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    weldone stan!

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    this is serious

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    When is the next chapter coming out oo

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    Ride on bro!

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    Clinton Mansion, Grenville, Tennessee.

    Alex sat in the dinning room alongside his father, Mayor Clinton, his stepmother Lillian and his baby stepsister Isabella. Isabella sat comfortably on Lillian’s laps as she was spoon fed her portion of the meal for dinner.

    The room was in complete silence, the Clinton’s weren’t much talkers and most especially with Lillian around, Alex would never say a word to her or his father.

    The doors to the dining room creak as they open, a steward in white sleeve and a black waistcoat walked into the dinning room holding a plate. The content in the plate wasn’t visible to Alex yet as it was covered.

    “Your request sir.” The steward said to Mayor Clinton.

    “No, its Lillian’s.” Mayor Clinton said gesturing his hand to Lillian’s position on the table.

    “I’m sorry sir.” The steward apologised and took the plate to Lillian. He opened the cover to reveal a fried spicy chicken. Alex furrowed his eyebrows wondering why Lillian needed an extra chicken. The dinning table was filled with all sorts of meats they could never finish within themselves but yet Lillian needed something extra.

    “Excuse me ma’am.” The steward said and made his way out of the dinning room.

    “I’m leaving as well.” Alex said and cleaned up his mouth and took his stand.

    “Sit! Mayor Clinton ordered.

    “I’m full. I had a long day, I need to rest and i can’t do that here.” Alex responded.

    “Alex honey, you really need to eat more.” Lillian said spoonfeeding Isabella.

    “Yes Alex!” Isabella chirped in with a mouthful.

    “No! I said I’m full and mind your f-----g business.” Alex snapped.

    “Alexander, show some respect to your mother!” Mayor Clinton Growled.

    “Mother??” Alex scoffed.
    “You’re a joke dad.” He said and stormed out of the dinning room. Mayor Clinton watched his son storm out of the dinning room. Ever since he married Lillian, he has never had a father and son relationship with his Alex. He couldn’t figure out what made Alex despise Lillian so much, could it be the age gap between them and Lillian acting like a gold digger? Lillian was in her late twenties and Mayor Clinton was well above fifty years. Perhaps this was what Alex hated about his father and his stepmother.

    Alex stormed into his bedroom and sat on a sofa opposite to his bed, he picked up his cellphone from a stool nearby and pulled up the antenna. He punched in June’s digits but didn’t get a response.

    “Why isn’t she answering?” He asked himself. He punched in another digits and it rang for a while before it finally got picked.

    “Hey Rose.” he greeted.

    “Hi Alex.” Rose muttered.

    “Are you alright?” He asked.

    “No I’m not.”

    “What happened? I called June and she wasn’t picking up.. Is everything alright?” He asked feeling nervous.

    “June got abducted and we fear she may have been shot.”

    “What!?” Alex exclaimed and stood up from the sofa.

    “Where?? Where is she!?” He asked.

    “We don’t know for sure yet but i think i know where to look.” Rose responded.

    “Where are you?? I wanna come meet you so we go there together.”

    “I just arrived at June’s home. I’ll inform Mr Sinclair immediately and he’ll alert Larry Forbes. We’ll find her.” Rose said.

    “I’ll be with you in a minute!” Alex said and hung up. He paced up and down the room nervously, his car had been seized and there was no way he could catch up with Rose if he was to go on foot. He clenched his jaw and nodded his head. He burst out of the room and ran through the hallway of the Clinton mansion.

    “Are you okay sir?” A guard asked as Alex ran past him ignoring his question. The guard shrugged and head his own way. Alex got to his father’s bedroom and ransacked his father’s shelf.

    “Gotcha!” He said to himself and picked up the key to a 1991 Rolls Royce silver spirit laying on the shelf, it was his father’s official and favourite car. Just as he exit the room, Mayor Clinton was approaching him.

    “You looking for something son?” He asked as they both stood in the hallway few steps away from Mayor Clinton’s bedroom door.

    “I was just walking around.” Alex responded.

    “Oh- we need to talk son.”

    “Not now dad, maybe some other time?” Alex said.

