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    Take heart Dom, June will soon realise your feelings for her

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    at times its good to listen to the inner voice, things are getting messy each day ride on @stan <3

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    Oh! My June be careful

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    Dominic opened his eyes and stood up in a rush from the bed. He glanced at the window as the heavy downpour washed across the window.

    He rushed to pick up his cellphone and punched in June’s digits, he tried reaching her to no avail. “Shit!” He cursed to himself.

    He burst open his wardrobe and took out a leather jacket. He threw himself into the Jacket and closed his eyes to find June with his psychic ability.

    He discovered her location and dashed his way down the stairs waking Alexa up in the process.

    “Where the hell are you going? It’s raining and it’s late” She asked scratching her eyes sleepily.

    “I’ll be right back” Dominic said in a hurry and stormed out of the house in the rain.


    Alex arrived at the Sinclair mansion with June on his back, he appeared exhausted and soaking wet after walking a distance with June on his back. He approached the gate as the rain poured down heavily, a security guard noticed a sleeping June on his back and rushed to help them.

    “Is she alright?” The security asked rushing to Alex as June mumbled at the sound of the security’s voice.

    “Help her down” Alex said as the security helped June down from his back.

    “Inform Mr Sinclair immediately” The security said to a colleague as June rested on him for support.

    “You’ll be alright” Alex said to June and part a loosed curl of her hair covering a part of her face.

    “Sir, June is here” A manservant rushed in to inform Patrick and Doris who both have been waiting for her at the living room.

    “Are they alright?” Patrick enquired looking worried.

    “I don’t think so sir, Mr Clinton doesn’t appear to be with his car.”

    “Where are they?” Doris asked.

    “On their way ma’am” the manservant responded as June and Alex were both escorted into the living room dripping wet. June was supported by a security as she limp her way to pull her dad into a wet hug.

    “What the hell happened?” Patrick asked worryingly as he broke free of the hug and scanned her from head to toe.

    “You’re not allowed to be here!” A security guard barked from afar to the hearing of everyone in the living room as Dominic forced his way to the living room.

    “I’m sorry sir” The security said as Patrick gestured his hands to him indicating its okay.

    “Dom” June muttered as Dominic was breathing heavily and dripping wet.

    “Why are you here?” Patrick asked.

    “I-I figured June was in trouble, so i rushed over to be of help in anyway i can” Dominic said.

    “June tell us what happened” Patrick asked as June took a seat on the couch and was covered in a thick blanket. Doris handed her a cup of hot tea to help keep her warm.

    “Dad, something tried to kill us tonight. I don’t know what it is, everything happened so fast”
    “Alex lost control of the car and we crashed, luckily we came out alive” June said shivering.

    “What?” Doris asked in disbelief to what she just heard.

    “Alex saved me tonight. I wouldn’t be here without him” June said thankfully as Patrick shot Alex a glance.

    “Alex, thank you so much” Patrick said and placed his hand on Alex’s shoulder.

    “It’s nothing sir, I’ll lay my life for hers.” Alex said truthfully as June let out a smile.

    “I’m sorry about your car and I’m sorry about all you went through tonight to get my daughter home safely, I’ll have a driver drop you off at home” Patrick said.

    “No, I’m staying with June. Whatever i can do to help” Alex said shaking his head in disapproval to Patrick’s offer.

    “Alex, you’ve done enough. please go home, your parents will be worried.” June said coldly.

    “Are you sure?” Alex asked.


    “Okay, I’ll get going. Thank you sir, ma’am.” Alex said thankfully to Patrick and Doris as the driver stood at the hallway waiting to drop him off.

    “Alex, thank you” June said softly as Alex nodded and made his way out of the living room.

    “Dominic Griffith, why don’t you tag along so he’ll drop you off at home as well?” Patrick asked turning to Dominic.

    “No, I’m fine sir. I brought my car.”

    “Oh that’s great then.”
    “I want to thank you for showing up tonight, this has further proved how much of a friend my daughter means to you and I’m glad to know that she has a friend she can count on in times like this.” 

    “It’s what friends do for each other sir, I’m pretty sure she’ll do the same for me.” Dominic said and forced a smile as Patrick nodded in agreement.

    “Excuse me sir”
    “Mrs Sinclair, Goodnight ma’am” Dominic said and bow slightly as he made a turn to leave.

    “Dom” June said softly as Dominic turned back.



    “Anytime” He said and exit the living room.

    “Come on honey” Doris said and helped June up as they made their way up the stairs.

