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    ride on
    hope that bastard wouldn’t hurt June??

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    “Sir please don’t stop for anyone else. I’ll pay in full, I really need to get to my destination on time.” June said to the taxi driver. She was the only occupant in the cab, she sat comfortably at the backseat and shot a glance at her wristwatch.

    “Okay ma’am.” The cab driver answered.

    The driver shot occasional glances at his rear view mirror, June noticed he had been staring and that made her feel uncomfortable.

    “June Sinclair?” The driver asked, shooting a glance at the rear view mirror and back to the highway.

    “Yes.” June answered.

    “Wow!” The driver exclaimed, he was a middle aged man, not more than 45.

    “What?” June asked.

    “Nothing ma’am, I was only wondering why you’re in a cab. I mean, you’re a billionaire’s daughter. It’s not everyday we get to have a passenger of your status.” The cab driver said.

    “Oh. I uhm, I am going to see a friend and my dad’s sort of not aware of it.” She responded.

    “You’re sneaking out right?” The cab driver asked.

    “Not not really, I just wanna help a friend really quick and my dad wouldn’t let me without an escort. I wanna be alone.” She said.

    “That’s cool. I have a daughter your age and i can understand sometimes y’all wanna be independent and sometimes you feel you have everything under control.” The cab driver said, June wasn’t interested in the teenage independent talks, she had heard a lot of talks like that from her parents and it was starting to annoy her. she hummed to herself without a response.

    “Your dad loves you and whatever he’s doing for you is for your protection.” The driver added. June glanced at her wristwatch again, it was 06:13pm.

    “Here.” June said tapping the driver’s shoulder. He pulled the car to halt right at Brandon’s house.

    “How much?” She asked and ransacked her small purse.

    “No, keep it.” The driver said.

    “What? Why?” June asked.

    “Keep the money June Sinclair, I only beg of one thing.”

    “and what is that?” June asked.

    “If your father ever needs a driver for himself or the company, please call me. This uhm, this job I’m doing can only do little to sustain my family, I’d be really grateful if i can get something much better.” The driver said handing over a small card to June containing his home address and cellphone digits.

    “Thank you so much Mr-?” June said scanning the card for his name.

    “Morgan Coleman.” he answered quickly.

    “Thank you Mr Morgan, I really appreciate this.” June said thankfully and tuck the card into her purse. She got out of the cab and closed the door shut. She waved at Morgan Coleman and head for Bran’s house.

    Just as June was about to knock, Bran opened the door right on time.

    “Oh!” June said shifting back immediately, Startled at how quick Bran came to the door.

    “I’m sorry, did i scare you?” Bran asked.

    “Yeah kind of.”

    “Please come in.” Bran said ushering June into the house.

    “Would you like a cup of tea?” He asked.

    “No Bran, I’m good. Where is the system and what’s the problem? I really have somewhere to be now.”

    “It’s not here. Sorry i should have told you earlier.” Bran said.

    “What!? You brought me all the way down here for nothing!?” June Growled.

    “No i didn’t, it’s back at my office at the cinema. Its a five minutes drive. Let’s go.”

    “Okay.” June mumbled and followed Bran behind.

    They got to where Bran parked his car just outside of his apartment. “I’m sorry, I should have told you earlier.” Bran said and opened the car door for June to get in. He rushed to the driver’s seat and kick the engine to life. He made a reverse and drove out of his compound.

    Morgan Coleman was relishing his moment with June, he hoped she would consider helping him. He sighed and twisted the car key to ignite the engines. He pulled the gear to a reverse and noticed Bran had driven out of his apartment just immediately June had arrived there.

    “Wasn’t that the house June had just arrived?” he asked himself, he changed the gear from its reverse and trailed Bran’s car behind slowly.


    Grenville Medical Centre, Tennessee.

    “Hi!” Rose greeted smiling as she entered Dominic’s ward. She met Alexa sitting bedside to him.

    “Hey Rose.” Dominic greeted back and raised his head slightly from his pillow.

    “Welcome Rose.” Alexa greeted still dressed up in sunglasses and the black scarf around her face.

    “Thanks. How are you feeling now? Your fans bloody miss you.” Rose joked.

    “My fans?” Dominic responded and raised a brow, he shot a glance at Alexa as she let out a brief laugh.