    “Very well, we need to talk now or later.” Mayor Clinton said as Alex walked away in a haste.

    “Hmm” Mayor Clinton hummed to himself and rushed into his room, suspecting Alex had done something. He searched around to see if any of his valuables was missing.

    “Alex!!!” He screamed on noticing his missing Rolls Royce key on the shelf. He stormed out of the room and ran after his son, picking up a very fast pace for a man his age. When he had gotten outside the compound, Alex had hopped into the car and switched on the headlights.

    “Stop him now!!!” Mayor Clinton barked at his security as they all ran with their batons after a Rolls Royce car that sped out of the gate almost running over the gateman.


    Dylan and Rose both rushed into the Sinclair mansion after they had highlighted from the car.

    “Sir.” Dylan called out immediately he got to the living room, Patrick and Doris were having a discussion and they paused immediately they noticed Dylan’s entrance.

    “Dylan, Rose how are you?” Patrick asked scanning the puzzled look on both of them.

    “Is everything alright? Where is June?” he asked further.

    “She’s in trouble, Brandon Clark abducted her. She called me and she sounded really terrified. We need to do something sir.” Rose said.

    “What!? Brandon Clark? Who the hell is he?” Patrick asked.

    “He’s a friend, he was a friend, sorry.”
    “He is really close with June and i don’t know why he did something like this to her.” Rose said.

    “Do you know where he has her?” Patrick asked wearing his coat he had hung on the couch’s handle. Doris shake her head not knowing what to say or do. The problems her daughter was having were just way too much for a sixteen year old.

    “I could track the line used in calling me but it appears to have been disconnected. There are only two possible places he’ll hold her captive, his house or his grandma’s former house.” Rose said.

    “Take us there!” Patrick said and pulled out his cellphone and put a call through to Larry Forbes.

    “Hello Mr Forbes, This is Patrick Sinclair.” He said.


    Mr. Morgan and Bran held the gun up high struggling between themselves, a gunshot had scare June and she dropped the phone to the ground and crushed it with her feet on taking few steps back from the men power struggling between themselves.

    Bran kicked Morgan in the stomach and he groaned in pain. He further kicked him in the thigh and and gave him an uppercut. Mr Morgan fell to the ground groaning in pain. June scanned the dark room hoping she could find anything to hit Bran with, there she could see a wooden chair with what looks like a half knitted dress. She rushed to the chair and picked it up, smashing it on Bran’s head.

    “Enough!!!” Bran barked and held his head in pain, he turned to June’s direction and fired blindly.


    Larry Forbes led a convoy of special armed SWAT agents to Bran’s House. They pulled the cars to halt aggressively at Bran’s yard, blaring their siren aloud. Patrick, Doris, Rose and Dylan highlighted from a car in the middle, surrounded by the special armed agents led by Larry Forbes.

    “Come on!” Larry Forbes pointed at Bran’s home and led the agents inside. The barged into the house removing the weak doors from it’s hinges, weapons ready and ready to fire at the slightest sound of anything.

    “Bran?” A little voice whispered. Larry shot a glance at his men who placed their fingers on the trigger of their guns. He signalled them to lower their weapons.

    “Bran is that you?” Bran’s little sister whispered again, scratching her eyes sleepily as she walked into the light for Larry and his men to see her clearly. She held a brown Teddy bear in her hands and wore a small purple nightgown.

    Patrick stepped forward to have a word with the little girl.

    “What is your name?” He asked and knelt down on one knee to make his height equal to hers.

    “Megan.” She answered.

    “Bran is your brother right?”


    “How old are you Megan?” Patrick asked.

    “Ten” she answered.

    “You’re a big girl Megan.” Patrick said smiling at her.

    “What happened to your arm?” He asked taking a look at the bandage on her arm, it was the injury Bran had inflicted on his sister’s arm during the nightmare episodes he suffered shortly after the incident at the Grenville powerhouse cinema.

    “It was an accident.” Megan answered softly.

    “I’m sorry Megan, Do you know where you brother is?” Patrick asked trying not to frighten the little girl who shot occasional glances at the armed men wielding sophisticated weapons.

