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    well packaged boss

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    This is by far the best story I’ve read on this site

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    Grenville, Tennessee – 25th September, 1990.

    “Subject 001-A ready to accept trial number 1” Dr Thomas said to a mic from atop a shielded glass while Patrick watched alongside. The doctors below carrying out the trial kitted themselves in yellow PPE as they brought out a huge syringe containing a green thick liquid.

    A doctor inserted the huge syringe into the patient’s chest and pushed all the serum into his chest.

    “Heart rate is on the rise” Vivian said as she watched a monitor screen of the patient’s heart rate while Patrick paced up and down. The monitor soon let out a beep sound minutes after.

    “Subject vitals failed. Time of death 08:42PM” Thomas said.

    “Let’s call it a wrap. We’re not getting this right” Patrick said.
    “We’ll work more on the serum and give further trials. Send the patient’s compensation to his family” He added and walked out.

    A doctor in PPE pushed the dead patient to a morgue. He turned to exit the morgue as the patient grabbed his hands firmly.

    ‘What the hell! Are you alright?’ He asked in shock, the patient who was pronounced dead few minutes ago drew him closer quickly, tore open his PPE and decapitated his head with his bare hands, opened his chest with his hands and fed on his internals and left the PPE completely empty of any human remains but splashes of blood.
    He sped out of the morgue in a speed of light.


    June walked down the stairs yawning, her hair look messed up as a result of the lengthy sleep she just had.

    “Hey mom” She said as she walked down the stairs.

    “Hey honey. You’re awake. finally!” Doris replied wearing gloves as she opened the oven to check up on what was inside.

    “I made your favorite. Pizza bagels and a chocolate Toaster Strudel” She said.

    “Thanks mom” June responded as she walked up to the cupboard and brought out a pack of Oreo O’s cereal, she poured a small quantity into a bowl and walked down to the fridge and brought out a bottle of milk and poured into the cereal. She stirred the bowl and rushed every spoonful she could take.

    “So hungry honey??” Doris asked smiling

    “Yeah mom. I needed something real quick” June said as milk dripped down her mouth.

    “Go take a shower love, I’ll get your meal to the dining” Doris said as June looked at herself and nodded.

    “Yeah sure.” She said and took her leave.


    Rose was riding her bicycle across the street as she spotted a new movie on the Grenville powerhouse Cinema electronic signboard.
    She smirked to herself and ride away more faster.

    June sat on her bed as her cellphone rang. She pulled up the antenna for better signal and pushed the answer button.

    “June, guess what?” Rose said over the phone.
    “You made out with Dom?” June replied.

    “What? no! Gross, I like Dominic as a friend okay. Besides i think you like him more than i do. In a special way” Rose said

    “No i don’t!” June snapped.

    “June, the highly anticipated movie is out!”
    “I saw it at the Grenville cinemas across the street, its tonight!” Rose said excitingly at the other end.

    “Awesome! Terminator 2 Judgement day?” June asked.

    “Oh no! Terminator is boring!” Rose said.

    “No way! The trailers I’ve seen are crazy! The first terminator was really good. I can bet this would be better” June responded.

    “June, it’s not the terminator. It’s the Silence of the lambs” Rose said.

    “Oh.. It doesn’t sound familiar” June replied

    “You’ll absolutely love it and it’s tonight, 7PM! Jodie Foster is the lead actress” Rose said.

    “Amazing! There’s only one problem, I’m still grounded, I can’t make it to the cinema tonight” June said.

    “Dominic!” Rose said causing a brief laughter from June.

    “Fine! I’ll be waiting for you both at my room. Climb up the roof and enter through the window. Dad and mom mustn’t see you else they’ll suspect something.” June said

    “Copy!” Rose said as they both laughed.

    “7PM” Rose said and hung up. June pushed back the antenna inside and smiled to herself, looking forward to the pending mischievous trick Dominic will unleash to sneak her out.


    Sinclair Pharmaceutical HQ

    Patrick sat in the board room alongside his medical team consisting of Dr Thomas and Vivian as they all sat round a table.

