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    Hello guys, have been out for a long time now, but guess what am back after bunch of emails, messages on cvl22 and on fb, asking where I’ve disappeared to, but the big question was why was I out, nobody asked that, but I can’t talk about that now because am back, and thanks to val for updating my unfinished stories which I’ve already finished in my blog, and thanks to everyone that email and called me, thanks to Ritagold Aka Miss Farooqui, and a big thanks to Victoriachild for those funny entertainment she do pull up, and thanks to others who have been up to hear from me and here I am… cheers ??Cool?…

    Here comes another epic which I just decide to start up for people here both the new and the old members to discover that am around, so grab a sit, and a bear, or probably whiskey to cheer up, and tell your fellow cvl22 member and say, this gonna be hot, interesting and fabulous if you understand what I mean.. so chill….


    “Never trust others too much. Remember, the Devil was once an angel”

    Those were the words I’ll remember for the rest of my life as they belonged to my mother… As they were the last thing I heard from her before she died. She had a habit of quoting someone, and then she’d explain to us its meaning. That night was special. We argued. Rows from everyone and my little brother crying.
    We were in a car, going out for a family dinner.
    And then the crash. Then they died. I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, for they died because of my tongue. Me and my little brother, Ayden, survived. I don’t know how we managed, but we did, and he became my life ever since.

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    Welcome back broe….

    Ndo..Accept my condolence

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    First to comment…

    Welcome bosses boss…

    On behalf of my fellow coolvallers I welcome you and ask for you forgiveness on behalf of those that didn’t have the chance of reaching you to ask why you’re off….

    Welcom bro/boss/man/dad/crush

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    I have already taken my seat

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    Kaley’s POV
    “We can’t spend our money on something so insignificant. People die all the time, you’ll get over it… Here I come honey, wait for me!”
    I played those words in my head over and over again as I cried in front of the mirror in the hospital bathroom. They fùcking told me that their nephew’s life is insignificant to them! The people I thought could help me with my brother’s transplantation and therapy said that to me just a few minutes ago on the phone. Those sick bastards!
    Fighting my tears, I splashed the water on my face trying to hide my bloodshot eyes, but I knew that it will be hard. I’ve cried the whole day ever since learning about Ayden’s state, and I doubted that it will go away just by washing my face once.
    I took deep breath before exhaling and repeating it again and again. I didn’t want to think, but I had to. I didn’t know how, but I had to get that money for him. With that as my final thought, I headed back to Ayden’s room.
    I noticed Mel’s pain when she heard everything from doctor. I knew she was from some rich family, but she cut her ties. I didn’t know how, but they destroyed her life, it was all she said when she mentioned it to me long ago. She said she’ll try to get it, but she wasn’t sure just when will she make it. He may die by then… I couldn’t let it happen.
    The doctor explained everything to me, he had AML, the type of leukemia that attacked your red blood cells. Most leukemia cancers attack white ones, but this one reduced the production of red cells thus causing problems to every single cell in the body. There was no oxygen for them. Therapy was simple, he needed the marrow transplantation, then chemotherapy. He will constantly be under strong rays that will destroy his sicken blood cells while it will get filtrated in the meantime. He’ll also need some medicines, bit they couldn’t say it for sure, the question is if his body will accept it anyway. I prayed it will… But i needed money for all that.
    “But I don’t want to stay here and I don’t want you to go.” Ade whined. Visiting hours are over and I had to go, but Ade had to stay there. He wouldn’t let me go and I didn’t want to go either, but I had to. I’ve never been separated from Ayden at night, not since the day our parents died. After the accident he’s had nightmares and I was always there to calm him down. That’s why we’ve been sleeping together no matter what. Seeing what I saw happen to our parents at such a young age was a terrifying experience for me, so I can’t even imagine what’s been going through his head.
    “Ade, you know I would like to stay here or take you with me, but I can’t,” alright, let’s make this more interesting “You see, there is a monster’s bacteria in you and those nice superheroes in white are trying to destroy it, otherwise you will become one of them and start terrorising this planet.” I tried to make this like an adventure to him. I moved my arms making different figures to make this talk more interesting for him. He didn’t have to know what’s happening, not yet at least. How the hell do you explain to a six year old kid what leukemia is? Blood cancer? How do you even explain to him that he has to get surgery? If he were to hear that he’s going to get cut open… Ok, not really, just stabbed with needles in his vertebra, he would go insane and probably escape this hospital on his own.
    “Even Amy?” His eyes widened and I chuckled. Amy’s been his crush for a long time, as he has hers. She is Melisa’s daughter and the same age as him. They were of the same age and a team of troublemakers, you see, and I swear that he wanted to protect her more than he cared for himself. He’d always share his food with her, and she’d do the same.

