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    Grenville, Tennessee – December 11th, 1990

    “Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you June! Happy Birthday to you” ?

    A small group of family and friends sang the birthday song as they surrounded June, the apparent birthday girl who sat on a chair facing a beautifully designed cake with lit candles of various colour sticks.

    “Make a wish sweetheart” her mother said and leaned forward to her ears.
    June blew the candles and everyone cheered.

    “I’m so proud of you sweetie, it felt like yesterday, holding your tiny little fingers at the first sight of you. 16 years it has been and my baby is all grown up. I will always cherish the moment i had you, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” June’s father said to her as they both held hands at the corridor, away from the party happening inside. June wiped an uncontrollable tears dropping Patrick’s right eye.

    “I love you so much dad” she said and hugged him tight while he caressed her hair.

    “It’s snowing, you should grab your coat, I wouldn’t want you to suffer an attack on this special day” Patrick said tapping her shoulder, she walked inside to grab a coat as her father suggested.

    “Sir, your attention is needed at the special facility” A man walked up to him and said in a rush.

    “Meet me outside in 5 Dylan” he responded and rushed back in to the party.
    “Doris, I gotta go. something came up at the facility. I’ll be right back” He said to his wife and kissed her forehead.

    “You can’t be serious Patrick, there is a heavy storm outside, its freezing cold and it’s late” she protested.

    “it’s an emergency honey, I will be fine i promise. You have to trust me” he assured.

    “Fine! Please be careful, call me when you arrive safely” she said touching his face.

    “I will. Dylan’s waiting for me outside, I gotta go” Patrick said and rushed outside.

    ?All the flowers that you planted mama In the back yard, All died when you went away, I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard, But I’m willing to give it another try cause nothing compares to you. ?

    Music from Sinéad O’Connor’s nothing compares 2 u blanketed the background as June walked back to the ongoing party

    “Where’s dad?” she asked looking around.

    “He got off with Dylan, they have an emergency” Doris replied looking worried.

    “I hope he’s gonna be okay? The storm is scary as f--k” she said.

    “Language June!” Doris responded

    “Oh I’m sorry mom”
    “is he gonna be okay?” June asked again.

    “Yes my love, he will be” she said and feigned a smile.
    “Why don’t you carry on with the party, you’ve not had much time with your friends, you should be with them” Doris added

    “Yeah, sure” she said and left while Doris took a glance at her wristwatch.


    Sinclair Pharmaceutical Special Facility, Grenville.

    Patrick approached the facility’s Gate as he blared his car horn.

    A security guard covered in snow walked out shivering and opened the gates as Patrick drove in.
    He rushed into the facility main building as he was greeted by some men in white lab coat.

    “Welcome sir, I apologise for the late call, it’s an emergency” A young lady on black suit said as she handed Patrick a white lab coat of his.

    “It’s alright Vivian. What’s the problem?” he asked as they approached multiple computer screens surrounding the room.

    ‘The serum..” Vivian said

    “and what about it?” he replied taking a glance at Vivian.

    “Dr Thomas administered the serum to Patient 145-C, initially his vitals were okay and everything seemed fine” she said

    “We checked again 10 minutes later, his vitals failed and his last heartbeat was recorded at 6 minutes after the serum was administered” Vivian concluded

    “Well, the patients knew what they were getting themselves into before signing up to this. Of course we wouldn’t be successful at a first trial. How is this an emergency?” he said loosing his patience as Vivian shivered in fear.

    “Sir, you may want to take a look at this” Dr Thomas said as they walked into a special unit with a tag The Freezer on the door.
    They stepped in as ice smoke emitted out of the room.
    Thomas opened up the covered deceased as a large hole in his chest was revealed.

    “What the hell!” Patrick exclaimed.

    “We found his heart missing, ripped out completely”
    “We don’t know what happened, no one could have gotten into the freezer without a pass code” Dr Thomas said looking worried.

    “Sir” Dylan said holding what looks like a remnant of a devoured meat in his hands dripping of Black blood.

    “What the f--k is that??” Patrick said while Thomas walked up to Dylan to have a closer look.

    “I think it’s a leftover of 145-C’s heart” Thomas said

    “What in hell could have done this?” Patrick asked in confusion hoping anyone could provide an answer.


    Grenville Central High school, Tennessee. – 7th January, 1991

    Christmas break was over and June returned to highschool at the Grenville Central High School, Tennessee.

    “Apple pie and a cup of latte” June said

    “There you go” Hugo said handing over her order all smiles.

    “Thanks Hugo” She said and took the tray off the table as she attempt to make a turn but suddenly bump into someone who stood behind waiting to place his order.

    “I’m so sorry” she said and brought out her handkerchief to wipe off the spilled latte on him.

