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    Chapter 181

    Today was the 27th of December.
    Graduation day!!
    The students had finished their exams on the 2nd… and on the 20th, their report cards were given out within the school premises.
    With this, the semester had officially come to an end.
    Those who had passed, would of course be able to graduate.
    But those that failed, would take one more semester to better themselves before they could graduate.
    In this way, Graduation ceremonies would always be held at the end of every semester.
    A golden colored twin bell alarm clock rang out loudly.
    Henry quickly got up and turned it off.
    If one were to describe the alarm clock, they could imagine it like a head with ridiculously large ears.
    The clock had 2 bells, which looked like ears… as well as a tiny metal stick between the bells.
    When it was time for the alarm clock to ring…. the stick would move from side to side, hitting both bells one after the other.
    Honestly, Henry was really impressed by this ‘Alarm Clock’ that his parents had bought for him 4 days ago.
    It was truly a lifesaver.
    Today was his graduation day, and there was no way that he would be late for such an occasion.
    The event would start at 11 A.M… but as graduates, they were required to come in by 10:30 A.M maximum.
    For this ceremony, Henry had bought 3 guest tickets for his family.
    His mom had to work today…. So his dad, his 16 year old elder brother and his 10 year old sister would be attending the ceremony.
    2 hours had passed, and everyone was finally ready to head out.
    They had decided to set out together, since the event would take place at 11 A.M… and it would take 55 minutes to walk there.
    Of course 8 days ago, Baymard had received its first snowfall.
    On the first 2 days, the snowfall was light…. and on the third day, the snow had decided to give itself a break.
    On the 4th to 6th days, it fell down hard…. it seemed like the heaven’s were having a mythical battle up in the sky.
    And after this intense battle, the snowfall had suddenly decided to back into hibernation.
    Although gone, it still left its lingering presence around Baymard.
    The ground, trees, streams, and roofs, had all been hugged by the snow like a day old baby.
    The entire area was covered by a thick blanket of white…. making the streets look like an unfinished canvas.
    But the thing that surprised Henry was that, standing outside now… the roads kicked clear and devoid of snow.
    As they walked towards the school…. they could see several snow clearing machines, cleaning up the streets and walkways for them.
    The workers would also sprinkle salt here and there on several places as well.
    Baymard had really changed.
    Right now, he was still amazed at how effective these winter clothes were.
    Rather than feeling cold, he had begun to feel hot under his many layers of clothing.
    His hands, feet, head… and even his neck was protected with a thick scarf.
    Along the way, they met several other people walking towards the school.
    Of course amongst the group, he saw his good friend Matilda as well.
    She was walking with her father, and older sister.
    “You excited?” She asked playfully.
    “How could I not be?
    I think I’m both excited and nervous at the same time.
    I have absolutely no idea what to expect.” He said wryly.
    “I know what you mean…. but for me, I’m more nervous about preparing for a job interview than anything else.
    What if I get turned down for my dream job?
    I told you that I want to work at the Horse Ranch remember.” Mildred said worriedly.
    Her ancestors knew d--n well how she felt about the Ranch.
    Ever since it was created in June, she had been dreaming about working there for the rest of her life… so what should she do if she was turned down?
    “Hmmm… you don’t need to worry too much about that.
    His majesty had said that on the first day of January, we’ll get something called a ‘Newspaper’.
    Apparently…. this paper will tell us what jobs are available, and when the interview for them will be held.
    He also said that every department within each workplace will be hiring people, so think about it.
    If you don’t get into one department within the Horse Ranch, try the next one.
    And if your true goal is to be a caretaker for the horses, and you get hired in the other departments there….. then all you have to do is work in that department for a while, and then transfer to your dream area when there’s an available spot.”
    Mildred’s eyes lit up, and she wasn’t depressed anymore.
    “Ehh… then that means that what I should focus on is getting into the Ranch first right?”
    “Yup!!… that’s it.”
    They walked for a whe more, and finally arrived at their destination.
    There were a lot of families around the premises as well.
    “Aye…. Henry, isn’t this your name?” Asked his father.
    On one of the hallways, there were large 4 frames hanging on the wall.
    The frames had columns and rows in them, forming several boxes.
    Each box had the names of every graduate enclosed within them in alphabetical order.
    The names were written in Black, built the column lines, row lines and frames were all in gold.
    Of course the background paper used was white, and the main header read: [Graduating Class of Fall 1024]
    Looking at his name, Henry’s family felt immensely proud of him.
    “Son… will this stay here forever?” His father asked.
    “Hmhm… that’s what his majesty said.”
    “Hah…. I’m so proud of you my boy!”
    “Way to go bro!!” His older brother said while giving him 2 thumbs up.
    “Congrats big bro”, said his cute little sister.
    The other families around were also proud about seeing their children’s names as well.
    The parents began entering the main hall after they showed their tickets….. while the graduates followed their teachers and headed towards another massive empty room.
    Time passed by quickly….and just like that, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

