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    Really bad

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    Damola you have to help her out this mess.

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    I dey enjoy you
    Carry on..

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    She needs help

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    She is really suffering

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    may God help you

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    🖐️JUST A TOUCH🖐️

    🍭Chapter 13🍭

    📝Dammy writes📝

    Iyanu’s POV

    God! This is a big embarrassment. Demola, the only guy around me who refused to have sex with me. Why does fate have to bring us together again.

    “Iyanu,when did you become this way.”

    “I’ve been having sex since we were in school.” I reminded him

    “I know but you weren’t this worse.” He said and I cried more.

    “It’s okay now….. Tell me everything that happened.” He said

    I cried remembering everything that has happened. If I could turn back the clock, I wouldn’t have left daddy, I would not agree to have that devil as my tutor, I wouldn’t think of going to a boarding school, I wouldn’t think of schooling in Abuja, I wouldn’t think of being like Aunt Mirabel and I wouldn’t pray pray my parents get separated.

    I told him everything without leaving any stone unturned.

    “So that is my story.” I sad with a sad smile

    “That man is a demon . He needs to be hanged.” He said angrily

    “I don’t blame him. I blame myself for allowing the devil use me.” I said to him

    “No. You shouldn’t blame yourself. You were only a little girl and if your mum was actually close to you, you would have told her. Don’t blame yourself okay. You get over this. This phase will surely pass, I can assure you.” He said

    Demola has been an angel these past weeks. He’s been helping me overcome this demon even though it seems impossible. He didn’t allow me go to the restroom and he even makes sure I’m busy most time but the problem still comes back when I’m home. Mary has been supportive and her mom is doing fine. She’s still in the hospital but she’s very much better and will be discharged soonest. It’s been 8 weeks now and I have this feeling that God is about to do something.
    I’m preparing for a date with Demola. Well, he said we should continue from where we stopped but I disagreed. I can’t bring myself to being in a relationship with him. I can’t just imagine it but I know God will vindicate me


    “Hello Demola.”

    “Hey babe ” He said and I rolled my eyes

    “I’m outside your house.”

    “Okay. I’ll be there.” I ended the call

    I went outside and saw him looking around

    “Hey.” I said with a small smile

    “Wow. You looking great.” He said

    “Thank you.” I replied

    He opened the door of the car for me and I said a small ‘thank you’. He got in and started the car and we left


    We got down and I look around

    “Wow. This place is beautiful.” I said

    “Yeah. It sure is.” “Did I tell you how beautiful you look.”

    “Yeah yeah yeah and thank you . Can we go in you now.”

    “After you.”

    We got into the restaurant and ordered for what we wanted . We are and talked about campus life, family and work. He layer talked about relationship and I told him ‘No’

    “I cannot, I’m sorry. Let me wallow in my problems okay. Do you know other problems will arise if I’m in a relationship with you. Think about the fact that I’m now a dog. I’ve slept with every Tom and D!ck in trousers. I’m sorry Demola, you’ll surely fund the right woman for you.” I assured him

    “Babe, forget all that. We can overcome all problem when there’s love. Love conquers all. You can’t keep doing this.” He said

    I thought for a while and remembered Amaka’s words

    “Open your heart for love, you cannot continue this way. You do not know what God has for you. They say, opportunity comes but once but here you are, you have been given a second chance and you wanna throw it away. This guy might be the one for you. Do you know the meaning of POOR. It means Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly and that is what you are doing. Wise up girl.”

    Flashback ends

    “Please,let me show you how much I love you.” He begged

    “Okay. Fine. I accept.” I said

    “You’re serious.”

    “Yes. I accept.”

    “YES. Thank you so much.” He said hugging me.

    I hope I am doing the right thing.

    To be continued

    Like, comment

    I love you all ❤️


    🍭Chapter 14🍭

    📝Dammy writes📝

    NB: So guys, this is the second episode for today that I promised us earlier.
    Just a touch is about to end😪. We have one more chapter and an epilogue to go……
    Enjoy 😉

    Mama, I am tired. Why me? I still do that stupid stuff yet I have a boyfriend, a caring one and people won’t stop talking. Different calls and messages to tell him that I am not good for him. Yes, I know but I’m afraid of losing him. If I do, I’ll just die. He’s also mad at me right now..:.: he left the house not close to an hour and I couldn’t keep myself.” I said to Amaka’s mother.

    “It’s okay. Wipe your tears.” She said trying to comfort me.

    My life is a total mess. I couldn’t stay an hour without sex. Even Ademola won’t touch me. He said we have to overcome that problem. He went out and when he came back, he saw me masturbat!ng. He’s pretty mad at me. He said he’s trying to change me but I don’t want to change.
    I want to change too but it is not easy .

    Different people won’t stop calling him or sending him messages about me . I can’t help it, I just wanna die. I curse the day I moved out with mom. I curse the day I met uncle Samson. I curse the day I met Aunty Mirabel. I curse the day I became a p0rn star and video vixen. In fact, I curse the day I was born.
    “My daughter, you need to stop your tears and look for solutions. This thing won’t stop until you stop it. You have to try, give it a try. Throw away things you know you can use and try taming your hands. Try to stop since this guy is willing to stand by you, okay?.”
    “Yes mama.” I replied
    “You have heard her now. No amount of tears will stop it. Try to stop it.” Amaka added.
    “Thank you so much. What will I have done without you? Thank you very much.”
    “You’re welcome, dear.”

    Three Months Later 👇

    I can’t thank God enough and the wonderful people around me. He’s been so good to me . I actually STOPPED. My boyfriend has not been in town for about 2 months now and I didn’t go back to it. I’m so happy and I know he’ll be happy too.

    Ding Dong 🔔

    Yeahhhhh! That’s him. He’s here
    I opened the door and hugged him immediately he came in
    “Welcome, Ade Mi (My Crown).” I greeted
    I missed you too love.” He said.
    Of course. I missed you more.” I replied happily.
    “Whooo….. someone is in a happy mood, what’s actually happening.” He asked.
    I immediately went on my knees and thanked him for coming into my life, for giving me hope and for standing by me.
    “What’s happening?” He asked.
    “Ade mi. I STOPPED.” I screamed
    “OMG….. are you serious? M.” He asked
    “Of course, baby.” I said and he carried me like a baby then twirled me round.
    “I love you, baby.” He said with sincerely
    “I love you more, my backbone.” I said and we sealed it with a kiss.

    Ademola’s POV

    It’s exactly a year we started the relationship and I can say I’m the happiest man alive. It’s pure one year anniversary and I’m asking her to marry me.

    I proposed to her and years of joy were streaming down her eyes. She said ‘yes’ and I was so happy.

    We are becoming stronger so was our problems. Yes! Somebody sent some pictures and videos to my parents and my mum has stopped the wedding preparation. I’ve tried taking to her but she wouldn’t listen and my wife-to-be isn’t happy. She believes nature is punishing her but I know we will overcome.

    A meeting was scheduled for both families because of this issue and my wife is not taking it well. I told her it’s just a meeting. She’ll say everything that has happened to her. If my parents, especially my Mum doesn’t agree, I’ll be left with no choice but to elope with her.

    To be continued

    I love you all ❤️

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    AvatarDan favourer
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    I’ve learnt something. POOR
    passing over oppurtunities repeatedly.

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