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    Patrick arrived at the scene as the screeching sound of his car could be heard from afar due to the force applied on the brakes. He brought out a torch and pointed it at the girls’ bicycle. 

    “June! Rose!!” He screamed their names as he pointed the torch around the woods. 

    “June!! June, honey? Are you there?” He kept screaming her name hoping for a response. He stood for minutes still turning around with his torch as the night became darker. He could see a spark of lightning in the sky. The deafening sound of thunder strike soon followed as droplets of water began to drop from the sky. barely a minute after, it all became an heavy downpour as Patrick stood in the rain screaming June’s name. 

    He knelt in anguish with the torch in his hands as the heavy downpour soaked him wet. 

    Rose woke up in a wooden house covered up in a blanket. She looked around and could only see an old wooden table and a fireplace. She looked around but couldn’t find June. 

    She struggled to get up on her feet but soon touched her head as she felt a sharp pain in her head. 

    “Bloody hell!” she muttered and stood up on her feet. 

    “June!! June!!!” She screamed and turned to make a run out of the house but soon discovered it was raining outside. 

    “Lower your voice, they’ll hear you.” Dominic said coming out of nowhere as rose stood still. 

    “Where is June!? What have you done to her?” She asked 

    “You should be thanking me.” Dominic said folding his arms. 

    “Oh shut up! You couldn’t kill us in the open so you brought us here huh?” Rose said as Dominic smiled. 

    “You unimaginable bastard! Where is June? If anything happens to her, I swear to God i will gouge out your eyes!” She said hitting her fist. 

    “She’s fine. She’s right behind you” He said

    “Do you think this is a joke?? Screw your wack attempts at making a lame ass joke you son of a b---h” Rose fired.

    “Roseline, June is right behind you” He said again with a straight face. 

    Rose turned and saw June lying on the floor. 

    “Oh my God! June are you alright?” she said and knelt down to touch her face. 

    “I’m fine” June muttered. Rose looked straight up to Dominic who was all smiles. 

    “What did you do?? There was no one behind me, there was no doors anywhere and suddenly you show up from nowhere and June too. What the hell are you?” Rose asked 

    “I’m yet to get a thank you Ms Rose. You both could have been long dead you know?” Dominic said. 

    “Screw you! You won”t get one from me until you explain yourself!” Rose said as June stood up placing her hands on her shoulder. 

    “Let me make this straight. First of, you both were following me, invading my privacy and personal space! Second i just saved your life and this is what i get?!” Dominic said. 

    “Go to hell” Rose barked. 

    “Calm down Rose, he helped me, he saved us” June said softly. 

    “How?” Rose asked in a shaky voice knowing she owes Dominic a big time apology. 

    “I’ll tell you how!” Dominic said sitting on the old rusty table. 



    “Stay back! I’ll kill you!” Rose screamed from afar to Dominic’s hearing.

    “Rose?” He said to himself and rushed to the direction of her voice. 

    “Stay ba…. ” rose screamed as a creature in a humanlike figure pulled her and June into the woods at a very quick speed. 

    They were being dragged deep into the wood as a red bright fire hit the creature as it winced in pain and dropped both of them and sped off. Dominic placed hands on both girls and teleported with them from the woods to somewhere else. 

    He teleported to an old safe house in the woods, rose was knocked out and June was struggling for breathe. He placed his hands above her chest as airflow began to enter into her chest. He figured she was asthmatic and must have suffered an attack at the hole. 

    Dominic saw Rose gradually regaining consciousness, he touched June’s palm and waved his other arm in the air as they both became invisible. 


    “and that brings us to this moment” Dominic said rubbing his palms. 

    “Dom i am so sorry, please forgive me” Rose said touching his shoulder as Dominic looked at her hand on his shoulder. 

    “Thank you so much for everything, I was being paranoid and i…” she said as Dom cut in. 

    “It’s fine Rose. You’re forgiven” Dominic said. 

    Dominic closed his eyes and leaned his head slightly as if he was listening to a distinctive conversation. 

    “You both should go now. June, your dad is worried sick about you. He’s at the road just where your bikes are.” Dom said. 

    “Take my hand” He said to both of them as they looked at each other and held his hands. 

    “How do you do all this stuff?” June enquired.

    “Now is not the time, we’ll talk in school” he said as Dominic teleported back to the edge of the woods leading back to the road. 

    “Go.. I’ll see y’all later” Dominic said standing behind. 

    “Thanks for everything Dom.” June said as they both walked back to the road and met her dad kneeling. The rain was still pouring down heavily as all three of them were completely wet. 

    “Dad” June said softly. 