    “I’ll call the medics” Patrick said and head to the retro wall phone. 


    Grenville Times, Grenville, Tennessee.

    “Mysterious Road accidents for the second day in a row and none of you could bring me something?! What the f--k are you lot getting paid for? I need something real quick!” Mr Kowalski barked hitting his fist on the table as the reporters sat around a table looking confused.

    “Sir, maybe it’s just bad drivers or faulty tires, I’m sure it’s not something supernatural like you’re insinuating.” A reporter said nonchalantly.

    “What the f--k did you just say?” Mr Kowalski growled as the room was thrown into a moment of silence. Scarlett arrived at the meeting room dishing out a small package containing each reporter’s breakfast, she placed each pack right in front of the reporters one after another.

    “I need something! I need a story, get your assess down that road and get me a story! If it means you gotta sleep at the road side to get a first hand experience then by all means” Mr Kowalski said as Scarlett placed his breakfast right in front of him with a cup of tea.

    “Yes sir” They all responded as Scarlett emptied the tray of food she was holding and made a turn to leave the room. She halted as a thought struck her mind.

    “Why are you still here?” A reporter known as Simon Black asked as everyone fixed their gaze on Scarlett wondering why she is standing still.

    “I-I” She stammered

    “I what?!”

    “I-I May have a source to share what happened last night with us” She said heads down as Mr Kowalski stood up with his breakfast and left the meeting room.

    “What i think you should worry more about is how you’re gonna get into college, like how long do you have to work here serving meals to get cash?” Simon Black said mockingly as the room erupted into laughter.

    “I’m sorry, excuse me.” She said containing her anger.

    “Oh Scarlett” Simon called to her.


    “Do well to always remember your place in this office” Simon said mockingly as Scarlett stormed out of the meeting room angrily.

    An hour later, Scarlett went to Mr Kowalski’s office to retrieve his used tea cup. She knocked on the door a few times and soon heard Mr Kowalski call on her to come in.

    “It’s on the shelf” Mr Kowalski said heads down as he paid attention to whatever he was writing.

    “Okay sir” Scarlett muttered and head to the shelf and picked up the tea cup.

    “Scarlett” Mr Kowalski called.

    “Yes sir?”

    “You still got that camera huh?” He asked heads down.

    “Yes sir”

    “Go chase that story, I’ll be more than happy if you bring me that story yourself. Maybe you’ll replace one of those assholes?”

    “Thank you sir” Scarlett said excitingly.
    “I won’t let you down” She further added as Mr Kowalski nodded. She exit his office with excitement written all over her face as she has been given the nod to pursue a major story for the Grenville Times.


    Grenville Central High School.

    Dominic and Rose stood outside the school building awaiting June’s arrival, shortly Doris arrived at the school with June.

    “Take care of yourself honey.” Doris said as she pulled the car to halt.

    “Sure thing mom” June said and opened the car door, her left leg had been covered in an orthopedic cast, she fixed her crutches on the ground and helped herself up using the crutches. Doris watched her take a few steps away from the car and drove off.

    “June!” Dominic called out and ran to her to offer his assistance.

    “I’m fine Dom” June said walking slowly with the aid of her crutches.

    “I’m so sorry this happened” Rose said taking a glance at the orthopedic cast on June’s left leg.

    “It’s fine Rose, good thing I’m still alive” June responded.

    “So did you and Alex snog?” Rose Cooed.

    “What? No! Absolutely not.” June responded as a blush spread across her cheeks.

    “Oh okay” Rose said and chuckled as they stepped into the school building.

    “This wouldn’t have happened if you had just listened to me!” Dominic said looking angrily at the state of June’s leg.


    “If you had simply ignored Alex’s date offer, you wouldn’t be with a broken leg now” Dominic said.

    “Dominic!” Rose called out trying to caution him from saying too much.

    “Are you saying this is Alex’s fault?” June asked shooting Dominic a glance.

    “Yes! It’s all Alex’s fault and i know he’s up to no good!” Dominic said.

    “I can’t believe you’re saying all this” June said shaking her head in disgust.

    “Can’t you see? Alex ain’t good for you!” Dominic said.

    “And how do you know what’s good for me?” June fired back.

    “Good enough to know you shouldn’t be with him, look what happened on your first outing.” Dominic said pointing at her bad leg.

    “You’re just being delusional and unbelievable Dominic” June said.

    “I can’t let anything or anyone harm you, you need my protection and i can only protect you if you stick around” Dominic said calmly.