    “As y’all know, something weird has been going on lately. A patient is at the morgue without a heart. A kid got murdered across the bridge with his body parts separated. That thing tried to kill my daughter and her friend two nights ago.” Patrick said as everyone listened
    “We lost a really close person to the hands of a failed trial on subject 001-A and till this moment, we have no idea where he is or if he’s still out there”
    “We created this monster ourselves and we must put an end to this before it gets out of hand” He said.

    “Sir, I assure you we administered the serum on the others and the longest anyone survived with the serum in them was 15 minutes!” Dr Thomas said.
    “Even if the patient did kill George, I assure you he wouldn’t survive too long out there. He’s probably dead now. The serum has a very short half life and it takes its host alongside with it when it’s wearing out”

    “We’ll find out. I need 2 doses of trial 1 serum prepared. We’ll be testing this shit again and see what happens.” Patrick said


    June took a glance at her bedside clock, it was 06:30PM, she knew Dom and Rose are probably on their way so she had to get dressed immediately.

    She stood up facing the mirror as she plugged in her electronic hair curling machine and run it through her hair creating a voluminous silky curls, she added a butterfly clip at the opening of her hair to complete the new hair look. She always had straight hair but she opted to make them curly this time for the special night.

    In no time she was dressed up in a Black leather jacket with a shoulder pad on the outside and a white crop top on the inside completing the look in blue embroidered jeans with ballet flats.

    She looked at the mirror and felt satisfied. She applied mild powder over her face creating a blush on both cheek and completed the makeover with a red makeup and a straightened eye lash.
    She doesn’t go out always but when she does, she always wanna steal the show.

    “Perfect” She said as she could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. She rushed to lock the door but wasn’t fast enough as her mom came in.

    “Wow! June, what is going on?” Doris asked looking at June’s new look from head to toe.

    “I.. I…” June stuttered

    “Going somewhere?” Doris questioned.

    “No mom.. Absolutely not, I’m grounded. Remember?”

    “Good! It’s for your own good sweetheart” Doris said smiling

    “I know mom. I was only trying to get myself busy. You know i have a taste for fashion” June said.

    “You took that after me honey” Doris said smiling as June took a glance at her bedside clock, it was 7PM and Rose could show up any moment from now.

    “You’re sweating honey, are you okay?” Doris asked as June’s nervousness got the better of her.

    “I’m perfectly fine mom.. Just.. The air conditioner got broken. It needs to be fixed.” She said pointing at the AC which was obviously switched off from the wall socket.

    “Let me see” Doris said as she attempt to switch it on from the wall socket.

    “No mom.. Never mind, its spilling ice out of it. It could get into your eyes and that would require urgent medical attention. Have dad call the repair guy please” June said.

    “Yeah that’s right. Let’s leave it to the experts. I’ll check up on you later honey” she said and gave her a forehead kiss and left.
    June sighed in relief as rose knocked her window. She turn around and open up the window. Rose struggled to pass the medium sized window and was soon followed by Dom. June rushed to lock the door just in case her mom returns unnoticed.
    “Wow you look great” Dom complemented June’s new look.

    “Thanks Dom.” She said and hugged Rose tight.

    “So what are we going to do? You obviously can’t shake hands with my mom” June said.

    “Yes you’re right. But this is her house, she’s right in this house. I can create the illusion to occupants in the house presently” Dominic said.

    “Lie down covered up in the duvet” Dom said as June obliged. She lie on the bed as rose covered her up in the duvet.
    Dom closed his eyes as the lights began to fluctuate, the electricity in the house went off and came back on immediately.

    Doris looked surprised as the TV switched off cutting off the TV show she was engrossed on. She looked around and wondered what must have happened to the electricity.

    June stood up to behold herself sleeping under the duvets fully kitted in her dress.

    “I can’t sleep like this. I mean, I’ve got my jacket and my shoes on, it’s weird.” she said.

    “That’s the best we can do June, your mom would think you prefer to sleep that way.” Dom said as rose nodded in agreement.

    “I think this is okay. It’s better than not seeing you in the room at all you know?” Rose said in agreement to Dominic’s statement.

    “Okay, let’s go. Did you guys bring your bikes? I only have an extra” June said as Dom laughed.

    “Dominic here has a driver’s license and his car is outside” Rose said pointing at Dom.