    “Yeah yeah, some girls are loads crazy about you. It appears they’ve formed some sort of fan club for you, they find your basketball skills amazing.” Rose responded smiling.

    “Are you serious?” Dominic asked.

    “I’m for real Dom. They sent gifts in fact, June has it.”

    “Wow! I uhm, Where’s June?”

    “She had something really quick to attend to, she didn’t say where but she promised to be here very soon.”

    “And you let her set off on her own to an unknown destination?” Dominic questioned.

    “She didn’t want to be followed Dom, what do you think i should have done?” Rose asked.

    “I think you should have insisted. Gosh!” Dom said and unplugged the Intravenous fluids attached to his body, he stood up from the hospital bed and clenched his jaw.

    “You need to rest Dom, she’ll be fine.” Alexa said as Dominic paced up and down the ward.

    “Dom you need to calm down.” Rose said gesturing her hands for Dom to lay back on the hospital bed.

    “I’m not gonna calm down, June is probably in danger and you, her best friend left her alone!” Dominic barked.

    “Don’t put this on me! She wanted to be left alone, surely she’s old enough to make decisions for herself? I’m her best friend not her baby sitter.” Rose fired back.

    “Listen to yourself, you sound so irresponsible and it appears you don’t give a f--k about her or her safety. I’m sure she wouldn’t let you set off on your own even if you wanted to be alone.” Dom said.

    “Dominic please calm down. You’re just getting yourself back together.” Alexa said trying to calm the tension between Dom and Rose.

    “I can’t believe your feelings for her is making you overreact in this way, you’re so unbelievable.” Rose spitted.

    “What feelings? She’s my friend and i obviously care about her more than you do.” Dominic fired. Alexa smiled at Rose’s claims, she knew Rose was right with her claims, Dominic was overreacting perhaps due to his feelings for June.

    “Whatever! maybe coming here was a mistake in the first place. June seems to be the only person that matters to you. You think i don’t have things to do now or i couldn’t just rest at home after a long day at the school? Do you even know what we’ve been up to after school? June is all you care about. I’m out of here!” Rose said and stormed out of Dominic’s ward.

    “Rose, I’m sorry.” Dominic yelled but Rose had gone and she wasn’t coming back.

    “She’s right you know.” Alexa said.

    “About?” Dominic asked.

    “You’re overreacting because you love June.” Alexa said.

    “That’s not true!” Dominic protested.

    “Dom, Rose is your best friend, she didn’t deserve the way you just treated her. I think you owe her a big time apology.” Alexa said, Dominic sat on the hospital bed and buried his face in his palm.

    “She has been here almost everyday to see you, your very own brother doesn’t even know where you’re being admitted.” Alexa said again.

    “You mean a lot to Rose and you should reciprocate the same back to her. Don’t allow your crush on June ruin your friendship with Rose because the truth is, if you ruin your relationship with Rose, you ruin it with June as well. They’re literally entangled and you can’t be friends with one and not be friends with the other. You’ll loose them both if you continue to overreact based on your feelings” Alexa added.

    “Thank you Alexa. I’m leaving the hospital tonight, I feel 100 percent. I owe Rose an apology.” Dom said as Alexa walked up to him and pat his back.

    “You’re welcome Dom. I love you so much.” Alexa responded as she caressed Dominic’s back.

    “You still haven’t told me what happened to your face you know?” Dominic enquired looking up at her.

    “Oh, I slipped and fell while trying to get something from my closet.” Alexa lied.

    “You need to be careful, I don’t like seeing you this way.”

    “It’ll heal up in days, I’ll be fine Dom.” Alexa assured.

    “Please could you get the doctor? I need to leave here tonight.” Dom said.

    “Sure, be right back.” Alexa said and made her way out of the ward.


    “This isn’t the cinema Bran.” June said scanning her environment nervously through the windshield. The streets lights reflected its light on a small safe house, far from a residential area. June wasn’t familiar with this part of Grenville and it was her first time going this far.

    Bran kept mute and pulled the car to halt right in front of the safe house.

    “Bran what are you doing?” June asked as Bran held the steering firm.

    “I’m sorry June, I can’t help it.” Bran said and turned to June, his red iris glowed in the dark. June pulled back immediately and made an attempt to open the passenger’s door but Bran had locked it.

    “Bran please don’t do this.” June pleaded as Bran pulled her hair and dragged her out through the driver’s seat until she landed on the floor and winced in pain.

