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    thanks for the update mr @stan make the next chapter long bro i love you, love ur story

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    Here we are again the day is here mr stan waiting jejely for the update.. Ehen @ele1 @ladyg @fb-danieledem @clarajessy where are u guys o

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    “Go see who’s at the door honey” Josie Griffith yelled all the way from the kitchen to the living room, urging Alexa to check who was at the door knocking.

    “Yes?” Alexa said with a frown as she opened the door.
    “oh, hi” she greeted as her mood lightened up instantly on seeing who it was. June had set off early that morning to patch things up with Dominic.

    “Hi Alexa.” June greeted back.
    “is everything alright?” June asked as she scanned the puzzled look on Alexa’s face.

    “Yeah sure, I’m just wondering why you’re out here at this time. It’s just few minutes past eight a.m” Alexa said.
    “It’s not everyday we get to see June at our doorstep this early.” She added.

    “Actually, I’m here to see Dominic. We kinda had a misunderstanding last night and he won’t speak to me ever since.” June said and sighed.

    “I’m sorry. Come in, he’s in his room.” Alexa said and ushered June into the Griffith’s home.

    “May i go in to check on him?” June asked.

    “Yeah sure.” Alexa said with a smile.

    “Who’s it sweetheart?” Josie yelled from the kitchen.

    “Mom, it’s June Sinclair.” Alexa yelled back. Shortly Josie ran out of the kitchen to meet with June.

    “Hi Mrs Griffith.” June greeted. Josie Griffith was a petit woman with red hair.

    “Welcome to our home June. Pleased to finally meet you.” Josie said all smiles.

    “The pleasure is all mine ma’am.” June responded with a forced smile. She wasn’t really in the mood to exchange so much pleasantries, patching things up with Dominic was all she wanted.

    “I baked some cookies, would you want some?” Josie asked.

    “No, I’m full. Thank you.” June declined politely.

    “Mom, June needs to see Dominic now. They have a trip ahead.” Alexa said.

    “Oh, I’m sorry if i kept you waiting.” Josie apologized.

    “Not at all. Excuse me.” June said and head to Dominic’s room. Just as she left, Josie shot a glance at Alexa who shrugged in response.

    June knocked softly on Dominic’s door..

    “Come in.” Dominic answered as June pushed the door open slowly, she walked into the small cozy room and looked around.

    “June what are you doing here?” Dominic asked out of curiosity. He had mixed feelings about June’s appearance, he couldn’t tell if it’s the artenae using June’s physical form or it’s actually June herself. One thing he did know was to be careful and never let his guard down.

    “You’re packing?” June asked on noticing Dominic arranging a few clothes into a travel bag.

    “Yes. We’re supposed to leave today, right?” He said.

    “Yeah, sure. I just thought after what happened last night, you’ll probably change your mind.” June said as Dominic turned to her and raised a brow without saying a word. He then turned back to the bag and kept arranging the clothes.

    “Dom, I came to apologize about last night. I knew i messed up so bad, I’m sorry.”

    “You know what June?” Dom said and zipped up the bag.


    “I’m not mad you went out with your boyfriend, definitely not. What got me mad was the fact you promised Rose and I you’ll be coming over to lunch and suddenly Alex shows up from nowhere and you immediately forgot we exist.” Dominic said and sat on the bed as June paced up and down the room, hands in her jacket pockets.

    “Do you have an idea of how much efforts were put into making the lunch as perfect as possible? We did everything for you and you ditched your best friend the last minute?” Dominic added.

    “I’m sorry dom.” June said softly.

    “I get it, I may not be your best friend but how do you abandon Rose just like that? You’ve known her almost all your life, and when did you get to know Alex? A couple of months ago.” He said.

    “Don’t let your relationship with Alex ruin the friendship you’ve built for years with Rose, I may not be so important to you but for Rose’s sake, please don’t ruin it.” He added.

    “No dom, you’re just as important to me as she is.” June said.

    “I doubt that. I’ve not seen a single sign of it.” Dominic said shaking his head.

