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    nice one go on pls

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    Bãd bøy
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    Hmmm the chosen one, bt bro why have u nt updated on “ages of hero”

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    Dave cruger
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    actually last episode of ages of hero is episode 16

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    Abiodun David Anointed Ad
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    next episode will be unleashed soon

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    Episode 5

    The soldier rise on his sword wanted to strike him down, to be surprised Mike skill fully turn back then skillfully mark him his chest while the soldier fall down.
    Mike: I don’t mean to do that.
    ( He touch him then ill, the remaining warriors like a crowd running toward Mike, Mike then close his eyes then rise his sword up immediately the sword grant him ability to fly then blast on the mountain roof then escaped, Xara arrived then was amazed to see that kind of super ability while he inform Emperor Chang of the incident and how they had failed to get him while Emperor Chang tell them not to worry that he is going to get him by himself )
    The sword teleport them to the market while people buy and sell all the crowd that see him was amazed on seeing them coming down, they quickly walk out of the area
    Cara: I like that
    Mike: so it grant ability to fly
    ( he then bring out the sword viewing what written in it, as he read it,he was shocked )
    So written in it is the HEART OF GAVA.
    Cara: heart if Baba, what does that mean.
    ( a guy was then chasing by unspecialized criminals holding long katana and different kind of harmful weapon )
    Mike: why are they chasing him
    Cara: I don’t know, but while can’t you help him
    Mike: you mean it
    Cara: yes its not a joke
    Mike: okay come on
    ( they all run after them, as they were chasing them Mike throw his sword and it land at the guy front, the guy then stop thinking that it was the criminals )
    Hector: what hell is this
    ( the criminals then arrived to him )
    Criminal: give us what you have now, or else we are are going to stab you to death.
    Hector: again.
    Criminal 2: give us now
    Hector: okay okay
    ( as he wanted to give them, Mike then arrived )
    Mike: please he can’t give now
    Criminal 3: how dare you,who are you were did you come from
    Mike: actually you don’t have to know who am I or where I come from.
    Criminal 5: I think this brat is joking with his death
    Mike: please say it back to yourself
    Criminal 3: you are highly insane
    ( he furiously unmasked himself then bring out his pointed dagger )
    Hector: please don’t kill me, I am going to give you what ever you ask for, please don’t kill him
    Mike: let them.
    Cara: they don’t know who you are
    Mike: should I let them know
    Cara: yes you have to, I want watch
    ( the criminals then was amazed thinking of what is happening )
    Mike: did you know who owns that sword
    ( pointing his finger to the sword while the Criminals see it, the leader of the Criminal then smiled )
    Criminal leader: I must have that sword, it is very beautiful indeed.
    ( he run to where Hector was, wanted to pick it up, Hector quickly stay back )
    Now that I have it.
    ( he smiled, as he hold the handle unfortunately was shocked while his hand burn then begin to yell in pain, while Hector and peoples watching them was amazed on seeing the incident )
    Mike: did you know what you have just touch
    ( moving to him )
    Criminal leader: no no no , I don’t, i don’t
    Mike: next time you see him or me, run away away from us we are different, I owns the sword I am the chosen one of Gava the capital of this east, i own it and you have just touch the heart of Gava.
    ( they all run away, holding their leader )
    Hector: hey guys thanks for helping me today
    ( Mike rise his sword then pull it to his scabbard )
    Mike: I don’t need thanks.
    ( Mike hand him a shake )
    Hector: no I can’t,I am sorry for that I fear you a lot
    Cara: don’t fear him, all you have to, is for you not to touch the sword
    Mike: yes she is right.
    ( they then shake each other )
    I am Mike
    Cara: you can call me Cara
    Hector: I am prince Hector, the prince of this state
    Cara: so you are prince.
    Hector: yes of course, I could have fight them but I forgot my sword at home, even I don’t see my warrior given to me by my dad on time
    Cara: look
    ( pointing to them )
    Hector: those idiot are just coming
    ( they all arrived )
    Commander: stay away from our prince or we kill you.
    ( they all shouted )
    Hector: they are friend of mine they help me defeating those criminals
    ( the commanders then silence their anger )
    Commander: thank you young man
    Hector: but why did you came late
    Commander: we challenge a boy that stole money from one woman pulse, after we caught him, it reveals that he was homeless, we bring him to the king, only to see that the king show more compassion on him, giving him moneys and food in order to start a new business and to enjoy himself.
    ( Cara thinks in his mind that Hector father was a nice man indeed )
    Hector: that is good, come on let go
    Commander: as you wish
    ( Hector then face Mike and Cara )
    Hector: would you like to come with me to the palace.
    Mike: I will like that
    Cara: I will like that too
    Hector: okay
    ( they all ride on a chariot to the palace )