    “Come on!” He said and dragged her up on her feet holding her hair tight.

    “Bran please stop!!!” June cried out as Bran pulled her into an old safe house. June gathered every strength within her and hit in the thigh using her boots.

    “F--k!” Bran cursed and let go off his grasp on her hair, June stood on her feet and ran as fast as she could after breaking free from Bran.

    “You don’t understand, you can’t run.” Bran said and moved in a supersonic speed to obstruct her. Due to the speed June was running and the unexpected appearance of super fast Bran, she collided with him and fell to the ground.

    “Gotcha!” He said and pulled her up from the ground and gave her a punch in her belly. He pulled her by the hair again into the building. The safehouse living room was completely consumed in darkness, the only source of light came from the moonlight piercing the holes all over walls of the building. The dim lights from the sky reflected on a staircase at the end of the room.

    He dragged her into the abandoned living room and hurled her to the wall. June sniffle in utter agony, she lay on the floor helpless.

    “We finally meet June Sinclair. Look at you, so weak.” Bran said and grabbed her neck.

    “I’m going to end you tonight.” He said and tighten his grasp on June’s neck, her face tinted red immediately as Bran’s firm grip chocked her.

    “Let me go!” She mumbled and hit Bran in his private region with her knee. He fell to the ground as she broke free of Bran’s grasp on her neck, she inhaled deeply and stood up to run outside. Bran grabbed her leg and dragged her back.

    “You’ll have to do more than that to keep me down June Sinclair.” Bran said and hurled June to the wall again.

    “I’ve done nothing wrong, why me?” June cried out.

    “It isn’t about what you’ve done, it is about what you’re yet to do.” Bran answered.

    “I can read your mind, you love your best friend Roseline McCarthy and yet your father is responsible for her father’s death.” Bran said taking a walk slowly to June who lay on the floor in severe pains.

    “What the hell are you talking about!” she barked amidst tears.

    “You’re so weak June Sinclair, it’s a pity you won’t make it out of here alive to ask your father about it.” Bran said as a wicked smile spread scores his face.

    “George McCarthy did not die by a fire incident.” This is my little gift to you, you’ll take this down to your grave tonight. Bran added and brought out a pistol. He took his steps closer to June carefully.

    “Bran please don’t do this!” She cried out as tears trickled down her cheek. June’s iris turned green as she cried in pain.

    “Impossible!” Bran muttered on sighting the the glow in June’s eyes. June herself wasn’t aware of what Bran had seen.

    Bran held his head and yelled, tossing the gun away. “I can’t help it, he’s too strong. He’ll kill me and my entire family if i don’t do this.” Bran said and knelt down.

    “Bran, he’ll kill you even if you do this to me. Don’t let the Aeternae use you, he killed Dr Thomas, he was responsible for the zombies invasion. Please you have to fight this, killing me won’t spare your life.” June pleaded and crawled towards Bran, hoping she could talk the Aeternae’s possessive spirit out of him.

    “Stay back!” Bran warned and crawled to pick up the gun again.

    “Okay, please calm down.”

    “I’m sorry, it has to be done. You’re standing in his way and he wants to get rid of you. I’m sorry June.” Bran said and cocked the gun.

    Just outside the safehouse Bran was holding June captive, Morgan Coleman had trailed Bran’s car to the house. He pulled the car to halt and wait inside the car to observe.


    Just as Rose had left Dominic’s ward, she stopped by at Scarlett’s to quickly check up on her, Scarlett was still unconscious but they were all hopeful she would respond to treatments very soon. She planted a kiss on Scarlett’s forehead and made her way out of the hospital.

    She brought out her cellphone and punched in June’s digits just as she was walking out of the hospital to the parking lot. The call rang for a minute and hung up.

    “Dylan, June isn’t answering her phone. Have you tried calling her?” Rose asked as she got into the car. Dylan was seated at the driver’s seat awaiting her.

    “No, we don’t talk on phone. We don’t talk at all.” Dylan responded.

    “That’s weird.” Rose said and tried calling back again.


    “Bran please don’t do this.” June pleaded crawling backwards as Bran walked closer, pointing the gun at her head.

    “I’m sorry June.” He muttered and placed his finger on the trigger. June kept crawling backwards until her hands touched a concrete block. She held the concrete block in her hands and threw it at Bran’s face immediately.

