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    please guys there will not be update for the now because of power failure.
    please guys bear with me. and once i have light i will continue.

    thanks for your understanding.



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    Bro no post? Ahh we dey wait o

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    Bro you no stroll reach this side ?.

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    Chapter 346

    The anxious crowd was quickly divided into several groups consisting of 24 people within 1.
    From there, once the teams were created…. 2 supervisors would be assigned to oversee the examinations of each group.
    And just to make the place less congested…. each group was taken to several locations within the massive Academy grounds.
    Group 32!
    That was George’s group!
    George gulped nervously, as he looked at the scene before him.
    He and his groupmates were presently standing on a field that had several tables, cookers and many more on it.
    He looked at the scene before him and gulped down nervously.
    On those tables at the forefront, one could easily see several raw materials stacked in heaps before them.
    From vegetables, onions and even carrots….. one could easily find them in those tables ahead.
    Now… apart from those tables, each contestant still had their own personal table on the field, which would also act as their workstations as well.
    Their workstations were assigned to them based on their number tags….. so as to make it easier on everyone.
    And on these workstations, one would also find chopping boards, knives and other basic utensils and tools used for cooking.
    The competition will run for 2 hours tops….. and within this time frame, you all are expected to prepare your raw materials and cook any dish of your choice involving potatoes.
    And if any of you have any questions during the exam…. just raise your hand up and one if us will get back to you as soon as possible.
    As for the raw materials at the forefront, the contestants can take as many as they want as well.” Said one of the supervisors, as he gestured towards 2 tables that had been joint together and filled up with several bags of potatoes.
    “With all that said… Your exam begins now!!” Bellowed one of the supervisors.
    And in that moment, everyone quickly made several lines at the forefront.
    The earlier they got their raw materials…. the earlier they could make their dishes.
    And as they were taking the raw materials away…. several other ‘ exam helpers’, were busy replacing them as well.
    In this way, there were always raw materials on those tables for the contestants to use.
    So even if one of them wanted to change his or her plans on what to cook midway through the examination….. they would always find enough raw materials to do so.
    As for the quality of these raw materials, the workers had done their best to provide a large quantity of both good and bad ones.
    It was the place of each contestant to figure out whether these rare materials were good or not.
    And sometimes, some dishes required food to be somewhat ‘over-ripe ‘ or not fully developed.
    ‘Swish! Swish! Swish!’
    ‘Din! Din! Din!’
    The entire place had turned into a battlefield, as the contestants hurriedly went about the business….. while looking at the massive clock before them.
    George looked at the basil leaves before him, and overturned it several times… while observing its leaves like an art appraiser.
    And when he was somewhat convinced hmin his choice, he tore out a tiny fraction of the leaves, sniffed it a little and placed it in his mouth.
    ‘Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew!’
    His eyes lit up and he subconsciously nodded in appreciation for its quality.
    ‘Excellent!, he thought, as he continued on inspecting the other ingredients that he hoped to pick up as well.
    And after picking, choosing and taking his ingredients back to his workstation…. George quickly looked at the knives before him and picked up a ‘number 5’ knife.
    It had a good weight to it that seemed to be evenly proportional to its blade width.
    He held the knife in his hands, as he tried to get the feel of it first.
    ‘Good knife!’, he thought.
    Now it was time for him to get back to work.
    He quickly placed his raw materials in several large bowls and hurriedly washed them at least twice before beginning.
    With all his ingredients washed, it was time to head on towards phase 2… cutting up the ingredients.
    He took his chopping board and immediately started this task.
    Thanks to his research and attentiveness to the radio…. he had picked up several cooking methods and key points to note of when cooking.
    For one, depending on what dish he wanted to make…. the size of the ingredients would also play a major part in making food otherworldly.
    He quickly picked up his knife and cut his vegetables into perfect matchsticks.
    Of course with the carrots being the thinnest ones of all.
    Even though his every motion was a little rough around the edges… one could see that to a certain degree, he had still managed to keep his veggies within the same size range.
    What he needed was more practice and techniques… in order to get that precise and uniform motion that all chefs yearn for.
    ‘Top! Top! Top! Tip! Top! Top! Top!”
    The sounds of numerous knives coming into contact with the chopping boards could be heard from a mile away.
    And as they chopped, the supervisors on the other hand….. went about observing each contestant’s methods.
    One should know that as judges…. several key points were important to them:
    •Appearance/ Plate presentation.
    •Execution: How they did it
    •Hygiene during and after cooking.
    •\u0026 Completion of the actual task.
    Of course some of these judges werealso teachers within the academy, so they found it somewhat hard to maintain a straight face….. when facing people who wanted and butchered ingredients like so.
    As they moved about, they were secretly screaming within their hearts while watching the contestants.
    ‘So slow! So slow!!!
    Look!!… now you’ve missed the mist crucial point of it all!!’, one scolded in his heart.
    ‘Too much!!…. Too much!!!
    How can you apply so much salt into just one tiny pot?
    If it were spices or seasonings… I could understand were you’re coming from.
    But with that much salt, the food would be bitter by the end of it all!!.
    Ahhh!!!…. what a waste of ingredients!!’, another cried out within his heart.
    As the supervisors moved, they held their score sheets and gave out several marks to the contestants while observing their techniques…. and soon time was up.
    One by one, the supervisors/judges critiqued everyone’s meal brutally.
    “To put it bluntly….. I can’t serve what you’ve just made to any of our customers EVER!!!”
    George heard the remarkand for the first time in his life, he try felt like crying…. had he failed just like that?
    One had to know that it was a must for them to pass all the first 6 exams in order to be admitted in.
    And this one was part of the ones that he needed to go well on.
    He tilted his head downwards, as he felt his eyes get a little misty…. but he tried his best to s--k it up, as he needed to hear every single criticism so as to improve himself further.
    “Here!… take your dish, step into that room there… and take a whiff!” One of the supervisors gestured.
    George immediately did as he was told, and was immediately shocked by the outcome.
    One should know that he had been cooking in an area that was filled with several aromas from other contestants as well….. so it was hard for him or any one for that matter, to notice anything scent-wise.
    But for these professionals, even when they were judging in such an environment…. they could still get what the problem was scent-wise?
    Truly amazing!!
    For him…. it was only when he got into this scent free-room, that he had gotten a slightly burned scent from the food.
    In essence, even in restaurants…. the kitchens were always filled with several aromas that marked several other dishes.
    So what happens when something smells bad and is brought into the actual restaurant that has a clean scent to it?
    Of course the customer would be pissed.
    George came out of the room in defeat,as he knew exactly where he went wrong.
    “Do you understand now?”
    “Yes….” he said while trying to hold back his tears.
    His entire family was depending in him and his sister back in Carona …. and here he was f***ing it up.
    He felt his heart tremble violently,as he found it hard to breathe through it all.
    Just what the hell had he been thinking of to not notice it?
    “But, even though the scent was terrible…. surprisingly, you did well in other aspects too.”
    With that sentence, George suddenly lifted his head towards them as if saying: ‘Eh?’
    “And in terms of hygiene, texture, appearance and task completion….. I would say that you did exceptionally great.” One of the judges said.
    “I agree… the real issue was with your techniques and execution skills.