    “He said he would be paying grandma a visit, he promised to return by seven.” Megan answered.

    “Well, I think it’s past eight Megan and Bran isn’t home yet. Why don’t you come with us? We’ll keep you safe. You like chocolate or vanilla ice cream?” Patrick said and stretched out his arm.

    “Vanilla!” Megan answered quickly and entwined her fingers in Patrick’s as he walked her to his car.

    “Rose, you join Larry in the first car and give him the direction to the grandma’s home.” Patrick whispered before walking away.

    “Come on, let’s go!” Larry barked as his team retreat to their vehicles, Rose joined Larry in the first car as they all made a very quick reverse and sped out of the street in numbers. The screeching sound of the tires could be heard as the convoy of police vehicles whoosh one after the other across the road.


    “Bran please. I don’t want to die!” June cried out crawling backwards as Bran held his head in pain, blood dripping down his arm and face. Mr Morgan rolled on the floor, nursing the pain Bran had inflicted on him.

    “I should have done this the minute i saw you and saved myself all this drama. I don’t know why he picked me, but at this point i don’t have a choice but to do what he says. He’ll kill me, he’ll kill Megan and everyone i love. I have to do this June. Megan is the only family i have left.” Bran said as tears trickled down his cheek. He pointed the gun at June and bit his lower lip in anguish, hesitating to pull the trigger.

    “I’m sorry June, I really am.” He said again and closed his eyes as tears poured down his face. June crawled backwards, closing her eyes, hoping Dominic would be able to sense her situation.


    Grenville Medical Center, Tennessee.

    “Mr Griffith, I’ll recommend you stay an extra day for us to assess your situation properly.” The doctor said to Dominic who lay on the hospital bed wearing a blue hospital gown.

    “But i feel okay, I’m ready to go home Doc.” Dominic responded as Alexa sat next to his bed.

    “I know how it feels Mr Griffith, sometimes you feel okay but it isn’t always the case. It is my duty to ensure you get well one hundred percent before getting discharged.” The doctor said and took down some notes.

    “Dom please help me, I’m dying.” Dom could hear June’s voice call out to him.

    “Did you hear that?” He asked sitting upright on the bed immediately.

    “I heard nothing Mr Griffith.” The doctor responded.
    “Did you?” He asked Alexa.

    “No, I heard nothing.” Alexa said shaking her head.

    “This is precisely why you need to get well before leaving, sometimes the mind plays tricks on you. You might need more than a day if the tests results are out once again.” The Doctor said.

    “Hmm okay.” Dominic said and lay back on the hospital bed.

    “Dom if you can hear me, please help me.” June’s voice called out again, Dominic look startled and shot a glance at the hospital window, sweat began forming on his forehead.

    “Are you okay?” Alexa asked.

    “Mr Griffith, Stay still.” The doctor said as a nurse reconnected Dominic’s Intravenous fluids back into his veins.

    “We’ll be back in an hour. Meanwhile you should try to remain calm.” The doctor said further and shot Dominic a wide smile before heading out of the ward alongside the nurse.

    “Dom please help me” Dominic could hear June’s voice again, this time around he could hear her whimper.

    “F--k this shit!!!” Dominic cursed and sprang out of the bed pulling off all attached Intravenous fluids.

    “Dom what is going on??” Alexa asked looking puzzled.

    “June’s in trouble! He said.

    “How? Where?” Alexa asked looking confused.

    “I can hear her call out to me, i don’t know how she’s able to establish such a connection but i know she’s in trouble and she needs my help. I’ll trace the origin of the beacon and I’ll find her” He said putting on a pair of slippers .

    “Come on, let’s go!” He added and dragged Alexa by the hand as they both ran down the hospital’s hallway attracting lots of attention. Dominic didn’t change from his patient outfit, it made the scenery even more weird as people thought a mentally deranged patient had let loose. Everyone standing in the hallway gave space as Dominic and Alexa ran through them.

    “Mr Griffith wait!” A nurse called out pursuing them behind but Dominic ran as fast as he could, at that moment, nothing was going to stop him from getting to June, nothing on earth.