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    Baymard is becoming earth of it own

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    Chapter 182

    As the music played, Henry grew extremely nervous with every passing second.
    ‘Breathe.. breathe!!’ he told himself.
    The musicians used their Obarios (which were basically violins), and harps to set the mood amd walking pace for the students.
    Of course Landon had modernised their violins just for this occasion.
    Previously, their instruments used the same strings from their crossbows…. and it’s outer shell was made from either wood, metal, and even tortoise shells.
    But now, Landon had ordered for new instruments to be made from wood and metal (for the strings and nails).
    Within the hall…. the audience was seating on the bleachers, while the middle area had numerous chairs all lined up neatly on it.
    There was also a massive wide stage ahead of the chairs.
    As the music played…. 3 rows of students and teachers walked out in an orderly fashion, with Landon leading the group forward.
    The teachers led the group wearing black robes, scarfs and hats, while the students followed behind by wearing all blue.
    For the teachers, their robes were lined with gold at the collar and shoulder region.
    In Landon’s case, he wore a red robe that literally looked like Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Quidditch robe.
    Of course he couldn’t waste such a Grand opportunity just like that.
    The music continued and everyone walked !!”steadily… but nervously.
    They all tried not to look at the crowd.
    “Look!! look!! That’s my boy there!!”
    “My little girl is now a woman!!”
    “Little brother!!… little brother!!… Smile more!!!”
    The audience pointed and yelled out emotionally, as they watched the group of graduating students walk forward.
    The graduating students tried not to laugh, as they kept hearing their names being mentioned.
    Some of the teachers walked up on stage, while the rest aided the graduates in taking their seats.
    For this ceremony, Landon had prepared for it to be relatively short and straight to the point… compared to those back on earth.
    There were a total of 187 graduates this year.
    Before they walked in, there were already several guests seated on the stage.
    All the overseers were present, as well as Lucius, 3 government workers and Doctor Gerson.
    Once everyone had a seat, they remained standing…. and one of the teachers walked towards the podium holding a megaphone in his hand.
    “Welcome to the Baymard Public School Graduation Ceremony!!!
    Now… let’s give it up for our graduates!!”
    ‘Clap! Clap! Clap!’
    The audience and those on stage clapped loudly and made several approving sounds, as they looked at the students who were currently standing below them.
    “Alright…. I will like to ask the audience to please join our graduates and rise, while our military sings our National Anthem.”
    Immediately… a group of 12 walked onto the stage holding a flag and megaphones.
    3 people spread out the large flag, while 9 others sang the Anthem.
    This wasn’t the first time that the people had heard this anthem.
    There were books about the Anthem, and during every major event… it would be sung for all to hear.
    As the military men began singing…. the audience placed their right hands across their chests, and tried to follow the song along.
    After the anthem, they did a short prayer to their ancestors… followed by a speech from the Valedictorian.
    And Lastly Landon came up to make his speech.
    Everyone adjusted themselves and sat up upright…. one should know that his Majesty’s speeches were always moving.
    The man could move mountains with his words.
    “Graduating Class of 1024…. words cannot describe how immensely proud I am of you all.
    Congratulations.. you did it!!!
    But…. you should always remember that you could never have gotten here alone.
    Take a look at your families for one moment”