    But of course we can touch those up here in the academy.
    So with that said… I guessed you’ve passed today’s examinations with a 62% mark.
    Congrats contestant George Craymor on advancing to the next phase.”

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    Chapter 347

    “Congratulations contestant George Craymor on advancing to the next phase.”

    George stared at the judges in shock, as his body slightly trembled from excitement.
    Soon, his tears all came bursting out… and he hurriedly used his left sleeves to wipe them dry.
    “Thank you…. thank you…. thank you….” he said exasperatedly… so he tried to hold back his tears again.
    He had finally succeeded in taking the first step towards his dreams.
    “Well, even though this is a happy occasion for you…. I’d still like to remind you that this is just your first entrance examination.
    And this one was the easiest ecam of the all…. since the difficulty level increases with each examination.
    So please prepare hard for the next ones… as this 62% might be your best grade of them all.
    Once again… congratulations contestant George Craymor!!”
    By the end of it all….. several people could be seen quietly wailing, while others smiled and jumped about excitedly.
    By the end of the first round, 38% of the contestants had all failed this round woefully….. and this was supposed to be the easiest round?
    With 8 more examinations with increasing difficulties coming up… everyone couldn’t help but wonder how many people would be left at the end of it all.
    This was truly insane!!!!
    Looking at his name posted on the list of those who would advance to the next round….. George smiled stupidly, and later on smacked his cheeks hard.
    this wasn’t the time to get complacent.
    He still had a long way to go…. so there was no use feeling overly excited now.
    He looked up to the sky and fisted his hands, while secretly swearing to do better.
    And from there, he hurriedly went home to tell his sister the news….. as well as start practicing again.
    Because come tomorrow, he would still be taking his second and third examinations all in one day.
    But of course only by passing his second one, would he advance to the third… so it was better to make last minute preparations now.
    Following that, he quickly went home to tell his sister the good news….. but he saw her, he decided to mellow down his happiness for now.
    Because while he had passed his first examination, she on the other hand had failed hers woefully.
    He knew his sister too well…. if she had passed, she would have already jumped out at him like an excited wild cat.
    But when she went into silent mode, then there was definitely something wrong instead.
    And he was right, because before he had arrived….. his sister had locked her door and immediately collapsed on her bed.
    Rather than crying, she started by looking at the ceiling as if lost in thought.
    She felt the sheets beneath her, which were somewhat cold….. and also felt the blanket over her, which gave out a very warm feeling.
    Both feelings completely contradicted each other… yet, they could actually make the perfect recipe for the ‘perfect sleep’.
    She later in bed for a while longer…. and for the first time ever, she began to connect to her reality, as well as understand that human beings truly had an unpredictable lifetime.
    Nothing in life was really guaranteed….. and that was a fact!
    She slowly opened her eyes and faced the window, while listening to the hazy sounds of her neighbors below screaming happily from some joyous occasion.
    To her, it seemed like the entire world was in a celebratory mood… except for her.
    ‘Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!’
    “Little sister….. I know that you’re in there….. so come out and let’s talk about it alright?”
    As soon as she heard her brother’s voice, she wasn’t sure it if had set off anything within her.
    But all she knew was that at that moment, the puny lump in her throat had developed into a massive knot.
    Her lungs screamed out for oxygen, as she suddenly started gasping and choking from it all.
    And just like that, the waterworks immediately began and swiftly made their way down her cheeks.
    As the stream of tears rolled down, she subconsciously placed her hands over her mouth… as she didn’t want her brother to hear her crying.
    Today, was one of the worst days of her life as she felt that even starvation, would be better than what she felt right now.
    Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!’
