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    Chapter 1

    “Little Landon, little Landon, are you okay”

    A panicked voice reached his ear. Chu Yi hears a soft voice and thinks

    ‘who’s voice is this? didn’t I die? ‘
    Just then a sharp pain pierced through his head.


    Chu Yi yells out while trying to hold his head. He opens his eyes to see a stunning woman and a beautiful girl in front of him. The woman is the definition of a goddess. Although she looks extremely worn out, her brown hair and elegant poise could make any person have a hard time breathing. Looking at the middle age woman more seriously it’s clear that she has had a rough life.

    On the other hand the little girl is extremely beautiful, if she were on earth she would be classified as ‘a beauty that can destroy a nation’. From her black hair to her green eyes, everything about her screams miss world. observing her closely she looked to be no more than 15 years old.

    The woman and the girl were crying while shaking him vigorously. Chu Yi thought,

    ‘Am I not suppose to be a sick? Can you guys not shake me so hard?, I’m afraid I’ll really die from this’.

    Chu yi wouldnt have minded it any other day, but for now his body felt extremely weak. He couldn’t take any more vigorous shakes.

    “I’m fine, mom, Lucy, dont cry. I feel better already”

    “little Landon your all I have, if anything happened to you, I wouldnt know how to live anymore”

    “Brother Landon please dont scare me like that, I thought you were dead…you have been resting for two days now”

    Just then his belly made a sound


    The woman poked her head outside the carriage window and said

    “please stop the carriage”
    “little Landon let me make something for you to eat”

    “Brother Landon I’ll help aunty so you can get you food just sit here and rest”

    “ok”, he replied.

    when Lucy and his mom left the carriage, he closed his eyes trying to digest the whole situation.
    He was a successful 26 year old mechanical engineer on earth, he also knew some electrical engineering principles. He had just got a big raise at his job, and on his way back from work he had a car accident.

    ‘ahhhhhh…just when I got a fat raise….’

    Now he is in the body of Landon Barn a 15 old illegitimate prince of Arcadina. His mother Kim Obley, was a maid in the palace. when his Brother, the third prince James Barn was born, the king had too much to drink from celebrating. On his way back to his room he spotted his mother Kim and forced himself on her. Later on the King found out that she was pregnant. He told her to stop working in the castle and gave her a small room at the back of the castle because he didnt want her to bring shame to him.

    The king already had three wives who would always bully his mother when they saw her. Whenever his father saw him or his mother, he would look at him with disgust, and at his mom as if labeling her a ‘gold digger’, as if forgetting that he was the one who forced himself on Kim.
    As for Lucy, she is also the illegitimate daughter of Baron Gustav. four months after her mother died, the Baron denounced her as his daughter. It was then that Lanton’s mother took her in as a personal maid for Landcome. Kim always heard of how Lucy would beg for food on the streets for hours. She took pity on Lucy and wanted her close by so no one would abuse her or hurt her. she loved Lucy like a daughter. Lucy moved In at age 10 to Landon’s home and has always been with him ever since.
    His father had 6 children including him, 4 boys and 2 girls. Eli Barn, the first prince age 19 from the first wife. Jennette Barn, the first princess age 18 from the third wife. Connor Barn, although younger than Jennette also age 18 was the second prince from the second wife. Cary Barn, the second princess age 17 from the first wife. James Barn the third prince age 16 from the third wife. And then there’s me, the illegitimate prince Landon Barn. They all bullied Landon excessively, treating him like a slave. Because of all the hate, Landon became very mature, calm and introverted.

    A month ago when Landon turned 15, his father publicly declared that he was the owner of the fief ‘Baymard’. It was also announced that Baymard would no longer be considered part of the empire. it was public knowledge that Baymard was a baren land, where the people died from hunger and extreme cold. Although Baymard was the third largest city on the empire, people migrated out of the city due to hunger.

    Baymard is situated at the outskirts of the empire. At the front of Baymard is the empire and at the back is the endless sea. The king basically exiled him and his mother far away from his sights. Also the fact that Baymard is no longer part of the empire means.. even if war breaks out there, the empire will not help the citizens.