    “Dom, you mean a lot to me and i promise, such won’t repeat itself.” June said and walked closer to him, she placed her hand on his cheek and caressed it softly.

    “I’m sorry.” She said and pulled him up to give him a warm hug. Dominic sighed as he inhaled the sweet fragrance of June’s perfume. He could feel his heart racing faster.

    “Dom-” Alexa called out as she barged into June and Dominic entangled in the warm hug.

    “Uhm I’m sorry, I’ll go.” Alexa said and turned to leave.

    “No Alexa, I was about leaving. Come in.” June said and broke free of the hug.

    “We leave in 2hrs. See you Dominic.” June said with a smile and walked out.

    Alexa poked her head outside the door to make sure June had left the house.

    “Oh my God! Dom you finally made it in life!! I’m happy for you.” Alexa screamed.

    “Shut up!!” Dominic shunned her playfully as they both burst into a round of laughter.


    Sinclair Mansion, Grenville, Tennessee.

    “It’s all set sir” Mr Morgan walked into the living room to inform Patrick the motorhome is ready.

    “Mr Morgan, may i have a word with you?” Patrick said and gulped down a glass of water he was holding.

    “Yes sir.”

    “Please sit.” Patrick said and gestured his hand to the couch as Mr Morgan took his seat.

    “I’m sure you must be wondering why my daughter and her friends are setting off on a long trip all alone” Patrick said and paused as Mr Morgan nodded in affirmation.

    “It’s really complicated and i don’t know where to begin if i am to explain, but please look out for her. There’s an inbuilt GPS tracker in the vehicle, just in case y’all get into trouble, we’ll get the location and come over to help as soon as we can.” Patrick said.

    “Yes sir.” Mr Morgan said and nodded.

    “They’ll be here any moment from now. Here, a small gift to your family before leaving.” Patrick said and handed over a cheque to Mr Morgan.

    “Thank you so much Mr Sinclair. I’m grateful for this.”

    “It’s nothing. Safe trip.” Patrick said and stood up from the couch.

    “Thank you sir.” Mr Morgan said thankfully as Patrick left the living room.

    Rose arrived at the Sinclair mansion holding a bag as Dominic arrived shortly after.

    “You good?” Dominic asked as they both stood at the garage where the luxury bus was parked.

    “Yeah. June came around huh?” Rose asked.

    “Yeah she did. We’re good.” Dominic said and twitched a part of his lips to reveal a smile.

    “I see.” Rose teased and smiled.

    June finished packing up and hung her bag on her shoulder as she walked past the hallway while Millie followed and wagged her tail along. June went to Megan’s room to say her goodbye.

    “Hi.” She greeted as she walked into Megan’s room.

    “Hi June.” Megan responded while reading a book.

    “What book are you reading?” June asked and sat next to her.

    “The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister” Megan responded as she flipped a page of the open children’s book on her laps.

    “That’s great. I love the pictures.” June responded.

    “Yeah me too.”

    “Megan, I came to say goodbye. I’ll be away for a couple of days.” June said.

    “I’ll miss you.” Megan said and embraced June.

    “Me too sis.” June said and caressed Megan’s hair. She broke free of the embrace and stood up to leave Megan’s room.

    “When are you coming back?” Megan asked.

    “In a few days. I promise.” June responded with a smile.
    “I’m getting late, try to read as many books as you can. I’ll ask questions when i get back.” June said and winked.

    “Sure. Bye.” Megan said and waved as June left the room.

    June got to the living room and met Doris watching a TV program.

    “I’m leaving mom.” June said.

    “Stay safe sweetheart.” Doris said and stood up to give June a hug.

    “I will mom.” June responded.

    June got to the garage and met Dominic and Rose all set to leave for the trip.

    “Hey guys.” June greeted.

    “Hi” Dominic and Rose responded in unison.

    “Y’all set?” She asked.

    “Sure.” Dominic said.
    “All good.” Rose added.

    Just as Rose had finished speaking, Alex drove into the Sinclair mansion and rushed out of the car in a haste to catch up with June.

