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    Welcome back @Itzshaxee it’s been ages we saw yr work here and we looks forward to a thriller from you

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    Welcome back @Shaxee. Following.

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    Hmmmm..go and continue forever and always pls

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    pheranmmie041 (pastor)
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    welcome bk bro…dz z qonna b fun meehn… @omodemilade59 dear u nee tu c dz..

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    Kul……….. Shaxee, I can no longer access ua blog…………… z it under maintainace……..?

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    deby Akin
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    wow, dis is going to be hot

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    – Never judge a book by it’s cover… Especially when someone else informs you of it –

    Kaley’s POV
    The girl in front of me had perfectly curled blonde hair. Her lips are dyed red and she looked so pretty. Her black dress goes along her skin at her waist and then freely falls down to her mid-thigh and black heels to match perfectly.
    “I swear, if I wasn’t a girl, I would so bang you.” Melisa said. I moved my gaze away from the mirror, to look at her.
    “Thanks, but I think I’ll have nightmares because of that sentence.” I told her I was going on a date tonight, not wanting to tell her the real reason for my absence. That guy, I think his name is Blake, told me to be ready by 7 and its 6:38. After saying goodbye, she left. All that is left now is to wait for him to come. I may be a virgin and I may have always planned on having my first time with a guy that would be my husband, that I am going to love, but this is the only option I have if I want my brother to live.
    When he asked me for a one-night stand, I wanted to slap him, I really did, but then I remembered Ade. I had to be strong for him, there’s no way in Hell I’m going to let him down, I am so nervous, but still… I couldn’t let him die. Melissa said she contacted her brother, but she wasn’t sure as to how should she confront him, yet I only told her that I found a friend from long time ago that was willing to give me the money. I then proceed to lie that he met me with some nice guy who wanted to take me on a day, and was so passionate about it that I just bad to accept. She was glad that my life went well… Or so she thought.
    He? How could he ask something like that, after he heard my conversation? Why couldn’t he just mind his own business? I couldn’t understand him, he seemed to be rich since he offered me 600.000 for one night with him as if it were six cents to him. Oh, I said yes. In normal situations, I’d slap then yell many indecent things at him for even bringing up that thing.
    Anyway, it’s just one night, and I will never have to see him again. I can do it. Sighing, I sat on the bed waiting, twirling my fingers in anticipation. All the courage I’ve just built inside of me disappeared when I heard my doorbell; it meant only one thing – he’s here. I tried not to look so shaken when I got there; I took a deep breath and opened the door. There he was, in black jeans and leather jacket over a plain white V-neck perfectly matching his black messy hair. He was leaning on the doorframe and gazed me with his greyish-blue eyes. I saw him once, it was in a suit and he was definitely the most beautiful man I encountered.
    “Are you ready?” He asked me icily and I nodded. He may have the body of a supermodel, but his mind was that of an asşhole “Good, now follow.” He went to his car and I went back into the house turning off the lights and then locking the door. As I turned around I bumped in something strong, his chest.
    “You live alone?” He asks and I nod. He just rolled his eyes and once again instructed me to follow him and I did as I was told. He led me to a black SUV and I wondered just how much money he must really have. He ignited the cars before pointing to the backseat where was placed a black bag.
    “There’s your money, check it if you want,” he opened it and I saw money in it before he closed the doors before igniting the car. I only gulped, praying that the night will end soon and I could be with my brother. He’ll have his future.
    “We are going to the hotel in Vancouver, I don’t want to be seen with the likes of you here,” he said not taking his eyes from road as he started driving.

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    at those who said they can access my blog, the link is am gonna be starting one of my new series there soon…. so feel free to browse through my blog…..

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