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    Please continue

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    EPISODE 22


    They all run to each other while fighting and battling heroically,the battle become tougher than ever to the stage that the warriors never see their Emperor battling like that before likewise Hector and Cara as they they fighting Emperor Chang fortunately kick Mike stomach, Mike fall down as he paint,while Emperor Chang use the magical sword to cut the ordinary sword easily, he rise up, Emperor Chang then skillfully mark him in his stomach, this makes him weak, it seems as if Emperor Chang has win the battle he smiled at him.
    Emperor Chang: before you are born I have be trained by one of the best of the best,so you can’t be compete with me I am not your level, now it is time for me to kill you
    Mike: all I know was that I am not a faliure, if you kill me today others will rise to kill you
    Emperor Chang: this is the most strange story I ever heard
    Mike: don’t be scared, kill me
    Emperor Chang: what did you mean
    Mike: you will understand when it is time
    Emperor Chang: I don’t need to understand anything
    ( he rise the magical sword up )
    Ha ha ha your end
    ( Hector and Cara from where they are were afraid, suddenly Jean showed up quickly to them they were all amazed to see her not knowing what she want to do, she do it secretly without letting his father to realize since he was busy with Mike)
    Jean: I have to do this
    ( some giants stand in her )
    Giant: what did you think you are doing
    Jean: let me go now
    Giant: your father don’t give us order to let you go to them
    Jean: if so, I command you now, get out of my way
    Giant: hmm
    ( the Giants step aside, )
    Jean: watched my dad has he fight, don’t you that the battle is interesting indeed
    ( saying that to the Giants, since she it to not let the Giants to know what she was about to do )
    Cara: why have you come
    Jean: don’t asked me such question
    ( she frown his face, she bring out dagger then cut the rope, she then free them )
    Save your friend
    ( they all run the Giants were very angried while they hold her, they luckily hold Cara too but Hector manage to escape )

    { as Emperor Chang want to release the strike on Mike, Hector quickly come on time while he furiously push Emperor Chang then saved Mike }
    Hector: oh yea
    Mike: thanks friend I will never let you down
    ( Cara from where she was says thanks to Jean but she ignored her,they both release themselves at the same time while they begin to fight,It get to a time Jean was very weaker )
    Jean: now your turn
    Cara: I won’t fight you anymore since I have knee that their is something good in you
    Jean: I and my father are one
    Cara: yes you are one when it comes to the love he had loved you when we are still young,but at the same time you are different, I know that
    Jean: stop all those noncence, am gonna kill you
    Cara: please, I don’t want to hurt you, also I know you are my best friend I ever met, can’t you remember when we are still young, we wore the same dress the same shoes, we like ourselves we plays together even many that doesn’t know us called us sister
    ( Jean realize all those words, she run to her then hugged her while Cara was amazed )
    Jean: I am sorry, I am sorry
    ( tears rushed out of her face )
    Cara: don’t cry anymore, we have to do something now
    Jean: what
    Cara: speak to your father, I know he will listened to you
    Jean: yes he will surely

    ( Emperor Chang has takes down Mike and Hector at the same time )
    Emperor Chang: you can’t takes me down
    Mike: let Hector go, it is me you want now
    Emperor Chang: no one will escaped this, am killing both of you now
    ( Mike rise up furiously while he hold the sword blade )
    What are you doing
    Mike: yinaaaa
    ( he yelled with fury, he then use his combine strength to pull the sword out of his hand, the sword fall down while the Magical gauntlet fall down too,Emperor Chang quickly run to the sword his hand touch it but didn’t do anything to him, he was amazed )
    Emperor Chang: so without it I can
    Mike: this is a trouble now
    ( Jean run to his dad then stop him )
    Jean: dad you can’t
    Emperor Chang: why have you join them
    Jean: no really, you have to stop this, this is an influence
    Emperor Chang: what did you mean
    Jean: I know you are good you are not a kind of person that supposed to be blocking the defenders I knee you well dad, I know you love me, I know you really did
    Emperor Chang: stop all this noncence
    Jean: you are a kind of a person that supposed to be helping each other, those peoples those warriors you have walked along with as influence you, they lead you to be bad, you never want to bad but the blood is in you
    ( Emperor Chang hear those words then begin to regret finding good in himself, already weaked Mike and Hector rise up )
    Mike: yes sir, you are a hero not a villain
    Hector: my dad say about you long time,he like you
    Cara: yes you are good
    ( Emperor Chang stab the ground )
    Emperor Chang: since I am influence, I never had a rest of mind, those my bad friends will kill many, I feel pity of those that are killed, so for this reason, I have to be killed
    Mike: never
    Emperor Chang: I killed your family, did you remember that
    Mike: I did, now that you have been forgiven you have to live and lead our kingdom including Maltos and Gava
    Emperor Chang: if l live, my life will be in danger forever, even those that I have murdered, their spirit will be seeking for revenge
    Mike: no, they have past, I believe wherever they are now, they are going to forgive you,also the future is what we are going hope for
    Emperor Chang: please let me die
    ( He rise the sword up as he want to stab himself,Mike quickly get to his rescue while he collect the sword from him )
    ( they were all amazed )
    Emperor Chang: did you really want me to live
    Mike: yes
    Cara: yes
    Jean: yes
    Hector: yes because you are a new person
    Emperor Chang: if so, I am sorry of my bad deeds
    ( he apologize )
    Mike: am really happy to be by your side now
    ( they all smile )
    Emperor Chang: only one thing now
    Hector: what is it
    Emperor Chang: destroy the gauntlet, someone like me might still come for it, because many of them haven’t quit
    Mike: all of them that still insist to get it will be put in jailed by you
    ( he smiled )
    Emperor Chang: no , I have learn something about forgiveness
    Mike: that is pretty good
    Emperor Chang: what are doing now
    Mike: let celebrate.



    That is how the battle ended,before they leave the place,Emperor Chang destroy the gauntlet for good with the sword, they all rejoice together.
    Emperor Chang plead to his peoples having forgiven him, he was glad, Cara and Jean with Emperor Chang return to their city, Cara visit her dad grave placing flower their,Emperor Chang now fight for justice while become a man to be honored
    Hector become the king of his land having restoring lost hopes,he sit on his father throne while he smiled
    Mike was now the leader of justice department having taken his father role when he was alive he go through the history seeing the awards bus father has got, he smiled as he come out, ridding on his chariot while going to visit Cara.



    { kindly wait for the next story also don’t forget to read Rise of the Claw }




    THANKS ??????????????

    See me in the next story


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    Nice story bro, thumbs up

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    Hmn, this story really ends well

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    Lovely story

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    the battle ended, their is power in love and forgiveness, if it is someone they will only plan to seek revenge and avenge for the losts lifes

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    if it was you what will you do are you going to avenge or not

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