    “Little sister….. if you don’t open up right now, then I’ll break the door down, and we’ll have to pay for it later.” George threatened.
    And with that, he could hear her quickly rush towards the door frantically.
    The door was now Unlocked, and George swiftly pushed his way in and higher his adorable little coaster.
    “Its okay!…. it’s okay!….. no matter that, you’ve always got me….. so stop crying alright?
    And hey….. the next entrance examination for the Law Academy’s next semester, starts in August.
    So by then, you’ll be fully prepared to take on any other challenges.” George said in a comforting tone.
    And to his surprise, his sister lifted up her head as if saying:’ what the hell are you talking about?’
    George: ‘__’
    After 6 minutes of explaining her situation, George almost felt like strangling her to death.
    He had cried before when he felt like he had lost, as well as when he was happy.
    But his sister’s reasons for crying had truly been an eye opener for him.
    What the hell?
    ‘Give me back my hug back’, he thought.
    To break it down simply, unlike the Culinary \u0026 Bartending Academy that increased the difficulty with each examination or stated that one had to pass the first 6 out of 9 examinations… the Law Academy’s system was completely different from that.
    In essence, the law academy gave out a total of 7 examinations.
    Here, the contestants were just supposed to get an overall grade of 50% or higher to get admittance into the academy.
    Today, she had done 2 out of 7 examinations in total: an oral one, and a scenario one.
    Of course, the examinations weren’t written ones…. as most of the peasants didn’t know how to write….. so it would definitely night favour them if they were written.
    Hence oral examinations, as well as scenario based examinations were the best choices.
    Well….. for the oral examinations, several letters were printed on large sheets of paper and placed on the walls, as well as written on the boards.
    From there the examiners explained what each letter was…. just in case someone there didn’t know how letter ‘A’ looked like.
    Also, in front of each of them, was a multiple choice answer sheet which had letter choices for each question.
    So in essence, the examiner would read out a question… give them time to circle out the right answer and then proceed to the next one.
    This was how the oral examinations were done.
    And if anyone didn’t know how to properly write out their names…. that wasn’t a problem, as they were allowed to copy the names on their passports down.
    For the oral one, she had gotten a 53% grade at the end of it all…. but for the scenario one, she had ended up with a 22% grade instead.
    But even though she got a 22% grade for that one, it still wants all that bad.
    So at the end of it all, even if someone had 10% on all examinations today….if he or she could do well in the upcoming ones and managed to get an overall mark of 50% or higher, then they would still get in the end.
    Hence George’s advice for her to wait till August and take the next semester’s examinations, felt like he was telling her to give up now.
    She had 53% in one, and 22% in another….. even though they weren’t great marks, why would she give up now?
    In truth, she failed her 2nd examination woefully, because during one of the scenario examinations… she had chosen to let the murderer die, rather than try to place him/her in jail and allow him/her to atone for their sins.
    She had chosen that because that was what she was used to seeing.
    Right now…. even common chicken thieves or tomatoe thieves were out to death by burning or hanging without any trail at all.
    Bottom line, when someone pointed and said that one was guilty… then the rest of the peasants would also agree as well like sheep.
    So for her, she was used to seeing people die without any fair trial.
    So after she failed the scenario examination, the judges explained while they failed her….. and suddenly, her eyes lit up and her mind clicked like a lightbulb.
    What if those that were accused were actually innocent?
    It was the lawyers duty to hear the side of the accused… because sometimes, the real victims were the accused instead.
    She had cried uncontrollably earlier… because this was the first examination that she had taken in her entire life… as well as the first bad grade that she had ever received too.
    So everything that she had been feeling right now was completely new to her.
    She really didn’t like her grades, as she felt like she could’ve done better