    “Alex, what are you doing here?” June asked as Alex arrived at the garage.

    “No!” Alex said panting.

    “No what?” June asked.

    “Rose filled me in on everything. No way you’re leaving without me. I’m coming with you guys.” He said.

    “No, I think we’re good and you don’t even know what’s at stake here.” Dominic protested.

    “June, I can’t let you set off on a journey like this on your own. Its too dangerous. You need protection” Alex said not paying attention to Dominic’s statement.

    “We have Dominic and Mr Morgan, we’ll be fine.” June said with a smile.

    “Dominic? You do remember what happened at Bran’s safe house right? He could go off anytime.” Alex said.

    “Watch it!!” Dominic warned.

    “Guys, calm down.” Rose interrupted.

    “What do you think June?” Rose asked.

    “June, it takes nothing for me to be on this trip. Its completely harmless, its a plus to your safety and Rose’s even though we have Dominic and Mr Morgan too.” Alex said and looked into June’s eyes.

    “Where’s your bag?” June asked.

    “I didn’t come with one. I’ll be fine.” Alex responded.

    “Okay, let’s go.” June said and held hands with Alex as they both got into the bus while Rose followed and Dominic grudgingly got in last. The motorhome had several comfy couches, a door to the bathroom and another door to a single bedroom. The bus also had a well furnished kitchen fully stocked up with anything they’ll need. It was the best motorhome of it’s time and can only be owned by Patrick Sinclair.

    Patrick and Mr Morgan walked up to the bus as June shot a glance at them from the window, they were having a silent conversation and gesturing their hands in the air. Mr Morgan nodded and head to the driver’s seat of the bus.

    “Hey guys.” Patrick greeted from the window as June rolled down the window.

    “Hello Mr Sinclair.” Rose, Alex and Dominic greeted back.

    “Stay safe June. I love you so much.” Patrick said and entwined fingers with June’s.

    “I will dad.”

    “We’ll be watching, just in case there’s an emergency.” Patrick said.

    “It’s fine dad. There won’t be one, hopefully.” June responded as Mr Morgan kicked the engine of the Motorhome bus to life.

    “See you later sweetheart. Stay safe.” Patrick said and planted a kiss on June’s hands as he stepped back from the bus to enable Mr Morgan drive out of the garage. June rolled up the window and watched as Mr Morgan drove out of the Sinclair mansion. Patrick stood watching until the bus was out of sight.

    The first few minutes of the journey was silent, June stood up from the couch she was seated with the map and went to the seat next to the driver to have a word with him.

    “We’ll be heading North, past the Grenville northern boarders.” June said and spread the map on the dashboard as Mr Morgan shot a quick glance at the circled spot on the map before fixing his gaze on the road again.

    “Got it.” Mr Morgan responded.

    “Thanks.” June said and stood up to join the rest of the crew. They all sat on the couch facing each other. June and Alex sat on the left couch facing Dominic and Rose who both occupied the opposite couch on the right. Dominic rested his head on the window as though he was sleeping.

    “So are you guys gonna tell me about the game?” Rose asked as Alex and June both shot glances at themselves.

    “I whooped his ass!” June said with a smirk.

    “She cheated!” Alex protested.

    “What? I did not. It’s racin drivin’ getting your car off the road is a part of the game.” June said.

    “fine!” Alexa succumbed to the argument as Rose let out a laugh.

    “Drinks?” Rose asked and stood up to get a few drinks from the refrigerator.

    “Yeah.” June and Alex said.

    “Dominic?” Rose asked as Dominic jolted back to life from the hibernation mode he put himself in.

    “Yeah sure.” He said and scratched his eyes sleepily.

    “You okay dom?” June asked.

    “yeah, just a mild headache. I’ll be fine.” Dominic said.

    “We got a few drugs in the first aid kit to help relief the headache, maybe you’d want some?” June asked.

    “No, I’ll be fine.” Dominic insisted.

    “Okay.” June responded as Rose handed over a bottle of Pepsi to all three of them.