    “Yep, her too. Do you want her to get hurt or will you stay here and fight like a real hero?” I raised my eyebrow. He’s buying it.
    “Let’s beat it!” He raised his little fist in the air and I did the same. Kissing his forehead, I told him I would come back tomorrow and all he has to do is go to sleep. I gave the nurse my phone number in case Ade wanted to talk to me and she nodded saying that she’ll call me if needed. I could barely look at his weakened form without crying, his hair wasn’t like it was before and I knew that it was because of the radiation he’s been under as a treatment.
    That night, for the first time in my life, I spent my time alone in our little flat… Well, it was just a one story house with two rooms, but the man was kind enough to rent it for us under the price of a single room flat.
    I didn’t sleep. Just cried. There was, after all, nothing I could do for the time being.
    Next day, I was working at “Eat & Smile”, but my usual cheerful mood was gone. How could I even think of being happy when Ade was in the hospital on his own? I didn’t even say anything to that bimbo that comes in everyday; I just walked around like a zombie. How can I be myself when Ayden is in the hospital, probably scared to death from all the staff going in his room? He’s never been good with strangers around him and all those in white must scare him to death. I need to go and see him fast. He may see them as the heroes, but he’s a child. They’ll just come, give him a medicine and leave, they won’t play with him, I think. He’ll be scared no matter what.
    “Kay…” Ryan called me and I turned around to face him “…is everything all right honey, do you want me to send you home?” he asked with worry itched across his face and I just shook my head no.
    “I am alright, just… Its Ade, he’s sick.” I tried to keep my tears back. Maybe I’m not strong enough to stay cheerful and positive in this situation, but I sure as hell can’t cry like he has already died. I cried enough yesterday and today I promised, for him, that whenever I think of him I will always laugh, so I just have to hope for things to settle down and get better. I know that something good will happen… It just has to.
    “There’s nothing to worry about, you know how Ade is, he will get through any fever that gets him, just like always.” He smiled. He knew nothing, I wasn’t strong enough to talk about that yesterday and now.. . Oh, God. I just couldn’t…
    “That’s the point, this isn’t some usual fever Ryan…” I looked at the ground, not wanting him to see my glassy eyes.
    “What do you mean?” This caught his attention as he stopped chopping the carrot he was working on.
    “He-he has leukemia…” I finally choked it out “The doctors said that without surgery he wouldn’t be able to live, at most, for more than one month. And I have no money for it.” I let a tear escape from my eye. I didn’t, I couldn’t. My mind was broken at that moment.
    “Don’t worry he will make it somehow,” he hugged me “We can try something, we can help you, you can count on me and my wife. We’ll get though this all together ,” he said but I shook my head. Even with their help, it would be hard.
    “He’s my only family, I can’t loose him, too.” I cried.
    “We will help you somehow, everything is going to be alright. What about your aunts…?”
    “Those people aren’t our aunts! You should have heard them… What she said,” I cried and shook from anger “I really need that money, I know that it’s lot but I need it!”
    “So what are you going to do?” He asked.
    “I don’t know, anything. I would do anything to get that money.” I am determined, no matter what; I will get that money even if it kills me…

