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