    Henry turned around and tried to find his family.
    After looking for a while, he finally spotted his cute little sister waving at him and calling out his name.
    From where he was sitting, he could tell that his family was overjoyedand pleased with him.
    This feeling was awesome!!
    As he listened to Landon’s speech, he became somewhat emotional.
    “It matters not your gender, social status or background.
    Our struggles in this world are mostly similar, at one point in everyone’s life.
    You all have been blessed with the rare opportunity that so many others would kill for.
    Seize this moment and be the best you can be!!
    I think a lot of people dream… and while they dream, the real happy people, the real successful people, are those that get busy.
    Time waits for no one!!!!
    Today, everyone here has blossomed into adulthood.
    So I expect you all to reflect on yourselves, and make the right choices in future!
    Once again, Congratulations Graduating class of 1024!!”
    Of course Landon had mixed some few famous speeches from earth, but who would know?
    Henry clapped, as he was utterly moved.
    His majesty was right…. Time waited for no one.
    If one only dreamt, and never did anything… then the situation might never change.
    His majesty was a clear example of this concept.
    If his majesty had still waited for his father to take him back, where would he be now?
    ‘Clap! Clap! Clap!’
    Everyone clapped, as they were also touched by Landon’s awe-inspiring speech.
    The ceremony proceeded and it was time for them to receive their certificates.
    “Bro… I’m so nervous!!!!”
    “M…me too… I didn’t realise that we would have to walk up on stage!!”
    “Calm down… you’ll do fine alright!!”
    As Henry conversed with those around him, the butterflies in his tummy had started to act out.
    They were currently seated in alphabetical order… so he was also sure that everything would happen in that same manner as well.
    Soon, it was time for his column to get up.
    He patiently followed the person in front of him, and stood at the line.
    “Henry Mors!!”
    ‘Boom! Boom!’
    As he climbed the stage, his heartbeat started pounding loudly and heavily.
    He had just shook, Army General Lucius’ hand… as well as several other guests on the stage.
    Finally, he stood in front of his majesty and was lost for words.
    Was his majesty actually going to shake his hands?
    How could a God touch a Mortal’s hands so easily?
    “Congratulations Henry!!
    Remember… be kind, work hard and stay positive.
    Your life is in your hands!!” His majesty said while shaking his hand..
    “Thank you, your Majesty!!”
    When he walked down the stage, he felt like it was all a dream.
    He opened his certificate and felt proud.
    The certificate had the date of today, his name, the school’s name and stamp seal, the head of education’s name and signature…. as well as his majesty’s name and signature on it.
    He looked at the certificate in his hand and smiled back at his family.
    ‘My life is in my hands’ he thought.
    After the celebration, everyone was guided into another hall where they ate and drank.
    With the money from the guests tickets, the school had organized this meal for them.
    Landon smiled and decided to head back after a while.
    With this, Baymard would now welcome 187 new workers.
    December was finally about to end, and he voud now focus on serious work.
    This entire month was a big distraction to Landon… from military graduation and school ceremonies, to Christmas and so on.
    And now that all this was out of the way, the workers could focus on their jobs with no more holidays or activities hindering them.
    For new year, Landon had decided that he wouldn’t give them any public holiday.
    Those who were off on that day could celebrate it, but those who had to work…. well, too bad.
    They had already wasted enough time already.
    No more public celebrations for the time being!!