    Alex was unable to meet up with Rose and Forbes’s team at June’s home, he was however able to catch up with the convoy of police cars and trail them behind to their destination knowing they’ll lead him straight up to June.

    “Rose I’m behind you.” He said tilting the steering with his right arm and making a phone call with his left arm.

    “Drive carefully.” Rose responded and hung up. Alex tossed his phone to the passenger’s seat and held the steering with both arms.


    “Come on..” Dominic pulled Alexa into the woods across the street.

    “Dom, I’m-I’m tired. I can’t-” Alex said and stopped to catch her breath.

    “I’m sorry Alexa, I can’t use my powers in the hospital or the public. This is the only place i can safely teleport and no one will notice.” He said.

    “Okay, let’s go.” She said and nodded as Dominic led her into the woods. They arrived at Dominic’s preferred spot, the highway wasn’t visible. The woods had tall American beech trees and fallen leaves and branches on the ground.

    “Take my arm.” He said as Alexa held his hands. Dominic closed his eyes as red flames began to flow around him in circular motion.

    “Dom faster, there’s a f-----g hornets nest behind you.” Alexa said looking at the hornets nest built on a tree behind Dominic, they could sense an intruder in their personal space. They had begin letting out their buzzing sound.


    “I don’t want to kill anyone June, I’m not a killer. You know me and you know how much you mean to me, but that has changed. You don’t know what it’s like to have him inside your head.” Bran said walking closer to June.

    “I’ll make this painless, a bullet to the head will end you quickly. You won’t feel any pain i promise.” He said and pointed the gun at June’s head. At this point, June had given up, she closed her eyes expecting the worst.

    “Not when I’m alive!” Mr Morgan yelled and pounced on Bran from behind and crossed his big arms around his neck, aiming to strangle Bran to death.

    “You son of a b---h.” Bran mumbled and brought out a small knife from his jacket and sliced Mr Morgan’s arm wrapped around his neck.

    “Oh shit!” Mr Morgan cursed and held his arm in pain as blood began dripping from the spot Bran had cut him.

    “I had no intention of killing you Mr a-----e, my objective was June Sinclair only. But it turns out you’ll have to die before her.” He said and gave Mr Morgan a punch in the mouth, Mr Morgan’s mouth spilled blood unto June’s face as a result of Bran’s heavy punch.

    “Oh God!” June whispered shivering as Mr Morgan’s blood dripped down her face.

    “What the hell is that!?” Bran asked on hearing the loud siren of Forbes’s men approaching.

    “F--k! I’m bursted!” He said and ran his bloody fingers through his hair. He ran up the stairs to have a look at Forbes’s men from a window in the room June had ran to hide previously.

    “Shit!” He cursed on seeing the number of convoy approaching his hideout, he closed the curtain and ran downstairs.

    “Daddy is bringing help.” He said mimicking June’s voice.

    “I have to improvise.” He said to himself and dragged Mr Morgan up and landed another punch on his face, Mr Morgan coughed up blood and slouched in Bran’s grasp.

    “Come here!” He said and dragged June, he pulled off her jacket to reveal her sleeveless white top. He took out his knife and tear through the jacket, he used a piece of the torn jacket to tie June’s mouth.

    “Shhh i need maximum silence.” he said after tying June’s mouth. He further took the pieces of jacket to Mr Morgan and wrapped it around him.

    “Good luck convincing Mr Sinclair and his armed team.” Bran said and placed the gun few meters away from where Mr Morgan lay on the floor. The siren blare had became louder and bran could figure out they are outside the safe house at that moment.

    “You’re coming with me.” Bran said and dragged June upstairs through the dark safe house leaving Mr Morgan on the floor with pieces of June’s jacket around him and a fully loaded gun few meters away from him.

    Just outside the house, Rose had led Forbes and his team to Bran’s hideout. A convoy of SWAT operatives pulled over in numbers outside the old safe house.

    “Let’s go!” Larry Forbes whispered and led the SWAT team into the building. They held their guns in readiness as the green laser beam from their guns moved randomly across the dark building as they walked in.

    Just as Forbes’s team had gone inside, Alex arrived in his father’s Rolls Royce.