    “I don’t f-----g need your protection! Quit acting like you’re my dad or something.”
    “I’m old enough to make my own decisions! I chose to go out with Alex and what happened last night was absolutely not his fault!” June yelled.

    “In fact, if it wasn’t for him i would probably be dead by now.” She yelled further to the hearing of almost everyone student at the hallway. The students murmured to each other as they all fixed their gaze on June’s bad leg.

    “What happened to June?” June overheard a girl ask a guy as he shrugged in response to her question. June paid no attention to the murmuring from the students.

    “Cut him some slack, I don’t care if you like him or not. That’s your personal problem, don’t bring it into my life!” She further yelled and hastened her walk leaving Dominic behind. He stood still, watching as June walked away. Rose sighed and rubbed her forehead.

    “What’s gotten into you?” Rose said to Dominic and paced up to catch up with June who had left them behind.


    Scarlett rushed into the house and head to Rose’s room. She look around in search of something, she opened a couple of drawers and closed them back. She opened Rose’s wardrobe and scanned through her clothes, after scanning thoroughly, she closed the wardrobe and paced up and down the room clenching her jaw.
    An idea struck her mind, she checked under Rose’s bed and found a pink piggy bank.

    “Yes!” She said to herself and opened up the piggy bank, she poured out  every money she could find in the piggy bank until there was nothing left in it. She closed the piggy bank and returned it carefully to where she had found it. She dashed out of Rose’s room and head to the mall, to get herself a new camera.


    Grenville Central High School.

    School had closed for the day, Dominic knew he owed June an apology for his outburst earlier. He was not in the right position to judge her or make decisions for her. He stood by his car waiting for Rose and June to show up. After a couple of minutes, he could see them making their way out of the school building to where he parked his car. He cleared his throat and thought of many ways to tender his apology and earn her forgiveness. Just as they got closer, Alex drove his black BMW M5 car to block where Dominic parked his car. “F--k!”Dominic cursed and head to the car’s window to have a word with the driver about his parking position.

    “Hey man, you can’t park here. I’ll be driving out soon, you gotta move your car elsewhere.” Dominic said as Alex rolled down the window to the surprise of Dominic.

    “Holy shit!” Dominic cursed at the sight of Alex.

    “I’m sorry man, I’ll get going pretty soon.” Alex said Apologetically as Dominic walked away.

    “Is that Alex?” Rose asked as they approached Alex who had gotten down from the car and stood next to it waiting for them.

    “Yeah that’s him” June responded as they got closer to him.

    “Hey June” He greeted.

    “Hey Alex”

    “How are you? How are you feeling?” Alex enquired scanning June from head to toe.

    “I’m fine Alex, I’m great.” June said all smiles.

    “I’m so sorry about last night. I really am.” Alex apologised.

    “It wasn’t your fault Alex, quit blaming yourself for it.” June responded.

    “Oh, hey Rose. I’m so sorry, you know June’s state is all i could think of at the moment” Alex said to Rose.

    “It’s fine, I understand your girlfriend is more important than anything else.” Rose responded as Alex let out a wide smile on hearing the word “girlfriend”.

    “Rose! Stop it!” June whispered to Rose.

    “Isn’t he your boyfriend?” Rose whispered back.

    “Don’t say that word!” June whispered again as Rose let out a brief laugh. Dominic stood not too far behind watching all that was happening, he could as well hear their conversations.

    Alex stood staring at June’s face while they kept whispering to each other, he got lost in awe at June’s beauty. The golden sun of the afternoon beamed down on her white glossy skin, her brown freckles stood out under the beaming sun. She had loosed her light brown hair from its bun style from the previous night to spread across her shoulder. Her luminous, heavenly-white teeth flashed as she smiled at whatever Rose had whispered to her. her languid velvet-black eyelashes blinked once slowly, catching Alex’s gaze. Her rapture hazel eyes met with Alex’s eyes as he jolted back to life from his thoughts.

    “Are you okay?” She enquired raising a brow.

    “F--k!! D--n!” Alex cursed and ran his fingers through his hair while Dominic watched on from where he stood.

    “What’s the problem?” She enquired worryingly.

    “June” He said softly.


    “how can one be so beautiful?” Alex began as June let out a smile as though her heart was melting at his words.