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    Chapter 183

    Currently, time had passed by very quickly… and just like that, it was April again.
    During the winter, Landon and the workers had been working tirelessly to reach their goals.
    In January, Landon had thoroughly focused on Construction.
    He began by allocating several workers towards the construction of the Navy’s Base within District L of the coastal region.
    One should know that this region was to be divided horizontally from the beach.
    Hence each sector here would have it’s own mini-beach in front of it.
    ▪District I: Shipping dock and ports, Merchant stores and so on.
    ▪District J: Luxury beach hotels, and beach entertainment
    ▪District K: Space which Landon just wanted to keep, between the other districts and District L.
    This space was to create ample distance between the other sectors and military posts in district L…. and it also had the Waste and Recycle Management industry within it.
    ▪District L: Baymard Marine, Coast guard and Navy stations and posts.
    So during January, Landon began building the Navy’s Base… which he estimated to be completed in 7 month’s time (June)
    He decided to build 15 massive buildings and 10 moderate size buildings within the base, as well as several extremely tall fences that kept people out.
    There would be 3 main fences that workers would have to pass through, before successfully entering the first sector of the base.
    From there, there’ll also be several other gates and checkpoints needed before the workers reach the second, third and fourth sector of the base.
    And each sector will have multiple weapons to deal with intruders.
    With the way Landon designed everything, no stray person could easily walk in without access.
    Apart from the main Navy Base in District L, Landon had also decided to build several police stations, Navy posts and Military bases within the other coastal region Districts as well.
    The Navy posts in the other coastal districts will be fenced, and have just 1 building within it… as well as a lighthouse.
    This lighthouse will be used to scan through the waters of every District, just in case someone wanted to sneak attack them at night.
    If the navy men notice anything, they were to immediately notify the military, as well as the Navy’s Base at District L.
    As for the military posts, although Landon didn’t want it to be large… it still needed to be properly fenced as well.
    It would have 4 main buildings and a lot of space to keep army tanks and so on
    What if an enemy ship successfully made it to the shores?
    He expected the military to handle them.
    The Navy had to focus on the sea, but… the military had to kill those enemies who managed to make it on Baymard’s soil.
    These police stations would definitely have prison cells as well.
    For example, if some visitors and merchants cause trouble at the docks within District I… Landon expected the police officers to handle the situation immediately.
    And since these police stations will have cells, then they can just lock then up for a few hours or a day until those involved in brawls calm down.
    Well… apart from assigning men to start building police offices, Military posts and the Navy’s base, Landon also began construction of a radio station within the District C (Upper region).
    He just wanted to construct the station now… so that when the workers were ready to build the radios, there wouldn’t be any hiccups on the way.
    And lastly, he decided to construct a train Manufacturing and Maintenance Industry.
    These people would be responsible for building trains, fixing and maintaining them whenever an issue arises.
    He had planned for this industry to have an assembly line as well, so as to ease manufacturing.
    Lastly…. Landon wanted to start constructing a Train Manufacturing and Maintenance Industry.
    Transportation was a serious problem within Baymard.
    People would walk for 2 to 3 hours just to go to their job sites at the lower region and so on… it was utterly ridiculous.
    Trains, cars and buses were a must.
    Hence Landon decided to focus on this Train manufacturing industry which will take 2 months (March) to complete.
    But while this industry was being constructed, Landon had still gotten another group of workers to start making the train tracks… as well as placing them all over Baymard as per the City Plan.
    In his mind, it was better to start now, than to wait for the industry to be built first.
    Time was money.
    Once February came, the workers started constructing the Landport and all the military buildings within King’s Landing.
    Construction would be a breeze… since they had cranes, loaders, excavators, aerial work platforms, and so many other heavy machines available.
    Landon had estimated that construction would only last for 5 months… Hence it was essential for the men to begin immediately.
    As for the fortified city walls, they had started working on them in October…. and by May (8 months total), everything should be completed.
    Up next, Landon focused on making Antennas, Receivers, transmitters and other parts needed to produce these radios.
    The workers had been taking his classes for 2 months now (December to January)… so it was time that they start making all the parts, as well as building all those massive Antenna structures all over Baymard.
    Within this month, paper money also began to circulate… and the people and workers at the bank became more pleased.
    No more heavy pockets, no more loosing coins here and there…. money became more convenient for them.
    There were 5 types of bills that were made: 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 BM bills..(where BM was short for Baymard).
    Landon’s face was on a pale yellowish ‘100’ BM bill, while his mother Kim’s face was on a green ’50’ BM bill.
    Of course Lucius’ face was on a reddish 20 BM bill, the image of Lucy was on a bluish 10 BM bill and the image of the Castle was on a purplish 5 BM bill.
    And of course, each bill had the words Baymard on it… as well as several letters and numbers on them.
    Well….. with creating these papernotes, the images, words and numbers were all engraved on a steel plate.
    From there, a special dye was placed only on the engraved sections of the steel plate.
    Of course following that, a light sheet of plastic was placed on the steel sheet and baked for 8 minutes in low heat.
    And once it was done, the dye on the sheet transferred to the plastic… forming the exact image and design outline on the plastic.
    In fact, the process was somewhat lengthy…. but long story short, the printing industry had successfully created papernotes for all the citizens.

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    Chapter 184

    Once February ended, Landon and the workers immediately began working on all his plans for March.