    “My goodness, you almost gave me a heart attack!” He said and hugged her tight. 

    “Roseline, I’m glad you’re okay” He said and hugged Rose too. 

    “You both have some serious explanations to do. Get your bikes to the trunk.” He said as they took their bikes and placed it in the car trunk. They both got in while Patrick started the engine and sped off. 

    June sat on the couch covered in double blankets as Patrick and Doris sat at the opposite end. 

    “June! What got into you??” Doris asked 

    “A kid got murdered and the killer is still out there and you know this, but still you left the house late and lied to us!” Doris said placing her face in her palm. 

    “I”m sorry mom” June replied. 

    “You could have been killed tonight, the fumes at the hole is a danger to your health. Whatever killed Jeremy Cooper is still out there and you”re risking your life! For what exactly? tell me? What were you and Rose doing at the woods?” Patrick enquired. 

    “I… I trailed a friend, i had this feeling he could be behind Jeremy’s murder but i was wrong” June said. 

    “June, you’re grounded. Dylan will drop you off and pick you up from school everyday. You are not to be seen anywhere else until i think otherwise.”
    “Do you understand?” Patrick said 

    “Yes.. Dad” June replied as Doris stood up to join her at the couch and placed her head on her shoulder. 

    “Heaven knows you mean a lot to us and we will never forgive ourselves if anything happens to you. I love you so much” Doris said. 

    “I love you too mom” June responded. 


    Grenville Central High school

    Dylan pulled the car to halt as June opened the door to get down. Just then, Dylan said something and she paused to listen. 

    “I’ll be here by 4PM. Daddy’s orders” Dylan said as June got down and slammed the door. Dylan kicked the engine to life and made a reverse and drove off. 

    “June, how are you feeling?” Rose asked rushing her direction. 

    “Terrible! I’m grounded.” She responded. 

    “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have called you” Rose said. 

    “Rose, it’s not your fault. If you hadn’t call me, we wouldn’t discover Dominic’s abilities. You did the right thing” June said smiling as she held hands with rose and walked to class. 

    June, Rose and Dominic sat on a round table with their respective lunch orders staring right at them untouched. 

    They both stare at Dominic and couldn’t take their eyes off. 

    “I know that look” 

    “I have loads of explanations to do” Dom said. 

    “Sure, you do” June responded. 

    “But i can’t say anything here. I promise to tell you both everything but you’d have to spare some minutes after school because i can only do that at my house” Dom said as Rose glanced at June. 

    “My dad grounded me, i should be home 4 O”clock on the dot. My dad’s assistant will be waiting outside immediately after closing.” June said. 

    “I’m so sorry about that June. I have an idea” Dom said. 

    “It’s gonna be kinda risky and if you ain’t okay with it then it’s totally fine.” He said. 

    “Tell us, what’s it?” June said leaning her head forward. 

    You guys don’t talk often right?” He asked. 

    “Yeah!” She responded. 

    “Good! Introduce me to your dad’s assistant, I will shake hands with him and enter his mind. I’ll make him see and think about things that aren’t real. That means, I’ll give him a vision of you sitting right next to him in the car while he drives home but in reality, it’s just him in the car. When this is complete, you both must hold my hands and i teleport quickly so he won’t see the real thing else it’s all gonna blow up and he’ll loose his mind forever. Dom said. 

    “Brilliant! That’s bloody brilliant Dom!” Rose said hitting June’s thigh playfully.

    “Wow! you can really do that?” June asked. 

    “Sure, it’ll take a huge drain on me but it’s fine.”

    “The only downside is, the second you won’t be able to engage in a conversation. That means, you can”t talk to him. But you can walk. Just like a dummy robot” He said. 

    “We don’t talk, and even if he says anything, I’ll snub him. I do that all time time.” she responded. 

    “Good. Remember to hold hands with me quickly so he doesn’t see double figures of us. else everything will be messed up like i said” Dom said as he chewed his meal. 

    The closing bell range as the trio hurried out. Dylan stood beside the car waiting as expected.

    “There he is” June said to Dom. 

    “Let’s go” Dom said as they approached Dylan. Dom quickly cast a spell silently to avoid other students from seeing what was about to happen. 

    “Hey” June said to Dylan who got surprised June actually said something to him first. 

    “Here’s my friend Dominic, he has always wanted to meet with my dad’s assistant. He’s a big fan of you for reasons i don’t know” June said as Dominic stretched his hands for a shake. 

    “Hello sir.. I”m Dominic, big fan of yours” Dom said 

    “Dylan, Pleased to meet you Dominic.” He said as they both shook hands. Dylan’s eyeballs got white immediately as he appeared to have lost consciousness while standing. 

