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    I almost pee on my self.
    @ poster, No man has giving u ths except from above.

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    Danny EdeDanny Ede
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    I almost pee on my self.
    @ poster, No man has giving u ths except from above.
    … more idear to ur brain!

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    What could be in that serum?

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    Rose stood in the middle of the streets with no sights of anyone or any car approaching. The street lights fluctuated as the cold windy night got the better of her as she began to shiver and blow out ice smoke from her mouth.
    The roads began to crumble as rose began to run, she kept on running as the streets behind her collapsed into the ground. She saw an old house with lights visible from its windows in the middle of nowhere, she kept running and barged into the house.

    “Hello? Is anybody here?” Rose said shivering as her skin became pale white.
    “hello?” she noticed someone sitting on a couch opposite a fireplace, she got closer to him as the boy turned.

    “Jeremy?” She asked as Jeremy Cooper turned to her.

    “Bloody hell! Shit! Shit!” she cursed as maggots and giant worms came out of Jeremy’s nostrils, ears and mouth. Just like what she saw at the movies, just this time it’s much more worse than that. He stood up as the maggots and giant worms kept gushing out of different holes in his body.

    “Stay back!” She said and fell on her ankle spraining it. She saw an axe hanged to the wall, she got up in pains and removed the axe as Jeremy’s rotting corpse got closer.

    “Stay back!” She screamed as tears rolled down her cheek. Jeremy got closer as rose separated his head from the decayed body using the axe she pulled off the wall, hundreds of maggots and giant worms came out. She stepped on a giant worm that tried climbing up her legs as green thick liquid from the squashed worm splashed on her face. The entire room soon filled with the giant worms and maggots.

    “Leave me alone!!!!” Rose said crying as she covered her ears with her hands as hundreds of maggots and giant worms crawled all over her.


    “Are you okay sweetheart?” Rose’s mom asked bringing out a towel soaked in lukewarm water and rested it on Rose’s forehead as she noticed her skin was ice cold.

    “I’m fine mom” Rose responded as she got back to life from the horrific nightmare she just had.

    “I don’t think so honey.” Her mom said
    “We heard screams, I think you’re having a fever. Here, this will help” she said and handed Rose a glass of water.

    “Thanks mom” Rose said panting as if she had ran an Olympic marathon.


    “At the time of filing this report, no fewer than 95 people have been confirmed dead at the Grenville powerhouse cinemas. According to eye witness reports, the cinema screens spread some kind of virus to exposed viewers causing uncontrollable convulsion and deaths. According to the management of the Grenville powerhouse cinema, the malfunction from the cinema’s electricity was responsible for the massive deaths in what they described as an electrocution and not a virus from the screens like multiple eyewitnesses reported.”

    Patrick sat in the living room alongside Doris. June stood far behind them as they all watched the morning news broadcast on the Panasonic CRT box TV.

    “See why you should stay indoors?” Doris said turning to June’s position as Patrick stood up and left the living room holding a newspaper.

    “Yeah” June said and walked upstairs. Doris noticed something isn’t right about her husband and her daughter. She decided to ask what the problem might be.

    “Hey honey, are you alright?” Doris asked as she barged into June’s room without knocking. It’s a bad habit June has always complained about.

    “I’m fine mom” June said recalling memories of the previous night. She was supposed to be grounded, she shouldn’t have been there. almost 100 people died at the cinema. Her parents weren’t aware she was there, they don’t have the slightest clue their daughter escaped death narrowly.

    “Talk to me sweetheart. You know you can always tell me anything” Doris said as she sat on the bed holding hands with June.

    “It’s just stress mom. School has been tough” June said feigning a smile.

    “It’s alright. if you need to talk someone, I’m always here for you” Doris said and smiled as she left the room. June buried her head in the pillow and sighed.

    Patrick lit up his cigarette and blew out smoke as he paced up and down his room. He poured wine into a cup and gulped down the entire quantity immediately.

    “Are you okay Pat?” Doris asked as she walked into the room.

    “Doris, I’m not okay. Things have been going crazy lately and i fear i created all this mess” Patrick said and blew out more smoke.

    “No honey. You did not, you were striving for the greater cause. No one knew it would turn out this way” Doris responded.

    “Doris, the kid in June’s school died. 95 confirmed dead last night. The creatures causing this havoc are from my facility. Only God knows how many of those bastards are out there!” Patrick said and poured more wine into the cup.