    ‘what a cunning old fool, now I am Landon Barn, no longer Chu Yi. what I need is to develop the place’

    Chu yi thought. Just as Landon was about to get up he heard a voice

    “Host selected…”

    “system analyzing….”

    “20 percent complete ”

    “35 percent complete”

    “71 percent complete”

    “100 percent complete

    Landon was shocked

    ” I never thought those system stories on earth were true..”

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    Chapter 2

    The voice was coming from inside his head. It was a very emotionless mechanical voice.

    “Ding! Do you wish to Bind with System?”


    “Ding! Binding of Technological System has been completed. Host must work hard in order to bring advanced technology and development into this world.” An instant reply.

    Landon was stunned, he was excited inwardly. “System why did you choose me?” Landon blinked curiously while asking.

    “When host was on earth, host had an IQ of 260. Currently host was the smartest dead person available from earth, allowing the system to bind with host. With the host’s high IQ level, it will be easier to access the knowledge the system will provide. The system has a minimum IQ requirement of 250.”

    “So I was the smartest dead person..that makes sense….Ww..wait? what? System, are you sure?”

    “Answering to host, Yes. There are smarter people back on earth, but they are all still alive. Due to hosts fortunate death, host was the next best thing.”
    Landon almost coughed out blood…’fortunate for who? for you or for me?…. anyway there’s no need thinking about it anymore. What’s done is done’.

    “system, how do I use you?”

    “System will give you a task based on the situation of your Kingdom. If host is lacking the right raw materials for development, system will provide it as a reward. Once the task has been completed, host will be rewarded. Also host can buy basic equipments from system that will be helpful towards host’s missions. ”

    “Buy basic equipments? ”

    “Yes, host can buy these equipments with experience, technology and bonus points. Experience points are gotten when host used the knowledge from the system to better hosts kingdom. Technology points are gotten when advanced technology is created. While Bonus points are gotten when the hosts uses his own intellect to create new inventions or solve major issues. The system has unlimited levels. The higher you go, the harder it is to complete the levels.’

    A screen popped up in front of
    Landon showing him his current information:

    ‘>Host name: Landon Barn

    >Age: 15

    >Status: Banished prince of Arcadina (New King of Baymard)

    >Level: Beginner

    >Current Sitaution: Stupidly weak. If the host were to stand out in the wind for a long time, the host be will blown away (Poisoned with Nolat Wisp).’

    Landon didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ‘Was it my father, the King? or my half siblings? Damm.. I just arrived and I’m already poisoned? No wonder I felt like dying when mom and Lucy shook me earlier. I almost thought those two were undercover body builders. To think I was poisoned when leaving the kingdom. I was already banished…why couldn’t they just let me be? Tchh. Who ever you are, let this daddy not catch you..heheheh.’ Suddenly, a box wrapped like a gift popped up on the screen startling him;

    “System Starter Pack: Knowledge on the Introduction to Farming (Host needs to develop his land before creating advanced tools to aid his people). As an additional bonus, system will cure host completely while giving host greater strength than the average person.”

    Landon clicked on the package and immediately felt a wave of knowledge burst through his brain. At the same time he could feel his body getting stronger. Once he was done digesting the information, he looked at his wrist and was shocked. His hand which recently looked like a ghosts body started changing. As time past his hand looked more and more human. Once he was done assessing his body, he looked at the Mission tab. There were two main missions, he clicked the first one;

    “Mission: Is your land really Barren? Use your knowledge on farming and fix the problem of food shortage. Your empire must be strong enough to protect its future technology. For the empire to be strong, the people need to be strong.

    Sub-Mission: Use the system to map out territory for future purposes.

    Reward: Host will also get knowledge on gun powder and canon making. Host will also receive 100 development points.
    Deadline: No specific time frame needed.”

    Landon thought it was reasonable. If people grew hungry in his territory, no one would want to work or fight to defend his kingdom. He needed food first before anything else. He clicked the second mission;

    “Mission: Gather enough points to complete level 1

    Requirements: 2000 experience points and 10,000 technology points needed.