    “It’s okay… I’m Dominic” he said
    “Well I’m new here, it’s my first day in school actually and i got my shirt stained with latte” he said neglecting the fact that he came to order lunch.

    “I’m so sorry Dominic” she further apologised. She left and took a vacant table as Dominic watched on.

    “Why staring man?” Hugo questioned.

    “Nothing, I just find her quite familiar” Dominic said.
    “I want the same thing she ordered” he added.

    A couple of minutes later, Dominic approached June.

    “May i join you?” he asked.

    “Sure, please sit” she gestured to an available sit opposite her.

    “I’m Dominic” he said introducing himself for the second time in minutes.

    “I know! You told me few minutes ago” she snapped.

    “Dominic Griffith.. and you are?” he said.

    “I’m June. June Sinclair. Pleased to meet you Dominic” she responded and sighed in frustration of the boring conversation.

    “Oh you can call me Dom. It’ll save the stress of calling out the entire name” he said hoping it would turn out to be hilarious but June wasn’t laughing or smiling.

    The closing bell rang endlessly as students barged out of the school doors in multitude.

    “June!” Roseline said hitting June by the side with her left arm winking.

    “Don’t give me that look rose” June said smiling.

    “Oh cut the crap June, I saw you with the new guy. What’s up?” Rose asked

    “Nothing rose” June responded.
    “I spilled latte on him, and he joined my table for lunch. Of course there wouldn’t be a vacant sit if you weren’t making out with Luke” she said

    “Oh no June, I wasn’t with Luke. I was serving detention. Still serving detention for breaking school property” she said and laughed.

    “Watch it!” a guy said from a distance as June and Rose turned to the direction of what looks like a fight that was about to go down.

    “F--k you! Son of a b---h!” another barked.
    “I’m gonna beat your ass and send you crying to your lame ass b---h mother” he added.

    “Guys calm down” Dominic said approaching the two guys who held each other by the neck.

    “and who are you p---k?” the second guy barked looking at Dominic.

    “I mean no harm mate. Just ain’t nice fighting at the school” Dominic responded.

    “I’ll show you what’s nice..” the second guy said getting closer to Dom and punched him so hard his nose started bleeding.

    “Oh my God!” Rose screamed as they both approached Dom who was on the floor wincing in pain.

    “That’s what you get when you don’t mind your f-----g business p---k” the guy said and walked out.
    “I’m gonna f--k you later, he helped take a share of your beating, thank him” he said to the other guy and walked away.

    “I’m so sorry Dom. You shouldn’t have interfered” June said covering Dominic’s bleeding nose.

    “First day at school” he said and laughed.

    The trio took a walk home as they discussed what happened earlier.

    “What’s his name?” Dom asked.

    “He’s Jeremy Cooper, a senior. He’s quite the character. He’s a bloody a-----e” Rose said.

    “You’re British huh?” he asked not paying attention to the answer for his question. Roseline snubbed his question as they continued walking.

    “Thanks guys, for showing up. It means a lot me” Dominic said
    “I gotta take a turn, I live across the street” He added

    “Okay. Take some pain killers and rest” June said as they both waved him.

    “He kinda deserved it” Rose said chuckling
    “Yeah”June responded as they both laughed and walked on.

    22:45 hrs

    The police siren light waved across the dark road leading to a bridge as they spotted a man standing aimlessly at the middle of the bridge.

    “This is the Grenville Police Department, are you alright?” the cops asked from their megaphone

    “This is the Grenville police, are you alright?” The cops asked again with no response from the man standing across the bridge.

    Two cops got down from the car holding a torch. They got closer to the standing man. They brought out their guns and held the torch firmly.

    “This is the Grenville police department! Put your hands up!” a cop barked louder. Still no response from the man.
    They got closer and touched him.

    “Are you deaf or what?” a cop asked as he touched him.

    “Holy shit!” he said as the body scattered on the ground. Head decapitated. Hands and legs separated. A big hole in the chest.

    “F--k! This is real shit!” the second cop said in shock as their torch lit brightly on the face of the deceased. They spotted an ID on the ground.

    “It’s an ID, Have a look” a cop said to his partner as he bent down to pick up the ID.

    “Grenville Central High school”
    “Jeremy Cooper” the cop read as they pointed the torch at the deceased face again.

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    So Scary

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    A well written story with a scary undertone. Waiting for the next chapter.

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    Ok, can sense some upcoming horror tales… Ride on

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    Okay o .

    But a bit frightening.

    Where are my men’s

    My boo @fv-danieledem





    And others abeg make una come follow me read o.

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    Chai i for don forget my amu man @thecomely ???.

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    Remember me or i flog u anytime u 4get me @ladyg

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