    “Good evening Mr Sinclair, I heard about what happened. I’m so sorry.” Alex said to Patrick just as he got down from his car. Patrick, Doris, Rose, Dylan and Megan were the only ones left outside the safe house.

    “You shouldn’t have bothered to come Alex, we got this.” Patrick responded pacing up and down.

    “I’m sorry Mr Sinclair, I can’t just sit and do nothing when i know June’s life is in danger. I’m going in.” Alex said and brought out a torch.

    “What!? No!” Patrick protested immediately.

    “Sir, it wasn’t a question. I’m going in with or without your approval.” Alex insisted politely.

    “I’m coming with you.” Patrick said.

    “Dylan take the car, get Megan a vanilla ice-cream down the street and take her home.” Patrick said.

    “Your home sir?” Dylan asked.

    “Yes Dylan. Megan can’t stay on her own for tonight. It’s not safe.” Patrick said.

    “Let’s go.” Dylan said and led Megan into the car.

    “Megan, we’ll get your brother safely. Hopefully.” Patrick said and forced a smile as Megan nodded, Dylan carried her into the backseat of the SUV and closed the door shut before heading to the driver’s seat.

    “Be safe honey.” Doris said as Patrick and Alex both went into the house immediately Dylan had left with Megan.

    “It’s so dark here, He must have turned off the electricity somewhere.” Rose said to Doris as she scanned the surroundings of the apartment for an electric box hoping she could restore the power to further assist the SWAT team to navigate their way through the house easier.

    “Gotcha!” Rose said and ran to an electric box at the left side of the building. Only Doris remained with the cars, she shot a glance at her hands and they were shaking vigorously. Sweat began pouring down her head as her hands began to shake more vigorously, she held the car bonnet for support as it appeared she was at the verge of a collapse.

    Inside the safehouse, the SWAT team crept their way carefully into the apartment. They met Mr Morgan lying on the floor in a pool of blood with a gun few meters from where he lay. Alex and Patrick rushed in.

    Larry Forbes knelt and checked Mr Morgan’s pulse, he was still alive and breathing heavily. He picked up a piece of June’s torn jacket.

    “Does this belong to her Mr Sinclair?” Larry Forbes asked showing Patrick the piece of June’s jacket.

    “Yes! That was the jacket she wore on the day she came to the office with her friend Rose.” Patrick said trying to contain the tears forming in his eyes, different thoughts ran though his mind as he saw a shredded piece of June’s cloth.

    “Take him away.” Larry Forbes ordered as Mr Morgan was carried up and placed in handcuffs.

    “No, No” Mr Morgan mumbled as Larry’s men bundle him out of the apartment in handcuffs despite his condition needing an urgent medical attention.

    “Stay close Mr Sinclair. We’re not done yet.” Larry Forbes said as the SWAT team scanned the living room with their weapons ready.

    “Did you hear that?? Shhh!” Larry Forbes said on hearing June trying to scream from a part of the building. Bran had tied a loosed cloth across her mouth to prevent her from screaming. The SWAT team split up to search the apartment faster.

    Outside the apartment, Rose opened the electric box and began joining loosed wires together, she scanned the box for any wires she hadn’t fixed.

    “Done.” she said to herself and pushed on the power switch.


    “Shit! Shit!” Bran cursed on seeing the lights switch on, he went to a part of the room where he kept a chain attached to a concrete block. He tied the chain to June’s legs as June still struggled to scream. He brought out a keg of gasoline and poured it down the staircase leading up to the room. He took out a lighter from his pocket and set the staircase on fire, destroying the only route to where he held June captive.

    Rose could notice the smoke coming out of a section of the house, she rushed back to Doris who seem to have regained herself.

    “The place is on fire.” Rose said to Doris as they both ran into the house.

    Bran had attached the chains to June’s legs, he dragged her towards the end of a balcony and held her throat awaiting the SWAT team, below the balcony was a lagoon.

    Inside the living room, Larry Forbes was contemplating scaling through the fire with The SWAT or finding another route to get up there. Just then, Dominic’s flames glowed around the room and there he appeared in the blue hospital gown.

    “Dom!” Rose exclaimed and ran to him and pulled him into a hug.