    The first thing he focused on was radio manufacturing.
    Communication was also essential in times like this.
    If there was a serious crisis at hand, how were the citizens supposed to prepare themselves?
    Running up and down was never the answer.
    Word needed to get out fast, and having a proper means to communicate was key.
    When the workers started making these devices… there were a lot of issues, like finding the right wavelength and so on.
    But after 3 weeks of constant failure, they had finally reached a breakthrough thanks to Landon.
    Landon had just let them be, because he wanted them to make their own discoveries on their own.
    Everyday, the workers would focus on their radios and try to solve problems here and there.
    It was like a school assignment that they had to finish.
    Anyone who had ever gone to university back on earth, would know how much energy one could put in, when they wanted to complete an assignment.
    They sat in groups around their radios, took the device apart and tried to make it perfect.
    They had sleepless nights, as they tried to get the answer from their textbooks.
    Where did they go wrong?
    At the start of the month, Landon had created 10 samples for them to follow.
    They had used their calculators… as well as the formulas within their physics books, and were stuck on it for a while.
    They had erased, drawn and calculated the same thing over and over again…. but could never arrive at the right answer.
    This was sorcery!!!
    When they were at home, their minds would wonder back to the problem they were facing… and they immediately felt like all the studying that they had done from December to February, was for nothing.
    That was 3 months for heaven’s sake!! (Back on earth… that would be a whole semester)
    Where they truly that stupid?
    All the main formulas was short and simple, so what were they missing?
    Like… they had understood and read the concepts, but why was practical work always so different from theory?
    They felt like even if they studied for several more years, they might never get it.
    But fortunately, his majesty took pity on them and after 3 weeks, they corrected all their mistakes…. all the while explaining where they went wrong.
    And once they finally realised their errors, they redid their work and tried creating these radios from scratch all by themselves.
    Some of them could even create frequencies and waves using other metal pieces… and even coins.
    It was so surprising.
    Moving on, Landon decided to focus on the newly constructed industries.
    The Ship & Boat Manufacturing Industry had been successfully completed, hence he decided to start making Navy warships….. as well as fishing boats and ships.
    The Train Manufacturing & maintenance industry that began construction in January.
    Of course, Landon immediately put the men to work in creating new trains.
    With this new industry completed, Landon began assigning workers to build several train stations at different locations within Baymard.
    At this point, these construction workers were always busy.
    When they finished building anything, Landon would immediately give them a new project and ship them off.
    And at the start of every month…. each construction group would increase in size, due to the addition of new citizens.
    Without these new citizens, how could Baymard have enough workforce for all these projects?
    For now, it was okay… but once July came, Landon would put a stop to taking in more citizens, unless it was absolutely necessary.
    One of the industries that had just been completed this month, was the Weapon Manufacturing Industry.
    With its completion, Landon began producing long range artillery weapons.
    He had decided to focus on creating stationary Howitzer guns and rocket launchers on the city walls.
    For these weapons, one could imagine the guns or rockets launchers that were usually placed on war tanks.
    What Landon wanted was to place these machines on the city walls…. as well as on the different military posts within the coastal region.
    One could never be too prepared when tackling an enemy.
    He also decided to make Taser guns for the guards and police officers… as well as bullet proof vests, and other safety gears.