    If only I knew just how much my words were true. After that I kind of did die… After I met him, the guy that hurt me a million and one times in one night, I never dreamt that such a thing could ever happen to me…
    Blake’s POV (aka the male protagonist of this story, the billionaire)
    So, to clear this up. Instead of dealing with a bastard of CEO that just managed to fùck up my contact and made me lose 30 millions, I’m what? Eating? Going to eat, because as my friend, Max, said; I needed to chill out… And just because Max wants it, what? I have to go to the freaking café? I could work instead!
    Truth to be told, it’s because of their workers that I don’t want to be here. Ah, they ain’t better than those I had in telecommunications sector, they banged like what? One tenth of my workers? I need to fill those papers later to fire them, I could understand if they took one for each, but one tenth? 364 men for just fifty-two of them? In a month?! Thirty one day?!
    I’m becoming paranoid, I use too many numbers in the last time, they’re making me depressed. Not to mention that bastard of my father that’s been trying to take over ownership of my company. The same my company he brought to brink of bankruptcy I rose up again out of nothing.
    “Come on Blake, they have great food and it would be fun for you to be around some normal people,” my best friend, Max, who made me come here, said. That blond guy was like a chirping bird, he knew every, I repeat every good place in entire Seattle to stick around… One being my house he came wasted at nights. Nope, he wasn’t a womanizer, just pretended to be, but he was heavy drunk when he had no job, other than that he was great. No one ever complained at his work about him, all pregnant woman wanted to shag him, called him adorable etc. He blames it on their hormones, but has only one true love. Melissa.
    “Yea right, who knows what kind of waitresses we’re going to see here. And I am surrounded by normal people,” it was no secret that there are bitchy waitresses that work at caffés here. I got three in bed. From the same restaurant. And that said a lot.
    They all just want attention hoping for a guy to pay their necessities and take them on romantic dinners every night… Where all they would eat is salad and that’s some expensive salad… Like seriously, you can find salads more expensive then a normal fried chicken nowadays.
    And I still needed to deal with my workers and the other CEO.
    “There is a girl that works at this one, she once slapped Dylan, plus you? Normal people, already? Please, don’t, it’s making an insult for half of the world to call Regina normal, Bro,” he said. Wow, really sneaky from your mouth, Maximilian. But that girl he just mention to work here, she must be good, Dylan is an even worse of a womaniser then I am, that girl must have some balls. I must see her, maybe it’s not that bad.
    “I bet I can make her sleep with me,” I smirked. I am what woman called “hot”, it’s the truth they said it themselves, and any woman would kill for me. Now, I’m not being egoistic, it was true. Especially when they found out who I am and just how rich I am. I’d like to meet a girl that doesn’t know of my real status and falls in love with me for who I am, not for my riches. But I guess I’m asking for too much, such a woman doesn’t exist.
    “Don’t blame me if you get slapped though,” he grinned.
    Once we entered I overheard a conversation.
    “I really need that money; I know that it’s a lot but I need it,” some girl said.
    “So what are you going to do?” A guy asked her, this place really needs a space for privacy. This why I hated going out, too many people, too many talks.
    “I don’t know, anything. I would do anything for that money, to be honest.” Wow, another money hungry woman, I guessed. Don’t they feel ashamed asking for money like that? What’s happening to the shame people on this earth are lacking? Shaking my thoughts, I went with Max to a free table. Soon a girl with a gold curly hair came over. She had a blue-green eyes, but they were red, was she crying? For some reason, she was still beautiful for me. I couldn’t explain it, she seemed to be young, late teens, nineteen maybe , that’s almost seven years younger than me.
    “What can I get you?” She asked and I recognized that voice from before, it was the girl that is desperately in need of money, for who knows what.
    “You.” Max said and she sighed.
    “I have a vision, Max, and in in that vision, you are left with just one ball. So, if you don’t want my vision to really happen, I suggest you start behaving.” She narrows her eyes at him and he gulped, wow she’s good… I could see they knew each other from the way he chuckled hiding his fear and her rising her eyebrow to dare him to continue. And I just got an idea.
    “I need to go to the bathroom,” he said, rushing there. She sighed again and then turned to me. Just as she was about to say something, I interrupted her.
    “So you need money. I couldn’t help but overhear that conversation you had.” I told her and her eyes widened. Her lips parted few times not knowing what to say and I sighed.
    “I have a proposal for you,” she looked at me bewildered and was just about to say something when I interrupted her “One night with me, I can do whatever I want until morning and will pay you as much as you want. Take half a million if you want for all I care.” Her eyes widened and I waited. I prayed that she’d say no, slap me even or yell, but I knew that it was hard to resist that offer. She clenched her teeth and she was about to say something to me when she suddenly just moved her gaze from me.
    “Fine…” She said it with venom in her voice and I closed my eyes with a silent sigh. I was right. For those workers of mine, for other woman and for her. I’m going to teach her not to be that like as she currently is, that only wants money. I don’t know what her reason for it is but nothing is worth it, and she better realize it now. Either she wanted to move on, buy a car, travel or whatsoever, it wasn’t worth it.
    Nothing was worthier own life, I learnt it in pain and tears, and it was time someone taught her that as well.
    If only I knew the horrible mistake I made by saying those words that day, by deciding to destroy the life of an innocent girl that only wanted to save her brother… And if only I knew she was a virgin…

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    And hope you didn’t take advantage of her and push her out without giving her the half a million you’d promised her already?

    I somehow bought your philosophy “Nothing is worthier than ones life, dignity and respect…. not even all the coffers in the CBN”.

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