    “I look at you and I’m marveled, lost in ecstasy. After all you’ve been through last night, even with the gigantic cast on your leg and the thin bruise on your face, you look absolutely stunning and adorable”
    “I’ve never in my life seen anyone as pretty as you are, you mesmerize me June.” Alex said entwining fingers with hers.

    “Oh wow, that was sweet!” Rose said and chuckled as June stood in awe at Alex’s words, not knowing how best to react.
    A blush crept on June’s cheek, she looked away smiling slightly and feeling mortified.

    All she could do in return was pull him into a warm hug and bury her face on his chest. Dominic watched on and turned his face away at the sight of seeing the bond between them.

    “Thanks Alex” June cooed as she rest her head on Alex’s chest, she could feel the push of his heartbeat and that made her heart melt further.

    “Heaven knows how much you mean to me” He said to her and caress her hair, just then they heard the sound of an earth shattering car horn. They broke free and turned to the direction the sound was coming from. It was Doris and she had arrive to pick June up herself.

    “Oh your mom is here” Alex said.


    “Just when i thought i would have the honours of dropping you off at home myself”

    “Don’t bother Alex, you’ve done enough. I’ll see you later.” June said and entwined fingers with Alex as they both walked towards Doris’ car.
    Dominic felt disappointed, he stormed into the driver’s seat of his car and fastened his seat belt.

    “Are you coming or not?” He yelled from his car to the hearing of Rose.

    “A minute” she yelled back and rushed to greet Doris before returning to join Dominic in the car. Dominic started the car after Rose had hopped in and sped out of the school.

    “Alex, I believe you’ve gotten treatment for the injuries you sustained?” Doris enquired from the driver’s seat as Alex leaned towards the window to have a better hearing.

    “Yes Mrs Sinclair, I’m perfectly okay.”
    “It is June we should be worried about more.”

    “Oh don’t worry my dear, she’ll be fine.” Doris responded.

    “Okay, I don’t want to keep you waiting Mrs Sinclair.” He said as Doris started the car engine.
    “See you later” He said to June and waved goodbye as she waved back. She looked away and then looked back at him, he stood there and watched as the car got farther away until they were completely out of sight

    “So is he your boyfriend now?” Doris enquired focusing on the road as she titled the steering steady.

    June’s eyes widened at her mother’s question. “Boyfriend? No i don’t think so.” June said looking outside the window.

    “So what is he?”

    “I don’t know” June responded and rolled her eyes. Doris scoffed and let out a brief laugh.

    “Sweetheart, I have no problem with you having a boyfriend. Moreover, I think Alex is a cool kid. He’s good for you.” Doris said to the delight of June.


    “Sure. As long as you love him and he makes you happy, then it’s settled.” Doris said and turned to June as their eyes met, June smiled and Doris turned back to keep her eyes on the road.

    “But you must know, there are things you shouldn’t do with him.” Doris said more seriously.

    “I believe you know what those things are?”

    “Yes mom i do.”

    “You can’t have s-” Doris was saying as June cut in.

    “Oh my God! Mom i know! Okay?! I get it!” June said and rolled her eyes as Doris let out a laugh and kept her eyes on the road.

    “Good!” Doris said amidst laughter.


    Rose got into her room and squat beneath her bed to add the day’s savings to her piggy bank. She searched aimlessly until her hand caught the piggy bank. She brought it out and opened the top cover.

    “What the f--k?!” She cursed shaking the piggy bank and turning it upside down to pour out any cent left in it but got nothing.

    “Shit!! Shit!!!” She cursed more and grinned her teeth in anger.

    “Scarlett!!!” She yelled her name and smashed the piggy bank to pieces in anger. She barged out of the room to search for Scarlett.

    “Slow down!” Nicole said to Rose.

    “Where is Scarlett? She stole all my money!” Rose growled.

    “I don’t know honey, she left few hours ago” Nicole answered as Rose walked out on her with anger pumping through her veins.


    June stood at the entrance of the house garden at the Sinclair mansion, she was greeted by the scent of fresh flowers. The sweet fragrance was emitting from the beautifully planted rose flowers. The whole of the garden was planted with green carpet. An Isle from the gate to a small wooden hut is cemented with flat stones. The garden was decorated with white pebbles, white and green stones, two narra trees at the corner to a garage, red palms were planted at the rounded corners of the garden.