    “Seriously?” June asked

    “Yeah.” Dom responded as they all laughed and struggled to get past the window. June closed the window from the outside. Dom jumped down first and assisted June down, rose got down herself. It wasn’t the first for her.

    🎶Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight
    It must have been something you said
    I just died in your arms tonight.

    “Fasten your seat belts citizens” Dom said as rose nodded to the song being played in Dom’s car. He started the engine and sped off.

    They arrived at the Grenville Powerhouse Cinema meeting a whole bunch of crowd at the entrance. Just then, June saw the movie’s big poster with an R rating indicated beneath the title.


    Doris knocked on June’s door repeatedly without any response. She tried opening the door but realised it was locked from the inside. She removed her hair pin and insert it into a hole in the door’s handle and twisted it for some minutes and got it opened.

    “Oh sweetie, you shouldn’t sleep with your shoes on and your jacket too” She said pulling off June’s shoes.
    She looked around the room and turned off the lights.


    🎶Come on, vogue
    Let your body move to the music (move to the music)
    Hey, hey, hey
    Come on, vogue
    Let your body go with the flow (go with the flow)
    You know you can do it

    Music from Madonna’s latest hit greeted guests at the entrance, many could be seen tapping their feet and gesturing their hands in enjoyment to the hit song.

    “Rose, the movie is R rated.” June said bringing Rose’s attention to it.
    “We won’t be allowed in” She added.

    “Bran is the ticket clerk. He’ll help us get in” Rose said smiling.

    “Who’s Bran?” Dominic asked.

    “Brandon Clark, A friendly neighbour who has grown fund of me lately. I think he likes me” Rose said winking at June as she rolled her eyes in response to her wink.

    “Let’s go” Rose said leading the way as they all followed behind.

    “Hi Bran” Rose said.

    “Oh hello Rose. What’s up? What are you doing here?” Bran asked surprised.

    “These are my friends June and Dominic, June I’m sure you know of already. We came to see the movie” Rose said.

    “We have lots of new arrivals. Which one?” Bran asked.

    “The silence of the lambs” Rose responded.

    “That’s R rated rose. You can’t view it until you come of age.” Bran said.

    “Oh come on Bran, it’s just a rating and age is just a number” Rose said rubbing Bran’s hands.
    “Pretty please?”

    “Fine! 3 tickets!” Bran said and brought out 3 tickets, Rose tucked some dollar notes into his pocket.

    “Thanks bran” she said cleaning his cheek as if he had dirt on it before.

    “I was thinking if we could go out tomorrow. You know somewhere….” Bran was saying as rose picked up the tickets and ran off.
    The trio were running to the cinema laughing..

    “He doesn’t want to give you a ticket to an R rated movie but he wants to go out with you. Isn’t that R rated too?” June said jokingly as they all laughed.

    They got into the cold dark cinema, the seats were almost full and there was maximum silence except sounds coming from the movie.
    They took their seats and were served popcorn and a bottle of Pepsi Cola.
    They watched on chewing their popcorn and gulping down the Pepsi on the other hand.
    Everyone present in the cinema made a brief scream as they watched a bug cocoon pulled out of a girl’s throat during an autopsy session that was being carried out on a lifeless body.

    “Oh my God! Oh my God!” June said covering her eyes as rose laughed, she was obviously enjoying the horror she was watching.
    “It’s horrible!” Dom said as he had a hard time eating his popcorn further after watching that horrific scene.
    “Relax guys. It’s just a horror movie” Rose said noticing the disturbance on their faces.
    The cinema screen light got darker and the movie could hardly been seen.
    “Is this part of the movie?” Dom asked turning to rose and June as he was feeling nervous. The entire lights went totally off including the cinema screen this time and the hall was thrown into total darkness.

    “I don’t think so” June responded silently as they heard a girl’s scream from the front row, soon followed by another scream.

    “Shit! we need to get the hell out of here! Dominic said. The lights came back on as the cinemas screen began showing distorted images as almost everyone in the cinema began screaming. The lights began flashing, going off and on and off and on over again as security came in. They flashed a torch and noticed two lifeless bodies hung to the ceiling.

    “What the f--k!” Rose said turning to the seat behind her as someone held her shoulder with blood gushing out of her eyes as she dropped dead after few seconds.