    The king of Maros called King Dagg make them sit in his table while making a big party because of the new visitors.
    King Dagg: you said you are Mike from the capital, I mean Gava
    Mike: yes yes
    King Dagg: how is your kingdom
    Mike: we are not save Emperor Chang trouble us alot
    King Dagg: that is not nice at all.
    ( a servant then come in immediately running to the king, he hand him a sheet in which the words in it was written with papyrus, the king then knew that the message was from emperor Chang, he could not show it in his face then work out of the dinning while his son and wife all look at him )
    Hector: what wrong
    Queen: I think they bring him a letter
    Hector: I guess it can’t be a bad letter
    ( Mike then sences that he was in danger, he could not control himself, he only think the evil might come for the sword, while he wrapped the sword well )
    Mike: danger might come at any time but we will make it pass over us.
    Hector: what did you mean
    Cara: what did you mean
    ( ask looking at his face, has he hear them, he quickly control himself )
    Mike: nothing, while are you looking at me in such manner, come on eat your delicious food
    ( they then continue eating, King Dagg walk to his room then open it the letter again to check the writer name whether it was Emperor Chang or not or may be he was dreaming, he recheck it only he could see that he was really Emperor, he was frightened while he knew that Emperor Chang will not bring a good new but a bad news he then accept it as his fate, on reading the latter he could only see a short sentence having read it
    His heart was beat, but he could summon on his courage telling his servant to capture Mike and Cara, because he doesn’t want anymore troubles from Emperor Chang.

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    Abiodun David Anointed Ad
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    Episode 6a

    His soldiers all do as he had commanded them while he feel guilty, Mike and Cara did not even stressed themselves, the warder then chained them in both leg and hand.
    Hector was then angry at his father while he go to his father room telling him that did he ask the warder to chained the visitor, a drop of tear then come out if his face, Hector was surprise in seeing his father weeping for the first time in his sight, he then believe that something like a great threat might have come, his father hand over the letter to him, he could see the samething while he was surprised he then says that he was going to kill Emperor Chang by himself, this makes his father to have a saddened heart.
    As time goes, his father then promise him that he was going to do anything he can do to save the visitors,Hector was little bit happy he know what Emperor Chang could do if his father did not hand over them to him, while his father warn him to be careful at all course.
    Hector meet the two new prisoner In the jail, Cara and mike could see how saddened Hector was they try to encourage him that,but Hector said in his mind that he will do anything he could do just to make sure that they are surely saved, he also make them know that it was not the king fault that Emperor Chang was the one that order that, telling them that the kind of issue has happened before in which it leads to the murder his elder brother,Mike was very saddened then pity him alot with Cara.


    Emperor Chang standing behind the window,Xara then come in
    Emperor Chang: why have you come
    Xara: I taught you might need my help in bringing that guy down
    Emperor Chang: absolutely you are right
    Xara: what are doing now, what is the step
    Emperor Chang: thanks for that, all the steps are in my brain
    ( Xara was amazed )
    Xara: you your brain
    Emperor Chang: are you surprise about that
    Xara: probably yes
    Emperor Chang: don’t be surprise,we have to attack the king son in order to get the guy easily because the king might not want to release him easily so we have to step into action.
    Xara: impressive, but how will we get the king son
    Emperor Chang: the king son will have to go to market today search him their, if anyone interfere kill him,if any one challenge kill him or her, and if anyone tried to stop you, beheaded him and if you did this finish I shall come for my great prize.
    Xara: yes my lord
    ( Xara and his minions leave the place )


    Hector walking through the market alongside with his soldiers actually was stop by Xara
    Xara: now get inside the chariot before I force or drag you in, any one of the two
    Hector: please am I the one you are talking to
    Xara: are you surprise with that
    Hector: don’t you know who am I
    Xara: I know but you are the king son or do I got it wrong.
    Hector: you are right, you are criminal, I guess of that
    Xara: am only working for Emperor Chang.
    Hector: fight
    ( he command his soldiers, his soldiers all do as he had said only to see that emperor Chang soldiers are more than them, he then surrender in order to save the life of his soldiers, while Xara ride on his chariot laughing, this make Hector soldier to be more angrier, they all pull out their sword trying to fight them, all people in that market all run for their life while all fifteen soldier guarding Hector was killed by thirty soldier and seventeen of Xara soldier were killed also.
    Hector lament for his soldiers while Xara keep on laughing they all drive him to their jailed ).

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    Episode 6b

    King Dagg was then aware of his son thinking that something might have happened, he sit on his throne then begin to guess,unfortunately a man rushed in to his palace telling him that his son has been taken in captivity,on hearing this he was afraid thinking of what to do, his priest encourage and try to console him but he could not listened to only thinking how he was going to rescue his son from the bondage of the bad emperor.
    Emperor Chang visit Hector where he was while telling him that if his father do not give him what he demand from him that he his going to remain in bondage untill his father come to his rescue and also beheaded him if it too late,Hector could only tell him that he would come to his rescue,this make Emperor Chang to be angrier on hearing what he had just said, he command his warriors to make sure he did not escape, Emperor Chang leave the place thinking of the next step while many guards mixed with the soldiers arrived to the prison while they watch through out the day.

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    Mike sword begin to levitate from where it was,Mike then was surprised then think in his mind that something strange might have happened, he pick it up then the sword bring him to the spirit whiile it reveals that Hector was in captivity, he quickly wake Cara up from where he was sleeping telling him that they have to break through the prison gate in order to go and rescue their friend from where he was.
    Cara see this as a bad idea to break through the gate, she tell Mike that they should try and alert the warder to let them go.
    they try to do so but the warder did not listen to them telling them that it was an order from the king,they tried to tell him that the king son was in bondage,the warder was then surprised to hear that from them,but he did not let them,telling them again and again that it was an order from the king, but thinking that they might hear that from another warder passing by, he then walk away leaving them while Cara tell Mike that he should do what he have to do on time.

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