    Deadline: No specific time frame needed

    Reward: Level Two Unlocked.”
    Landon shrugged. ‘I would do it anyway so it really isn’t a serious mission. Besides I’ll need so many points….it will take at least 5 missions or more before I level up.’

    “System, can you tell me about the current world?”

    “Answering host, the current world is called Hertfilia, comprising of 9 continents. The continent the host currently lives in is call Pyno. Pyno has 5 empires; Arcadina, Carona ,Deiferus, Terique and Yodan.Each empire has at least 15 major cities and 30 minor cities. The hosts current fief is called Baymard. It is the third largest city in Arcadina.”

    “System, tell me the Situation with Baymard” he asked curiously.

    “Baymard occupies 6000 square kilometers. The system has assessed that there are currently 1582 individuals living there. Minor cities in the empire have at least 10,000 people living in them. Host’s empire falls short as a major city. Host empire is currently not even able to reach the requirements for minor cities in the empire. Baymard has almost no food in the territory. The people mostly get their food from fishing. But it is never enough for the total population. The winters on Baymard are extremely cold resulting to multiple deaths.”

    He was satisfied with his overall situation. At least now he had a plan and he knew what to do. He looked at the interior of the carriage more carefully. One could see that it was worn out and looked like a carriage commoners used, not that he minded anyway. But he was still shocked at how a father could treat his child like this. The King didn’t even want to spend money to send them off. ‘What a stingy man’, he thought while shaking his head.

    Just as he was about to get out and look for his mom, Lucy came in. She looked at him and was startled, while blinking several times. ‘Brother Landon is looking like his old self again’, she was genuinely happy.

    “Brother Landon, you are looking better already. Would you like to eat inside the carriage or outside?” she asked smiling.
    “I’ll eat outside”

    He stepped out of the carriage and followed Lucy.

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    Chapter 3

    There where 10 groups of people sitting on the floor. Each had at least 30 people gathered around a pile of food. As he walked by, they knelt on one knee, giving him a proper salute.

    “Greetings Your Highness”
    “You should all sit down and not bother yourselves with such formalities,” he said while smiling.

    The men were relieved and sat back down. He continued to follow Lucy while shaking his head. When he saw his mother, he made way towards her and sat by her side. she looked at him more seriously, turning him from left to right and right to left. She then hugged him, and then put her hands on his head as if checking his temperature. At the same time Lucy held his wrist as if trying to feel his heart beat. she then turned his face left to right, and then right to left as if convincing herself that he is truly fine.

    ‘I’m a king for god’s sake, you guys keep treating me like a child…What will my men think when they see me like this?…..So you know shaking me like this would make me dizzy?’ he thought.

    “Little Landon, are you feeling any better? Although you look better when we get to Baymard we will look for a physician. Here eat more food..” As his mom spoke, she took out a large plate and kept adding food on the plate.
    Landon’s eyes nearly popped out, he looked around and noticed that his plate was the biggest in the group. Forget the group, it was the biggest plate he had ever seen in his life. ‘How can someone use this plate to eat? Tell me the truth, are you trying to kill me with a full belly?’

    “Brother Landon here take some of my food..”

    As Lucy spoke she also kept adding more and more food on the plate. His mother kept adding so much food to his plate. When she finally stopped, she held his spoon and scooped the food towards his mouth. ‘Oh my God, now our trying to feed me toooooo?’ he couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly.

    When Kim saw that he wasn’t eating the food on the spoon, she thought it was probably because it was too hot. So she did what any mother would do, she blew the food on the spoon.

    “Whuuuhhh..Whuuuuh, here …little Landon it’s cold now quickly eat up.”

    Landon was speechless, he quickly looked at the group of men in his group. It was clear that they were trying not to laugh, in fact one of the men’s eyes were turning funny mixture between red and violent. He looked at them as if saying ‘help me’, but they shrugged their shoulders and continued eating while holding in their laughter’s.