    “I was so stupid! I should never have thought of creating a medicine from shit worms that were discovered in a hole. A gigantic hole no one knew what dug it!” Patrick said and hit the table.

    “The hole?” June asked standing at the door hearing all they’ve been discussing as they turned to her in shock.


    Rose yawned as she walked down the stairs, she could hear soft moaning from her sister’s door.

    “She’s so unbelievable!” She muttered and pushed the door open.

    Bran climbed on Scarlett half naked with only his underwear still on. They engaged in a kissing session as bran pulled off Scarlett’s top revealing her pink bra.

    “What the f--k is going on here!?” Rose barked at the disgust of bran on her sister.

    “Geez! Don’t you ever knock?” Scarlett said as bran jumped up and located his discarded clothes quickly.

    “You bastard!” Rose growled to Bran who was struggling to get into his Jean pants.

    “I’m sorry rose” Bran said still getting dressed

    “Oh shut that shit hole of a mouth! So this is who you are? Go around messing with sisters? You’re such an idiot!” Rose said

    “You barely got out of your filthy workplace alive last night and the next morning, all you could do was make out with my sister in her own house?” Rose said again as Bran ran out of the room feeling embarrassed and stupid.

    “Rose, I am your older sister. You should show me some respect and stay out of my business!” Scarlett said as she put on her top back.

    “Mom will hear this!” Rose said turning back as Scarlett held her hands.

    “Don’t even dare!” Scarlett warned holding Rose by the hand.

    “Let go off me b---h!” Rose groaned.

    “What?” Scarlett said in shock and responded with a slap on Rose’s face.

    “You hit me?” rose said touching her face.
    “You hit me over some lowlife who’s only interested in getting under your pants?” Rose said as tears formed in her eyes.

    “I am so sorry please forgive me. It wasn’t intentional” Scarlett pleaded kneeling to apologize.

    “I almost died last night and you know this, Did you bother to check up on me? No” Rose said
    “I had a terrible nightmare, mom was with me, where were you? Making out with that pathetic loser” She said again

    “Rose, I am sincerely sorry. I was stupid, I admit it. Just forgive me and let’s all put this behind us.” Scarlett said feeling remorseful as she attempt to hug rose but rose stepped back.

    “You’re so unbelievable” Rose said and walked out. She walked down to the kitchen to get something for herself, she touched the cupboard door to open it up as she had flashes of the nightmare. She felt weary and sat on the floor. She stood up again as the flashes came more rapidly again, she could see the worms and maggots gushing out of Jeremy’s rotting corpse.

    “It’s just a dream” she said to herself breathing heavily as she made the third attempt to stand up. The flashes returned again and this time around, she passed out.

    “Rose are you okay?”

    “Oh my God! Rose!” Scarlett screamed rushing into the kitchen.


    Dominic sat with his adopted family in the well furnished dinning room for lunch.

    “Dominic, what is it i hear about you double dating 2 girls from Grenville?” Jacob Griffith asked.

    “What? No dad. I barely know anyone around here” Dominic responded and sipped water.

    “Oh really?” Jacob said smiling
    “Scott, did you not see Dominic with two girls yesterday?” Jacob asked

    “Yes i did father. Two pretty girls. I must say, they’re really beautiful” Scott responded raising his glass of wine in the air. Dominic cleared his throat and made an attempt to pick up his glass of water on the table but spilled it as the glass fell and broke to pieces.

    “Relax son.” Jacob said as everyone in the room let out a brief laugh.

    “Alexa darling, please help your brother clean up the mess he just made. Get him a glass of water as well” Josie Griffith said as Alexa stood up while they all kept laughing.


    Grenville Central High school

    Rose opened up her school locker to pick up some books she had kept for their upcoming physics test. She was soon joined by June who also opened up her locker to pick up something.

    “Hey, I called yesterday but you weren’t picking up nor did you call me” June said noticing how distressed rose look.

    “Are you okay Rose?” June asked

    “I’m fine June. Had a rough night” Rose responded closing her locker.

    “Are you sure?” June enquired further.

    “I’m fine” Rose said as they both walked to class.

    “A mechanical wave is a wave that needs a physical medium through which to travel. Some examples of mechanical waves are sound waves, ocean waves and seismic waves. A Mechanical wave must have a physical medium to travel” Mrs Harper the physics teacher said as she noticed Rose was slouching on her seat.

    “Which feature of a longitudinal wave corresponds to a trough in a transverse wave?” Mrs Harper asked the class with no hands raised from any student indicating an answer.