    “You’re so right on time.” she said to him.

    “I’m sorry Rose, I’m sorry about earlier.” He whispered to her ears.

    “I’m sorry too, I overreacted but right now, June needs your help and it’s all my fault. I should never have let her set off on her own.” Rose responded and broke free of the hug. Dominic gestured his hands at the fire which has spread to front part part of the living room, a  gust of wind rushed out of him arms, putting off the inferno right in front of him, in less than a minute, the fire was out. Still marveled at Dominic’s powers Larry Forbes smirked and nodded.

    “Hey buddy.” Alex said and gave Dominic a quick hug.

    “Good to have you around once again kid.” Larry Forbes said to Dominic and led the team upstairs, they could see traces of blood and a piece of June’s shoe lying around.

    “I know where he is. He’s at the balcony.” Rose said and turned to the curtain, Larry’s men brought down the curtain to see Bran holding June by the neck with an enormous concrete attached to her legs. Still confused on what the concrete was all about, none of them knew what Bran had planned.

    “Brandon Clark, you’re outnumbered. Release her and surrender now!” Larry Forbes barked.

    “You all are here just because of her?” Bran said and held June’s neck more tightly.

    “You have until the count of five, let go off her now!” Larry Forbes barked again.

    “Y’all don’t seem to understand, there is no stopping him. It must be done, even at the expense of my life. I never asked for this, it just happened.” Bran said.

    “Five, Four, Three” Larry Forbes began counting. Doris held Patrick’s arm tightly, he turned to her and wiped a drop of tears off her cheek.

    “Two, One! This is your last chance, release her and surrender now!” Larry Forbes barked again.

    “Goodbye June Sinclair.” Bran said and pushed June over the balcony. At that moment, it dawned to them all, the purpose of the concrete attached to June’s chain was to sink her to the bottom of the lagoon.

    “No!!!!” Doris screamed as Patrick held her closer. Dominic closed his eyes in an attempt to use his magic to keep June afloat in the air, just as Dominic began working his magic, the wind became more intense, June was kept in the air for a while. Dominic moved his arms upwards as she began to float upwards again.

    “Oh my God!” Doris exclaimed with tears in her eyes as she saw Dominic bring back her daughter. Just then, Dominic had flashes of a vision, he could see a black raven standing on a tree branch, a clock ticking towards the midnight hour and June’s grave headstone. This vision made him loose focus of the magic at hand.

    “Dom what are you doing??” Rose asked shaking Dominic, hoping to jolt him back to his senses but he didn’t respond. Instead he collapsed and the magic faded away, June fell into the lagoon.

    “Dominic!” Alexa yelled shaking Dominic’s head as he lay on the floor unconscious.

    The SWAT team fired at Bran nonstop as blood began gushing out of his mouth.

    “I was broken, no one was around to fix me. The spirit inside of me knew about my vulnerability and exploited me. I became a pig for slaughter the moment i drove off the cliff. I remember everything, I remember how i became this. He made me this, I’m sorry.” Bran mumbled with his dying breath.

    “Tell my sister i love her so much. I never wished for any of this” He said again as blood gushed out of his mouth. Larry Forbes out of so much anger put the final bullet into his head as Bran staggered backwards and tripped off the balcony railings, falling into the deep lagoon.

    Doris knelt in anguish, crying endlessly. Patrick froze, not having the slightest clue on what to do at that moment.

    “No way! This isn’t happening!” Alex said and pulled off his shirt.

    “Alex what are you doing?” Rose screamed as Alex ran and dived into the lagoon to rescue June.

    Just as June was sinking deep into the lagoon, she had lost consciousness and bubbles of water began popping out of her nose. The waters around her began to form a giant bubble around her, green sparkles began to run all over her in circular motion and she opened her eyes instantly, her iris were bright green once again. The big bubble began floating her up as the green sparkles ran across the big water bubble June was in.

    Alex was a very good swimmer, he caught up with her but was unable to see any of the magical effects manifesting at that moment, he loosed the chain off her legs and swam up with her. June’s iris was still green but Alex never noticed this either. He was able to drag her out of the water and June didn’t inhale deeply like a person drowning was expected to after being rescued. Alex noticed this and raised a brow, she seemed like she had been breathing water and was perfectly not in need of air underwater.