    Walkie Talkies were also made and distributed to all military, guard, and police personnel within this period.
    For now, Landon was focusing on strengthening the soldiers and safeguarding the city walls and perimeters.
    July was coming fast, and the safety needed to be guaranteed before that.
    Up next, Landon had decided to focus on traffic lights and car sensory detectors.
    Soon, highway contraction will begin…. so it was essential for these lights to be readily available before then.
    Finally for the month of March, Landon had began construction of the people’s Temple.
    Yes…. a Temple.
    The people had been requesting that he build one.
    Their reason was simple.
    They felt grateful to their ancestors, and wanted a way to thank them.
    Landon wasn’t opposed to the idea at all…. Like he said, no one had the right to deny anyone of their beliefs.
    All major cities had temples.
    There were money temples, worshipping temples and even sex driven temples.
    And since some of the slaves were sensitive to the word ‘Temple’, Landon decided to change its name and call it a ‘Church’.
    The people had requested for a place where they could pray, have heavenly teachings, and give offerings, money and other worldly possessions to their ancestors in exchange for blessings.
    With all this in mind, Landon had decided to let them appoint several church leaders and members themselves.
    But the leaders amd members would have to meet Landon weekly, to say how these offerings were being used.
    Landon had decided that the church would have its workers and leaders have services on:
    •Weekdays at 7 A.M
    •Saturday at 9 A.M and 5 P.M
    •And Sunday services at 9 A.M, 11 A.M and 5 P.M and 7 P.M.
    These leaders would have to take these jobs full time.
    They would also have to visit the sick in the hospital, as well as do charity work here and there.
    Landon expected the church leaders to encourage and lead the people towards the path of righteousness and goodness.
    In fact, for this one… Landon was ready to fabricate a whole Bible about their ancestors just for them.
    What he wanted to do was build their character.
    He didn’t want them to think that raping, beating or killing people with no reason was fine.
    Greed and other sins would always lead one to their end… so he wanted the people to grow a coincidence whenever they were tempted.
    But of course, he also wanted to paint a vivid picture of hell for them.
    For their offerings, he would allow them to choose what they wanted to do with it.
    Did they want to send the money to unfortunate people outside Baymard?
    Then maybe Santa could open up an orphanage around his stores and take care of the people.
    Of course of that truly happened, Landon would also travel to those places to also see things for himself.
    He would never allow for money meant for the poor or the sick to be advised by greedy people.
    Even though Santa was upright, that didnt mean that all his subordinates were like him.
    And when people live around areas were crime is okay in the people’s eyes, temptation was always present.
    In Landon’s opinion, Santa was truly upright because he grew up in Carona.
    As a noble, it was rare for one to be upright… they existed, but it was truly rare.
    And sometimes, even the best people could change due to their environment.
    That’s why Landon wanted to make the people grow a conscience.
    Sometimes, no matter how much one is tempted… their conscience wouldn’t allow them to sin.
    As for the church leaders and members, of course their salaries would come from part of the offerings as well.
    They too are human beings as well…. they needed to eat, pay their bills and even drive good cars.
    So should they suffer and dress in rags because they are holy people? That’s ridiculous!!
    It’s wasn’t a crime for a holy man to live well… provided he or she didn’t steal the money.
    Anyway, Landon had used these 4 months to completely focus on construction.
    And now, spring had come and April was finally here.
    Time for Baymard to move towards phase 2 of his plans.

