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    KUSI, Part one.
    Happiness full my belle, the way God take reason my matter today e, I no fit shout, all the
    groundnut wey I carry go market to sell for my mama, I sellam finish, no single one remain,
    Today my mama go happy well well,
    My name na Kusimala, na the name wey my mama give me be that but my nick name na Kusi, I
    dey like make people dey call me Kusi, because i be fine guy no be for mouth,
    My mama born plenty of us, I be first born for my mama pikin, my papa no dey, him don dye for
    long, I dey like help my mama sell market so that we go fit see food chop, and my younger ones
    wey dey school go fit pay school fees,
    I no dey reason school matter for now, I go learn trade if I gather money down, I wan first support
    my mama make she train others for school finish, I know say school no dey run, if I still wan go
    school after my sisters and brothers don school finish I fit still go, but school no dey my blood,
    school no dey hungry me go, I get plenty things wey dey my mind wey I wan do for this life,
    I wan hustle hard so that my mama no go suffer again, she dey try for us wella and my prayer na
    make God still keepam strong and healthy so that when I go finally hammer she go enjoy,
    because I know say I go still makam for this life,
    Today I happy well well, other days I no dey fit finish the groundnut wey I dey help my mama hawk
    but today I finish am on time, i no fit remember the person wey first buy market for my hand today
    because na the person give me this better luck ,
    oh oh!.. wait, I don remember the person wey I first sell market give, na one woman wey get belle,
    na she first buy market for my hand, God go bless am, I pray I go still see her tomorrow again,
    As I reach house today my mama no dey, she never come back from her market, but the small
    market wey she dey always put for my bros them to go sell after school don dey ground they wait
    them,, their own no be groundnut but fruits like pineapple, watermelon wey she don cut for
    different prices and set them for tray, banana and pear follow join for the market, as I calculate all
    the market wey dey the tray e reach three thousand seven hundred naira, to some people the
    money no be anything for their side, but for us the money na everything, because without this
    small small money wey we dey get hunger for don wire us,
    My bros them never come back from school, I come drop my own empty tray come join their own
    together for one big tray come carryam for head enter market again, I wan help them so that they
    go fit do their home work when they come back from school,
    Na true say life dey hard but I want makam easy for my brothers and my sisters,
    I get two brothers and two sisters, we dey five for the family and I no dey like make my mama dey
    remember say my papa no dey again, because I no say that kind thing dey painful, when you no get person wey go help you, anyway wey I fit helpam I dey like do am, I dey like make she dey
    always happy, because she dey try well well for us,
    I never too old to carry something for my head dey hawk, I no dey do big boy for this one, na
    person wey no get sense go dey hungry come still dey form big boy for empty pocket and empty
    stomach,I get small sense for that area, I be eighteen years, but I dey reason like old man wey
    don reach sixty, no blame me, na because I start to dey hustle when I dey fourteen years, life don
    teach me plenty lesson, to be a man no be for mouth. na when I dey fourteen years my papa die,
    I come carry my papa responsibility for head, to dey make sure say we no go die for hunger,
    As I enter market again to sell the fruit, I come dey pray make better person first come buy for my
    hand so that I go fit sellam finish like the first one,
    Na so God come hear my prayer, one youth corper come buy nine hundred naira own, as I no
    come get change she come say make I take the change drink pure water, she give me one
    thousand and na hundred naira be her change for the money, I thank her well well, and before
    two hours I don sell all the fruit finish, na there i come know say people like fruits well well, e be
    like say na the fruit me go dey sell instead of the groundnut wey plenty people dey sell for market,
    my heart wan boast with joy, God don do am for me again, today na better day,
    As I come dey go house, na so I come perceive one better food for nose, e come be say na one
    restaurant wey dey close to the market dey cook am, I no wan do longer throat, I wan pass
    because the gain wey I make for all the money na only two hundred naira, if I give my mama her
    three thousand seven hundred my own gain for inside na two hundred, I dey save am so that I fit
    use am do better thing, but as I reach where that restaurant dey my leg no gree move again, na so
    I come dey look peole wey dey chop for there, I come enter inside well, plenty people full ground, i
    come ask one of the food seller how much be one plate of food, she asked me which kind food i
    want, i tellam say na fufu with correct ogbono soup i wan chop, I see one man dey chopam for
    where i stand, the girl tell me say na three hundred and fifty naira, she say the food no cost, say
    na because of that plenty people dey come chop for their hand, she come ask weather make she
    bringam come for me,
    I no even known wetin I go answer her, as I still stand for there they look like mumu, I dey reason
    the money wey dey my hand, i come dey wish the food na only two hundred so that i go fit use my
    gain, but as e come be three hundred and fifty naira it means say i go still put hand for my mama
    Make I chop as the food don enter my eyes finish abi make I dey go house to my mama…this
    matter sef tire me,

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    fufu with correct ogbono soup #350 eat am nah, the money is nt tht much, na wetin bird eat e go tak fly
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    John Walter El Marshall
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    Get on with it.

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    I your mama no go vesfor you too much then you should

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    This naija grammar sef…. See as I dey smile while reading when nothing is funny

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    Ofonime Udo
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    abeg hold your body de go house,as u no get money today,tomorow u fit get.

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    Ofonime Udo
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    ride on as e de hot!

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    Ojomu Oluwatosin Esther
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    Bring it on…

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