    “Roseline McCarthy, would you mind telling the class?” Mrs Harper said bringing Rose’s attention back to the class.

    “I don’t-I don’t know ma’am” Rose stuttered

    “Of course you wouldn’t because you spend your entire day slouching in my class!” Mrs Harper barked.
    “Anyone?” She asked as June raised her hand.

    “Okay June, tell us” Mrs Harper said.

    “The crest. The compressed air in longitudinal waves corresponds to the crest, while the rarefied air corresponds to the trough. By matching up those characteristics, it is possible to render longitudinal waves as transverse waves.” June said as Dominic nodded in agreement.

    “Brilliant Miss Sinclair! Brilliant!” Mrs Harper said as rose began to shake on her seat.

    The class was over and everyone was out. June, Rose and Dom were walking down the hallway as more episodes flashed into Rose’s head.
    Rose saw Jeremy’s figure coming with the axe she used in the dream.

    “Stay away from me!” Rose screamed as Jeremy’s rotten corpse gave her a hot chase. She ran and met a dead end.
    “Leave me alone” She screamed louder as Jeremy’s rotting corpse touched her.

    “What the hell! Are you okay rose?” June said panting as she ran all the way to catch up with rose who was running from absolutely nothing anyone could see. She touched rose who sat on the ground panting and sweating profusely.
    “Rose what’s the problem?” Dominic asked as almost everyone in the school surrounded them.

    “was someone chasing you? We saw no one” June said looking around the eyes gazing at them.

    “Come, let’s take you home” June said as Dominic helped carry rose up.

    “Tell mom I’ll be a bit late today.” Dominic said to Alexa who was amongst the crowd staring at them.

    “Who’s that?” June asked as they supported rose

    “That’s my sister Alexa.” Dominic said.

    “Oh nice” June said as they approached Dom’s car.

    “Rose filled me in on what happened to your uncle. I’m sorry Dom” June said as they took their seats in the car.

    “It’s fine June.” Dom said and started the car.


    Dominic knocked on the door still supporting rose. Rose’s mom opened up and raised an eyebrow on seeing a strange guy supporting her daughter up to stand.

    “Hi Mrs Nicole” June greeted from the right corner. Rose’s mom turned to see June and sighed in relief.

    “Hey June” Rose’s mom responded and ushered them in.

    “I’m Dominic Griffith ma’am. Rose’s classmate” Dominic said introducing himself while Rose lay on the couch.

    “Thanks for helping her down here Dominic” Rose’s mom responded and went up stairs.

    “Rose you have to talk to me. What is going on?” June enquired

    “I had a really terrible nightmare the morning after we got back from the cinema.” Rose said

    “and?” June enquired further

    “I saw Jeremy Cooper. He wasn’t exactly Jeremy anymore. He was more like a zombie with lots of disgusting shits creeping out of him” Rose said.

    “What?” Dominic said surprised

    “He keeps chasing me in the nightmare, he held an axe and tried countless times to hurt me” Rose said
    “I keep seeing flashing images of the nightmare almost every time and it feels like each episode i see drains the life out of me” Rose said again as June took a worried glance at Dominic.

    “Shit! This has to be the effect of the cinema?” June said.

    “I don’t think so.” Dominic said rubbing his jaw

    “It definitely is. Come to think of it, everyone who looked at the screen died. What if rose only took a brief glance at the screen? Might be a second or two. What if she didn’t look enough to actually be infected like the others?” June said.

    “Makes sense” Dominic said in agreement as he noticed someone had been standing behind them.

    “Hi Scarlett” June said to Scarlett who had been standing for a while listening to everything.

    “Hey June.. Something isn’t right” Scarlett said

    “What do you mean?” Dominic said to Scarlett, she ignored his question as she doesn’t deem him fit to interfere in family matters.

    “June, I just got off the phone with Brandon. The ticket clerk guy, he’s also having the same episodes. Just like what rose explained.” Scarlett said snubbing Dominic.

    “He actually wanted to attack Jeremy in the dream as self defense but ended up cutting his sister’s arm with an axe in real life thinking it was all in the dream. He never knew how the axe got to him” Scarlett said

    “This is some real shit!” June said and rushed out of the house.

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    Getting more intense! They’ve just got their selves in some deep shit..

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    this is worry some

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    Pheeeeew green fluid of the maggot is awesome 😲😲

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    Wow got to give it to you man

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