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    Chapter 185

    “Little Bro….. what the hell is that?!!!!”
    Santa looked at the huge monster like carriage (heavy machine), as it continued construction on what seemed an uncompleted building.
    It’s been a month since Landon had asked for several police stations, military and Navy posts to be built.
    He felt like his brain had just witnessed something that was supposed to be impossible.
    If he ever told what he saw to anyone else, no one would believe him.
    For sure, they would call him a liar.
    Where were the horses that were supposed to push the carriage?
    Was it magic?
    “Little bro…. is it for sale?
    Ah!!!… dont smile at me so mysteriously!!
    Little bro… how can you tease me like this?
    You know that I’m a merchant, yet you allowed me to see such a thing?
    How is this fair?”
    The more he looked at the machine, the more he felt like crying.
    It’s been a long time since something could get him all excited like this… and yet it wasn’t for sale.
    He knew the reasons to why his bro didn’t sell these carriages… but still, he was a merchant for heaven’s sake.
    Just watching these machines operate made his eyes bleed out.
    Looking at Landon’s smile, he coildnt help but wonder what else felt Baymard could be hiding.
    This place wasn’t as simple as everyone thought it was.
    It wasn’t just him….. his own crew felt like they had just seen a miracle.
    “Bro, tell me the truth…. what the hell is going on in your city?” Santa asked excitedly.
    He could feel his whole body shake, the more he looked at the carriage.
    “Hehehehe…. don’t worry, you’ll know in July.”
    “July?” Santa asked curiously.
    “Yeah July….. I plan to open Baymard to the public in July.
    Oh… that reminds me, here are10 passes for you.
    When and if you decide to come over, bring anyone you want to and use these passes…. Of course don’t forget keep one for yourself as well.
    Basically, these passes will allow you or your family to have easy access into Baymard when you arrive.”
    Santa was so amazed by the ‘V.I.P passes’ that he forgot to respond or even thank Landon for them.
    Was this still paper?
    How come it had a different color and design from the normal yellowish colored parchment paper?
    The passes were thicker than normal paper, and were all black in color.
    To be honest, they were as hard as a credit card back on earth.
    These passes were deep dark blue in color, and had the words: ‘V.I.P pass’ and ‘Baymard’ on them.
    Of course the expiration date for the passes was also written on them as well.
    And each pass had a rope around it, for the owners to wear around their necks.
    Santa looked at the cards in amazement.
    E wanted to ask how they were made… but something in him told him that this little bro of his wouldn’t give up for no one.
    Sigh… the disappointments of a merchant.
    “So how do these passes work?”
    “Normally when you arrive, you’ll need to get your documents made at any of the checkpoints.
    But this will pass, you could just use the V.I.P station… rather than waiting on line like everyone else.
    Youll be attended to immediately, and your documents will be processed A.S.A.P.”
    For the passes, Landon was the only one who could give them out.
    Hence when the workers saw Santa, they would immediately know that he was his person.
    Santa had aided Baymard for months now, and Landon thought that it wouldn’t be fair to let him have the same treatment as others.
    Apart from Santa and his family, everyone else ad to wait in line…. even if they were kings of other empires.
    “Wait… wait wait!!
    Little bro, you lost me there!!
    Documentations?” Santa asked confusedly.
    He had traveled all around the Pyno continent, and usually…. he just paid his say in.
    No one checked if he was a bad person or good person, provided there was enough money to pay.
    He had no idea what Landon meant by documentation.
    “You’ll know, when you come back in July.
    Speaking of which, did you get my message?”
    “Sorry bro… I got it, but I was a bit tied up at the moment.
    That’s why I couldn’t rush back since then.” Santa replied, as he puffed out his jaws and batted his eyelids at Landon.
    His pleading puppy dog face had truly made Landon speechless.
    ‘This guy was as shameless as ever’, Landon thought.
    Truthfully, Santa had wanted to come as soon as possible.
    But would Penelope let him go? Nope!!!
    She had insisted that since he was almost killed, then it was her job to protect him and also ensure that he trained more.
    She had watched him like a hawk watching its prey for the past 4 months now.
    Honestly, he had attempted to flee on multiple occasions.
    But of course, he was always caught.
    She had placed posters and sketches of him around the empire, as if he were a wanted criminal.
    If anyone saw him escaping, they were to report it immediately and get their reward.
    She had also stationed her most trusted knights to block all entrances and exits of his estate.
    Wherever he wanted to go, they would follow.
    In his opinion, she was a bit too protective.
    Sigh….. what could he do?
    This was definitely his punishment for falling in love with an overly caring woman.
    Could there be anyone more pitiable than he was?
    He had even been caught once, when he tried to climb a tree and scale the fence.
    Within this period, Penelope had organized her feelings and had told her family that he was the one she was going to marry.
    She had truly treated him like a wife instead… not that he minded anyway.
    She was a domineering and stubborn woman, and he was a chilled person…. so they were a perfect fit.
    Of course within this time, her family had given him HELL.
    How could they allow a softie like him to be with their princess?
    They trained him day and night, until his legs became wobbly.
    His weight glad also gone done, and he was more fit than he usually was.
    But so what?… he wanted to go back to his carefree days, where he would eat, sleep, and think.
    And to make matters worse, his own father would come to his estate and train him as well.
    Yes… he had finally made up with his father and brothers.
    Previously, they didn’t get along with him because he had chosen to be a merchant instead of a knight.
    How could anyone not want to serve such a noble and good royal family?
    Anyway, now that Santa had sat down with them and explained his reasons for being a merchant…. they had become close.
    But instead of sympathizing with him, his family continued training him like he was about to go to war.
    He had never been so happy to escape from Carona.
    When Penelope gave him a pass, he almost cried with joy.
    The pass only granted him to go to Baymard and come back.
    If he even thought about delaying his trip, then he wouldn’t be able to travel for another 2 years… that was his punishment.
    Of course, he wouldn’t even think about it…. since he knew how strict Penelope could be.
    Seeing Landon now, he felt like crying and complaining to his bro.
    Other people’s wives would blush and get shy, but why was his own case different?
    “Bro… you have no idea what I went through okay?
    Anyway, I too have something important to tell you as well.”

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