    ‘Is this what it feels like to have a mother?… it feels very nice…Fine, I’ll allow you to feed me now..but this is the last time…afterall, I’m considered as a sick man, so it’s not that strange..right?…’ he couldn’t help thinking.

    In his previous life he was an orphan, who never had parental love. But in this life, although he has a bastard father, his mom is an angel. He’s also surrounded by people who genuinely care for him.

    Looking at Lucy, he Suddenly felt his heart skip a beat. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and coupled with the fact that she spent her time taking care of the old Landon, always standing up from him when he was bullied. She was loyal, caring and somewhat strong…he secretly vowed that he would take care of her and protect her from now on.

    Although he was touched by his mother and Lucy, he couldn’t help thinking, ‘Do I look like a baby pig to you women? Three grown men could eat what’s on my plate and there would still be leftover’s. Isn’t this too much?’ Even though he thought that, looking at Lucy and his mother’s encouraging faces, he decided to eat everything.

    ‘I guess this is the day I die from over eating’

    When Landon and his mother had left the capital, they were given just three hundred and thirty knights. Most Barons and Dukes had at least three thousand knights under their care. When his brothers were all fifteen, they were given prosperous cities to rule with no less than ten thousand Knights under their wings. Even his sisters were given more knights than he did.

    Although his sisters were given mansions in the capital and not cities to rule, they were given six three thousand knights under their rule and command.

    The knights that followed him were either deemed by the empire as having the worst talent for knighthood, lacked the proper training or were seen as a nuisance to the king. All and all, these knights were actually good people who were just bullied by people in the empire.

    But among these men, there were five outstanding knights. Lucius was a ‘Knight Commander’ having one of the highest honors in the empire. It came as a shock to a lot of people when he resigned, stating that he would follow Landon to Baymard. Of course not to him, he knew better than anyone based on his memories.
    Lucius had taken care of him as a father ever since he could remember. It’s clear that Lucius has feelings for his mom, but she’s too dense to see it. He couldn’t help thinking, ‘do I need to set them up together?…afterall mom deserves happiness too.’

    While he was thinking he continued to eat and look around.
    He looked at the three men sitting by Lucius. They were Josh, Mark and Gary. They were all loyal disciples of Lucius who followed him everywhere, of course they also treated Landon as a brother. They all worked hard and attained the position of ‘Knight Captain’.

    Lastly he looked over to Trey Parsy who is his personal knight and bodyguard. Trey is extremely loyal to Landon that you would think it’s an addiction. He always stays close to Landon, protecting him at all times. They usually play together and crack jokes here and there. In Trey’s heart, Landon is his brother. Although Trey is only 19, he is extremely strong and attained the position of ‘Knight Lieutenant’.

    In the empire, knights were ranked after assessing their achievements and strengths. A knights rank starts from the least rewarding position; a squire to a page then Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Commander, Master Commander and finally a Provist.
    After they all had their full, their continued to journey towards their new home. Baymard.

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    Chapter 4

    As they neared closer towards the city, Landon couldn’t help but gasp. The city was almost as big as the Capital. Although its said that the lands are ‘baren’, only an idiot would truly give it up.

    ‘Probably my father had only heard of the crises going on here and never stepped in the city to check it out…truly a fool’, Landon thought.

    Baymard was surrounded by extremely high city walls, which looked to be about 16m high. There was only one outer gate post for entry and exit in Baymard. It looked exactly like a medieval city in the movies. As they drove through the city, people looked at them curiously. He could almost hear whispers.

    “Is that the new lord and his family?”

    “Do you think they would help us?”

    “I heard that the new lord isn’t favoured in the empire ”

    “Really, Aiiiiiiiiiiy….Do you think we’re finished then?”
    As they drove by, Landon started accessing the situation in this new kingdom. These people were extremely poor and didnt have the money to afford anything right now. They get their food mainly from fishing and occasional hunting. If he had to run the kingdom, he needed money…a lot of it.