    “Cheers!” They all said and clinked the bottles together.

    Just as they were enjoying the moment, Mr Morgan drove the bus past the “Goodbye” Grenville sign.


    Doris began feeling uneasy as she was engrossed on the TV program, she felt her entire body had begun shaking uncontrollably. She stood up quickly and walked hastily to her room to get her medications. She pushed open the  drawer and picked up a pill bottle. She twist open the cover and poured two capsules on her palm and rushed to the refrigerator to get water.

    She threw the capsules into her mouth and gulped it down with a glass of water. Just as she swallowed the pills, she collapsed to the floor breaking the glass of water she held.

    “Doris?” Patrick called out as he approached the room. He got in and met Doris unconscious.

    “Jesus Christ! Doris!” He screamed and rushed to her aid. He lifted her head up and observed the broken glass of water on the floor.

    “Doris??” He said and felt her pulse.

    “Come on.” He said to himself and lifted her up, he shot a quick glance at the pills bottle in Doris’ open drawer. His eyes widened at the sight of the type of drugs she was on.

    “Oh my God Doris!! Oh my God!” He said to himself and rushed out of the room carrying her.


    The day got dark quickly and Mr Morgan and the team had gone far away from Grenville, they headed north by following the coordinates June discovered. Mr Morgan kept his eyes on the road as all he could see on his left and right were tall trees, it looked as if it was a journey of endless driving.

    Everyone had fallen fast asleep except June who was busy reading the map. She stood up in a rush and head to the drivers seat to have a word wit Mr Morgan.

    “Right here. Stop sir.” she said quickly as Mr Morgan moved the bus off the traffic lane and eventually pulled it to halt.

    “Here?” he asked and looked around.

    “Yes.” June answered. At this point, everyone woke up quickly as they noticed the bus had stopped moving. They stood up to join the conversation between June and Morgan.

    “Take a look at the map. There’s a narrow footpath somewhere around here.” June said and traced the footpath trail on the map.

    “Yes, we just have to find it.” Dominic said and look outside the window. Darkness was all they could see and the sound of a trees dancing to the heavy wind.

    “It’s dark. It’s dangerous, why don’t we just wait in the bus and we find the footpath by morning?” Alex suggested.

    “No, there’s no time Alex.” June responded.

    “I agree with Alex, maybe we should wait till its morning.” Mr Morgan said.

    “You have nothing to worry about sir. We’ll be fine.” June insisted.
    “We got five extremely bright rechargeable lamps, one for each of us.” she added and opened up a cupboard on the roof of the bus. She brought out five lamps and gave on each to Dominic, Rose, Alex and Morgan.

    “Let’s go.” she said and led the way as she got down from the bus, Dominic followed second, then Alex and Rose and lastly Mr Morgan. He pushed the GPS button on the bus to send a location over to Patrick, should in case an emergency arises.

    June led the way into the woods without fear, Her courage took Dominic by surprise. He knew she was a tough one but he never reckoned she’ll lead the team into a the woods under such circumstances.

    “There it is.” June said and flashed her lamp at the narrow footpath.

    “Let’s go!” She said and led the way into the narrow footpath as the wind blew harder. Mr Morgan who was last frequently turned around with the lamp in his hands to check if anything could be creeping from behind. After walking past the dark path, they finally got to an open circular field.

    “There’s nothing here. It’s just a field.” Rose said as they all lifted their lamps higher to have a clear picture of their environment.

    “No its not. Come on.” June said and went further, they all followed behind carefully as they began to hear creeps from the woods. Alex began sweating profusely, he shot a glance a June who didn’t seem bothered at all.

    “Did you guys hear that?” Rose whispered as the creeps in the woods became more louder.

    “Relax Rose. You’re so scared.” June said and let out a laugh as she approached the end of the open field. Just as she was about getting to the new footpath at the end of the field, more than a dozen grizzly bears crept out of the woods growling.

    “Oh my God!” Rose said as her legs began to shake out of fear. The bears stood 8 ft tall and growled loudly.