    “Now” Dom said as rose and June held hands together with his and they all disappeared. 

    “I have to run along now. Boss wants her home by 4” Dylan said to the cloned version of Dominic who didn’t respond but broke free of the handshake and nodded. He waves and walked away as rose followed while June opened the car and got in. Dylan kicked the engine and drove off. 

    They all appeared in Dominic’s room breathing heavily, apparently the teleporting requires some bits of strength. 

    “Did it work?” Rose enquired. 

    “Perfectly.” Dom responded. 

    He closed his eyes and leaned his head slightly as if he was listening to some distinctive discussion. 

    “He’s driving home and he’s talking about me but you’re touching your hair without any response. He’s mad you’re snubbing him. He has kept quiet, no conversation.” Dominic said and opened his eyes. 

    “I’ll need to teleport you back to your room when we’re done if that’s okay?. My parents are downstairs.. Introductions will be saved for later.” Dom said. 

    “These things you do, I’ve never seen anything like it. It feels like a dream.”

    “What are you?” June enquired. 

    “I’m a wizard. The parents i live with presently adopted me when i was 11. I lived with my uncle before then. He gave me details of what i am and what i can do. I was a kid but he told me everything i should know.” Dom said. 

    “Wow! Wow!” Rose said repeatedly and sat on a chair at the opposite end of the room. 

    “I was told i belong to a coven of witches, the alchemi coven. I’ve never really met anyone in the coven but my uncle told me i belong with them” 

    “I haven’t mastered my powers to its full potentials” Dominic said. 

    “The alchemi coven?” June asked. 

    “Yes. I can do things with my mind, without actually saying it. Like i made you spill your latte on me when we first met. I’m sorry about that tho” He said as June looked at Rose in shock, she shrugged in return. 

    “I can also teleport to various places, I have special healing powers like i cured your attack.” He said. 

    “I can basically do magical stuff. I can read and manipulate people’s minds too but my uncle told me i can do much more than all this if i unite myself with the coven.” He added 

    “Wow you’re gifted Dominic. That’s a whole lot of stuff you can do” Rose said. 

    “You can…. read minds??” June stuttered. 

    “Oh June, don’t worry, most people think that which you think of me.” He said smiling as June felt embarrassed.

    “I get drained whenever i do magic, my powers are limited. Too much can kill me” He said. 

    “I knew something Killed Jeremy, I was in the woods that night to uncover what happened too. You can never tell anyone about my abilities, never! Promise me?” He said. 

    “I promise” June and Rose affirmed at the same time. 

    “Thanks” He responded. 

    “Dominic this is great, this is awesome! but i gotta go now. There is little my clone me can do to convince my parents at home” June said. 

    “I’ll take you home, hold my hands and picture your home in your head.” He said stretching out his hands.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow Rose. We’ll talk better about this at school, I know a safe place for us to discuss” June said as rose waved bye. She held Dominic’s hands and teleported away. 

    June got to her room as the clone June lay on the bed asleep, just as she got to the room the clone faded away. “Everything seems to be normal again.” she said to herself all smiles. 

    Dom and Rose stood in his room observing a minute awkward silence. 

    “Your uncle, where is he?” Rose asked. 

    “He’s dead” He responded looking down. 

    “Oh my God. I’m so sorry” She responded holding his hands. 

    “How did he.. ?”
    “Please forgive me, I”m asking too much.” she said. 

    “No. It’s totally fine Rose.” Dominic responded
    “He died trying to protect me. I was told the same creature killed my biological parents. My uncle knew it would come for me someday so he arranged my adoption before his death. We lived in phoenix and my new family wasn’t so far from where my uncle and i lived previously” He added. 

    “This creature, what’s it called?” Rose enquired with a pitiful expression on her face. 

    “They call it the Aeternae. No one can give a clear description of what it looks like, anyone who has seen it ended up dead just like my uncle.” He said. 

    “You’ll be okay Dom. We gat you” She said and hugged him tight. They broke free of the hug and stood facing each other in a second round of awkward silence. 

    “Let me take you home” Dominic said stretching his hands as rose held him and they both left. 

    Minutes after they left the room, Dom’s radio switched on itself and began playing Silent Night by Bon Jovi as the crossword puzzle on his table began playing itself, merging letters and forming the word Aeternae. 

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    Wow I so much love the horror

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    dis Aeternae Hmph

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    Hmmmm horror has been my best story

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    Let see hw things unfold

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    i’m enjoying every episode as well

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    Okay o, let’s see what happens next.

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