    “Holy shit!” Bran cursed in pain as blood gushed out of the right part of his face where June had smashed the concrete on. June made her stance immediately and ran up the stairs at the end of the room. Bran had blocked the exit, she had to find another way.

    “Somebody help!!!” She screamed aloud hoping someone would hear and come to her aid.

    “June?” Morgan Coleman could hear June’s scream from inside. He rushed outside immediately and charged towards the building holding nothing in his hands for a defense.

    June cried softly and navigate her way through the dark cold room, she was able to find a hiding spot, an old wardrobe behind a torn curtain. The wardrobe was barely enough to contain her, she figured it would be the best hiding spot as Bran wouldn’t think she would fit in there.

    “I know every nook and cranny of this house. You can’t hide from me June Sinclair, when i see you i promise to empty the bullets in this gun into your head.” Bran said, covering his right eye with his hands and holding the pistol on his left hand as he staggered his way up the stairs to find June. June heard this and panicked further, she maneuver her way into the wardrobe and slammed it shut from the inside. She locked herself up in the old wardrobe and panted heavily. Cobwebs wired across her and she could hear what sounds like a snake hiss right inside the wardrobe she was hiding.

    “Oh God!” She whispered and kept panting hoping it isn’t what she think it is.

    Morgan Coleman crept his way into the building carefully, he could hear Bran’s footsteps walking up the stairs staggering, Morgan crept carefully and followed Bran behind.

    Bran got to the room June was hiding and scanned the room.

    “June Sinclair, are you here? Come out to play.” He said mischievously and hummed to himself. The hissing got intense in the wardrobe and June could feel something creeping over her legs. She couldn’t take it anymore, she decided to face Bran. She burst out of the wardrobe and hurled Bran across the room, they both fell backwards, tumbling head over heels down the stairs”.

    “Oh my God!” Morgan said as June and Bran both landed on the floor after tumbling down the stairs.

    June groaned in pain and crawled towards Morgan.

    “June are you alright!?” He asked and helped her up.

    “No sir, I’m not.” She said and shake her head as tears rolled down her face.

    “Please your phone quickly!” June whispered breathing heavily.

    “Here!” Morgan said handing over his phone immediately as June punched in Rose’s digits nervously. She could have called her dad directly but she thought if anyone is to know Bran’s secret hideout location, it’ll definitely be Rose.

    “I’m gonna kill you kid! You and everyone you love!” Bran Growled and jumped up to his feet like he didn’t just stumble down a staircase.

    “Make the call now!” Morgan said and stood in front of June to protect her and buy her some time to make the call.

    “I see you came here to die too. This isn’t your fight but its a pity you’re here. By all means, you’re welcome to die.” Bran said as Morgan pounced on him and both men landed on the floor struggling to keep the other down.


    Rose’s phone let out its beep tone, she glanced at the small screen. It was an unknown caller. She thought to herself for a second and pushed the answer button.

    “Hello” She answered.

    “Rose! It’s me June, Bran wants to kill me.” June said breathing heavily.

    “Oh my God!” Rose exclaimed.
    “Where are you???” She asked.

    “I don’t know, some old safe house across the street.. Please call my dad.” June said over the phone breathing heavily.

    “Calm down June, we’re coming for you.” Rose said and heard a loud gunshot over the phone.

    “Rose, you have-” June was saying as the connection went off.

    “Hello! June are you there??” Rose said but the connection had been lost.

    “Is everything okay?” Dylan enquired and shot a glance at the rear view mirror, he could see the horror on Rose’s face.

    “It’s June! She’s in trouble! Brandon Clark has her captive.” Rose responded as Dylan’s eyes widened.

    “Did she say where?” He asked and pushed his feet on the accelerator, driving the car in it’s maximum speed.

    “No! She was about saying something until i heard a loud gunshot and the line disconnected.” Rose said tears began to form in her eyes.

    “Be calm. We’ll get the son of a b---h.” Dylan said and sped away.

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    This june is very stupid.. How can someone deceive u from his house to unknown place?

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    I knew this would happened. June can’t die, but Mr Morgan might….

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    What a great mistake made by june……….rose was somehow not careful enough……… Has the feeling that things are not right

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    Dom has to tell them about his dream, and yh did anyone notice June’s iris turned green which was a surprise to the possesed Bran?

    I love this story

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