    “Come on kids, this way!” Mr Morgan barked as they all ran for their lives, led by Mr Morgan they followed a new path on the right side of the field. They weren’t sure of where the path will lead them to, but all that mattered at the moment was getting away from the beasts running behind them.

    “Guys!! They’re coming.” Rose screamed as she ran as fast as she could, she turned to have a look at the distance between herself and the bears chasing them. She soon stumbled on her feet and fell, loosing a hold of her lamp.

    “Rose!!” June screamed as Mr Morgan picked up a hard tree branch from the floor to aid Rose’s rescue.

    “You guys stay here. Don’t move!” Mr Morgan ordered and ran back to help Rose who appeared to be in pain.

    “Come on.” Mr Morgan said and dragged her up on her feet, just as he was helping her up, a bear hurled him against a tree angrily.

    “Mr Morgan!!” June yelled and made an attempt to run to his aid but got held back by Alex.

    “Let go off me!” June warned but Alex held her back from running to Mr Morgan’s aid.

    Dominic handed over his lamp to June and charged angrily towards the bears who are on the verge of tearing Rose to pieces. He shot a big ball of flames at the bears as the fire caught up with two, burning them alive. The rest of the bears began walking back as Dominic created a circle of inferno around Rose.

    “You’ll be fine. Now stand up, the magic in the flames will follow you to safety. Now go!” he said to Rose as she ran to June and Alex while the circle of flames followed her while running, ensuring anything that comes close burnes to Ash instantly. More bears charged towards Rose and the closest they could get was the boundary of the circle of flames. They all turned to Ash instantly as they got into the fire protecting rose while she was running.

    “Wow!” Alex exclaimed as he watched the beauty of Dominic’s magic protect Rose.

    “Mr Morgan, are you okay?” Dominic ran to Mr Morgan.

    “Yeah, I am.” Mr Morgan responded and grunted as Dominic helped him up. They both ran back to June, Rose and Alex.

    “I’m glad you’re okay.” June said and pulled Mr Morgan into a hug.

    “Thank you Dominic.” June said to Dominic.

    “For what?” Dominic asked.

    “For saving Rose’s life and ours too.”

    “June, it’s nothing okay. I’ll lay down my life to save you guys if the need be.” Dominic said.

    “No Dom, don’t say that.” Rose said.

    “Guys, I’ll suggest we head back to the bus now.” Mr Morgan said.

    “Yeah we should.” Rose agreed.

    “Yeah, we’ll come back by morning. We don’t know what else is out here.” June said as they all came into conclusion of leaving for the bus and return by morning.

    “There’s a problem guys.” June said as she pointed the lamp at the woods.

    “What’s it?” Dominic asked.

    “The paths, they’re gone.” June said as they all looked at the woods closely, the footpaths they had followed disappeared.

    “Oh shit!!” Alex cursed.

    “We’re screwed” Rose added as an uncountable number of grizzly bears approached them from all angles of the woods. The team began walking backwards holding their lamps as the bears approached them in large numbers.

    “Dominic, now will be the right time for some brilliant magic.” Alex said as they walked backwards while the bears approached them growling.

    Dominic waved his hands to create something, just then the vision flashed into his head. He saw the black raven, the clock ticking towards the midnight hour and a grave headstone with June’s name on it.

    “Dominic are you okay?” June asked as she noticed Dominic had stopped waving his hands, he froze and collapsed again.

    “Dominic!!” June screamed as the bears kept crawling towards them. Mr Morgan rushed to Dominic and carried him on his shoulder as they kept walking backwards. they were completely helpless with absolutely no idea of what to do. Their only hope was Dominic and he blacked out.

    Just as they kept walking backwards away from the incoming bears, Rose could hear the splash of water hitting a rock. She looked back immediately and then, it dawned to her, they’ve been on a cliff all along and few steps backwards, they will all fall to their deaths.

    “Guys, we’re on a cliff.” Rose said as they all turned back immediately to confirm Rose’s statement.

    “We’re f----d. We’re so f----d.” Alex said and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration as the bears charged angrily towards them and pushed Rose down the cliff.