    Hence when she remembered how some people even got 80% grades, why wouldn’t she cry with her 22% and 53% ones?
    Did those people who did better have 2 heads or 2 brains?

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    Did those people who did better have 2 heads or 2 brains?
    She just felt a little worthless and embarrassed to actually have such grades.
    Nonetheless, this also reminded her what she was meant to do next.
    Because while her brother had previously done his own research in order to get into the Culinary \u0026 Bartending academy.
    She on the other hand didn’t do any d--n research, since she felt like it would just be basic stuff that was asked there.
    And that’s why she felt like she should’ve done better.
    One should know that after today’s examinations, she had overheard some people speak about how reading Baymard’s laws and policies had helped them get some of the questions right.
    If only she had studied more…. then she wouldn’t have had such a shameful grade today.
    So after talking with her brother for a bit…. she hurriedly made her way to Baymard’s public library….. because tomorrow, she still had 2 scheduled exams as well.
    And she would be Damned if she got such marks again.
    And so just like that, a few more days had gone by with several people either wailing in sorrow or jumping in joy.
    Some people who failed or got eliminated, started preparing for the Academy’s next semester examinations.
    While others still continued reading tirelessly, as they were still currently taking more examinations.
    In the end, everyone….. be it peasants or wealthy people, had all agreed that these examinations were the hardest and strangest ones that they had ever taken in their lives.
    The pressure, the preparations, the research, the time… …. in short, the examination had drained them of everything, including their emotions and mental state.
    And to make matters even more hilarious to them….. the academies all had multiple grief counselors present during the entire process.
    These people walked around, gave inspiring words… and motivated those who didn’t do well, lest someone thought of committing suicide from failing.
    One could never tell.
    Of course while all this was going on in Baymard….. the cause and creator of all these examinations, had just arrived at his target’s destination.
    And on the enemy ship, several men were thoroughly confused by what they were seeing.
    “Captain! Captain!… is it a giant bird?”
    “Is it a shark?”
    “No!!… it’s a large metal boggle (Whale)!!!”

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    Alec and all his problem never reah our land?

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