    “We need to leave now!’ Rose screamed as the cinema screen images were beginning to flash more quicker. The security crossed a dozen lifeless bodies to get closer to the screen.”

    ‘Something isn’t right!’ One of the man said as he got closer. He stood still as the second guard approached.
    ‘You okay man?’ his partner asked and touched him. The guard turned with blood gushing out of his eyes as well and soon both men were infected. Blood gushed out of both their eyes as they drop dead.

    “Close your eyes!” June screamed
    “Let’s go!” She said as they shut their eyes and struggled to exit the cinema stepping on a few lifeless bodies on their way out. She led the way and noticed they’ve left the cinema as she could hear loud music being played outside.

    “I think we’re out. Open your eyes” she said as Dominic, Rose and the few who also made it out alive opened their eyes.
    Everything was fine outside as people seem not to be aware of the horror going on inside the cinema.

    “Bran, everyone has to leave now! Something crazy is going on! Everyone need to leave now!” June said to Bran who laughed at her panic.

    “You see why the movie is R rated? You ain’t got the stomach to view it” He said licking an ice cream.

    “This is not a joke! People are dying and more will follow if you don’t warn everyone!” June barked 

    “Really?” He said with smiles as he suddenly heard screams from afar.
    “What the f--k was that?” he asked as people began running outside.

    “Come on! Let’s go!” Dominic said as they all ran for their lives. Bran dropped his ice cream and jumped out of the counter and joined the race. They got to Dom’s car and they all hopped in. He tried starting the car as the engine goes off just immediately. He tried again as it kept repeating the same malfunction. This time around multitudes filled the streets screaming for help.

    “Come on you bastard!” He said hitting the stirring as the street lights began to fluctuate just as the lights in the cinema hall fluctuated.

    “Dom, hold on! The battery is probably shit!”
    “I have an idea. We’ll get down and push the car while you try restarting” June said as she got down quickly followed by rose, bran and a random girl who followed from the cinema.
    They pushed the car few meters as Dominic restarted it back to life. They heard creepy noises with no sight of anyone.

    “Come on!” Dominic said as they all tried rushing back into the car. Dom spotted a shadow like creature behind from his side mirror.
    “Faster!” He screamed as June got in followed by Rose and Bran. The random girl was almost in as the creature moved in a speed of light and grabbed the girl away as she screamed endlessly.

    “Holy shit! What the f--k was that?” Bran cursed sweating profusely as Dominic drove away in an insane speed almost loosing control of the car.

    Sinclair Pharmaceutical Special Facility

    Patrick wore his PPE headgear and held two doses of the serum, he got closer to two patients and injected both serum into their chests. Thomas and the rest of the crew watched from behind.

    “Vitals are stable” Thomas said to a microphone as the two patients began shaking uncontrollably and tried breaking free from the bed but were held by two chains to the hands and two chains to the legs. Patrick took a glance at his wristwatch.
    “10 minutes gone sir” Vivian said monitoring the stopwatch screen.
    “15 minutes sir” she said 5 minutes later as Patrick watched on.
    “Vitals are fading. Vitals are gone. Heartbeat stopped” Thomas said as the struggling patients died down. They turned ice white immediately.

    “I told you” Thomas said as Patrick returned and took off his PPE headgear and gloves.
    Patrick took a glance at the stopwatch screen, 30 minutes had gone now.

    “Yeah, i guess you’re right” He said to Thomas as they left the room.
    The two patients lay dead, they opened their eyes as it turned Red. They broke the chains without any effort as a security noticed this. He pushed the emergency alarm button but got dragged by the creatures, he held a pole tight to prevent them from dragging him further.

    Patrick noticed the alarm as he rushed back with Thomas and the crew. The emergency alarm was off when they got back to the room.
    Patrick noticed blood traces on the floor, he switched on a torch and pointed it at the security’s hand hanging on the pole with the rest of his body gone. Just his hand was all that was left of him.


    Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Arms (1986)
    Madonna – Vogue (1990)

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    I hope y’all are enjoying the book so far? If you’ve got any question(s) please feel free to ask.

    One more thing, updates will be posted thrice a week.
    Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.

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    Goodness gracious! This is the best so far… @Stan keep it up.

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    i love your work bro @stan

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    Awesome! More please

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    Wow love ya work

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