    “Rose!!! No!!!” June yelled aloud as Rose fell down the cliff. June knelt to have a look and sighed in relief as she saw Rose hanging on to a piece of rock.

    “Hang on Rose, hang on.” June said as she stood up and ponder on what to do to save her friend from falling to her death. A bear charged towards June but Alex got into the way and pushed the bear away, the bear slashed its claw across Alex’s chest.

    June turned back to take in the horrific scenery, Alex was unconscious, he got in the way of the bear charging towards June and he has perhaps paid for it with his life.

    Tears began to roll down June’s face, Mr Morgan ran to Alex’s aid and hit a couple of bears with a hard wood along his way.

    “June, go, run. Save yourself.” Rose cried as she couldn’t hold on any longer.

    “No don’t f-----g say that! I’ll save you!!!” June said as tears poured down her face more. She ran to where Dominic’s unconscious body was and slapped his face, hoping she could jolt him back to consciousness.

    “Dominic! Please wake up, I need you!” She cried and rest her face on Dominic’s chest. Just then, she heard the growl of a bear upfront. She looked up and saw the bear trying to smash the rock Rose was holding on to.

    “No! No!” June yelled as tears flowed down her face, she threw a rock at the bear to scare it off but she only got it more angry as the bear growled loud and hit the rock as the place trembled.

    June looked down as rocks began to drop, Rose losed grasp of the rock she was holding on to as June watched her best friend fall into the sea beneath the cliff.

    “Rose no!!!” June cried and closed her eyes. Just then, her iris turned green and wind blew heavily, shaking the trees in the woods. June stood up and began levitating over the cliff, green flames began to run all over in circular motion as she stretched her hands towards the cliff end.

    As Rose was falling to her death, she had given up hope and accepted her fate. She closed her eyes as she fell gradually, just then she fell on water.

    “What?” Rose asked herself and opened her eyes. She looked down and saw the waters lifting her up back to the top of the cliff. She smiled and thought Dominic had come to her rescue.

    June used her hands to control the water as the water dropped Rose back to the cliff safely.

    “Oh my God!” Rose whispered to herself at the sight of June in the air covered in green flames. Her hair turned white and her iris were bright green.

    Dominic had woken up, Alex also regained consciousness from the bear attack and they all saw June float in the air. The bears charged towards Rose, Dominic, Alex and Morgan.

    June looked down and clapped her hands as a powerful energy of green flames exploded burning every single bear and all trees within the area, leaving only the humans unhurt.

    June’s extremely powerful discharge of energy had left what was once a woods filled with trees completely empty. June burnt every single thing to the ground, the bears and all the trees.

    “No way!” Dominic said in awe as June fell down from the air and lost consciousness.

    “June!” Alex screamed and ran to her, just then they all were attacked from behind and they all got blindfolded immediately.


    Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone reading my book, y’all are amazing.

    Now what do you all think of the map with June? Recall that Scott submitted one to the aeternae claiming its the real one he had stolen from Dominic and replaced with a fake? If so, it definitely means June and her friends have fallen into a trap and if not, it also means Scott must have lied to the aeternae and maybe the map with the aeternae is the fake one actually.

    Whichever the case might be, it’ll take a great deal of deception and mind control to lie to the artenae. Or could it be really a fake with June? What are your thoughts as we await the next chapter.

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    Thank you for reading @thecomely

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    wow finally june make use of her power.. Am so glad and i think scott gave a wrong map to the Aeternae. This vision dom is always seeing is just a view of what is gonna happen if care is not taken.. Wow mr @stan u are the best. thanks for keeping to your words so when should we expect the next chapter?

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    this story na like phone to my eyes i wish to see it everyday

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    OMG! I was so tensed, it was more like me watchin a movie other than readin a story. me i’ll just keep my finger crossed on ’em been with d real map.
    great work @stan if only u wud just post 2 episode evry week, haba na!

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    June’s powers are amazing, see how she rescued her friends, its like watching one of those Marvel Comics
    Great job @stan

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