    “They’re out!” Rose screamed to Doris’s hearing.

    “What!?” Doris asked in disbelief.

    “Alex got her out!” Rose screamed happily and Ran downstairs to the shore of the lagoon as everyone followed behind. Dominic had woken up and followed behind to the lagoon’s shore.

    “I’m so glad you’re okay.” Alex said and pulled June into a hug, he kissed her forehead as she buried her head in his chest.

    “June honey! Oh my God!” Doris yelled and ran to her, she pulled her into a hug and wept bitterly.

    “I thought i lost you!” Doris said patting June’s wet back. Still June uttered no word to anyone. She shot a glance at Rose, Dominic, Alexa and her father. She didn’t say a word, she only let out a brief smile at them.

    Later that evening, Bran’s body had been evacuated from the lagoon for a proper burial. Patrick thanked everyone who showed up that night and they all had returned home. Patrick was grateful to Larry Forbes for his swift response to the emergency.

    They had arrived at the Sinclair mansion and June was wrapped in a thick blanket.

    “Come on honey.” Doris said and held June as she led her up the stairs.

    Patrick sat on the couch and buried his face in his palm, thinking about all that just happened. He was at the verge of loosing his company and his only daughter. It was a difficult time for Patrick Sinclair.

    Just as Patrick was deep in thoughts, Megan walked out in her sleepwear holding her brown Teddy bear.

    “Hey Megan.” Patrick said.
    “Come, join me.” He said and gestured his hands at the couch.

    “I trust Dylan took good care of you?” He asked.

    “Yes. He bought me ice cream and he promised to buy me more tomorrow. Thank you so much sir.” Megan said thankfully as Patrick held back his tears. She was so adorable and innocent, not having the slightest clue of what was going on around her.

    “Where is Bran?” She asked. Patrick sighed and thought for a moment before speaking.

    “Bran won’t be around for now.” Patrick muttered.

    “You promised to bring him back safely!” Megan muttered as tears as began to roll down her face.

    “I’m sorry Megan, I tried.” Patrick said as Megan buried her head in his chest and wept.

    “He told me to tell you he loves you so much.” Patrick said patting Megan’s back.

    “No harm will ever come near you Megan, I swear on my life.” Patrick said and planted a kiss on Megan’s forehead as she kept weeping and gasping for breath.

    Few minutes after crying, Megan fell asleep with her head still buried in Patrick’s chest. He planted a  kiss on her forehead and carried her in his arms to the room prepared for her. He placed her on the bed and stuck her teddy bear close to her. He scanned the room and figured it would need an overhaul as she would be staying with him henceforth.

    “I promise to keep you safe.” He whispered to a sleeping Megan and planted another kiss on her forehead. He stood up and turned off the lights and closed the door to her room gently.


    Author’s Note: This chapter marks the end of Brandon Clark, Scarlett’s boyfriend and ticket clerk at the Grenville powerhouse cinema.

    This is the second chapter June is actually glowing green, and her iris? Unbelievably green too! Did y’all notice the thing with the water? Hydrokinetic! Does this mean June’s powers are beginning to manifest and we get to see a more powerful June very soon? What do y’all think of this chapter? Let me know in the comments. And just before i forget, you can always reach out to the CHARACTERS chapter on the first page of this story to jog your memory on the special abilities of each character.

    Keep reading for more intriguing chapters, Thank y’all for reading.[

    Note: Updates are usually on Sundays, however i am in a different timezone to most readers on this site so the updates would most likely be in the early hours of Monday to you guys. Thanks

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    D--n! This chapter gave me chills, I almost cried. This is the best chapter to me.

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    @stan you are a very brilliant author! There is so much depth in this story, kudos. I love this chapter, its suspense, its so touching and we get to see a glimpse of June’s abilities. Alex has issues of his own inside his mansion. Please June must free Mr Morgan oh, he only wanted to help.

    Can’t wait for next chapter!

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    kudos to you bro…’s a great story ever, ride on

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