    Luckily his mother and the old Landon were smart. His mother started saving all her coins, since he was born. While he, Landon started saving at age 7. Royal Prince’s start having their monthly allowances at age 7 because that’s when they start their knighthood training as a Page.
    when they were in the Capital, the wives of the king had a monthly allowance of 500 gold coins, while his mother would only take 200 gold coins. Once his mother found out she was pregnant, she knew it was only a matter of time before they kicked her out. So she saved all her money, never spending more than what she needed.

    As for Landon, when he started training as a Page in the royal family, he recieved 50 gold coin per month (if he were a commoner it would be 700 copper coins), while his brothers had received 300 gold coins per month. He gave all his money to his mother to save. They didnt need much in life.

    Since they eat and lived at the back of the palance, never needing any anything else. They were able to save quite a few gold coins.But all of that is about to change.

    Before, they had only themselves. But now, they have an entire kingdom to feed and wages to pay for their Knights and servants, which is fair. Before all these people took their salaries from the empire. Now, Landon would have to step up.

    He quickly calculated that their savings should be able to take care of everyone for at least six months. (Based on the currency 1 hundred copper coins gives 1 silver coin. Similarly, 1 hundred silver coins give 1 gold coin). The average salary pays up to 250 copper coins, while a knights salary pays 700 copper coins minimum, depending on their ranks.

    He also took into account that he may need to build new equipments and buildings. He quickly remembered the starter pack he received. Once he waited for food to grow, he would have to fish the kingdom.

    When they arrived at the only castle in the city, maids rushed out to greet them.

    “Good day your Highness and highnesses” they said while curtsying.

    “Be at ease. I am your new Lord, Landon Barn. This is my Mother Kim, my friend Lucy, my loyal retainers and my staff….Now, let’s see our new home shall we?” he said with a smile on his face.

    Once they were introduced and shown the entire castle. Landon all they staff gathered and waited for further instructions.Looking at the group of people, most were in their early twenties, while some were in their late teens and a few in their early teens.

    “How many people work in the castle?” he asked.

    A girl in her early twenties stepped forward and spoke, “Answering my lord, 30. There are 12 gardeners, 4 stable boys and 3 cooks and 11 maids.”

    “Good….. Nathan, Daniella, please step forward ” he said.

    “My lord”, they said while stepping forward.

    Both have been loyal to his mother for many years. Nathan is a 47 year butler while Daniella is a middle age woman. They are actually married and their only child is actually Gary.

    “Nathan you are to train the boys, while Daniella will train the girls. You all will be paid at the end of the month. your salary will be 350 copper coins. Use it to take care of your families. If you all have any difficulties, please inform any of us present…. Afterall, we are all family.”

    As the servants heard this, they were stunned and then very excited. One should know that, there was no money around to even buy food. Their families had had a very hard life here. They all knew that the average salary is 250 cooper coins, but his highness offered 100 more copper coins…. What did this mean?… ‘His highness is so kind and compassionate. we must serve him loyally’, they all thought.
    Once he dismissed all the servants he decided to discuss with his retainers.

    “You all have served my household loyally for years. This is our new home, our new life. The empire has sent us away for good…..”

    As he said that he looked at hsi retainers. They were all angry. They then continued

    “They might have thought that they’ll have the last laugh…. They might even think we would all die without their help….. They think we are weak, defenceless and a nuisance to the empire. But I dont believe so. We will turn this place into heaven and deny them access to it.”

    As he spoke, the knights were getting very excited. They’re blood were boiling. Most of them were told they were useless all their lives. they are called trash and looked down on many times in the Capital. Even Lucy and his mom couldn’t help it, as they blood boiled.

    “Are you all with me?”

    “yahhhhhhh”, they replied

    “I said are you all with me!”

    “Good, because I need super knights who would train efficiently, so I will only pay the salary for a super knight. All Page’s will get 1000 copper coins, Squire’s will get 2000 coins, Lieutenant’s get 3500, Captain’s get 6000, Major’s get 9000, Commander’s get 12000, master commander’s get 15000 and finally Provist’s get 18000 copper coins a month.”

    Everyone was shocked. The amount was definitely too high for the various professions.

    “This is a new era, a new time, a new home, and…a new King”

    “Long live the King”

    “Long live the king”

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