    She aid her movement with the crutches and sat comfortably on a wooden Adirondack chair. She seldom visit the house garden unless she wanted a private space to wallow in her thoughts. She hummed to herself and flipped through her physics textbook, she smiled to herself and closed the book, she thought of Alex and placed the closed book on her laps. She recalled the events of the previous night and what happened at school earlier, his compliments drove her wild but she was able to keep a hold of herself, she smiled excitingly and continued humming to herself as she picked up the book to flip through again. Just then, she could hear the whimper of a puppy from a corner of the garden. She stood up using her crutches to trace where the sound was coming from, she walked towards a palm at the corner of the garden to behold the sight of a yellow puppy trapped under a couple of bamboo sticks.

    “Hello there” She said and squat to help the puppy out of the bamboo sticks. The whimper stopped instantly and the puppy wagged it’s tail.

    “How did you get here?” She asked knowing fully well the puppy cannot give her a response. The puppy moved closer to her, limping. she noticed a fracture must have occurred on a leg as a result of the hit the little puppy sustained.
    She touched the puppy and caressed it’s soft silky yellow fur, she took a look around the puppy and discovered it was a female.

    “You’re a Labrador, a female one.” June said all smiles recognising the breed of the puppy.

    “I don’t know how you got here, but I’m pretty sure your owner will coming looking soon.”
    “But before then, let me get you all cleaned up, okay?” She said as the puppy nodded hilariously as though she could understand what June had just said. June laughed at the sight of the puppy’s nodding. She grabbed the puppy in her arms and made her way back into the house.

    08:45 PM

    Scarlett sat on a bench across the street few meters away from the road June and Alex had crashed the previous night. She could hear the whoosh of the cold windy night, she pulled up her hoodie to shield herself from the cold wind and held firm her newly purchased camera waiting for something to happen so she could have a photographic evidence.


    Loud rock music blared out of Luke’s car, he grabbed a girl he was making out with and sat her on the car trunk. He kissed her neck softly as she let out a soft moan, he ripped open her shirt revealing her black bra. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it away and kissed her further, a sound crept from the woods but none of them could hear as they were lost in the steaming kissing session they both were having. Luke broke free and smiled mischievously.

    “I’m so gonna f--k you dirty!” He said and smirked. He returned with a kiss on her neck and drove it slowly, down to her chest. The steps in the woods got closer and hurled Luke away instantly.

    “What the f--k!” he said grunting, he struggled to stand and fell back on his feet. He shot a glance at the girl he was making out with, the creature in a blue hospital gown grabbed her and fed on her neck as the girl screamed aloud.

    “Luke help!!!!” She yelled crying as the zombie kept feeding on her neck until she could scream no more, her head detached from her body and fell to the ground as blood gushed out of her headless neck.

    “Holy shit! Holy shit!” Luke screamed as he stood up with every strength he had left in him and ran aimlessly.

    “Somebody help!!” He screamed aloud as he kept running shirtless. Scarlett heard the scream and stood up frightened, she held firm her camera and dashed into the woods.

    “Are you okay?” Scarlett screamed to the hearing of Luke.

    “I’m over here! Please help!” Luke screamed farther away from where Scarlett was.

    “Is that Luke Evans?” She asked herself recognising Rose’s ex boyfriend’s voice. She picked up the pace and ran faster to his direction.

    The zombie moved in a speed of light and grabbed Luke.

    “I don’t want to die! please don’t kill me” Luke begged for his life crying, he shot a glance at the zombie’s face and met its big bright red eyes, green varicose veins wired across its face as half of the creature’s face was covered in blood.

    “Jesus f-----g Christ!” He cursed on seeing the horrific face and eyes of the creature as the creature pierced it’s extremely long fangs into his neck and cut open his internals.
    Scarlett arrived at the scene and took in the horrific scenery.

    “Oh my God!” She said to herself, she froze not knowing what to do. She then realised Luke was dead and there was no way she could help him anymore, she then resorted to taking a shot of the creature feeding on Luke’s body. She took out the camera with her shaky hands and turned it on, the camera slipped off her shaky hands as she squat to pick it up. The zombie had left Luke and turned to her.

    “Oh no! I’m so dead!” She said as the zombie stood directly opposite to her. She positioned the camera for a shot and hit the shutter button, just then the zombie moved in it’s speed and hurled her with immense force hitting her against a tree. Scarlett collapsed immediately as blood gushed out of her mouth and nose, the zombie walked steadily towards her lying body and made his way to feed on her.

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    Uh-oh.. Pretty bad. I hope she survives.. You’re doing well, @Stan

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    Oh no! Scarlett please don’t die!

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    Oh my God! I hope it doesn’t succeed in feeding on scarlet

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